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GAMCA GCC Medical Exam Guidelines – FIT OR UNFIT

March 5, 2011


I have been getting lots of emails and inquires about medical examination for GCC countries. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bharian i wanted to write about this important issue to help more people and aware them.

So whats the issue :

GCC countries made GAMCA GCC Approved Medical Centres’ Association (GAMCA) for medical exams in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippine and some other countries. They have very strict and some stupid guidelines ( no offense but there are ) for medical exam. Just to note one thing every country have right to protect its citizen for diseases , threats etc. whether rules are right or wrong in our eyes, its their right.

Now in my opinion GCC countries do have very valid reasons to be more strict for medical exams for these countries. These Asian countries have high rate of infectious diseases and low health care services.  Now the question is , Are GAMCA guidelines are in right direction? I will say NO , a big NO, . The reason is there are some sections which declare a person medically unfit according to GAMCA guidelines whereas he/she have no medical issue at all.

Case one: Medically unfit due to x-ray findings

If a person had lung disease, pneumonia, past TB which left scar on his/her lungs, no matter he/she is healthy now, have no health issues or disease, he/she is medically UNFIT according to GAMCA guidelines.

Medical professionals and ordinary people too know that lung disease or infection do left some scar even though they healed 100%. This one is the most stupid guideline they made, there are others. Now what they should have done in this specific case. Well they GCC copy west in everything why not here. ok what UK is doing, due to high number of infectious disease from these asian countries they have IOM – International Organization for Migration pre-departure TB screening tests. That means if someone even have TB he will not be unfit , they will give him treatment guideline once treatment over, take medical again and get the visa stamped. Excellent way to handle these situation, UK citizens safe from infectious disease a person can travel to other part of world. UK or west have laws which consider humane consideration utmost , and these GCC countries , I wish they treat us ( Asian labor ) as human.  Any how back to point , so GCC made rules to be strict on medical so they can prevent these diseases. Did they succeed, I dont think so, its opposite. For instance patient A took medical exam at GAMCA centers have active TB, GAMCA said medical unfit  , he/she  took Umra for Saudi or Visit visa went to these countries. Now no medical required for these visa types.. he gave infection to many people all the way, he will not worry about treatment, keep giving infection.. Now whose got benefited from GAMCA guidelines, no one…

My suggestion to GAMCA:

Please amend these rules, these are man made, there are some guidelines which have no benefit to GCC countries itself. Do some study, how IOM or other world organization dealing with immigrants and medical issues, adopt the best practice. You have 100% right to protect your citizen , but rationally. The above case I mentioned is the classic example, there are many like these..

If a person is no harm to general public health , he/she doesn’t have any contagious disease, he/she should not be declared unfit. Anyone can get sick and disease, please have rational attitude. five to ten people depend on one person in these countries, do not ruin their lifes.
قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : (( من لا يرحم الناس : لا يرحمه الله )) ( 1 ) . متفق عليه

My suggestion to beloved Asian labor :

go to gamca medical exam center in the evening, usually they are private clinic , they do visa medical in the morning,  so go in evening and have those medical tests, tell them just its private exam. dont give ID , passport etc.. if report is not good.. then you have chance to do something about it.. because they dont enter in gamca computer database private medical exams results. what you can do is, if there is problem, fix your condition. then talk privately.. about the issue, and solve it..its not easy at all. but possible..if the report is Ok for Saudia Arabia or other countries.. then go to different GAMCA center or in the same and have visa medical exam after taking gamca number. hopefully it will be fine. Once you declared UNFIT with GAMCA you will be in gamca database , you cannot clear medical again, so always do private medical first. As there will be again medical in Saudi Arabia or where you are going.. to be safe you can ask your friend or relativin that country, if he can check locally with medical center will they have any issue in getting clear medical report with these conditions, use same procedure, visit after hours and talk privately.This way you will have end to end solution..

its your moral responsibility not to infect or harm others.

I wrote this to GCC health ministers,  high official level, even the person who draw these stupid guidelines, instead of thinking rationally , he asked me send us your medical exam. Hell No…I don’t want to go those countries those have such inhumane laws. He thought i am begging to get my medical clear. I was talking about others those do not have many options. I know its about people life’s. Five to six, even more depend on one person in these countries.  I will still try best to change these stupid rules. The only thing is we have to think broadly. GAMCA medical professional there concern is their salary they don’t talk about it , no no we have these rules we have to follow. In fact they feel proud in telling that we made most unfit cases in the country, our graph is good. Secondly they are scared if they clear the guy and he/she will have medical again in the country where they are going , they might get in trouble. Their center may blacklist or stop like that. In some cases yes its black and white, you cannot give everyone FIT report, but cases like old PTB, vitiligio, eye issue should not have problem…
I am optimistic InshAllah with the help of you guys we will change these guidelines. Short term solution talk privately , otherwise go to other countries than GCC.

Any suggestion or feedback do post it here its your blog. Please do share if you got your medical clear from GAMCA and you had any abnormality. It will help others.  Always help those who are in need no matter what there faith, skin color is, love and peace to all.


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  1. JOY permalink

    i am also very disappointed with GAMCA Philippines guidelines such as you can’t undergo ultrasound such as kub x-rays not unless it’s gamca accredited. my medical result is pending for re-evaluation as they found out that i have urinary tract infection as my white blood cells count is 8-10 at which i was told by urologist that it is minimal. i went twice and again it’s still pending and now i am on anti-biotic treatment and will go back again on Monday for repeat urinalysis. i was told by the doctors there if i want a faster result, they advice me to undergo kub x-ray, then they will refer to a nephron. the thing is it’s too costly. i have my working visa bound to Oman and unfortunately my ticket got cancelled because of the pending medical result. Please, i need some advice from you. Thank you so much. Your answer is highly appreciated.

    • ali shah permalink

      if u are in pakistan then u can get ur problem solved………….but u have to spend money…..i know many agents who do this and send u in gcc countries without medical…..but remember 1 thing if u are medically fit and gamca unfit u then u should do this……for any kind of assistance and advice this is my email address

      • Tassawer Iqbal permalink

        Sir,I am in pakistan .I have problem in my medical.I have sent you a mail and briefly write my problem.Are you help me.I am waiting your reply.
        Tassawer Iqbal

      • Zeeshan Arif permalink

        @ALi Shah Sir i sent a E Mail to You please Reply me As soon as Possible. Your Response will highly Appreciated
        Malik Zeeshan Arif

      • Kindly give me contacts number of any agent or GAMCA person in lahore karachi, or islamabad.send me on my email or mobile 03440871609

      • Mona permalink

        I didn’t intend to post a reply but a question for which I require a help
        I got selected for a good position in Oman and now the same story of GAMCA . I had my tests done from Iqra and they have declared me unfit and have asked to come for the test after 15 days. According to them I have TB and then I went for all possible tests and all are clear. Later it waas discovered that I got Mycodot tests weakly positive . This is a blood tests for TB and taken place in developing countries where people cant afford to have X ray machines installed or cant afford to go thru the tests. According to TB expert this test has no validity but here I am suffering from it where as my chest xray and condition doesn’t show a mild chance of TB.
        I had mycodot done privately and my value is .68 and range is 1.2. Open inquiring Iqra people mentioned that Oman has kept .4 has a cutoff value.
        When I asked about medication the doctors say you dont have TB how can we give medication ????
        Now can I change the medical centre ? as Iqra has a bad repute in the market which I got to know very late.
        Kindly guide I have already wasted a lot of time .

      • Hello,

        Please make it pass your reports whether you have to pay extra money for making fit the reports i am working in oman since last 15 years and there is no any xray test only blood test they are doing so dont worry and come in oman.

      • Mona permalink

        the thing is they are not making me clear and no money involved otherwise paid whatever required.

      • He is a Fraud. Safe urself.

      • heba permalink

        @ali shah.
        I am from Pakistan.
        can u help me for my GAMCA issue.
        kindly email me ASAP.
        check my mail in ur inbox

      • Hi Mona,
        So what happened next? I am going through the same problem.

    • Ahmad permalink

      Salam sir i want to ask you if i used to use a tramdol pills or drugs will it show unfit in the medical test or fit ?

    • Sir I have send you email help me in this regard , I have scar on my lung of past smoking now i have left it over 2 years ago … n Iqra medical complex , Akbar chowk johar town lahore made me unfit …..

    • david permalink

      is there any update or improvement regarding this issue? thanks

    • REHAN permalink

      Give some money to the medical centre to pass your medical thats the only way,and then there in GCC they dont look at these minor deaseses,same was my case as the Gamca told me you have some spots in your x.rays I gave some money and next day they gave me a medical report with a FIT stamp,when I went QATAR nothing was there in my medical report and I got a FIT report.

      • shamnaz permalink

        can iget ur email

      • Imran permalink

        I had issue of hypertension they call me unfit they have called me tommorow to islamabad medical center. I have done my tests privately from lhr hcv tb hcb all clear. Only they said u have fatty liver but thats not an issue do exercise loose some weight and it will b my medical center saying u have issue inblood I also doubt they want bribe…. when can i re appear for the test??

      • krishna dunna permalink

        my problem is same lung scars
        please tell me procedure how to follow please send any information

      • Bawanphyrnai permalink

        How much money/bribe did you have to pay them?
        I also had the same issue, they said that I have to redo the tests & they declared me unfit!
        I however took and done the same tests on private consultation and guess what.. I did not have any medical issues. So maybe I need to go back & do the same, pay some amount so that they would declare me fit.

      • Amer Khurshid permalink

        once you unfit from any lab. you cant go to another lab for medical. so take a pre test before go to selected lab. if they exclude any disease. Give them some money and passed your medical.

  2. Tiju permalink

    next month , i will go to qatar for a job, In my blood bilirubin 1.0. this value has everytime in my blood. can u suggest i am medically fit or not.

    • Kindly give me contacts number of any agent or GAMCA person in lahore karachi, or islamabad.send me on my email or mobile 03440871609

      • sivanagababu permalink

        GCC abnormal
        Unfit 8n chennai gulson medical
        But I got a god job visa in Kuwait salary is 70000 for month
        My friends working same job ( lab technicians)

    • dj2oon permalink

      Bro this bilirubin issue also appeared with me. I just took Hepamerz sachets and folic acid tabs after consulting doctor and ate food with cold effect. Appeared again and became “FIT”… and Alhamdulilah its my second year in KSA… these all are just tricks to get some extra money from patients by giving them retakes… nothing more…

  3. abdulrahmanasim permalink

    Joy & Tiju, do not proceed with ticket, and other travel , visa fees etc. unless your medical is clear, specially for GCC countries. Now about both of your medical conditions, I am not sure its ok according to GAMCA guidlines or not, all i will suggest if their is any medical condition , you have to work on , get treatment, nothing is more important than your life and other people’s life if the disease is specially infectious. Best way is go for private medical exam in the same gamca center or take the list or report what GAMCA people tests. take those tests in private clinic then if there is any abnormality, try to fix. but cases like x-ray bit hard…

    • fahad permalink

      This is Fahad here..i need ur help..ap mujhe mail karenge toh i ll be grateful to u
      my email is for ur reply thanks and jazakallah khair

      • ahmed hussann permalink



      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        Did you talk to some body at local gamca medical center?

      • TSA permalink

        Pls inform if GAMCA is compulsory or mandatory in for going on resident visa for Qatar as per respective Government? .

      • parvez permalink


    • abdul khaliq permalink

      Aslam walikum sir ,
      i to have one concern , last month i got selected for co. in saudi .. due too medical unfit i failed to go.. reason vitiligo ( Kind of milkly white spot on my chest ) can u plz suggest me wht to do.. my medical test done in gulshan Medicare centre Hyderabad India..

      • w salam.
        its hard to clear medical once unfit due to chest x-ray issues. Can you talk to Saudi Consulate

      • Faisal khan permalink

        abdul khaliq, i m also medicaly unfit, reason is” fibrosis” . So is there any agent you know in hyderabad, as i m going to do next medical in hyderabad. My num.. 9021155093

      • Roshan Verma permalink

        Hello Mr. Abdul,
        I am Also suffering from Vitiligo, and i have to gor GAMCA medical by next month,

        please give me guideline for it.


    • ali shah permalink

      if u are in pakistan then u can get ur problem solved………….but u have to spend money…..i know many agents who do this and send u in gcc countries without medical…..but remember 1 thing if u are medically fit and gamca unfit u then u should do this……for any kind of assistance and advice this is my email address

      • Myat permalink

        I failed medical from kuwait . what should i do if i want to go another middle east country ?

      • Naveed permalink

        Im from karachi if anyone know any agent who can help me to clear out this test so pls contect me thanks

      • kashi permalink

        hy.this is kashi 03454514307 call me

      • syed azeem permalink

        good evening sir,
        my name is syed azeem from warangal. sir, my request is that i have select as a driver for Saudi Arabia and i gone for medical test to MESCO MEDICAL INSTITUTE HYEDEARAD. the medical institute and doctor gave me unfit report and they gave me a a perception slip on 07/03/2014. i took the slip and i came back to warangal my home. and the next day morning monday 09/10/2014 i went to hospital to cure my diseases but the doctors said that your are 100% good and healthy and they said who gave this report. and the doctors said that the doctors of MESCO MEDICAL INSTITUTE was wrong. i went to 2 more hospital they said that you are fit for employment or medical test. sir, i have 100 % full document to show iam fit. i showed them all reporst that i am fit for medical and employment for saudi Arabia to MESCO MEDICAL INSTITUTE .sir i have 100% full fit documents so, sir please help me form this. i hope as a citizen of india i get full information and i get full right.

        Thank you sir,

      • Sir mery banjy ny 4 year paly sadui aribia k ly medical karya tah us main wo unfit ho gia tah due to( hcv) declare osk bad osny vacination karya tah enjectiion lagway thay aor oski pcr clear ho gi thi lakin oski choti report clear nahi ho rahi wo posative hi ati hy wo sadui arbia jana chata hy kia sir kia is it possible koi aisa tarika hy

      • S.M. Zain permalink

        from which center you will get the reports cleared. Ready to pay amount,.

      • Irfan permalink

        I have sent an email please check and help.

    • qamar alam permalink

      3 onth back one of my friend went to Lucknow Gamca center & he was un fit.They told come after 90 days.When he went after 90 days, they replied the same come after 90 days. your name is still in my computer & showing un fit.who will delete the name or any new rules came from GCC that once you are un fit after 6 month only you can go for medical report.
      Please advice,Three month back he was working in oman & he was coming also in oman.

      • Abdul Hadi permalink

        Walaykumassalam, he is right i too have been declared unfit because of scoiliosis, it will be stored in their online database for 6 months only after that we can go for medical next time. Either you wait for 6 months or go on a visit visa or an independent visa and search job there.

    • Rajesh permalink

      Dear Abdul Rehman…First of all thanks for the immense social service you are doing by spreading the word about stupid GAMCA medical rules.

      Hi..I have 2 queries

      1. If I am stamped “unfit” in Gamca approved medical centre due to pneumonia patch/scar on lung, still can i go to oman on business visa which my employer will send me and then do locally medical test there and convert to employment visa..I have already worked 7 years in oman and now exited for sponsor change but this thing worries me. I got pnuemonia in oman 4 years back for 7 days but was cured very soon but some small scar is there…while in oman, I extended my 2 yr contract 2 times after i got pneumonia as such extensive xray not required while serving there.

      2. If I am stamped “unfit” in Gamca approved medical centre due to pneumonia patch/scar on lung, will my entry into oman be blocked even for visit on express business visa or even if allowed entry for express visa, will it be blocked later for conversion to employment visa…I mean if anyone is declared “unfit” in any gamca centre, are the authorities in gulf countries made aware of those unfit cases so that they block their entry by any means.

      Pls somebody help me with my queries.

      Rajesh, Delhi

  4. A. Baloch permalink


    I have PILES disease, and in next week my GAMCA test will be conducted. please let me know that they will medically unfit me or not?
    and is their policy to check it also. Please sir reply as soon as possible.


    Aftab Ahmed

  5. Ghulam Yahya permalink

    I am on vacations i work in ksa now days i am in pakistan for visa processing of kuwait if i have already done gamca test 3 years back then i need to get it again and from the same center, because i went to other center in other city they said that you have to first cancel from the previous center and then come here and we will do the test.
    Whats your opinion on that ?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      if the medical result was fit that time ( 3 years before). you should not have any problem in taking medical exam in any GAMCA center, you can take in Al shifa if you are near islamabad. But make sure you do not have any major issues before going to take GAMCA number and exam.

      • Mona permalink

        I didn’t intend to post a reply but a question for which I require a help
        I got selected for a good position in Oman and now the same story of GAMCA . I had my tests done from Iqra and they have declared me unfit and have asked to come for the test after 15 days. According to them I have TB and then I went for all possible tests and all are clear. Later it waas discovered that I got Mycodot tests weakly positive . This is a blood tests for TB and taken place in developing countries where people cant afford to have X ray machines installed or cant afford to go thru the tests. According to TB expert this test has no validity but here I am suffering from it where as my chest xray and condition doesn’t show a mild chance of TB.
        I had mycodot done privately and my value is .68 and range is 1.2. Open inquiring Iqra people mentioned that Oman has kept .4 has a cutoff value.
        When I asked about medication the doctors say you dont have TB how can we give medication ????
        Now can I change the medical centre ? as Iqra has a bad repute in the market which I got to know very late.
        Kindly guide I have already wasted a lot of time .

  6. renato teodosio permalink

    I am also one of those who got a problem with GAMCA GCC requirements. As a matter of fact. The findings are very offensive since one clinic authorized by GAMCA finding is fibrous PTB on the left lung; While the other is pleural thickening noted bilaterally on the left lung. I wander why I was able to go to Saudi for 2 times and 3 in other countries,and I infect nobody about this lung problem or noted in my health problem after finished my contract. For the last time to go there it was found that I am unfit to work because of this requirement while before I was only given a medicine and a amino vitamin to clear this problem. without money involved I got fit to work. GCC should review their rules.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I hope someone will review these rules again on next GCC health ministers conference. The rules are not helping them even. There are pretty smart and educated people those understand this..

    • nizam permalink

      Dear sir,

      I have gone through gamca medical test & they said I have some problem in x ray & mention remark saying old calcific denrities in left liver region and ask me to go any specialist for 1 week treatment and come for x ray again

      Pls suggest…on my mail I m in India…

      • Yes consult with good doctor and take treatment , health is more important than getting visa.

    • sasi kumar permalink

      Hi sir, I need that clear medicine name…plz contact
      +91 9159402011

  7. A.Baloch permalink

    Sir you did not replied my query. plz reply that,

    I have PILES disease, and in next week my GAMCA test will be conducted. please let me know that they will medically unfit me or not?
    and is their policy to check it also. Please sir reply as soon as possible.


    A. Baloch

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Aftab, if you need to take treatment for PILES, go ahead, do not delay. Secondly do you have already GAMCA number and exam appointment? usually GAMCA medical exam centers they are private clinic too. Do one thing go to different gamca exam center after 6 pm ( not the one where your medical will be). ask medical professional or doctor this privately. Do this before your actual exam. They can guide you best.

      • Shaikh permalink

        Sallam Brother Abdul rahaman,

        You are doing really a good jab mashallah. I want to know about the medical centers for Kuwait in and around Mumbai location. Do you know any of the center who do the medical test in evening hours you please email me on . Also if you want me to advise for taking medical in Bahrain as I m currently working in Bahrain. Can this test is possible to do from here.

        Jazakallah khairun.

  8. Babar permalink

    Dear Brother,

    i am working in Kuwait and i want to bring my wife here. she is having a TB scar on her lungs. thats why till the date i am not able to get her here. can you advise me how i can contact GCC Ministers to get my case approved if there is a possibility.

    best regards,

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Dear Babar, GCC they don’t approve case like this individually. Please tell me did she have medical exam already from GAMCA center and they declared her unfit? If she did’t have medical then try to talk to GAMCA center privately and check in kuwait also if you can get clear her medical. If its already unfit from GAMCA then its near to impossible to get clear now. secondly try if you can bring her on visit of and on . I understand its hard but Allah give some common sense those goes their drink gawa tea and come back ,they should talk to these GCC people about these insane rules.

      • jane permalink

        SIR gud day,good to hear that u are vry much aware about the GAMCA .my husband was unfit last december,due to the right apical lung fibrosis,,and he want to apply again but we afraid that he will not unfit again,he work aboad for 6 yrs, ist possible to clear his medical if he follow your advice to talk privately the doctor?pls help us,until now he has no work because of that result,im begging you sir,thank you

      • sir computersy doctori record kitni der bad hatam hota hai

    • Rohit permalink

      Dear Babar,
      Your case is similar with me. I m unable to bring my wife. Can u suggest any way out of this, if you have found one by now.
      Your reply would be really helpful.

  9. A. Balouch permalink

    Sir as we earlier discussed about my piles disease so fortunately it was at a minor level and in GAMCA test it does not shown.
    But unfortunately they have told me that I have an infection in chest which was found during the X-Ray test, they referred me Lifelox (250 mg) tablets for seven days with morning evening dosage. I am very very much anxious about that test. I have been already appointed at Saudi Arabia at higher post with a handsome salary package but just because of this test I am very much worried. Now tomorrow on Monday 9 may 2011 again I will be examined.

    Now sir What do you suggest that should I go to private clinic before tomorrow’s test for the X-ray as I may look up that i am fir or Unfit???

    And will it be harmful that I will be checked with X-ray continuously for twice in a day/two days?

    Although I do not have suffered any major disease in past so if they UNFIT me then should I put a case on GAMCA private medical centre via Pakistan court?

    Please sir reply as much earliest as you can because you know I have very short time.

    Best Regards

    Aftab Ahmed

  10. A. Balouch permalink

    Alhamdo lillah, according to GAMCA Medical Examination I am fit.
    Thank you very much for every thing sir!

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink


      Mabrook.. congratulations..

      • Engr. Aftab Ahmed permalink

        thanks sir…!!!

      • Dear Abdul Rehman,

        Brother i have old pulmonary TB and it was cured 15 years ago perfectly. But my chest x-ray showing scars on my right lung and right now i am in Dubai on visit visa and searching job, I know very well if i get job i will have to undergone for medical test. Abdul bhai and any other person can me guide how should i handle this situation because my visa is going to be expired in 10th of April.

        Can you please let me know your email id to discuss further…. your help much appreciated.


  11. febe permalink

    Good day! I have a hx of PTB & leave a scar in my lungs. So everytime I have my x-ray it alaways appear. I got unfit by the GAMCA eventhough I have clearance from my doctor that I am fit to work. Now I am currently applying for a job as a nurse bound to middle east but my problem again is my medical is there any other way I can do for me to get fit to work clearance?
    I have also my medical clearance from lung center of the phiippines after taking diagnostic test like sputum AFB, the result is negative eversince I discovered I have PTB. My xray result is that the scar is stable from 2003-present. The doctor said that it was healed. I am the only one in the family who was diagnosed with PTB & none of my friends got this also. So how come I can be infectious?
    What should I do? I really want to help my family but this kind of discrimination prevent me from doing so.. Kindly help us..

    I hope that they will consider our case. If they accepted us & allowed us to work (those with history of ptb like scar) in GCC countries , is there any test to prove that we are not infectious?

    • curious permalink

      hi..just want to ask if ur application in ksa is already ok?or does ur medical result is already fit to work?we have the same also a nurse and got unfit fo work before but now im trying my luck in oman since when i apply in singapore my medical result was ok..where are u now?

  12. febe permalink

    Good day! I have a history of PTB & leave a scar in my lungs. So everytime I have my x-ray it always appear. I got unfit by the GAMCA eventhough I have clearance from my doctor that I am fit to work. Now I am currently applying for a job as a nurse bound to middle east but my problem again is my medical is there any other way I can do for me to get fit to work clearance?
    I have also my medical clearance from lung center of the phiippines after taking diagnostic test like sputum AFB, the result is negative eversince I discovered I have PTB. My xray result is that the scar is stable from 2003-present. The doctor said that it was healed. I am the only one in the family who was diagnosed with PTB & none of my friends got this also. So how come I can be infectious?
    What should I do? I really want to help my family but this kind of discrimination prevent me from doing so.. Kindly help us..

    I hope that they will consider our case. If they accepted us & allowed us to work (those with history of ptb like scar) in GCC countries , is there any test to prove that we are not infectious?

  13. Good day! I was diagnosed with PTB 10 yrs ago. I had my pre-emp medical exam & UNFIT by one of the accredited GAMCA clinic eventhough I have fit to work medical clearance from my doctor. I am currently applying as a nurse bound to KSA. What should I do? Because the scar always appear on my xray.
    I also have my fit to work medical clearance from Lung Center of the Phiel. I took some lab test there like AFB sputum test & the result is all negative since I was diagnosed.The doctor said that the scar appeared in my x-ray is stable from 2003-present. Im wondering if I am infectious, why I am the only one in the family had this & none of my friends got infected.
    Kindly help us is any other way I can do for me to get fit to work & work in GCC countries? I really want to help my family but this kind of discrimination prevent me from doing so..
    Is there any other test we can take in GCC countries to PROVE that we dont have active PTB or we are free from infecting others?
    Thank you very muche & hoping for your favorable response..

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I dont know what to tell you brother. i had this long debate with the medical professional in these countries.. either they are ruthless or idiots. Please try other countries ..or gamca privately..

      • Shaheen Arif permalink

        Aslam O Alaikum Dear Abdur Rahman Sahib, my wife wanted to apply to Oman, but GAMCA medical center has said that she has on her lungs, but others reports are clear and scar are not widespread from one to another. Dear brother is there any way to get report clear by using any medicine or sth else to remove those scar. 2ndly you mentioned against one brother report that either try another country or GAMCA privately. You mean GAMCA helps us in producing report clear in minor issues IF we go to GAMCA privately?

        with regards

      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        W Salam. Scar doesn’t go away completely with any medication, some ways are with surgery but its not recommended.About the medical some medical they can clear the medical but they are afraid that what if you are unable to clear medical in the visa sponsor country, in your case oman. So check that thing, can you show your wife x-ray in any medical center in oman where they iqama/baladia or residence medical when a new person come. visit any small center, not big hospital. If they say its ok, its just a scar and old scar, that means you can clear medical in oman. Some gamca centers clear the medical , if they are sure, that you can clear the medical in the sponsor country ( Oman ), they make take some extra fee for that.

      • sabal permalink

        hi sir my name is sabal from india sir i wiil give befor 20 days my gamca meadcal teast .he said my chaist is same spots . But i am coming now oman i wiil working thear almost 3 years so plz give me adwais when i give next test bcoz he is unfitt me . I wiil give thes teast for dilhe . I want to give thes teast aother stats is it posibal or no

  14. Mansoor khan permalink

    Assalamualaikum Abdul rahman bhai

    i have past tb some biletral are noted on right apex of the chest. now i have got a visa from my freind and i want to go saudi arabia. But according to gamca rules i was unfit while i read the unfit cases. so tell me how can i fit in gamca pls tell me some suggestion .

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Waliekum Salam. I mentioned many times..


      if gamca unfit you, there is no way out now.. near to impossible..

      • i need madical cartificat

      • kurdaps permalink

        I was tagged as unfit previously by GAMCA when I applied for KSA as Nurse. I am planning to reapply but based on your comments it’s impossible for me to pass the medical this time since my name has been registered as unfit in their system?

      • shamnaz permalink

        salam can i get wats ap nmber of fb id

  15. jane permalink


    My husband took a medical exam from one of the accredited clinics of GAMCA. Unfortunately, he was tagged as UNFIT because of Scar. But we had decided to have second opinions, and we got CLEARED results. I even consulted this to one of the high profile hospital in our province and he got the same CLEARED result. Is there a way, where we can change the result of UNFIT on my husband’s x-ray result conducted by GAMCA. Even doctors claimed the they experiences of complaining results from that agency.


    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am sorry to hear that sister. i am afraid its not possible now.. but you can try. i dont know ur location.

      • Why this is not possible. sister g this is possible. i have passed through this situation. u have to challenge this gamca unfit medical report in court. fight for ur right jn everywhere.

  16. Humayun permalink


    I was medically fit when i done my medical 3 month back for KSA, but there is some visa related problem, so my visa is delayed.

    now I go for visa processing the agent said that you need to under go for medical again! while my 1st medical is not yet even online.

    Is there any other option to extend medical report without doing medical again?

    Awaiting for guideline


  17. Humayun permalink

    Also agent said that your medical report is not valid now, its is only valid till three months, and Saudi embassy / consulate will not entertain your visa with out valid medical report.

    Your urgent response shall be highly appreciated

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      If it was fit… dont worry just go same center. they may take new fee.. InshAllah it will be fine.. oh bahi fit report leay if u have to even give ten times blood and money..

  18. vicente permalink

    Calling all Filipinoa soon to be an Oversea Filipino Worker! If GAMCA decking system assigns you to Physician’s Medical Clinic in Malate, fight for it not to take your medical exam. Those doctor employees are hypocrites of their job- Their efficiency is measured when more examinee are declared UNFIT.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I dont know what our Paki , India , bangladesh, philipine leaders do when they visit these GCC countries.. they should be talking about these issues instead of eating dates and drinking tea there …..

      • ali shah permalink

        i know many agents who take many and send u in gcc countries without medical……

      • Abdul Hadi permalink

        pls give their contact details, or call me at +919030134766

      • ali shah permalink

        well my friends this is only for pakistan……….

      • ali shah permalink

        add me at yahoo for ur medical assistance and advice

    • mike permalink

      hello sir what was the particular clinic you are stating because i have same concern and they said that im unfit i dont have ay history of lung problems but they told me that i have a bilateral pleural apical thickening of my lungs and they inform me that that was not a risk..


    • curious permalink

      right!..i am also one of the victim of this clinic that is why until now im scared to apply in GCC countries but when i applied in singapore my xray is all im planning to apply once again in Oman…does my previous result back on 2011 will affect my application if ever they will send me in GAMCA..

  19. dear sir my left cp angle is blunt can i go to oman

  20. dear sir i got job in oman now i am in india . i did 10 year work in alain since 1997 to 2006 .in alain i have no any problum .now i am going by agent in my xray cp angle blunt. but the ultrasound is clear. i asked doctor this scar of what? he told me only two reason one is past tb secound pneumonia,sir when i was 4year old that time i sufered from this disease,can i go to oman .

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      brother gurbinder..
      I am sorry to read your message.. this is the story i am reading from every next person. please always have your medical privately jsut to make sure you dont have any medical issue before going GAMCA. if there is any first try to fix if it cannot be.. like x-ray but u r healthy then try to talk privately to gamca medical exam center guys, try different centers.. on remote location, small centers, big all..
      this really bad we all are human , all are same.. instead of helping each other we are rejecting.. May God show us right path..

  21. door mayan permalink

    GAMCA is not a good system to undergo medical examination.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink


      • Faizan permalink

        GAMCA is not applicable in UAE, lived with my wife 12years , now i came to saudia GAMCAhospital say your wife not able to go to saudia because of spot on lungs.

      • Shetty permalink

        Whether GAMCA is applicable for UAE, my medical report shows UNFIT because of minute scar mark in chest Xray, Can I try for jobs in UAE, kindly suggest, I badly need of jobs in gulf countries. pls……

  22. door mayan permalink

    I undergo medical through GAMCA and they assign me in American Outpatient Clinic in manila.the said clinic found out that I have my gland island 6th post rib in my chest PA (14×14) xray.I suggest to the doctor to get an another option to re xray in outside clinic. I undergo for re xray in ouside clinic and unfortunately the result is normal.I brought my new xray to the said clinic to compare my new xray for my existing xray on that said clinic, but the doctor says that my new and the old xray has the same there is a gland island 6th post rib and pulmonary granulama.therefore Im UNFIT.

    On the following weeks i undergo again for re medical in other clinic and the result is FIT TO WORK.

    Maybe this fucking AMERICAN OUTPATIENT CLINIC does not know how to conduct an examination to there client. maybe there employees are came from RECTO….specially the doctors.

    I appeal to the DOH to conduct and investigation to this kind of fucking system.
    nawawalan po nang pag asa ung gustong mag abroad na kahit walang sakit ay ay hindi maka alis dahil sa GAMCA o sa mga lokolokong mga clinic na ito lalo na sa AMERICAN OUTPATIENT NA ITO.


    • anastasya permalink

      tama kadyan dapat aksyonan ito ng DOH gawan nila ng paraan kc kawawa yong mga kababayan natin na gusto mag abroad at di maka alis dahil sa maling examination ng mga clinic. minsan pag hiningi mo ang xray film mo para ipabasa sa experto ayaw naman nila ibigay.kunwari mahigpit cila pero pagdating sa dental d naman tinitingnan pag pasok mo perma kalang tapos na. ano bayan?kaya boto ako sayo lokoloko itong American clinic na ito .

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      they dont accept others report.. they own rules are stupid . the only important thing is instead of having unfit from gamca offically ( i mean in computer ) have medical privately, if there is any issue talk to gamca center guys privately.. to resolve..

      • imranullah sheriff permalink

        Assalamu-alaikum bhai, This is imran, chennai india. As usual the same problem i have, during medival test during the month of ramadhan i was declared unfit for apical pleural thickening then after i left the option of going back to jeddah and started my struggling life here itselt. Today my boss called up and ask for noc format by which the sponsor can be noc to gamca by which i can go abroad, pls help me

    • anne permalink

      hi .

      ur right my boyfriend also undergo medical exam in american outpatient clinic. they said that they found calcific focus on his first ribs, but when we have our second opinion to Philippine Ortho Center the doctor gave him a fit to work letter, GAMCA really sucks

    • marina permalink

      hi, door mayan,we have the same case pero ibang clinic ang nag unfit sa akin..just this week i went to another clinic to repeat another medical exam..but same thing repeat xray din advice nila sa kin pero hindi pa ako pumunta ulit..sobrang stress na idinulot sa kin nung nauna kong medical…pwdeng malaman kun anung clinic ka nagpa medical ulit…thanks a lot

    • Julie Morabe permalink

      Yes, i agree with you na dapat na tanggalin iyong GAMCA. Maraming pinapahirapan iyan at binigyan tayo ng walang pag asa na maka trabaho abroad.

    • chellex permalink

      hello, I have the same cases with you guys. Just to share…. I had preliminary medical before I undergo GAMCA and I’m fit. After pre-med a month ago Physician’s diagnosed in malate declared me unfit cos of minimal fibrosis. I tried to do second opinion and my x-ray was cleared. I went Punzalan medical clinic in Guadalupe which also GAMCA accredited one staff told me even my x-ray cleared with them still the first clinic which is the Physician clinic result still will follow as the staff said this is the protocol of all clinic of GAMCA..( how stupid they are. and all the doctors of GAMCA we are under-estimating your capability as a ” DOCTOR “…. on the other hand,,,I went to pulmonary physician to examine further as I don’t have any history of any illness in my lungs or what so ever in my internal…..He said ” no significant found in my lungs” he gave me certificate as proof….

      Just asking…after declaration of unfit how many months or years that I can re-apply again GCC…??

      Your prompt response is highly appreciated..

  23. sami permalink

    GCC should follow the europien rules on medical fitness of expats.this will help number of persons to go for GCC on employment and save ther famil.Hope by god promise this will confident guys.

  24. sami permalink

    last month i undergone medical test at GAMCA.They told i have old PTB scar on the right upper lung and unfit for employment visa(Yes i had tb 2 years ago and it was cured by regular medicene for six month.the confirmation test reaveled it was complwtwly cured).what my question is,will they post this medical report in the system?even i did not receive my reports from GAMCA.

  25. azhar permalink

    sir i ve a question to you,,please help in my case:
    my total lab test for GAMCA requirement are clear instead of HCV by pCR BORDER LINE positivity,,WHAT SHUD I DO NOW

  26. azhar permalink

    AND IF I WILL GO FOR NEXT TEST then after 90 days its nessary that i ve to go to same lab???
    but my all test are NEGATIVE from other authantic labs,,and how can i delete my name from GAMCA?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Azhar please contact any local doctor. i am not medical professional . i am just helping brothers/sisters in anyway…

      • Kindly give me contacts number of any agent or GAMCA person in lahore karachi, or islamabad.send me on my email or mobile 03440871609


  28. Mark permalink

    Like you, I have been sending many emails to GCC MOHs, WHO, and even to the UN Human Rights Council pleading and begging for change and understanding. Sadly, not one of them replied.

    There are many unpleasant stories re: this issue. I hope the MOH’s of these GCC States will make reforms in their fitness guidelines. They have to, it is the ethical thing to do.

    Take my case, I am a professional engineer. I love my work. It is only one of the few things in life that makes sense to me. I have worked in the UAE in 2009 to 2010 but due to the new fitness policy (old, new, inactive, active TB are all cases for deportation) issued Feb. this year a lot of good oppurtunities has been wasted.

    To the GCC health officials, just try to imagine yourselves in my position. I have studied & worked hard for all of those years to achieve what I want in my carreer only to be destroyed by a stupid scar. Does that makes sense to you?

    To Mr. Abdul, thank you for your empathy and concern. Sorry for posting this message to your blog. I just want to be heard.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      i can undertstand brother.. in our society five to ten even more people depend on one person. we study hard ,, first poverty then these issues make our life hell. I promise all brothers/ssiters here i will do my best to change these shit rules.. Alhamdulilah i got good references with officials in these countries and internationaly . I will try to push as much i can, i feel sad our leaders Pak , Ind, philipine they should be talking about these issues ,, they jsut go drink tea and come back..

    • Julie Morabe permalink

      I agree with you Sir that GAMCA should be abolished soon. It will not do good to us people who want to work abroad.

  29. darnell permalink

    GAMCA rules is very suck!!!They should changed their policy!!!

    • miss rusel'camp vicente lim philippines permalink

      yes…i do really agree and im with u that way Darnell’so m i i am very disspointed about GAMCA

  30. Benjie permalink

    My experience n Gamca was very ridiculous they declare that i am unfit to work due to have very small scar which I did not remember having past PTB sickness or disease.
    So I applied again but not in saudi anymore but in qatar, so once they medical me again also a accredited GAMCA Clinic, I passed and declare fit to work, I work in Qatar for two years and got back again to manila.
    My problem was when i have a new company that hiring me again in saudi, i passed the interviews and when i got into medical (GAMCA) they monitor my name was blacklisted in saudi due to the unfit to work by the first GAMCA CLinic.
    Can you give me an advice what to do I declare unfit to work by GAMCA philippines in the first exam, and on the 2nd exam they declare me fit to work and also the qatar govt allowed me, gave me work permits declaring that i am fit to work,Qatar is also a GCC member like saudi. Now they depriving me again to work outside. Hope somebody will give me a little good help. Thanks

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I dont know how GAMCA computer system works in philpine.. but i am sure.. they medical exam guidlines are same. so if you are ok with qatar.. better go to qatar..

  31. DR JAFFER MERCHANT permalink

    Dear Doctor
    my name is DR JAFFER MERCHANT FROM PAKISTAN ..i got my contract letter from riyadh ….but when i went for medical they told me i am unfit ……as iam having vitiligo ….on my face and hands …..i am quite worried ….can u please let me know am i unfit ….for it … there any …..such conditions …in saudi …?
    please let me know whether i am unfit or fit for it … kindly reply …wating for it eagerly

    • Romel Sabdani permalink

      Hi Dr. Jaffer Merchant

      I also have vitiligo in both hands and few in my face near ears, nose, lips and eyelids(I put some make-up or concealer in this area to make presentable but few spots are still noticeable). During my medical examinations in GAMCA accredited clinics here in Philippines (ANGELUS MEDICAL CLINIC in MAKATI), I informed them regarding my conditions and noted to my medical form upon examinations that I have this disorder.

      During physical examinations, doctor informed me that this disorder is GENETICALLY TRANSFERABLE so she noted it to her report then I am done with her then proceed to another examinations like x-ray, stools, urine, blood, etc..

      After a week, my agency called me to submit all my documents which requirements for visa stamping because my medical results are cleared meaning FIT TO WORK.

      By the way, I bound to Jazan / Riyadh KSA as IT Helpdesk/Network Technician this January 2012.

      Hope this info will help. Thanks

      • warna123 permalink

        Hi Mr Romel,I had same problem arisen becouse of vitiligo which is not a desease but a side effect of tripple vaccination in my childhood,Eventhough I said the reason first time they mentioned I am unfit.they have said I have a fungle infection,But my dermotologist consultant has given a letter saying that I have healed segmentle vitiligo and it is not a infection.secondly I went to another GAMCA CENTER with the letter and They said I am fit to now I have a problem whether first opinion is considerable in saudi,and will they do such a medical test in saudi ,Please help me

      • you should be fine, just go to small center and talk before ahead

  32. abdulrahmanasim permalink

    I am not doctor brother Jaffer ,
    But about your condition.. as per my knowledge vitiligo is not contagious disease even if you have. You have this condition , its not your fault, anyone can have. thats issue with GAMCA they just dont listen to these things.. thats why i am saying instead going directly to gamca for medical have it privately first.. so you can talk to someone before it goes in computer system

    • Rajith G K permalink

      sir, my name is akbar.I have to do medical for U.A.E,i have psoriasis
      which is already controlled.Pleas advice can i pass the test ,

  33. Enrico tarenio permalink


    Im Mr. Enrico from philippines. i have same problem with stupid GAMCA. 2006 t0 2008 i was pass the medical exam in GAMCA after 2years i tried again to apply in my Agency and i was selected by the Employer. the project is in Riyadh KSA. but the problem is when i got medical they declared it unfit because of my scar in left lung. im so desappointed to GAMCA. and until now i cant go to work in saudi because of the policy GAMCA. hope that they will create a new policy to accept the scar in chest xray. we all know that we dont want to happen this to us. PLS GAMCA Accept it. im doing this not for my self it is for my Family. thanks and hope you understand us.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      If project is short term, try to go on visit.

  34. Haroon permalink

    how to get approval for the gamcca office????

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      whats the case?

      • asanka permalink

        my country in srilanka. now i came qatar for job. stil i find a job . but there is a problem in my mind. i was suffed fromm siphilis two years ago. i got treat well and now ok. but my vdrl 4 and Tppaa already possitive . wii it be abig froblem for me for qatar id

      • Shetty permalink

        Medical report for job marked as unfit due to chest X-ray with calcific speck right upper

        Recently I got very good job offer from Bahrain, but my medical report
        shows UNFIT because of Chest X ray report – Calcific Speck Right
        Upper. I checked up with famous chest hospital doctor once again and he told
        no need to worry about this mark, no treatment required and this mark
        can’t be removed.

        Request you to check and revert, whether i’m eligible for Gulf job.

        Somebody told me that because of this mark I can not try for any job
        in gulf countries.

        please recommend some countries where i can apply for job.


  35. imran permalink

    Assalam walaiekum. i apply job saudi arab, the has send a visa to my agent. but
    i have done a medicle in mumbai for saudi arab visa. my all report are clear ecept x-ray bcoz of TB scar. but now i dont have any dieases, this tb scar is 10 year old. whr i have done medicle dr. is say u r unfit. so how i got medicle clearing certificate. my family said u r fit but the consulate dr. whr i had done medicle not listling us.

  36. imran permalink

    Assalam walaiekum. i apply job saudi arab, the company has send a visa to my agent. but
    i have done a medicle in mumbai for saudi arab visa. my all report are clear ecept x-ray bcoz of TB scar. but now i dont have any dieases, this tb scar is 10 year old. whr i have done medicle dr. is say u r unfit. so how i got medicle clearing certificate. my family said u r fit but the consulate dr. whr i had done medicle not listling us. reply me soon.

  37. imran permalink


    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Waliekum Salam.
      Imran GAMCA does’t see you have any present disease or not , they just simply declare unfit even if you have old scar. if you are educated and skilled try other countries.. you should have talk to them before having actual medical.

      • Vinod permalink

        Which countries it is possible?????? Pls rely………. I am also same of one. I was also medically unfit due to x-rya report (fibrotic scarring) for kuwait. Pls best advice.

      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        Now applying for GCC countries will be difficult for you as you got unfit report from gamca.. You can apply to European countries for work.

  38. ann permalink

    hello mr abdulrahmanasim! im a nurse here in saudi arabia. i want to ask if i will have a problem when i got another medical examination under gamca clinics. in 2009 i have pending results with my medical exam due to goiter. i was also referred to specialist and have some hormonal test and all normal except for the lump.then i return to gamca clinic again and they advised me to have a waiver with my employer regarding the result of my medical exam. My agency made me a waiver and i was declared fit to work. but before i leave my country i have my operation to remove the lump and biopsy result is papillary thyroid carcinoma. i have been working here for 2 years already and does feel anything bad or other diseases. my problem is, when i apply again for work here in saudi arabia will i be declared unfit in medical examination? thank you so much sir! hope you response to my querry asap.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      What i understood you are working in Saudi Arabia and your sponsor gave waiver , so you are ok to work. Now you are concerned that if you go back and apply for new visa you may get rejected. Which is i am afraid true. Please try to renew iqama in Saudi Arabia and if you want to change sponsor just change locally in Saudi Arabia, do not leave and go back apply for new visa. It will be very difficult if you have any medical issues. Try with your present sponsor to extend iqama or transfer to good sponsor. i hope this answer will help.

  39. ann permalink

    **does not feel..i have not type it sir..i just see riight now. i feel okay and great.

  40. leizel villacorta permalink

    dear doctor jaffer,i am going to kuwait but my clinic said i have a lung scars i can’t beleive because im working in kuwait for almost 5years and we have a medical also but im fit to work and now i have my new visa to go kuwait again but i have problem of that case and then i have my second opinion im doing xray again but im normal..what should i do doctor please help me..

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      First i am not doctor brother. I am just helping brothers & sisters if i can in anyway. About your case this is very important . i have seen people working 10 , or 15 years in GCC countries Saudi Arabia. kuwait then went back to for new visa and their medical got UNFIT. Because GAMCA guidelines are very strict and sometimes confusing.. so always try to transfer your sponsorship where you are , whether in SAudi Arabia, kuwait, bahrain… going back applying new visa will be very hard.. Its easy to buy or get Visa , but its not easy to clear medical now…
      always try to have private medical before going to GAMCA so you know if there are any issues.. problem is they dont accept other centers results.. so the solutions is go to the same GAMCA centers in the evening, most of them work as private clinic , in the day time they take visa medicals. In evening some of the staff is same and knows what visa medical requirements are . You can talk to them have private medical , see if they tell you any issues came, dont give your passport or id information.

  41. kabir permalink

    i am kabir from Indiaj
    i would like to speak about self

    i am selected for Saudi Arabia company but i’m medical unfit due to chest xray (fuz kochs in lugs)

    now i’m selected Qatar company so pls guide me

    i should go to medical checkup

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Brother kabir.. i am sorry to hear about your case.. if GAMCA declared you unfit due to chest x-ray.. i am afraid no re exam will make you fit. X-ray scar doesn’t go away. they will remain whole life. I am not exactly sure in India , but my knowledge is , GAMCA center have computer database and its linked to other centers,., if you declare unfit due to any reason other centers will have record. so you cannot take medical again.
      You can apply to other countries , other than GCC. or talk to GAMCA people privately see what they say.. i know they are just making mess in India, Pakistan, bangladesh , Philpine.. once you get visa you can get clear medical in their countries..

      • dalbeer permalink

        hi abdulrahmanasim bro, can u help me out. i was declared unfit in GEMCA for saudi 6 months ago. now im getting qatar visa and my medical ll be in their a chance i can clear it in there. i had minor spots in my chest x-ray. since than i checked up by some doctors and they told me its nothing, just some normal spots. is it easy to clear medical there in qatar?

  42. moon permalink

    hello sir!
    My name is tauqeer & last weet i did medical test for KSA …..i was unfit due to vdrl reactive & tpha positive … i can do…..i have handsome salary package from KSA….any suggest for treatment & after 90 days will i clear from this disease ??? which type of doctor treat this disease…..i hope u will reply as soon as….thanks

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      sorry for very late reply, i missed your comment earlier. What understood you got unfortunately medically unfit. Can you get treatment and have blood test normal. if its possible please take treatment and apply again Inshallah it will be fine, again i am not doctor, please consult with local doctor with your gamca report.

    • Sam permalink

      Hi Tauqeer hope you are fine brother if you dont mind could i know how your treatment now and you go for medical again

  43. udv permalink

    Asalam o Alaikum,

    I have been living in saudi arabia since 1988, and now i am just 26 year old.. i have completed my education and working in one of the good organization but still i am in my fathers sponserships and want to locally transfer but all my efforts are in vein as locall transfer is totally stop now a days in KSA. My company ready to give me a new visa and m going back to pakistan. In Saudi arabia i have given 5,6 time complete medical test for iqama renewal and alhumdulillah m fit but m affraid and heared about GAMCA system.
    is it possible if i will give complete medical test to the authorized GAMCA center in the evening/privately ?
    medical fit, so could i online the same medical report in the morning ?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Waliekum Asalam,
      local iqama transfer is best option. If you dont not have or had any major medical sickness , then try as i said just private medical then see the result. InshAllah it will be fine.

  44. marc permalink

    hi sir i also have findings in lung minimal fibrotic kochs in left lung they tell me that i unfit to work,same agnecy where i work to saudi last i apply to other agencies and i got hired,but my problem is,when i take medical,can they track my records?since it was already 4months from now?pls help me Mr Abdulraman..shokran.

  45. marc permalink

    gud day sir one thing also sir that the medical clinic is not listed in GAMCA clinic it was a member of AMCOW association of medical clinics for overseas workers only is that he same with GAMCA?.can i file a case if not proven that thei not a GAMCA CLINIC?thanks

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Brother sorry for late reply. I am sorry to hear about that, i am afraid its very difficult now, fibrosis will not go away whole life , and this medical record also in their computer database. I am trying again with some other friends to talk to GCC health ministers to amend these rules, please pray, i am optimistic it will change soon.

      • Gary permalink

        Goodday Sir,
        Im Gary from Philippines i read all the threads same all with same issue. I work in saudi arabia for more than 7 years. Some company offered me a good salary then i decide to exit to process my papers. But suddenly when i go medical here they make me unfit brcause of minimal fibrosis i dont know where i get this? I was not been hospitalized or any issue in my health. I never drink also drinking alcohol. I’m sports minded person i do volleybal, swimming, badminton and running. My family still there waiting at me my plans, my dreams start to ruin now. It was a terrible nightmare to me. I dont know what will i do? I feel like im a candle little by little die. I know this rule will be change thru your help. Take care and godbless all.

  46. Rag permalink

    I have a quick question. I have been detected with mild lung scar during my GAMCA medical exam (chest X-ray). There are more than 1 GAMCA clinic in my city and I was wondering if I can goto another clinic to get checked? Is that possible or does GAMCA keep track of the medical tests done by them. I did provide my passport copy to the first clinic that deemed me unfit but I wanted to try another clinic. Is that even possible?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      If u did’t get any gamca number before medical exam and did not give id anything , yes you can apply to other centers. but try to talk privately first , as you have abnormality.

  47. asif permalink

    dear brother,
    i am selected for employment in saudiarabia on a good position and now i have to go for medical test from GAMCA. at the moment i don,t take a time for medical (can not contact to GAMCA). my problem is that i was suffered from hepatitis C five years earlier and treated completely up to negative but i do the normal screening test some time earlier and it was positive. i will do the test privately as per your above advices from GAMCA centres. is there any other thing which you want to advice me before i go for the private examination or may send your advice on my e-mail.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Asif, yes try as i mentioned, please make 100% sure you do not have disease, you took complete treatment. Your own health is most important than going to other country.

  48. Avais permalink

    Your are right GCC/GAMCA should review their rules, this is totaly unfair what they are doing with us. Even if you are 100% fit they declare you as Unfit for no reason, also they know everything. Their rules forces a common man to be a part of corruption. Every thing become possible if you give something unde

    • nadeem permalink

      i’m 2 facing the same problem..i just came few months back from again a new they r denying to give me FIt certificate as per nw gamca rule

  49. Avais permalink

    Your are right GCC/GAMCA should review their rules, this is totaly unfair what they are doing with us. Even if you are 100% fit they declare you as Unfit for no reason, also they know everything. Their rules forces a common man to be a part of corruption. Every thing become possible if you give something under table. Who is reponsible for all of this, i think not a common man but a policy maker. I am very much disappointed with their rules.

  50. Bilal Omer permalink

    Dear My name is Bilal living in Lahore..I have applied for a job in Saudi Arabia and after innitial selection i was asked for a meical test.luckly i was declared FIT but when i submitt my passport to the agent i was informed that i have some X-Ray problem .its shadowing lower side.although my TB test is negative but they declared me UNFIT.after that i visit Shaukat Khanum Hospital and they after having same test announced me FIT with a note that there is no problem with me .

    interesting thing is that i was FIT according to GAMCA record but UNFIT according to medical center.

    I have very short time left for visa expiration .now tell me what to do.or where to put my case.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I did’t understand did you receive FIT report from GAMCA center. If this is the case , you are ok. your agent may be trying to make some money from all this bull sh**T . If you have medical report from gamca center go apply for visa, if agent is making argu, get visa from someone else and go. you can use same medical report , its valid for 90 days.

  51. Ali permalink

    Salam all,

    What tests are usually done in medical for KSA by GAMCA. Chest XRAY, Urine, blood test? is that it.? so that one could get it done through a private clinic before going to GAMCA

  52. Asad permalink

    In my childhood, I had to undergo surgery on my left testicle and got it removed. Shall I be worried about naked physical examination or would that be acceptable for GAMCA clinic? 😀 What is advisable in this case

  53. Jawad permalink

    was diagnosed 2 years back as anti HCV antibody +ve and declared unfit for GCC job. I got treatment (Pegasys alpa 2a + Ribavirin) for 48 weeks (1year course). After treatment my PCR RNA (qualitative and quantitative) and -ve it means I successfully cleared the virus and now 100% healthy and fit for any kind of job. But now after 2 years period I got an other offer from Saudi Arabia as a Project Engineer but GAMCA medical centers are not clearing me by saying that ” once a person is unfit he cannot be declared fit for rest of his life” may be he is fit or got treated successfully. Here is my actual question arises that if a person is fit now why he is declared unfit on the basis of past 2 years record. Why they don’t realize or accept the treatment options (successful in the america and world). Why they wholly depend upon anti HCV antibody test results. This test tells only about your antibodies (proteins produced against the virus in your body)development and not the presence of virus in the blood. This is confirmed by the world’s standard PCR RNA tests. But GAMCA is not accepting the results of PCRs

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I don’t know what to tell you. Yes GAMCA Does not accept outside clinic results.. I am trying again talk to GCC health ministers for the rules consideration. Insha’Allah Khair

    • Hussain permalink

      same question reply me soon

    • anser permalink

      Try to get a visit visa to saudi and do the medical there I am sure if its negrative there ,
      they will accept it,its just pak medical center which are scared to clear anyone incase they loose business with GCC.

    • Umair permalink

      My story is same like You.My PCR is -ve but anti HCV is positive. what should we do ? i want to go GCC. but I m not clear as my anti hcv is still reactive.

  54. Muhammad Omar Miana permalink

    This is Omar from pakistan and also hunted by GAMCA. Dear they declared me UNFIT due to scar on lungs and also told me to take necessary treatment and after 01 month re appear for the test. I am sad after reading all above and also hating these rules and countries who are playing with us like we are not human.
    What do u think will they clear me after one month treatment and by the way they are unable to declare the problem whether disease or some thing else?

    Please reply

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      brother lungs scar, i am afraid its very hard now, because scar will remain whole life.

  55. vkt permalink

    my SGPT-80 and SGOT-70
    can u suggest i am medically fit or not ?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am not sure.. please go to gamca center after their working hours.. have medical privately , without giving nay passport or visa details..

      • mubeen permalink

        Brother u are really doing a great JOb.mashallah

    • John permalink

      We have same problem VKT. I dont know what to do. I already have my visa bound for Kuwait but 2 weeks will get expired due to this condition. SAFEWAY DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL CENTER SUCKS! 4 times, do same test, they test for my blood blood sugar, but the result is okay – normal level-, then try ultra sound but its OK again.. hayzzzzzzzz GRABE! because of SGPT.

      • consult your doctor to lower your SGPT level , he/she may suggest you some medication or diet which can help

    • Afaq permalink

      you are medically unfit
      SGPT should me under 45 for the FIT and also for SGOT

      if you are in pakistan then use

      1) lysovit (multivitamin)
      2) hepamerz (liver diseases)

      SGPT and SGOT is not a big issue if you do not have hypatitas

  56. Vikram permalink


    Can you provide the email address/contact no. or any other info as I want to seriously take up with them. These GAMCA have monopoly and instead providing service behave like some spoilt arabs. There is no transparency and I doubt these centers have trained radiologists attending everyday. Most have a plain MBBS docs who do not want to interpret the data thrown up by various tests. Can somebody say why we have doctors here……

  57. SIMA permalink

    Dear Sir,

    I am currently in Qatar and I got an offer from Oman. Is it possible for me to do medical exam here so that the same can be sent to Oman for declaring medically fit.


    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am not sure,, can you apply for visa from qatar instead of going back.. its always better to have your medical position clear before apply for visa.

  58. Rajesh Kumar permalink

    its inhuman…..GCC country doctors doesnt have brain? the most developed countries are accepting candidates for employment if they are under TB medication. I dont understand why GCC MOH is acting like stupids.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      If their society was developed by working class people they would never draw such rules.. I feel shame being muslim, that these are muslim countries, how inhuman. on the other hand if we see non-muslim countries, i.e. UK , US , just apply for visa see how you will get treatment, they will not reject you because you had any disease in past.

  59. sir i am unfit from Gujranwala medical centre due to x-ray finding. they say there is tenting at left lunng/a old sign of scar. some ask me that if i spend some significant amount the medical can be fit.
    plesae advise me if i take a risk, can i face such medical problem in saudia during medical although i have no any active disease.
    please reply me

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      farooq bahi.. did they give you UNFIT report already.. ya sirf bataya hai.. ager tu report nahi banai aur nahi bheaji embassy, phir to hal hai iss ka. paisey to lagein geay iss kaam mein. baqi saudia ki fiqar na karein udher ho jaaey ga . jana kidher hai aap neay riyadh , jeddah ?

  60. salman permalink

    Assalamualaikum, i have selected for for good company in saudi arabia, but i am medical unfit due to chest x-ray (fibrosis on right apex). i m sad but i have checked private chest specialist and his gave fit report by x-ray, further he checked C.T scan. in the C.T scan he found small and minimal fibrosis but not on right apex, that was on left apex. and my doctor told me the fibrosis cant appear on x-ray, sir i m totally in confusion please suggest me what can i do now?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Waliekum Salam Salman,
      I am afraid its very hard now,, thats why i always say that before going for actual medical exam have the same medical at gamca but after hours, privately , so you can know if there are any issues. Now its in their database , its near to impossible, they dont see you have disease now, or its active or not , PTB scar, fibrosis simply unfit.

      • Umer permalink

        abdulrahmanasim bhai can u send me your contact no

  61. rahul permalink

    are different countries have different medical test patterns

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      rahul, GAMCA rules are same for india, pak, bangla philipine…mostly south asian countries

      • Biswas permalink

        Please give me your contact details to I am going to Riyadh in a bank in managerial position but has scar in my chest x-ray, I did it privately in kuwait earlier need help for Riyadh.

  62. Zia permalink

    Sir i hava been for job in qatar. When i came to GAMCA peshawar center they told me that you should to show visa for GAMCA Number.but the other centers in pakistan did not want visa for GAMCA Number. As my passport is issued in peshawar other centers did give me the number.Now what i shoul do please guide me.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      zia i did’t understand properly, you dont want to show visa number to GAMCA or you dont have visa number. you can take GAMCA medical anywhere in Pakistan. Important thing is make sure you dont have any medical issues, do sit down after getting UNFIT report from GAMCA. take your medical privately , jo test gamca neay leaney hein woh gamca keay center seay kerwao lekin privatley, apan id card wegra na dena.. agaar woh kehtey hein ok hai.. phir gamca number leay ker medical kerwao. Insha’Allah kahir

  63. a rehman permalink



  64. Worried permalink

    Alsalamo alaikum, I am a senior telecom professional and work for one of the biggest multinational companies. My company is asking me to move to Oman.
    My problem is that I do not have vision in one eye from birth and wear a prosthetic lens. I have worked all over the world but today I went to GAMCA clinic in Islamabad, and they said I am not fit for Oman…they refunded my money and said they will not put unfit in the system!! Is this correct? I have to work in an office environment and have no issues otherwise. What should I do, am really worried. Will this be the case if I wish to move to dubai as well? Where can I actually read gamca rules?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Do one thing, ask for a letter from your sponsor or employer from Oman, addressed to Embassy . Its waiver letter that they know about your medical condition, it will not effect to perform the daily routines tasks. Its a chance, it May work, InshAllah khair..
      GAMCA rules had seen one copy with GAMCA center peoplem but they did’t give me to copy. Ignorant people draw these rules and ignorant are following these rules..

  65. nasir permalink

    hello sir!
    my name is nasir and i am living in islamabad pakistan. i been in bahrain last 6 years i came back to pakistan to get my new copmany visa but i have medical problems. i have old tb dots in my xray…
    since last 8 month i am trying to get my medical clearance.
    i have to sport my whole family like many others. i still have a job offer but i am already unfit for alshifa hospital. please tell me any way to get clear. i would be gratefull to you

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am sorry to hear about that. I recommend anyone who is reading this blog. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE COUNTRY WHERE YOU ARE WORKING, TRY TO CHANGE SPONSOR THERE WHERE YOU ARE…..medical is more hard than getting visa now. dear nasir i dont see anyway you can get clear you medical. Its near to impossible. If you can apply other countries other than GCC , go for it, better not to waist time..

  66. Parvez Akhtar permalink

    Dear Sir,


    Congratulation and Thank you very much for great work!

    I have also one question, I am suffering from skin disease- VITILIGO (Leucoderma). May I get GAMCA fitness certificate?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Waliekum Salam,
      Thanks for the nice comments.. pervez try as i said , talk to gamca medical center after their visa medical hours about your condition, dont give any visa / passport number , these are mostly private clinics in the day they do visa medical evening they operate like normal medical centers. so go in evening talk to any doctor , reception,, get more info tell them you just want know if i will be ok or not .. they will take test but they will not enter in any database so you will be safe incase you have something.. Never go directly to GAMCA for number or medical , take privately first. Please remember me in prayer.. in this holy month of Ramdan.

      • humaira permalink

        assalamualikum its nice to read that you are giving good suggestions to people i have vitiligo skin problem…whole body has even skin tone (fairness white)few brown dots …my husband is unable to get permanent visa for me to saudia ..i have not gone through medical husband is afraid if i am medically declared unfit by GAMCA i wont be able to enter premises of saudia …being wife i can not live happily without my husband here alone in PAKISTAN ..please guide me .STAY BLESSED ALWAYS..I have done my masters in biotechnology and have been associated with teaching since 7 years in convent school….do something for me i am worried..

      • Waaliekum Asalam,

        You can call directly to Saudi consulate, and explain your situation. Tell them GAMCA people may unfit you because of vitiligo , then you will not be able to even take medical anywhere. Explain you do not have any sickness, its just spots, Michael jackson had vitiligo ( don’t mention that idk ) . Brother Rizwan put some guidelines guidelines , I think those are quite helpful.

  67. Mirza permalink

    Sir, one of the GCC country reject me due to i was unfit in medical test . And reason was old TB case ( its around 6 years ) and I visit M.D Doctors of Chest they said there is no treatment for old TB Patches you dont have TB but patches also cant remove …
    So, if there is no treatment for that ! Its difficult to think about the rules of GCC .

  68. Mirza permalink

    And Sir, if there is way to clear the old patches in any way plz tell me!

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      So far i don;t think there is any medical procedure to clear, unless you go for surgery, its risky and it will leave some scar too. pehely private kerwa lena tha medical phir jana tha GAMCA. khair koi nahi GCC is not the end of world apply other countries..

  69. gail permalink

    hello! just want to ask if those having scar due to ptb can still work in dubai? They do have ban?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Are you working in Dubai or thinking to apply for visa? if you are thinking to apply for visa, then remember Dubai is part of GCC , according GCC GAMCA rules PTB scar case is unfit.

      • DRIZ permalink

        Good day Sir,

        Sir i work in Uae since 2006 first employer non free-zone ive got a job for more than 4 years second employer from free-zone ive got a visa also but before that they made trice x-ray and trice sputum test..head dr. from free-zone told me that i have a scar on my lungs. and sputum test are all negative.ive work thier in a few months only.. coz i found out that the HR manager and the PRO spread out my case to my co workers i though that issue is confidential so i resign coz aim mentally and emotionally you know… i try to find another and luckily i found another company again in abudhabi non Free-zone but problem start when the medical start same thing happen 3 times x ray different kind 3 times sputum test 1 tuberculin test all of the said test ive past but there is 1 more test they made and that test is IGRA TEST which it takes 45 days coz of culturity that why it take time but my employer did not want to wait for the result even the head dr. from SEHA advice me and the PRO that the hospital is willing to give a letter due to culturity of the last test that’s why my visa pRosses will be GOING TO delay..but The PRO DON’T WANT TO WAIT he did not also expalin why?
        even the head authority Dr. from SEHA adviced as. My employer deported me here in philippines..

        when i go back here in Philippines ill go to a diffrent kind of hospital just to make sure. when 1 dr. told me to go to the lung center of the Philippines to be sure same procedure all are negative except to x ray but they told me to go for treatment so i take a 6 months medication every ather month ill go for x ray.. after 6 month they advised to continue in another 4 months so total of 10 months then after that they advised me to stop coz its proven that its already a scar. and even my weight didn’t change 64-65 kg same when i arrive here in Philippians.. now ill try my luck to find job and allot of agency call me they need staff in GCC countries plz advice me what to do? coz in my 2nd previous employer even i have a scar they give me a visa. and even i dont have any offer or contract its Gamca allowing me or giving me a test anf if i past and gamca told me iam fit to work if il go to GCC u think that there will be no problem happening agen? plz advised and reply as soon u read this.. thanks and more power to your column did a big help to us…

      • My friend Scar wiIl remain even if you have received complete treatment and you may not have any active disease. Due your scar you will have problem in clearing medical, I am guessing you had your first medical exam in 2006. GAMCA keep computer record, they will have your old record, they can see that and they will make you unfit again. better talk to someone at gamca visa medical and take a private medical there. If they say you can take medical and you have no medical issue, then you take official visa medical.

  70. samir permalink

    Assalamu alaikum.

    i was admitted in Dubai tb clinic in 2010 after 2 weeks of cough. i was not deported that time. after 1 month treatment I started working and 9 months medicine i got medically fit Certificate from the doctor.there was no issue dat time. but now i have 2 switch my job immediately. Doctor suggested if i wont go 2 India I can avoid xray test. but i would like 2 know whether my details will b there in DHA database, which i forgot 2 ask doctor.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Salam Alikeum,

      Please be careful , your doctor is right. If you can switch job and employer by staying in Dubai , that is best. In any case you have to go back. before going there send your x-ray in india and show to the GMACA medical people privately not during their visa medical timings. Secondly do not disclose your identity. Insha’Allah khair..

  71. julie permalink

    i just want to ask if there is an expiration date of the GAMCA record..because I had my medical examination last april this year and the result was unfit to work due to fibrosis that has seen in my lungs though i dont have any history of PTB, and as far as i know PTB s not d only cause of FIBROSIS. what if i have my medical examination today and got cleared, Can i go to KSU now?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      As per my knowledge there is no expiration, unless something happened to their data server. They dont see you have old or active PTB . They just declare unfit, someone from ministry of overseas needs to talk to the GCC health ministers for these stupid rules. Hamarey leader gawa aur khajoor kha wapis aa jatey hein.

  72. Mark permalink

    Hi, this is my second posting here. Again, thank you for your time and help. Like you, some pulmonary experts and doctors alike in the UAE (a few brave enough) are also voicing out their opposition to the current policy against deportation of people with TB scars.

    To stand up for what is right, that is very important.

    Believe me, you are doing more help to us that you can imagine. I know how these people feel. It’s not nice. We can not work in other countries outside GCC, because there is no work outside GCC. All works are in the Middle East. That is why there is such a great sense of loss and desperation in most of the comments here.

    But what’s really frustrating is that all of our sufferings could have been EASILY UNNECESSARY if simple additional inexpensive tests are done to screen/fight TB. I could detail it here, but I am sure the medical professionals in the MOHs knows this.

    So please continue entertaining our queries and desperate pleas.

    And please don’t be ashamed of being a Muslim, it doesn’t make who you are as a person. It’s just a part of you. You are a good man and that is what really matters. Thank You.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      you are right even if GAMCA, they see someone have scar in lungs, they can do further screening to figure out whether person have active disease, they can increase fee for that. IOM is doing this for UK visa, if someone have scar they go for consecutive three days sputum test. About muslim part, i said because these medical exam rules are made by the muslim countries, with such rules, what non-muslims will be taking image about us, how ignorant and inhuman we are. My point is if a person is no harm to general public health , he/she doesn’t have any contagious disease, he/she should not be declared unfit. this GAMCA medical is getting tougher than military medical exam…

  73. Jesusito B. Nugas permalink

    Good Day Sir!

    I am one those who has problem with GAMCA. In the year 2008 I was given a job offer in Dubai and went for medical exam in accredited GAMCA clinic. Actually I undergo lung surgery because of fungi in the upper lobe left side. last January the result of medical exam is unfit for the reason of pleural thickening.So I decided to apply for another country here in Algeria ,so i was given for medical exam again in the same clinic and i was only required to attached the doctor medical certification the doctor undertook the surgery, that my surgery is not infectious,contagious and harmful. so now i am still here in Algeria from (year 2008 – present).every year i went on vacation ( Philippines)and before going back to Algeria we are required for medical exam so i this accredited clinic give me fit to work remark.My stay here in Algeria I did’nt experience any serous sickness.

    My question is i am really qualified to work in GCC countries? please reply.

    Best Regards,

    Jesusito B. Nugas

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Hi Nugas,
      I am not 100% sure that you will be declared unfit, but you have very strong unfit case according to GAMCA guidelines. What you can do is send your x-ray CD to your family or friend in Philippine, and show that to the gamca radiologist privately , i mean they do work somewhere else or after gamca medical hours. Just get their feedback, because in the end they will do the medical. The other way i think it will be easier for you is, Saudi Arabia have consulate in Algeria, you can ask the Saudi sponsor to send visa to Algeria consulate, so instead of going back to Philippine, you can apply visa and medical here which will be normal not like gamca . GAMCA medical is very tough

  74. DurHum permalink

    I am from India on family visa in kuwait. I was fit in the medical reports of GAMCA clinic India eventhough i was having a scar in my Chest X-ray.I was fit according to them because they considered it to be a cold mark as i was suffering from cold those days…

    But,during medical test after arriving kuwait,they found the same scar in the chest xray,treated me with antibiotics for a week,told to redo the x-ray,but the scar still appeared.

    After this i was tested for TB with the blood test,sputum test and PPD skin test out of which only the PPD skin test was a bit positive..Then was sent for a CT scan and finally they discovered what they were trying for so long…My results showed a minor TB infection and a reason for me to be declared unfit after our struggle of more than 2 months…we accepted it to be our hard luck and now trying to solve it..

    My Questions:
    1) My passport is not stamped as unfit,does this mean i am not blacklisted?
    2) How does their system work,i received no unfit certificate nor its stamped in the passport?
    3) After what duration i can apply for a new visa? Are there any time limits?
    4) After getting treated,will they create problems in medical in future?

    Please help…
    Thank you

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Waliekum Salam,

      Sorry to hear brother. PPD Skin test is not reliable as we get vaccinated by BCG which gives false positive result most of the time. Efficient way is chest x-ray, sputum test and physical examination. CT scan and this detail through inspection is good for you also.

      Please tell me detail about “My results showed a minor TB infection……”

      Answer to your questions:
      1) My passport is not stamped as unfit,does this mean i am not blacklisted?

      No body can stamp anything on passport other than immigration and airport authority exit/stamps, what could happen is if they want to keep your record , they will enter you passport id, national id, name, father name in system. But if you cleared in India, then i am not sure how they will do that, unless they inform GAMCA in India.

      2) How does their system work,i received no unfit certificate nor its stamped in the passport?

      I think answered above.

      3) After what duration i can apply for a new visa? Are there any time limits?

      If its in their system , its indefinite , you can’t apply again. I need to know the detail about for what reason they declare you unfit , any scar , fibrosis etc…

      4) After getting treated,will they create problems in medical in future?
      depends, GAMCA they take only chest x-ray for TB , no PPD , CTscan etc.. so better take complete treatment without worrying about visa issue, make your self healthy. THen there is no harm in applying again , but apply as i mentioned have someone look at your x-ray in GAMCA medical center privately, then send CD to kuwait if someone can how there, with all that if you are in there system then it will be problem.

      • DurHum permalink

        Dear Sir,Assalamu alaikum.

        Thank you for the response. I am a wife struggling to be with my husband in Kuwait.

        I still have many doubts as I hear different people giving different suggestions. But, you, being experienced, I seek your advice and help.

        About the CT Scan Report, It says it is suggestive of primary TB, for clinical and laboratory co relation.”The reason that I am unfit is just the word TB in my CT scan report because the doctors don’t even have a look at the CT scan images.

        As I already mentioned that except the PPD test (not so reliable) neither my blood nor sputum had any problems…I may test myself privately and prove their reports negative but it makes no sense now as I already have been declared unfit.

        I reached at this stage because the GAMCA in India cleared me and I was confident that if I was fit in India, I will be fit in Kuwait as well.

        I had been told by the Doctor of MOH Kuwait that post treatment I need to submit a fitness Report attested by the Kuwait Consulate in India and can apply thereafter for a new visa with no issues. It is indeed not as simple as it reads!

        Can fitness certificate be obtained from any recognized hospital in india and attested or GAMCA has any specific centers for this?How can i apply for a medical test at GAMCA if so.

        Please guide me how should I get out of this trap of so called procedures and live peacefully with my husband.

  75. gumnam permalink

    lahore office offfice stafff is very duffer and senceless and not able for job they always create problem ansd abuse to candiadte and misbahve so kindly take action upon lahore office staff plz plz

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      you are right.. I have been to All major GAMCA centers in Pakistan. Lahore centers are the most rigid and inhuman people are sitting there.

  76. ianita permalink

    Hi to you all,

    I so happy to find you.I have also old TB scar.Pleace give your voice here….

  77. Sheesh permalink

    This is sheesh , have an offer to saudi arabia, but in GAMCA authorized medical test report “Unfit”. Since from my childhood till at this age(31) not confronted with any kind of disease, but simply sometimes cough and cold only. Even before going for a medical test, I have gone through a private screening of X-Ray chest at the same center which suggest that I am fit, but after completing all medical test, it shows “fibrotic lessen in left base” i.e. “Unfit”. When i discuss this issue with the Dr., he told me that while diagnosing X-ray for Gamca, they followed the GCC condition, whereas in the previous they just ignore it.

    Now again I have gone through a test at different center, firstly private screening of chest which suggest “Normal” & then complete medical test. Now this time report is unimaginable. It suggest “Unfit”, having a scar on right Lobe of chest. When discussed, the Dr. told me the same thing i.e. following GCC norms, wheres in Pvt, he just ignore that condition. But when I presented previous medical center report, he told me that the previous one is wrongly interpreted, & his report is right.
    I am totally surprised to see how these Dr.’s also called the big shots cannot even diagnose the proper thing, & only repeating that I am “Unfit”
    Now my Question is
    1) How GAMCA authorised and on which basis these Dr. or medical centers to regulate medical test.
    2) Why this stupidious GCC norms about the Scar is having a relevant meaning in there norms
    3) When a pvt. X-ray does not show any scar, then how a scar can be seen when following GCC norms. Is there is some kind of magical instruments while scanning following GCC norms.
    4) Can seasonal cough and cold may create scar in the lungs?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am really to hear about your case.

      Please tell me did they entered your record and send to embassy. or did you take the GAMCA number first for exam?

      Secondly sometimes we have scar which is no way an health issue but a spot or old sign. GAMCA people just take that abnormality and declared unfit.

      GAMCA they don’t accept reports outside their center, middle way is go to the same center , same radiologist but not during visa medical hours. take private medical with them, so that way they will be willing to help you too, because they don’t have to enter in the database and answer they embassy. Once you got GAMCA number they can’t do anything, even they can’t talk with you much medical case.

  78. AHSAN KHAN permalink

    Dear answer me only my one question.
    1.Still i have not applied for medical fitness to GAMCA center,but i know that i have a patch on my left lung may b due to any desies r may be PTB,without X-ray my all reports cleared due agha khan.with submitting of these all reports i”ll go to GAMCA medical center for fitness certificate,Ist of all i will meet GAMCA officails and show all reports and ask them if you can fit me behalf of these reports then OK,otherwise i will refuse for medical checkup procedure for fitness certificate.
    Now Sir,
    tel me if i may get fit report from GAMCA,and reached in jubail KSA there also i ahave to under go for medical fitness procedure ,WHAT WILL BE HAPPENED WITH ME IF I WAS FOUND THESE PATCH ON MY LEFT LUNG DUE TO X-RAY.because in chest the pache can not be removed with any treatment.that patch also appears in also KSA,then what will i do there…?
    plz guid me and tell me,should i go r not KSA…?

    Engr.Ali Hassan.

  79. AHSAN KHAN permalink

    Dear Sir,
    Plz Answer me only my one question.
    1.Still i have not applied for medical fitness to GAMCA center,but i know that i have a patch on my left lung may b due to any desies r may be PTB,without X-ray my all reports cleared due agha khan.with submitting of these all reports i”ll go to GAMCA medical center for fitness certificate,Ist of all i will meet GAMCA officails and show all reports and ask them if you can fit me behalf of these reports then OK,otherwise i will refuse for medical checkup procedure for fitness certificate.
    Now Sir,
    tel me if i may get fit report from GAMCA,and reached in jubail KSA there also i ahave to under go for medical fitness procedure ,WHAT WILL BE HAPPENED WITH ME IF I WAS FOUND THESE PATCH ON MY LEFT LUNG DUE TO X-RAY.because in chest the pache can not be removed with any treatment.that patch also appears in also KSA,then what will i do there…?
    plz guid me and tell me,should i go r not KSA…?

    Engr.Ali Hassan.

  80. abdulrahmanasim permalink

    Salam Aliekum Ali

    about your statement
    ” i have a patch on my left lung may b due to any desires r may be PTB,without X-ray my all reports cleared due agha khan …..”

    You need to get detail, why you have that patch or scar, what chest x-ray report tells. please show that to any good radiologist, health is important than going to any other country. Secondly if its just patch or scar, no health issues, then don’t go straight to gamca and show your reports. Keep your reports at home , go to gamca medical center not during their visa medical hours but after 6:00 when they work as normal clinic, some GAMCA centers they just do visa medical, do not go there at all. tell them , you want to have private medical with the same tests what are for saudia visa. have that test ,they will tell you if there is any problem. That way you have chance to clear, if you go for direct gamca medical , if God forbid they declare you unfit, you will not be able to clear medical so… take private medical as i mentioned.
    If you get clear medical in Pak, don’t worry about jubail or ksa medical, that will be fine InshAllah but let me know once your Pak medical is cleared..

    Insh’Allah khair

  81. AFSHAD AHMED. permalink

    Dear Sir,
    I wish u all the best,
    Ist of all i will inform you that I have got medical fitness certificate on source and spending some money,because i had PTB before 12 years you know PTB scare never disappears whole life ,but now I m healthy,without X-ray no can catch my PTB form any kind of investigation.
    Dear sir
    I am going on engineer visa to KSA,but some concerns about KSA medical centers, because i heard that this medical fitness exam is repeated in also KSA for IQAMA,
    1.If this scare of PTB apears in X-RAY(this scare definitely spears in X-ray film) during exam of medical fitness in KSA,then what they will do with me,they may deport me & black listed or not,or they neglect their own X-ray report on behalf of Pakistani medical X-ray report.
    2.How much they concern,if any body reached in KSA with medical fitness Certificate of his own country,but PTB scare clearly shown during x-ray repeating for IQAMA purpose on his chest from one side of lower zone.
    3.Any other Guidline after reaching in KSA.
    Respected Sir,
    plz help & guide me in this regards because i m very conscious.
    Thans Sir,

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Ok Afshad, please first make sure you do not have any active disease., its ur moral responsibility not to infect others. I have sent you en email. About “How to go for medical in Saudia”.. i hope GAMCA people will not be reading this blog 🙂

      • AFSHAD AHMED. permalink

        Sir mein Jubail ja raha hoon ,bus duaa karein aap ni advoise dee hi tu ab confidience huwa hi ,inshallah i will go now.

      • rem permalink

        Dear Mr. Abdulrahmanasim, can you please send to my email also your steps on how to go for medical in saudia? Actually I am bound for Kuwait, I hope the process is just the same there or if not can you please advise. thanks in advance.

      • Muhammad permalink

        Dear sir,
        I have been working in the gulf (DUBAI, QATAR) since 92 and i have diagnose for diabetes in 2003 and doctor suggest medication on regular doses as its required to maintain your sugar but unfortunately or carelessly i dis obey doctor instruction and i took lightly to the matter which is the biggest mistake of my life and which create another problem and in i have admitted in Dubai hospital and they find that i infected by pulmonary TB. i have been treated in the hospital for 45 days then they discharge me and advise me to carry on they medicine which i did for almost 5 month and i travel in Qatar for new job unluckily or luckily they find in Qatar that my TB is still active and they admitted me in the hospital for 75 days and they treat my TB which was convert in to multi drug resistant pulmonary TB.once they discharge they deport me and i tried again for another job but my visa is always rejected.
        my only concern is this after treatment i have continue under the doctor consultation and have taken medicine for one year every month in this time i continue x ray and blood test which show no active infection. i have stopped the medicine in April 2013 and now i am having an offer in Saudi Arabia. i never been in GAMCA clink for medical but look like now i have too…pls advise what should i need to do.
        Thank You and sorry for the long explaining….

      • Hi Sir,

        If i got cleared in the Philippines for work in saudi, even if i have a lung scar, was able to arrive in saudi, will they deport me if they see the lung scar on my xray for iqama processing?

    • Ahmad permalink

      Dear AFSHAD,
      One of my friend is having the same issue of X-Ray Scar. Can you please give me the contact / adress of the agent who helped you in clearing ur x-ray. I will be grateful.


    • Muhammad Ali permalink

      Hi AFSHAD/Ahmad

      I am also looking for same agent Please mail me back the name and contact number of the agent.

      Muhammad Ali

    • Naveed permalink

      Dear Afshad…

      i am having same your situation and i have an offer from jubail also please let me know how you deal in jubail if you have someone who can help me in jubail please let me know …i had TB and same as you my worries only how to deal with the x ray. you know scars is always there…

  82. This Blog site should be renamed ‘medical WARNING for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain’ to catch internet browsers immediate attention. The information here in invaluable and can save people’s lives and help people build their lives. I wish our diplomats to GEC countries would help to solve these medical issues. Sad to know that our government is screwing people up instead of helping them build their lives. GAMCA should at least do one good thing, by honoring the Indian National Anthem. They should not computer register cases of UNFIT cases in their database. This will help the patient to do the necessary medication / treatment to apply again for Visas to the the Gulf. As rightly said, one person working in the Gulf would be feeding 10 lives back home. When our government cannot support it’s people by providing them jobs in India, at least they should help ‘pave the way’ for Indians to migrate in search of work in Arab countries. I wish so much but as I would say, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride !

  83. John Alam permalink

    I might wrap up that GCC countries (except Holly Prophet’s family and his associates) is bunch of Ass Holes.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am sure there are many GCC doctors and professionals those do not agree with these GAMCA guidelines and they feel these are not rational. We just need to raise our valid point at right place. I appreciate john, your respect for Prophet S.A and his associates.

  84. Ahmed Rehan Usmani permalink


    I don’t have any question but I would like to salute you for the work you are doing here. Now I shall obliged to say that YES still HUMANs are there on this pirated earth.

    Ya Allah make best abode for him in JANNATUL FIRDAUS. Ameen Summa Ameen ya Rabbul-Aalameen.

    Ahmed Rehan Usmani

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Waliekum Aslam,
      Thank you Ahmed, I know the pain when someone get visa/job, went through all the struggle and in the end he/she gets unfit medical reports, which tells that they cannot go for work/live to that country for the rest of life.. It turns life upside down for ordinary people. I will be much pleased when they will amend these rules and GAMCA will clear medical for the people who have no active disease. I am sure its not that far..Inshallah khair..

  85. Dear Sir,
    Actually the problem is with my wife medical report, i am doing a very respectable govt. job here in ksa. i can call my family easily and no other problem.

    my wife RPR test is positive and TPHA test is negative, all her test are negative. the diagnostic test is TPHA which is by the grace of GOD is Negative.

    positive RPR can be false positive even in normal individual, as in my wife case. she doesnot have any disease and she is perfectly fine.

    Acc. to medical centre, for ksa visa RPR should be negative also. they will give the medical report unfit as per ksa rules for visa.

    now i am in GREAT TENSION, what to do now, i am telling you this in detail as my brother, just tell me any way out.

    waiting for your guidance.

  86. abdulrahmanasim permalink

    Did sister already have medical from GAMCA center? Is sister pregnant? Yes i know RPR can be false positive due to even malaria and other minor infections , but to avoid that thing, can you repeat the test after some gap, . Secondly did you talked about that report locally in ksa baladia iqama medical guys. what they say…
    if the RPR stay positive after sometimes , there are some other tests you should go for, please consult physician for that ( they are FTA-ABS ). Sister health is more important than going to ksa, just make sure she doesn’t have any active disease. I hope inshallah she will not have any, if result comes negative after sometime you can take medical again, but do privately then go for official visa medical. You can always apply for visit visa too, which doesn’t require medical.

  87. Dear Brother,

    FTA-ABS or TPHA are same and it is negative for my wife. she is not yet pregnant, she is otherwise perfectly ok, she does not have any disease. kindly read my previous e-mail again.

    I have repeated the test after sometime and it is still borderline false positive, sometime it may remain positive for life.

    Visit visa are close till haj and i dont know that they are giving visit visa in my home country or not, i have taken yellow paper of my family visa.

    i can prove it on medical grounds but tell me where I have to speak or write.

    Yes, you are write the medical centres are only for making money, they dont have a courage to say that some test can be falsely positive in the normal individuals and it is common thru out the world in every population and it can be confirmed by searching the medical books or searching the internet.

    i do not know what to do with this problem.

    can you tell me, if i call her on visit visa than can it be converted to residence visa here in ksa, if yes, then how?

    • Ahmed permalink

      Dear Mr. Abdulrehman, same is the case of my wife…plzzzzzzz suggest me what to do..i wll b highly obliged to you.

  88. Babu permalink

    hi guys,

    I got an offer in bahrain on may 2011 , at that time i visited to one of the Daignositics centre for medical report , Due to past infection a scar created in my left lung and that is no longer exists in my lung now after medication and diet what are my chances that can i go to another centre for medical test , as it is bahrain i given doc in the diag centre not in GAMCA….

    Please suggest guys … is still my record exists in database or wont create in GAMCA untill i troughed the medical test .


    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Babu , what i understood you got local offer in bahrain and you want change employer , not going back your country. But you had medical which said that you have lung scar. Please not scar does’t go away by time, it remains there rest of the life, if it disappear , it then may be something else. Now about diagnostic center, i am hundered percent not about bahrain system. But to be safe, you can visit center not where you want to go for actual medical some other , a smaller one.. cheap one, where rush,, get an appointment with radiologist as just patient and talk to them about this. show your report see what they say…i think it will be fine. but try as i said..

  89. asif permalink

    dear brother,
    i had already send you a mail and with ur advice i conducted further test for HCV PCR by RNA and mycodot for TB. the results showed that the HCV not detected and TB negative. earlier i was conducted these tests from GAMCA approved lab privately which showed that HCV Positive and shadow on lung. i was never effected by TB but may be effected by pneumania in childhood. what should i do now? i was tried to discuss with GAMCA guys but they are “badtameez”. can you help me in this regard in any way. please guide me, may be on my e-mail address. i will be grateful. i have another oppurtunity from Abu dhabi. is there also gamca medical test required.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Brother, i am sorry to hear about that. Did GAMCA gave you unfit report, it seems they unfit you because of x-ray findings. If this is the case its very hard now.
      better to go for medical to smaller cities and small centers.. jitna bara center hai utney barey kameeney bethey howey hein..
      can you do one thing if you have really good opportunity can you work on visit, like work 3 or 6 months then go back.. or extend there.. sometimes you can change visit to work in dubai or abu dhabi i am not sure but chances are..

  90. I have taken yellow paper of family visa from jeddah and now I want to call my family on visit visa.

    kindly tell me how can I call my family on visit visa.

    Do I have to cancel the yellow paper of visa before applying for visit visa, if yes than how and from where,

    Visit visa are open these days or not,

    How can we get visit visa from our country?

    Waiting for your guidance.

  91. I have taken yellow paper of family visa from jeddah and now I want to call my family on visit visa.

    kindly tell me how can I call my family on visit visa.

    Do I have to cancel the yellow paper of visa before applying for visit visa, if yes than how and from where,

    Visit visa are open these days or not,

    How can we get visit visa from our country?

    Waiting for your guidance.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      About visa i may not be the best person to guide. But with my knowledge i can tell you that , yellow paper means the receipt for the visa issued from MOFA ( ministry of foreign affairs ksa ). you can see the visa type is family residence visa or visit . It seems you have residence visa which requires medical. to get visit visa its quite simple you have to apply from after submitting form, take the print out and have it attested from local chamber. and send those documents to the pakistan local agent for visa stamp. i hope this will help. thanks

  92. I have taken yellow paper of family visa from jeddah and now I want to call my family on visit visa.

    kindly tell me how can I call my family on visit visa.

    Do I have to cancel the yellow paper of visa before applying for visit visa, if yes than how and from where,

    Visit visa are open these days or not,

    How can we get visit visa from our country?

    Waiting for your guidance

  93. Hussain permalink


    A Mark on Xray turn my life like hell there is no virus of TB but they consider it to be a TB its their openion only.

    My wife is in kuwait now will go to back to our home country.

    They Just Inform me to send her back.

    I will treat her in india in private hospitals if they find her ill.

    But Please tell me what are the procedure to call her back on new visa if they put her name or passport number in black list.

    How to lift that ban from Kuwait.

    A detail will help others.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      W Salam,

      Talk to any radiologist privately in kuwait, visit any smaller diagnostic center. Secondly if its in database system , then it will be hard, even you clear it in India, you will have problem here. As i said get some radiologist advise. You can always bring your wife on visit visa, which doesn’t require medical, but visit visa have its own headache, renewal , then go back and come back.. I hope this will help.

  94. Shaikh permalink

    A medical center did not unfit me but they cancelled my application saying I can try at some other medical center – what does that mean ? Thy said it was because of some patch ing xray probably because of smoking !!

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      W Salam,
      I don’t know your case detail. it seems they just told you that you have issue, but did’t give you unfit report. Did you take GAMCA number for medical?

      • Shaikh permalink

        Yes I got the number ! One medical center told me that there is a slight issue with Xray report due to smoking hence they did not unfit me but just refered me to a different branch saying they might approve your case as a radiologist sits in that branch who can knows more about X-rays … Today I went to the same branch and I took my xray and CT scan report to the doctor and he said that he will discuss my case with the head of the center upon his return to the country. My point is that I have a job and people are waiting over there and I cannot delay – should I wait for the authorized doctor or should I take me case to the other center ? Also, are underhand deals possible to speed up the process ? By the way my SGBT is also a little high it’s 58; would that be an issue ?
        Thanks for your support !

      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        if they give you gamca number, they mention on the slip where you can have medical. you cannot go to other center. anyhow brother there is nothing wrong with waiting, your priority must be clearing medical. you can get unfit report tomorrow if you want.. for clearing medical please wait for the doctor who can clear you. I am not sure about SGBT, the gamca medical guys can guide you best.. talk to them after their working hours.. thanks

  95. Husain Alam permalink

    Dear Sir,

    First of All Thanks for the creation of this helpful Blog.
    It helps me alot before.

    My wife Xray shows a Mark in kuwait she was on resident visa staying in home.
    In home country their was no mark but in kuwait it apprear a mark in xray.

    MOH Kuuwait doctor tell us to send her back and i will dot that.
    They put in system that so and so passport holder sent back due to medical unfit.

    She is going back and she will check with doctor their privately if needed we will cure it.

    Please advice

    Now what is the procedure to call her back
    Step by step procedure for Kuwait for My case if you can provide then it will be so helpful for others as i am having many friends with similter case i can inform them what to do next from this stage.

    Thanks waiting for your reply.

  96. Husain Alam permalink

    Dear Sir,

    In Kuwait if they send her after medical unfit they will not stamp on Visa or give you a unfit certificate.

    They will just say send you wife back to your home and they will put that name in system that so and so passport holder is blacklisted due to medical unfit reasons.

    Now when you try to apply new visa even visit visa for her they will say now you cannot call her in kuwait as she is black listed.

    Now to life that blacklist please tell as it not allow us to have visit visa also for our relative.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      First have sister complete through medical exam , its seems she have PTB fibrosis on x-ray. yes consult with specialist in your country,, if any treatment needed, take complete treatment its very important do not miss a single day..

      This blacklist bullsh**t is new to me.. Are you sure , you cannot even come on visit visa again. Please double check, did someone tried like that..? I hope they are not reading this blog.. If its true that, then its really shame .. they are treating a person like as he/she did murder or serious crime. May Allah show them right path.. ameen

  97. Javeed permalink

    Dear Sir,
    currently i am in saudi arabia, now i received a good offer from bahrain can have done my medical in saudi arabia instead of go back to pakistan for the sack of medical.

    many thanks

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      You have to go back for whole visa thing and the medical also. If you do not have any medical issues ( old, new or any symptoms ) then you should leave saudia otherwise make 100% sure you will clear your medical. One thing you can do go on exit entry visa for short vacation have medical privately see what they say, if it comes fine. its ok otherwise stay where you are ….

  98. DurHum permalink

    Dear Sir, This is Hussain Alam Again.

    I really like someoen Read this blog.

    This is the fact they blacklisting everyone who they say go back you have a mark in your xray.
    As in my case this mark is not harmful to anyone i dont have any infectious desease.

    They are gussing only that i might have TB thats why there is a mark in my Xray.

    I sent my wife back and she is blacklisted there is no chance to come back in any visa even visit visa also closed for life time.

    This is so inhuman.

    someone must take a strick action in this system.
    we have to call human rights departmant America or aisa.

    The doctors are so lazy always all ladies talking with other doctors

    When i submit my papers of test they didnt see it properly even they cant read english only arabic knowledge they knows.

    So how come they decided our faith as our reports is in english.?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I don’t know what to tell you, i left these countries because of these stupid laws..

  99. Mark permalink

    I know, I’ve been sending emails to World Health Organizations, UN Human Rights, MoHs, etc. We need help, we can’t solve this on our own. We need to find international authorities regarding TB that can help us put a stop to this insanity.

    It’s hell living like this. To be ignored repeatedly by people which are supposed to be the first ones to understand our situation is the most painful part. It’s like you don’t even mean anything as a human being. This shitty policy did something to me as a person. How I wish those people behind this insane policy would also experience this, let’s see if they can still go through life with smiles on their faces. It’s hell.

    But please, keep on complaining. Don’t stop. As you can see, nobody else will do this for you except you.

  100. Mark permalink

    This link is about Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD) Visa Screening Procedure:

    As you can see page 46, they clearly stated that regardless whether it’s new, old, or cured TB, they will deport you.

    This matrix has many flaws. One giant mystery is this, for new and renewal visa application, why are they allowing people with old TB scar for visa renewal and reject those for new visa application? What’s the difference medically speaking? Of course there is no difference.

    I wish they could just do these policies fair and just for everybody. They don’t know what kind of hell we go through, which is completely pointless and unnecessary.

    To your followers here, please continue resisting this insane policy. The truth is on our side, and that is all the reason you will ever need. Check the facts, we are healthy and have no diseases. We just want to work and live like any normal human being.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      there are some NGOs and organizations with whom GCC deals with and they may listen to them. I am making a letter to send to all those.. i think we need to get more organized and do a full scale media campaign before next GCC health ministers conference..

      • Khalid permalink

        From Khalid Pk


        I have seen just on net that UAE have relaxed medical policy for ex-pats espesially for inactive diseases like in-active HCV (PCR -VE) though anti-body +ve (caught hcv but now ok after treatment), and also for other inactive diseases like TB.
        Is it confirm. kindly prvide authentic link, site. the same for all gcc?

        wat abt ur efforts with MOH ministers of gcc. any progress?
        any forum to raise voice so that it reaches to Ministers and authorities, and have +ve results. any news on this issue.

        Khaild pk

      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        w Salam,
        Can you please share any link about this inactive TB UAE policy, thanks

  101. Lau permalink

    Hello Sir

    I have been offered position in Kuwait, and I have HSV2 (Herpes). Will I be denied medical clearance for a work permit or visa in light of this condition? I would like to know before accepting this position. I have not been able to find a answer to this question.

    Thank you


    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Lau, HSV2 comes under infectious disease, to my knowledge they will not clear your medical. best way is talk to medical center..
      at personal note take antiviral medications, so you can control its outbreak.

  102. Samir Shah permalink

    Hello Salaam A Good News for everyone in the forum.

    Brothers and sisters lung scar on Xray can be heal can be desolve with serrapeptase.
    email the doctor about your scar and get the natural medicine to remove any dead tissue from your lungs and other part of body.

    So no more Lung scar if you have just get healed and remove with the serrapeptase
    It worked for me.

    Search in google and youtube you will get more idea on it.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Thanks for sharing..

      I strongly suggest to everyone here do not take any medicine by reading or on someone saying . always consult your doctor before taking any medicine. Your health is the most valueable thing to you… don’t waste on experiment.

      Thanks samir for sharing.. if you can please share some chest x-rays before and after using this medicine . that will help too..

  103. Asslam o Alaikum,

    I am Abdul Maalik from Multan, Pakistan, Sir I have VITELIGO on my skin parts , so please tell me about that am able for gamca medical or not, i have visa for Saudi Arabia. Thanks

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Is it too much or on some parts.. i read one guy declared unfit due to VITELGO. to be safe instead of going directly for medical exam, talk to medical center guys privately, chootey center jaoo, jitna bara center hai utney barey kameeney betheey howey hein..

  104. ianita permalink

    Hi dear Samir,

    did serrapeptase really removed your scar ? In my case there is no result :(Plese tell as how long does it take to remove tahe scar?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am not taking that medicine.. and please do not take any medicine without consulting your doctor.

  105. Samir Shah permalink

    You should take as per Doctors advice send your medical reports to doctor they will see closely and prescribe you their medicine and plan.

    In my case i take 3 kinds of medicine first 3 days we will have a drink and tablets course for 2 months and dring which we use with water.

  106. aris m gabriel permalink

    plz try to help me i got the medical examination in gamca philippines,, and i after one day i got a medical result its pending they tell me that i have a left pheumonia…im verry wooried ive already 6times medical examination wen i go in dubai and saudi,,, but now i got this results,, gamca tell me i have to repeat ,xray,, im verry woried. what if i got the unfit in gamca in my pheumonia probably i will not comeback in saudi….. what is my best i will do to comeback again…

  107. isnita permalink

    Did you finished the course? What are the result?

  108. Dear Sir,
    I am very thankful to you for creating such a helpful blog, atleast for those who use internet & find helpful information,very little for our poor asian labor class people try visiting these countries & ultimately get UNFIT status .

    For me, I am 34 yrs of age working as a senior accountant in U.P., India, was born in Kuwait & had my basic education there untill the gulf war in 1991 .

    struggling for years for a job in the gulf, I had an opportunity just 10 days ago for a well paid job in Qatar.The employers even went on to give me employment contract, but in between my bro in law (aware of my doha selection) who was a haematologist in kuwait 3 yrs ago, now in australia gave me a call & asked me to get a chest x ray & get it reported by a radiologist , because he was also aware that I had TB 3 yrs ago which was well treated then.I rushed to the local diagnostic centre & the radiologist gave an impression “Fibroparenchymal calcific lesion” in my upper left lobe.My bro in law straight way said it would practically be impossible for me to travel to the gulf under the given impression & the GAMCA would definitely give me an UNFIT status .

    Any way I visited the GAMCA centre in Lucknow the next day & had a straight word with the manager (who is very well known to my brother),I tried convincing him to give mne a favourable report but he simply replied that any description of TB irrespective of its activeness, the medical report would still give me an UNFIT status, he asked me not to attempt the exam because if i did the records would become online for any GAMCA centre across India.I felt shattered & eventually didnt attempt the exam .

    As you said in your blog, these stupid & inhumane policies of GCC countries Deprive efficient & competent people from prospering in their given careers .Very very sad & unfortunate.

    I am still very very hopeful that by the efforts of efficient people like you raising this agenda on a high level platform would some day be able to eradicate such stupid & inhumane policies.

    Best wishes & may you succeed in your noble ambitions,
    Raju …

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am really sorry to hear your case. Please do not get dis heart, gulf is not end of the world. Its true its easier to get jobs in middle east than other parts of world
      I will not give up until we change these false guidelines, which are ruining other people life’s.. I never thought anyone will read read this blog.. when i started. today i see more than 5000 visits..
      I am getting more organized, i will with the help of all you, try our best to change these rules. We are on truth, I am optimistic . Its not far.. i will write one day inshallah on this blog, anyone who does not have active disease can got and get medical clear for GCC. ..

      • Dear Sir,
        We all pray that some day you will definitely succeed in altering these guide lines .

        Best wishes !!!

  109. Mark permalink

    to rajuc77

    I don’t understand the TB policy in Qatar. In a recent statement made by Dr. Shazia Nadeem at DohaPress:

    “In Qatar, treatment for TB is free for everyone and no one is deported.”

    For full report follow this link:–v15-8008

    Unless Qatar MoH’s intention is to mislead people, I think you still have a chance, you can clarify this with Qatar MoH. Because clearly what Dr. Nadeem stated above is contradicting GAMCA policy.

    • Hi Mark,
      Well ,just went thru the link & read every thing .Thanks for the update brother .

      Surely the policies of MOH Qatar are quite confusing & contradictory . If they are not deporting fresh cases of TB found in Qatar, then they should certainly allow healed cases to work there .

      I have found a link to GCC MOH contact & definitely write to MOH Qatar about my case .

      Thanks again .

  110. FAWAD AHMED. permalink

    my brother has been selected as a Engineer from suidi arabian engineering company,when he went for medical exam in GAMCA he is found scare in his left lung side,but he informed them that i have no any diesies,they took his blood and sputum which are OK,afterall he has given FIT certificate for Middle east,now his visa process is into stamping in Sauidi embassy.
    Now my Question is if his spot comes during his fitness exam for IQAMA,then what would be the potion of Saudi Doctors.they overlook like her or they unfit and deport him…???
    or any sugestion in this case which help him to clear in ksa.
    2ndly i want to know if any employee found unfit then which kind of punishment for him ,only deport him or deport plus ban forever to work in ksa…????

  111. FAWAD AHMED. permalink

    my brother has been selected as a Engineer from suidi arabian engineering company,when he went for medical exam in GAMCA he is found scare in his left lung side,but he informed them that i have no any diesies,they took his blood ,chest ultra sound and sputum which are OK,afterall he has given FIT certificate for Middle east,now his visa process is into stamping in Sauidi embassy.
    Now my Question is if his spot comes during his fitness exam for IQAMA in ksa ,then what would be the potion of Saudi Doctors.they overlook like here or they unfit and deport him…???
    or any sugestion in this case which help him to clear in ksa.
    2ndly i want to know if any employee found unfit then which kind of punishment for him ,only deport him or deport plus ban forever to work in ksa…????


    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Fawad i emailed you. try as i said , Inshallah there should not be any problem. please inform me how everything went. you can email me for immediate response.. thanks

      • Mohammad Moideen permalink

        I has been selected as a Engineer from qatar engineering company,when i went for medical exam in GAMCA i found SMALL SUBPLEURAL NODULES IN THE LATERAL BASAL SEGMENT OF RIGHT MIBBLE LOBE with the help of CT scan,after consulting with my dr they suggest me its not a big problem it will be hide within some days without any treatment so u dont wont get worry about it again i took my dr to gamca medical center and explain it after that they provide FIT certificate for Middle east,now my visa process is into stamping in qatar embassy.
        Now my Question is if his spot comes during my fitness exam for IQAMA in qatar,then what would be the potion of qatar Doctors.they overlook like here or they unfit and deport me???
        or any sugestion in this case which help me to clear in qatar.
        2ndly i want to know if any employee found unfit then which kind of punishment for me ,only deport me or deport plus ban forever to work in qatqr…????please reply me soon mail to my email i am waiting


      • Waliekum Aslam,
        As you do not have any active disease, you will not have any problem inshallah. just to be on safe side, before you go for official iqama medical, talk to the radiologist privately about your case take an appointment with center , teel them i want to have my x-ray or ct scan discuss with dr. if he/shes says you will be ok, then go for medical , I hope inshallah it will be ok. I have send you an email also with little more detail.

  112. Samir Shah permalink

    @ Isnita,

    Yes i have taken 2 month of course after that old TB marks gone totally.
    Actually its a Dead tissue particals.

    the doctor have taken all my previous report that they have prescribe the medicine.

    They are 30 year old medical company in UK.
    The doctor must see your report then only they will give you right medicine.

    Thanks to Allah and thanks to that doctor i am now working in this GCC country.

    • Dear Samir, which medicine u had used to remove old TB marks? pl suggest which may be useful to all friends like you.

  113. Samir Shah permalink

    At Abdulrehman Bhai,

    I am seeing your messages from long time that you are saying that you will not give up you will fight.

    Allah give you more power to fight but i dont think just writing and listeng in this foram will work.
    Somone form our political leaders from asian countries should talk to this GCC countries top ministers.

    • Arthur permalink

      i’ve already had a GAMCA medical record last October 20, 2012 and the findings show that i have Hepatitis B. From that date up to present I’ve taken precautions such as medicine for almost 10 months. If i have to take another medical examination now and it shows that I still have Hepatitis B, am i already fit to work eventhough I still have Hepatitis?

  114. Mark permalink

    To rajuc77,

    No problem. All of us here knows how cruel and painful it is to loose opportunities needlessly. Rightfully earned because of our skills and work dedication. I suggest you copy furnish top officials from WHO EMRO or UN Human Rights in your message to Qatar MoH. Otherwise, you will not receive any reply.

    To Samir Shah,

    Abdulrehman is helping us. What ever help we can get is good. Like him, I’ve been writing emails to top officials from WHO and Human Rights copy furnished with GCC MoHs, I have some results but unfortunately I can not share it at this moment. The point is anyone from this forum can make their own voices be heard not only amogst ourselves but more importantly to the whole world. Nobody else will help us except us.

  115. Mark permalink

    I also have a friend who took both serraptese and longidaza and nothing happened to the scar. This only means that what worked for somebody will not work for everybody else. This is not the solution we’re looking for. And these supplements are expensive and frankly have no clinical integrity, that’s why most probably, you can only order it online. So I advise anyone to think hard before buying.

  116. Samir Shah permalink

    Any way i told you its not serrapeptese or longidaza which i used to remove my mark 30 years old

    maybe your friend buy it at his own and tried it but you should consult the doctor they will only see your previous reports and give you right medicine.

    serrapeptese is for other purpuse not for removing marks so freind is taken it wrongly its his mistake.

  117. isnita permalink

    Hi Samir,
    what you are taking if it is not serrapeptase ? I am confused,because I contacted this e mail and as recommendation I got – Pls do no eat bad foods:(

  118. isnita permalink

    To Abdulrahmanasim

    Hi Abdulrahman Asim ,
    can you please share with as what did you done till now?Do you have any answers from some authorities?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I did send emails to all GCC ministers, no response yet. I am going to make website for this issue, then i will make letter , i will send to all GCC major news paper, i know some tv guys too. I will drop those letter emails to EU, Swiss and other health forum where these GCC ministries go and visit.. Inshallah we will never give up against these stupid guidelines,which are effecting life’s of innocent people.
      If someone can send me scan copy of GAMCA guidelines those will help..

      • balaji permalink

        dear abdulrahman sir , pls kindly do some thing to change gamca rules , i loose my gud oppurtunity to work in ksa due to fibrosis in my left lung

  119. suraj mendis permalink

    Dear sir,
    i have worked over 15 years in Dubai and 10 years old U.A.E driving i am in sri Lanka planing to go to qatar.but during my medical exam doctor founded, that i am a colour mention not fit in medical exam.please advise me for qatar visa there do take this colour blindness test.or when i tranfer my driving license this problems will affect me?pls advise me

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Qatar is part of GCC seven countries. I am not sure how they are taking medical in Sri Lanka, did you take medical at GAMCA center…did they give you computerized report or any number before medical ?

  120. pavitri permalink


    My husband took a medical exam from one of the accredited clinics of GAMCA. Unfortunately, he was tagged as UNFIT stating scar. But we had decided to have second opinions, and we got CLEARED results. I even consulted this to one of the high profile hospital in mumbai and he got the same CLEARED result. Is there a way, can we have a re X ray done at GAMCA Clinic to prove that results are clear

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Unfortunately GAMCA they dont consider others center x-ray. what they follow is GAMCA guidelines, according to those guidelines if someone have old scar whether he/she have any active disease or not, he/she is medically unfit. Its bit hard now as you have already GAMCA unfit report..

  121. mac permalink

    I’m also dissapointed to GAMCA guidelines , because I got a job to Oman. But when I undergo to a medical examination. Clinic here in the Philippines told me that I’m UNFIT because of the said guidelines due to findings in my xray and residual polio. Which I believe thats unjustifiable because I already work at UAE for 3 years and my job category is more on office works. I hope GAMCA will review and amends the guidelines for medical for workers going to GCC countries

  122. Kapil Sharma permalink

    Dear Sir I’m Selected Saudi Arabia Company But I’m Not Selected Due to i have findings in lung minimal BUZ fibrotic kochs in Both lungs So Please Guide me can i apply for other gulf country

    Sir I Want to Work Abroad it is My Dream

    can lug problem short-out (can Remove Kochs)

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I guess you took medical at GAMCA in india. Kapil GAMCA they have centerlized database system for GCC countries. if you got unfit for Saudi Arabia which is part of GCC, they you will have issues in clearing medical for other countries. Because when you will go again for medical they will pull out your saudia medical report. I am not medical professional but to my knowledge scar and fibrosis remain their even you take complete treatment.

  123. pervez permalink

    Dear Mr.Abdul Rahman,

    I also one of the sufferer from this GCC Law.I had TB some 15 years ago. I went to KSA 5 yrs back & stayed there for than 4 & 1/2 yrs.During my medical in India intially they medical center person gave me Unfit but after my request & they approved me.Then when I went to KSA,by Allah’s help the doctor who was doing X-Ray was a suddenly a known person of mine & passed me.So I stayed in KSA for 4-1/2 yrs.Then I quit KSA.After that I went to Abudhabi.But there my luck did not favour & they found me Unfit so they deported me.For UAE I had got electronic visa so I had not gone any medical in India.Brother I have again offer from KSA.So plz advice what to do.Also what will I do if I will fit from India.What to do in KSA.your advice is requested.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      GCC have same medical records system. if you go for ksa medical , they will find out about your UAE medical.. You can try now, but i think there will record already.

  124. abdulkhaliq permalink

    After how much time unfit gamca record will remove?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      There is no time limit.. it stays for ever..something really bad happen to their data server.

  125. mr frustrated permalink

    i was applying as an electrician particularly in riyadh KSA. last march 2010 but my medical screwed up they detected koch’s infection in my right upper lung… they advised me to took a medications, so i did it for 6 months, i was healed as the doctor says but when i took my x-ray the result is i have a fibrotic ptb right upper lung field the doctor says that it’s a scar so i’m healed but the infection leaves a scar, so my medical is unfit according to my agency, and i was rejected. after 7 months i applied again for the same position but in the different agency, now i declared that i have medical conditions in the past but has already treated and it leaves a scar, they told me that its up to me if im willing to take medical examinations again.. so i did because someone in helping me to get there in the company in riyadh.. the agency is aware of my medical conditions so i said that the company will give me a waiver if ever my medical is unfit. They said OK then, i took my medical exams and the findings is i have a calcific scar right upper lung field and i’m unfit. after one week the waiver came out from the company but now the clinic refused to update my medical records for the reason that calcific scar is non-waivable as they said.. the agency then said that they have nothing to do with it for it’s in the rules and guidelines of gcc countries that even if a small scar is non-waivable. but now they are offering me to the other country particularly in Qatar which is also a member of gcc countries.. so how could it be?? are they fooling me? what am i gonna do? will i accept the offer? as of now i need some advise. please reply.. thanks a lot..

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      brother, according to gamca guidelines “minimal fibrosis” case also unfit, so even if you have little old scar there good chances they will make you unfit. better way is try privately specially if you are going ksa.

      • mr frustrated permalink

        thanks a lot sir.. @ god bless..

  126. Butchibabu permalink

    Good morning Sir, I selected in Kuwait as power station control room Board Operator. I got VISA. When I went GAMCA for Medical Examination in Hyderabad , My Repot came UNFIT, because of my curve in Spinal cord. Sir, Can u give me your Valuable suggestion. I am waiting your suggestion further proceeding. my Visa Expiry is 20/10/2011

  127. Kapil Sharma permalink

    thanks sir
    i want to some know

    next week my interview for Sharjah so i want to does sharjah GCC cuntries.

    if yes will i attend interview.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      kapil, problem remains the medical. even if you clear sharjah visa or job interview, medical still is the issue.. first check that can you get clear medical report for sharjah with your present health condition, if yes then go for interview and visa processing. otherwise it will be waist of time and money.

  128. mohammed saad permalink


    dear bro abdul rahman

    i have done the medical through gamca last one year before ,that time my medical declared unfit due to Healed TB on left lung.
    this data will remain in gamca computer even after one year later also or it will remove after 3 months?
    your fast replay will be appreciated thanks in adavnace.

    allah hafiz

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      it will remain for ever brother. for which country you had medical.

  129. Kindly guide me that the medical exam in all states of UAE, contains the same tests as in Medical
    Exam of Saudia Arabia.

  130. Mark permalink

    To everyone, please visit and leave your comments here:

    There are still people who are willing to listen and help.

  131. Mark permalink

    Hello Everyone,

    Here is a little good news. Please read on,

    These MoH official can really be stubborn that they are putting the lives of everyone at risk.
    What is so wrong from doing the right thing?

  132. abdulrahmanasim,
    All Arabs are chain smoker, they will have hundreds of scar in their lungs & many deices. Have they checked. They should not allow to enter any country with lung scar. By such a rigid law and stupid decision they are losing experienced engineers.
    OK pl fight we are with you, and Allah will help us.

  133. Usman Yousaf permalink

    if i do the test in m my home country pakistan and by the grace of Allah every things go good can i use the same report to get visa in oman

    i will go first on visit visa with my medical report in my hand after applying there for employment visa do i need to do again the medical fitness there in oman or this report is good which i got from my home country let me know asap

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Salam a, Usman what i understood from your query is. You have taken medical exam already and you are going to oman on visit visa. Please tell medical you had GAMCA center? if report is ok. then why not just take work visa and go.. if you have any issue, then have private medical check in oman where they take medical , they will tell you , you will be fine or not if you take medical. In all cases for work visa you have to take medical from GAMCA which is valid for 90 days only. I hope inshallah khair..

  134. miz permalink

    hello, .i was recently had my medical examination from a clinic here in the Philippines that is accredited by GAMCA but then the result was unfit to work, .it was because i have a disease called Psoriasis(non transferable), .after that incident i researched about the GAMCA list of diseases and found out that PSORIASIS is not included. I am a nurse and so eager to work in KSA so that i can provide the needs of my own family. Kindly suggest me please on what to do. your reply is much appreciated. thank you and more power!

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Sorry to hear about that.. Psoriasis is not contagious, i know that. but problem is in KSA they may clear your medical, but in philpine they will not. beacuse they are scared and they dont want to take any chance.. GAMCA does’t have clear guidelines for medical exam, which is effecting many people life.

  135. Mim permalink

    Hi Guys,

    please support yourself ! Take just 10 min from your time and send letters to these org . They are made you,to raise your voice . Do not be shy or scared , there is no reason to keep silence .This is your life!

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      We are on truth , we are not shy… We all need to do effort, raise this issue , where ever we can..

  136. Ravi permalink

    In my childhood, I had to undergo surgery on my left testicle and got it removed. Shall I be worried about naked physical examination or would that be acceptable for GAMCA clinic? What is advisable in this case

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Dear Ravi,

      There should not be any issue with your case, but its important you talk to someone privately at GAMCA center. if they say ok.. then you go for medical in same or other gamca medical center. Try small medical center not big.

  137. Mark permalink

    To everyone please read;

    For full article please see here:

    Dr Cesari feels that at the grassroots level, a lot has to be done to enable vulnerable populations to access proper TB treatment. He cites the example of “Singapore, which I thought was an ideal place to live in. But then I saw the sorry state of its discriminatory laws in public health. It heavily discriminates against migrants (who are legally staying in the country) as far as TB is concerned. As soon as they are diagnosed with TB, which they contracted in Singapore, they are immediately deported to their home country. This is not only sad from human rights point of view; it is catastrophic from a public health perspective too. These people obviously are afraid to go the healthcare centres for fear of reprisal. So they knowingly do not access treatment spreading the disease in their community. All this could be prevented only if they had a fearless access to standard treatment and care. Deportment does not solve the problem.

    In fact it increases it manifold. They end up infecting many more people before succumbing to the disease themselves. There is no way we can stop a disease by deporting patients.”

  138. Mark permalink

    To everyone please see read:

    For full article please see here

    Closing her address, Dr Ditiu said that it was up to everyone working on TB to take an active role in transforming the fight against TB and to work in partnership. “We need to work together and only by understanding what each of us can bring to the equation, treating each other with respect, understanding and transparency, will we advance anything,” she said. “I think it’s in each of us to be agents of change, to change the way in which you look and interact with people, to be able to challenge, criticize and to be bold. If we really believe we can defeat TB.”

  139. Wang permalink

    Ya! Abdulrahmanasim. Just wanna share… Before I read this articles and comments I already had my medical examinations in GAMCA Accredited Clinic. And I am sad that its UNFIT. Thanks anyway for this very fruitful information. SO I guest I just have to look for another local job here in my country. I am from philippines anyways…. thanks for this hope Allah will cause someone who is responsible for GAMCA to amend it. Insha Allah.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Dear brother, dont lose hope or anything , these countries or not end of world. Those are not working , they are also living life happily, its unfortunate they have some iirational guidelines, that does’t mean we stop raising this issue. We should do our best to raise it to the appropriate level.

  140. ejaz permalink

    i appeared in medical center 3 year before and i was fit. Now i am processing new visa .
    Please tell me is it compulsary to appear in same center?
    Due to this compulsion i appeared in same center and my result was pending due to my increased SGPT level then i decided to change medical center in other city.
    Will it create problem for me? Gamca number appears in embassy for both center or only that center where my report is Online with E-Number.
    Please reply.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      You can take medical on other gamca center but they will have your previous medical record. They can access when and where you took medical and what was the result. SGPT level can go down by taking medication before exam, can you talk to your local family doctor ( gastroenterologist ) , tell him the sitution. Changing center may not help, just try the medicine and same center will clear your medical. Sometimes these medical centers they dont clear medical result first time, you will take medical second time then they will clear medical. Just to make more money….

      • ejaz permalink

        Thanks for your reply sir.
        But still my questions are pending.
        Gamca number of both center will appear in embassy or only for that from where i got FIT medical report and its already online with E-Number.

      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        you dont have to appear in same center. You can take medical anywhere, as far it is gamca approved center. Definitely they will ask you why you are taking medical in this city, specially if your passport is of city A and you are taking medical in City B.
        Secondly about the gamca number, it does’t matter you have ten numbers, whenever you go for medical all gamca centers check your history record by your ID and Passport ( your first name , last name , father name ). All gamca centers have access to each other medical exam reports..
        About your case, you said result is pending. It seems they did not update your medical report record in system yet, but center is responsible to give you fit or unfit report. If result is pending and you are trying from other center, i think its not good idea. Try same center, SGPT can go down by taking some medicine.
        I hope I answered your questions

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      You can take medical on other gamca center but they will have your previous medical record. They can access when and where you took medical and what was the result. SGPT level can go down by taking medication before exam, can you talk to your local family doctor ( gastroenterologist ) , tell him the situation. Changing center may not help, just try the medicine and same center will clear your medical. Sometimes these medical centers they dont clear medical result first time, you will take medical second time then they will clear medical. Just to make more money….

  141. sani permalink


    I went through AVR, basically open heart surgery; change my aortic valve replacement of my heart, it was malfunctioning by birth;

    can you please guide, I wanted to go GCC, Computer science graduate with several years of working experience;

    hope to listen from you soon

    thanks and regards


    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      W Salam,
      You should not have any problem, dont mention if you had any surgey in past or anything. Secondly go to small medical centers, and talk to someone privately at medical exam center, without giving any ID or anything. You can take private medical in same gamca medical center.. but tell them its private not for visa… if report comes ok, then get GAMCA number and go visa medical. I hope inshallah it will be fine..

  142. Joel permalink

    They must consider the other applicant, if the scar have a small percentage they must consider it.. the doctors from GAMCA they don’t know the feelings

  143. maheshwaar permalink

    I have done a medical then it shows a unfit xray report. now is it possible that same medical centre can take it back.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Did they give you unfit report, or just told you. If they gave you unfit report, then they will not clear your medical again neither any other center.Its very very hard now..

  144. maheshwaar permalink

    They Said that We have kept it pending and if you want the report we are bound to give but then we have ti make it online. But if you want to go other centers you can go after one month.

    thanks and eagerly waiting for your kind reply

  145. maheshwaar permalink

    I will fit over here but at their how can i tackle the medical
    would you pls guide i am very greatful to you.

  146. naveed permalink

    sir my brother go for the test his one eye is not ok. open but cannt seen and the person in reception said u are unfit. and sent him back now what we do either we can do medical test from other medical centre. or not. or again goto gamca centre in islambad pakistan. to talk them again

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      can you get a letter from kafeel or visa sponsor that its ok, for the job, even you have this medical condition. tell them to send this letter to consulate directly and copy to you.

      ” Its medical waiver letter, that the employer is aware of the worker condition, his health condition will not effect in performing day to day duties. we request consulate to stamp the person “ABC ” visa. ”

      It just a try , i hope it work. Inshallah, Bi iznillah

  147. maheshwaar permalink

    Secondly i would like to ask you, that if i told to the sponser over there about the scar on the chest because of which here i am unfit, so to send a email letter from there to here saying that allow our candidate to be fit with same circumstances.

    is it possible ?

    pls waiting for the reply urgently

    thanks regards

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      dont tell anything to sponsor yet.. tell me the country where you are going..

      • maheshwaar permalink

        i am going to dammam KSA.
        Is it ok to tell sponcer over there what are the other alternative i can find.

        pls help

  148. Shaheen Arif permalink

    AOA Dear Sir/madam

    I hope to find you well. I went through the medical exam for Oman, but i hv been said that i hv got some scar n my lungs, though at present i am fir not not suffering any disease. mu husband in oman & if i fail to join him with 3 years old son then he will quit from his job n would come back. If a person is UNFIT once from GAMCA can he reappear after some times as per GAMCA rules or never again. secondly is there any medicine or guideline to remove the scar from lungs as soon as possible.

    With regards

    Your Sister

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      W Salam Sister. I am really sorry to hear about that. You can take medical again but your previous history will always come up to the GAMCA center where you will take medical. Did they gave you unfit report.. I am sending you an email at your address, please tell me the center where you took medical.
      Is there way you and kid go on visit for three or six months, then come back, then after couple of months go back. Don’t worry much Inshallah Khair..

  149. mazahar permalink


    In my X-ray image is old calcification found in mid left lower zone. so i want to know that i am fit or unfit for going gulf country. please reply me

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Dear Bro. GAMCA guidelines are very strict, please tell me the country where you are going and did you talk to someone at GAMCA about that. Visit any small center, have private medical , tell them test what you test for visa medical but i need private report. Go after hours, dont give passport or any id.

  150. Indrajeet Nalawade permalink

    I have a query, i have passed the medical over here with the help of doctor over here, but there is a scar on my chest so how should i tackle over there at ksa.

    pls guide me so that i will be fit over there also.

    thanks and regards

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I sent you an email , i hope it will help.

      • Vinod permalink

        Dear Abdul raheman Sahab,
        Namaskar and thanks for suport to all of us who is suffer from medical unfit.

        I took the references from the internet searches. I want take a advice, actually I got an opportunity from abroad. After medical test, I am medically unfited in chest X- Ray (“Fibrotic scarring apex”)
        Blood test parameter is normal. When I took another X-ray from other place report is showing….
        1- Apical pleural thickening seen bilaterally.
        2- Increased bronchovascular markings are noted bilaterally.

        I am living in New Delhi, It is possible for take treatment ? Please advice for treatment and place.

        I will thanks full to you.



      • warna123 permalink

        Dear,I have same story,got passed in second opinion ,please guide me

      • I did’t get it, please explain

      • rahukl permalink

        Salamuwaleykum AbdulRahmanasim Sir,
        Sir i am diabetic and i have scar in my chest can u please mail me

  151. maheshwaar permalink

    I am going to dammam KSA.

  152. maheshwaar permalink

    I am going to dammam KSA.

  153. Muhammad Naeem permalink

    Respected Sir,

    I am going to KSA but before being GAMCA medical test, i want to test myself privately. can you guide me and tell me that which kind of test i have to be done to satisfy myself. only for my satisfaction. Please reply as soon as possible.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Go to visa medical center after hours , asked them that you want to have medical privately not official for visa. They will take fee and go through same tests, will give you private report. you dont need to give passport or any visa detail.

      • Muhammad Naeem permalink

        thanks sir for your guidance, i go to the lab, but they take my CNIC , without it they were agreed to test me. but they told that this report will not be online on AMCA. is there any issue by giving my CNIC to them?

  154. Butchibabu permalink

    Respected sir, I passed in Medical with help of doctor due to Scoliosis(Spinal card have curve 40%) near left solder. I am going to kuwait to do job as Power station control room operator. When I go after should have to attend medical. What I have to do.Whome I have to meet in advance. Please give me your valuable information. Thanks.

  155. Muhammad Naeem permalink

    On my Ex Ray of chest lab physican write NAD, what is meaning of it??? kindly confirm me. thanks

    • Vinod permalink

      Hello Naeem

      Chest X-Ray- No Active Disease (NAD)

      • Muhammad Naeem permalink

        thanks Vinod, It means my chest ex ray is clear and there are no symptoms of TB. Am i right?

  156. Vinod permalink

    Dear Abdul raheman Sahab,
    Namaskar and thanks for suport to all of us who is suffer from medical unfit.

    I took the references from the internet searches. I want take a advice, actually I got an opportunity from abroad. After medical test, I am medically unfited in chest X- Ray (“Fibrotic scarring apex”)
    Blood test parameter is normal. When I took another X-ray from other place report is showing….
    1- Apical pleural thickening seen bilaterally.
    2- Increased bronchovascular markings are noted bilaterally.

    I am living in New Delhi, It is possible for take treatment ? Please advice for treatment and place.

    I will thanks full to you.



    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Thanks for the comments vinod. About your symptoms of 1- Apical pleural thickening seen bilaterally. 2- Increased bronchovascular markings are noted bilaterally.
      It seems you have either old old scar or an active pulmonary infection / disease. I will suggest you check with a pulmonologist. he can guide you best. Can you please tell me your height and weight. thanks..

      • Vinod permalink

        I am 73 Kg and 172 Cm hights


  157. mark permalink


    i was force to leave dubai because of an old scar during my fitness test. is there anything that i can do to go back in dubai and pass the test?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      How long have you been to dubai and did u went to any other center.. it will be very hard if they deported you.

      • mark permalink


        I stayed in duai for 2 months trying to clear my unfit status due to Old PTB car but no luck, i even showed them my previous Work Visa from Saudi, Abu Dhabi, Qatar which has the same guidelines, in these country they put me fit!. now im in saudi with a bussiness visa, but my boss wants to convert it into working visa. could you please advice me how to proceeed. if they convert my visa into working visa, do i need to go home for it? because if i go home, it would be very difficult because of the Gamca rule., and also can i go back to UAE? i cant get my family because i dont have the proper visa yet!

  158. Butchibabu permalink

    Respected sir, I passed in Medical with help of doctor due to Scoliosis(Spinal card have curve 40%) near left solder. I am going to Gulf to do job as Power station control room operator. When I go after should have to attend medical. What I have to do.Whome I have to meet in advance. Please give me your valuable information. Thanks.

  159. Vinod permalink


    MR. ABDUL RAHEMAN SAHAB: As you know, many people had suffring from this type of problem and know when the medical x-ray, why not, help to them through this fouram.

    who is any one suffring and unfit due to above infection. Now the fit and working in GGC.

    I am also one of the same. Right now i am taking medicine of rectifie the above problem.

    Pls advice any one…….

    New Delhi
    +91- 9810512195

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Dear Vinod,

      Problem is in our countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippine where We have GAMCA centers.they have guidelines made by GCC health ministers that if someone have minimum scar/ NAD/ old fibrosis or old scar he/she is unfit. Whereas if you take medical in some of GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, kuwait in some cases qatar UAE.. doctors in GCC medical center they understand its old scar nothing active disease, so they clear medical. Whereas in our countries GAMCA centers they are scared if they clear medical and give fit report and the person got unfit report when he went to that country their center will shut down. So they don’t want to take chance.

      What people do they check it privately and try clear medical by paying extra, and then they go overseas.. There definately need to change these guidelines, if someone is healthy he/she does’t have any disease . should not be declared unfit.

  160. Mark permalink

    To all followers here, please you need to change your attitude. The only way to really solve this problem is to get to the source of the problem. Instead of searching for some magic medicines or divine intervention or illegal ways (only criminal do this) why not do something first to demand and assert your rights as a human being. I’m telling you, 10 years from now and we will still be talking about this same old shitty policy if we don’t act.

    There is an upcoming GCC Conference on Infection Control in Oman Dec 5, 2011. As I posted before, WHO’s new 6 point strategy plan to end TB gives great importance to the human rights aspects, and as this existing GCC policy is inhuman surely Tuberculosis deportation will surely be one of the topics.

    International experts such as WHO, CDC, and of course GCC MoHs will be here. You can send your complaints against this mindless policy to the invited guest speakers, especially the ones from WHO and CDC. You need to believe that these people would like do things the right way.

  161. mark permalink


    I was in dubai for 2 months trying to fix my unfit medical certificate, i tried to talk to people than can help me but no luck because the report is already pass electronically. I even showed them my previous work visa in Qatar, Abu Dhabi and In Saudi, but still no luck. can i go back there to have a re-medical?

    now im in Saudi Arabia on visit/business visa. my boss wants my visa to be converted into working visa. could you please advise me how to proceed. do i need to go back to Philippines or they can change my visa here without going back to my country. it would be a problem if i go back since there is Gamca there!

    please help!

  162. mark permalink

    Please send all your comments regarding GCC Health Guidelines for work permit here. lets make a change and together I hope we can get their attention:


    For Abstract Submission and any other queries:

    Contact Person: Ms. Zaveela Shakeel

    ICITD Oman 2011

    Directorate General of Health Affairs

    Ministry of Health, PO Box 393

    Muscat 113, Sultanate of Oman

    Tel: + (968) 24 601489

    Fax: + (968) 24 696099


  163. Mark permalink

    Before you send your complaints please visit these links first: Read and try to understand that we are not alone anymore in our struggles to end this insanity.

    A gentleman from WHO said this to me:

    “Our role is to protect the health of peoples in the world. I do hope that the authorities make their decisions thinking about the health of people. This is the only aim we should all have.”

    I hope this inspires you as it did to me.

  164. aftab ahmad permalink

    assalm o alycum
    brother i m much woory about my situation.i m from lahore pakistan.bin dawood group ksa offer me a good job through my agency in lahore.i was selected.the issue is about my medical..i gave medical in lahore.and they did not declare me unfit but keep me on waiting only in HCV..later on they told , we can not take ur medical.we will remove ur data n go to other gamca center for medical..i went other gamca center.where also same problem..then i decide to take private medical in top hospital like SHAUKAT KHANAM CANCER HOSPITAL LAHORE and AGHA KHAN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL .they declare me fit.and non reactive hcv value 0.08 out of 1.0 ….plz guide me what should i do? my visa date is going to end…i m much worry about it..i dont know what they want?????? i m much depress

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      SalamA, Did you had ksa visa medical at Shukat Khanam or just private ?

      • aftab ahmad permalink

        i had a private test before going GAMCA .and i m blood Donner also.and donate blood just before medical with all big hospital and labs in Pakistan i am fit and have no any problem with medical.but when i went for medical with GAMCA 1st center ( i have 4 center in lahore) they said u have HVC and then i went to other thay said aftar private medical u have 74 SGPT..and when i went to out station GAMCA center they said u have neck problem……what is this all????? are they making fun with people ???

      • aftab ahmad permalink

        brother i had a private test at Shaukat khanam not for visa..just check it out that i m fit in every medical exam..just like x.ray ,complete blood test, urine test etc

  165. anjths permalink

    i had Tb one year before , and completed 6 month treatment and doctor said to me you are completely recover from Tb, now i got i visa to going soudi. Have every TB patient scar on lungs ?/

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      take prviate x-ray and check with radiologist to see how big the scars are.. i am sure there will but scars depends on treatment and infection.

      • anjths permalink

        if i have scars . And get positive result from here, will have checking there? and effect to stay there ?

  166. ranjeeta m permalink

    Could you pls suggest if Granuloma lesion in chest x-ray can cause any problem in Dubai visa clearance. Need your help urgently. Pls revert ASAP. thanks

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am not 100% sure about that, best way will be you ask someone in dubai and he/she check with medical center there, where they take medical when a new workers comes to the country.

  167. lany permalink

    Good day ! Sir I had my medical exam recently at a gcc clinic here in the Philippines, the result was pending and when I asked them, its because I have these thyroid nodule on the right lobe evident on my thyroid ultrasound she told me that I am unfit per gcc guidelines even if it is a nodule only.The doctor even showed me the list of diseases that is unfit and this thyroid nodule is included. She even told me that even if I will have clearance from an endorinologist I’m still unfit per gcc.I told her that 2 years ago i applied in KSA and same problem I have but they gave me a clearance and was able to work in the kingdom for 2 years. Now I applied in Qatar and hopefully I will be able to work there.I waited for so long to have my visa and now its here and only to found out that I will be unfitl. I beg to the doctor and ask her if there’s anything we can do about it, she consulted the medical director and they decided to call the agency and discuss to them that I will be referred to an endocrinologist and once cleared they will ask a waiver and the agency agreed on it. In the end I was given a clearance by the doctor and my medical report was forwarded to the agency together with a note to ask from the employer if they will allow me to work in their company.I ff.up from the agency and they told me to wait till next week as they still don’t have feedback from the employer. Is it really this thyroid problem grounds to be unfit to work, but how come i reviewed the list of the diseases, I did’nt find this endocrine problems?Hope you can give me some advice on what should I do. Thank you in advance,Sir.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Its very lengthy process if you go with waiver thing. Most of the employer give up due to that. Porblem is local medical centers in your country they are scared if they clear you and you got unfit from the visa country , they will be shutt down. so they dont like to take chance, they declare unfit even for minimal abnormality. whereas in the visa country such as KSA , they dont have such worries, so they just make sure you dont have serious condition.
      I am guessing they just told you will be unfit , they did declare you unfit. I will suggest you go KSA, beacuse even if philipine center declare fit you for qatar and but you will get unfit from qatar medical. so they will be in problem. you worked in ksa , you had no issue i will suggest go back there.

      • Mohd. Moid Khan permalink

        Please help me,
        I am from Mumbai. I am selected by Kuwait company. I did medical from GAMCA appeoved clinic. They told me that I am unfit. When I asked them for medical report they are not providing. They have given me in written on letter head that I have a fibrosis. Is there any way to obtain fit certificate..

  168. MAHESH permalink

    Dear sir,

    i have a TB before 10 yeras back & small scars on my lungs, i gone to saudi arabia 2008 & and i got fit report at that time,but now i came from theer on exit visa & get oppurtunity for other company,everything is final by company & i want to go there,so please reply me if i am going to mediacal they will give me FIT report depend on previous history of my reports.& also advise me if they do medical & because of scar problem if they unfit me ,than wht i have to do? please advise me its very urgent…pls reply me sir.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      best option was you should have transfer your iqama locally. anyhow you got fit report from where in KSA or in India.. ?
      if it was India try same center, and talk to them privately, so you dont want get GAMCA unfit report. Try carefully, In KSA you will not have problem.

  169. Sabeena permalink

    I am a consultant who had been working in Oman and Bahrain for almost 7 years.Recently joined a company in Abu Dhabi and in medical there they gave me unfit certificate due to some childhood scar on my lung.I have studied abroad and the scar was always there and reputable doctors from all over the world have given me reports that it’s a scar from childhood bronchitis nothing to worry about.I am an athlete,do gym for 2 hours everyday play squash regularly and in a very fit state.But this unfit certificate has brought my morale so down.It’s not a scar on my lung anymore it’s a scar on my self-confidence now..Please guide me if I can do anything about it.
    Waiting for your reply.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am sorry to hear about that but no need to get depress or anything, have faith on Allah swt.
      GCC GAMCA guidelines are irrational , they don’t care a person is healthy or not. About your case, its very difficult now, because its in GAMCA database record which all GCC countries share and their embassies. If they gave you unfit report, that means its already reported. I made this blog so people can avoid in getting unfit report specially in cases like your. Best way is to have privately medical from those centers, before visa medical , so in case any abnormality shows up, we have chance to do something. Getting unfit report straight, makes things near to impossible. Can your sponsor talk to the consulate people? Can you go on visit and have medical there in Abu Dhabi and shows to employer that you are ok.. if they can do something with consulate, any waiver letter like that “we are aware of the person ABC health condition he/she is physically fit for this position” there are bleak chances but worth to try ..

  170. ASLAM permalink

    Salam to all

    i m very glade to visit this forum. it is really a big help to those people who are unaware about GAMCA Medical system. just now i m going to take my medical report from the center.Plz pray for me for my fit report.

    ABDULREHMAN ASIM you are really Great

    ALLAH give you best reward

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      InshAllah Khair.. Pleased to know that, this little effort was helpful in anyway.. JazakAllah Khair..

  171. marjorie yap permalink

    I had my medical exam in this GAMCA accredited clinic called Patients Diagnostic Center along UN Avenue just this afternoon Dec 15, 2011 and i am really angry with the way they do their pregnancy test for the women. Their stupid staff ask me to pee in front of her. It was only the 2 of us in this really dirty room and she told me its their rule to watch all the female applicants to pee.i ask her if she could at least turn her back so i could pee and she keep insisting she need to watch. I have done several medical exam bound for overseas at St. Patrick at Shaw Blvd and i wasnt subjected to this humiliating experience. I am not a dog to be treated this way. I just wonder where this stupid clinic get this kind of rule that you have to watch the paying applicant when they pee.I never meet brainless medical professional until i went to this stupid clinic.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Sister I am really sorry to hear about your GACMA medical exam. Its not new to me, i have heard much worst treatment by GAMCA staff. They just exploit innocent people, most of us not aware of the medical exam details, what is required and what is not, most of the candidates trying hard to go abroad , for their families better life. GAMCA and other exploits this situation . Till date there are no clear medical exams detail released by GCC GAMCA, why ? because so they can declare anyone unfit on any abnormality.

      • Mark permalink

        Exactly, I’ve been searching for this official GAMCA guidelines and did not find any. When you visit one of their clinics, you will see no information or posters defining what they consider as UNFIT. Even if you declare in your medical history that you have a scar because of TB history they will still let you take the whole check-up process but of course, ultimately you will be declared UNFIT. So in the end, they take your money and leave you stupid.

        I always say that arguing to these GAMCA people is useless. They will never respect individual rights, how can they? They can’t even respect themselves or their professions, and these are DOCTORS???!! The best way is to go directly to their masters.

  172. mike permalink

    Hi everyone,

    All of us have the same problems with gamca accredited clinics…Like me I was diganosed of a fibrosis in my Left upper Lungs in one of the clinic here in the Philippines (American Outpatient Clinic) in Intramurous…one of their Doctors Dra Olivia Tagarro is insisting that I have a fibrosis in my lungs (I took 3 xrays in this clinic)…but the other Doctor or Radiologist Dra Almazan had diagnosed me as Negative or Clear Lungs as she have seen those 3 xray films…so they declared me Fit to work. They told my agency that I am already Fit to work and I paid for the processing fee and my visa is already approveed…but after 5days the clinic again informed me that I was unfit and I need to take again another xray and medication. So I was really angry at them. I had an xray in Makati Med one of the best Hospitals in the Philippines and the reading was clear but still Dra Olivia Tagarro diagnosed me that I had a fibrosis. Now my opportunity in working in Riyadh is in jeopardy…What should I do? Is there anyone in the Philippines should I ask for help?

    Beware of this clinic they are inconsistent….Beware of Dra Olivia Tagarro she kills our dreams and opportunity in life. If the Gamca clinics have the same criteria in reading xrayswhy would Dr Almazan cleared me in my xray….Only this one doctor (Dra. Olivia Tagarro) is keeping me frustrated..she only thinks of herself and her career……I am so frustrated with the way she diagnosed my xray.

    • I hve the same prblm & same clinic & same radiologist! I dont evn push though to my medical bcoz of the xray findings, lungs specialist dont evn see scar in my xray film i did it 2 times in different private hospital but i told the what to check for SCAR non of my 2 xray film even have the SCAR FIBROSIS! But nothing happen, the visa expired Dec 14 but they still foward the result Dec 20 bcoz i hve a friend check my status in kuwait immigration,i didnt push through of my medical. SIR, can we still get a new referral if we get hired to another GCC country? Or if we could find a good employer to give us waiver? Is this ban have a duration? Thanks.

      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        I am not clear about your question. Did they unfit you at GAMCA center?

      • Yes, they give me unfit & they transmit my result DEC 20, 2011 even my visa expired DEC 14, 2011, i ask my friend to check my status in jawasat kuwait & they informed him DEC 20, 2011 i hve ban or blacklisted by the ministry of forien affair, another company is willing to give me a commercial visit visa but the application is rejected for the same reason, my question, i cant get any visa? Evn visit visa bcoz my brother is working, its like a criminal or a prostitute or a carrier of AIDS to be blacklisted! Bcoz of xray finding according to AMERICAN OUTPATIENT CLINIC the RADILOGIST TAGARRO fortunately have a microscopic vision & can see a scar evn i took a 2 xray from a private clinic & never got a fibrosis in my xray but this TAGARRO. My question is i read all the post & some of them got a second referal clinic even after they got unfit b4 is this possible to get another gamca clinic if we got new offer in other gamca clinic? Is the ban have a duration when to expired? As we are ban due to medical & not a criminal case & i really hope u could have facebook & twitter so your advocacy will be heared. Thanks & hope we could get justice bcoz this is been long time.

      • dolores tanedo permalink

        i have the same problem about this xray result na may scar ako sa left lung ko unang abroad ko plang lumabas n ito s xray ko im bound to taiwan b4 pero hnd ito naging problem sa akin nun dhil hningan lng ako ng agency ng medical certification ng isang lung especilaist that was year 2002 ,luckily nkaalis ako…after 6 yrs in taiwan nagtry ako ng cyprus,it happened again sa xray ko…na ineexpect ko na un tlga dhil naiexplain na sa akin yun nung lung especialist na dna yun mbubura kya nga scar nlng…i never smoked i know im healthy mswerte n nga yung magkalagnat ako sa loob ng isang taon…ang alam ko lng wheh i was a teenager nagkaubo ako ng sobra…pero nkaalis uli ako dhil uli un sa certification ng lung specialist na pangpatsek up an ko…im phisically fit,that was an old scar…when i landed cyprus knkbahan ako dhil imemedical ako dun syempre pero gya sa taiwan wla lng…nakapag work ako dun 5 yrs. after my employer died,may kmuha sa akin uli bgo ako umuwi may employer na ako kausap na kukuha sa akin i just need na magayos uli ng papel ko pbalik…sad to say gya ng inexpect ko sa mdical ko lmbas uli ansg scar ko…this time nkailang xray ang gnawa nila dhil unfit dw ako khit pinakita ko na pang 3 abrod kona yun at babalik lng uli ako sa dting bansang pnangalingan ko…they did not listen to me…this time pinag sputum test pa nila ako lhat ng test clear ako negative pti dun sa certification nung lung specialist na pinagreferan nila sa akin…ang masakit ifinax nila sa agency ko khit di pa tapos ung mga test ko nun na may tb dw ako…the reason why nagback out yung employer ko dun n sayang n sayang kasi willing sila na sagutin lhat gastos ko pbalik dun…sobrang stress ant depression nranasan ko till now d pa din ako mka move on dhil i really really need that job…gusto ko magtry sa iba bansa like dubai, or bahrain pro dhil i know mas grabe sila pgdating sa medical tyak ganito din ksasapitan ko…nawasak ang dreams ko mkapagtrabaho uli..

  173. mike permalink

    Avoid this kind of clinics (American Outpatient Hospital) and this Doctor/ Radilogist Dra Olivia Z. Tagarro.

    • I have the same prblm & same clinic now my visa expired dec 14 and i didnt follow up my medical bcoz i want to just expired it & hoping they will just hang my document but a friend of mine just check my status in the jawasat in kuwait but i was ban by the ministry of Foriegn Affair dec 20 they the GAMCA CLINIC didnt just label it unfinished. Did u ask if we could still get new refferal clinic if evr we could get new job in other GCC country knowing that some sponsor can give waiver to this issue? Thanks i hope we coulg get justice.

      • Mark permalink

        To mc2656:

        I know how you feel but you should understand this first.

        The attention from the media, authorities (WHO, GCC, UN, etc), medical experts you want WILL NEVER COME to you just because you demand it here. You should assert for your rights by forcing yourself to them.This is what Abdulrahman and some of us here are doing.

        WHO doesn’t have the authority to change a nation’s policy. This is the simple truth. But nonetheless, by continuously sending “letters of appeals”, we manage to bring this problem to their doorsteps and ask for them to take a closer look at this issue and ultimately we got their support and assistance. And now, believe me..WHO is pressuring GCC re: this issue.

        This is what I meant by forcing yourself to these authorities. Each of us here has the power to change this brutal policy.

        Our own government is useless, worst they are cowards and incompetents. So it’s really only individuals like you and me who can make a difference in this fight. Put your frustrations into good use. Read, research, and most importantly ASSERT FOR YOUR RIGHTS RELENTLESSLY!

        Lastly, why are you having difficulties signing at


    • rash permalink

      Hi mike.

      I think we have the same problem. Same doctor and clinic.I just wanna clarify. Did they still give you unfit status? Is your xray ok now?

      • I didnt go personally only by phone calls, they told me i hve findings in my xray scar thats y i make an arguement to that if i hve a scar it will appear to all my xray & all the radiologist will give me a scar finding in my xray result! The prblm in thier guildelines is THEY WILL CONSIDERED IT A SCAR WITHOUT ANY OTHER THOUGH FINDINGS! The stupid thing is my visa expired DEC 14 but they send my result to gamca at DEC 20 accding to my status BAN in kuwait! Its like i was deported or like a criminal !!! Some deportee can still go back after 5 year but bcoz of our xray findings it can be forever Y? Do we have AIDS? The WHO or this forum should also campaign that if the GCC believed that our case SCAR is INFECTIOUS DESEASE THEN THEY SHOULD PETITION IT TO THE WHO TO DECLARE it as contagious! No one can or country can declare a desease contagious if no proof of evidence & study and & it should be recognice by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION! So the GCC COUNTRY ALSO SHOULD PETITION TO ALL MEDICAL PROFESSION BCOZ IF NOT THE GCC MINISTER ARE MISLEADING THE WHOLE WORLD & all medical profession on WHAT IS CONTAGIOUS & WHAT IS NOT… & also the all medical profession should petition for a arguement to the GCC minister of why & how the GCC believed scar is a contagious, yes all country have to set the guildeline but it should also follow the guildeline of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION LIST OF CONTAGIOUS & INFECTIOUS!!! If they want to protect thier citizen then how they will protect expat from their citizen WHO HAVE INFECTED BY GCC CITIZEN !!! By deportation! By misleading people about infectious! By setting a guidelines which is discriminating! Thanks to mr. Abdulramanasim but forum should not just our medium, we need media exposure & the its giving me hard time to join the petition. We should get all the support of all medical profession & sign a petition that what the GCC GAMCA guildlines is against to their medical profession of what is infectious & contagious & the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION should demand and review of this GUIDELINES bcoz this is a BIG DISRESPECT to the world health organization that the GCC minister could set a list of INFECTIOUS & CONTAGIOUS like SCAR.

      • mike permalink

        To rash

        The Lung center declared me as unfit because of the findings of that stupid Radiologist Dr Olivia Tagarro…she could have pass my medical because their senior Radilogist Dr. Almazan did not find out anything wrong with my xray…This American Outpatient Clinic should be banned for their wrong or inaccurate reading.

        Did they also declared you fit? and after a week delared you unfit?

  174. Irfan permalink

    Asallam O Allaykum brother,

    My wife has old PTB? Now she is completely cured, Al-hamdulillah. I do not want her to take the Xray. As per my findings they will declare her as UNFIT. Is there a way to avoid the Xray procedure?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      W Salam, Are you taking medical in Pak and whats the host country saudia?

  175. Mohd permalink

    Asallam-U-Allaikum brother Abdur-Rahman,

    You have started a wonderful movement here. May Allah grant you success in your efforts. Recently, I have been offered a very good job from State of Qatar. The job offer is really good, Al-hamdulillah. However, there is a Medical issue which I would like to discuss. The issue is related to old PTB scar. If you can drop me an e-mail at the below e-mail address, we can discuss it further.

    Jazaak-Allahu-Khairan-Kaseera for your time and effort.

    I hope to hear very soon from you, Insha-Allah.


    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      W Salam,

      I emailed you already, please let me know.

      Thanks for the kind word.

      Mashkoor, Jazak Allah Khair..

  176. pety permalink

    Dear sir,
    I’ve been living in dubai for 3 years, i’m only a house wife with children. Because of our careless, we forgot to renew our residence visa. Then we do medical fitnest again, such as X-ray and blood test.My husband’s medical clear and he got already his residence visa, but my visa failed because they found scar in my lung and positif tb +1. Then i got treatment in the recovery center for 2 weeks, taking medicine everyday. After 2 weeks, they check my sputum negativ, and they release me to deportation.Sir…i felt my world falling apart…i cry everyday, i always begging to the chief doctors there to make a consideration for me, because i lived in dubai, i got this deases, why they kick me out?? and also i’m not working. They also did medical check to my husband and children, they are healthy, clear. My questions are:
    1). Can we still process our children resedence visa?
    2). Do they ban me in life because of this, or can i try or comeback after six months treatment?
    3). if they ban me, can i remove the ban with new medical fitnes in GAMCA then stamps by UAE embassy in my country n try again for visa even a visit visa?
    4). if UAE ban me for enter that country, it means GCC will ban me also, even for visit visa?
    5). If i cleared from tb, but scar still there, is there any chance for me even just little , any consideration for me to join to reunite with my husband in dubai again?

    please sir, i’m waiting your answers, i need it, i’m very desperate.Goverment PRO, even PRO of my husband company not give me satisfy answers..
    Many thanks to you which have this blog, very helpful for me, may Allah bless you always.
    .Amin YRA

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Dear Sister, First you should not take much stress, i understand its hard situation for you and your family. Stay strong and stay well.
      I am answering your question to the best of my knowledge, because till date i haven’t able to get original medical exam guidelines and procedure detail. All i know is from different cases, gamca centers and health ministries.

      1). Can we still process our children residence visa?

      If your husband visa and residence is ok. I am sure kids can stay, as your husband is the primary sponsor, but how kids can live without mother, specially if they are very young.

      2). Do they ban me in life because of this, or can i try or comeback after six months treatment?

      I am afraid, they will have permanent record for you, specially when they deport. But there is nothing wrong in applying again.

      3). if they ban me, can i remove the ban with new medical fitnes in GAMCA then stamps by UAE embassy in my country n try again for visa even a visit visa?

      this scar cases are critical , because scare does’t go away even after 6 or 9 months treatment. You cannot remove the ban. Whereas you should not have problem in getting visit visa, again the deport thing can make trouble at the airport. There is no harm in applying .

      4). if UAE ban me for enter that country, it means GCC will ban me also, even for visit visa?

      As i said visit visa should be ok for you. There is no medical requirement for that for whole GCC. I dont think they you are banned from entering any GCC country.

      5). If i cleared from tb, but scar still there, is there any chance for me even just little , any consideration for me to join to reunite with my husband in dubai again?

      chance is there, but nobody will take for you. For instance after your treatment scar will remain their. even if some center gives FIT report, but because of deportation, airport and then medical center in dubai will catch your case.

      I would suggest you.

      1. have others PTB tests also check with good pulmonary and chest specialist. take 6 or 9 months treatment with complete doctors guidance as they suggest you.
      2. then apply visit visa. come back , see if you get any issues due to deportation. which i hope inshallah all will be ok.
      3. Then check with medical center in dubai and your country show them your x-ray get their feedback, just ask can they clear medical with this x-ray, just make an appointment for x-ray with radiologist, no need of whole medical. check privately with medical center in gamca and medical center in dubai.

      Visit visa is good option, other solutions are whole mess until GCC change some guidelines, which we are trying.

      InshAllah Khair.. you have everything, nothing to worry about. Just go with treatment, apply visit. Sign the petition.

    • Mark permalink

      To Pety;

      I sympathize with you, this is just so sad. The enemy is TB, NOT THE PEOPLE!! And if you’re going to treat somebody why else deport her? Stupid, senseless, heartless, brutal, stubborn, old, ineffective policy.

  177. Mim permalink

    To Pety
    com in touch with me please

  178. pety permalink

    dear Mr. abdulrahman,
    thank you for your information sir, very helpful for us. I hope and praying they change the rules, unfair and cruel for us, especially to make seperate a family…HARAM..
    Many thanks

    Mark, thank you for your symphatize, yes they are heartless and brutal, i’m only praying now mark, because only Allah can change something impossible become posible to us.
    Hopefully we will all have a good news.

    • Mark permalink

      To Pety,

      It’s just sad the way they treat us. All of these fear & sufferings could have been easily unnecessary. First of all, they should have considered that you’re husband and children doesn’t have TB, YOU ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS even if you’re first sputum samples resulted in ptb+1.

      Second, if you converted your sputum samples to negative then that means in two weeks of treatment the TB bacteria is already dead in your lungs, the remaining months of treatment are just for maintenance reasons to make sure that it will not reactivate. Surely you can take the remaining medications in UAE, absolutely no need for you to be separated from your family.

      Lastly, you got infected in Dubai, this means that their policy is ineffective and like we always say poses more harm/danger than good.

      What I’m trying to say is that, in all of these, there is not a single fault that you did. And yet, you’re the one being deported for nothing. Absolutely senseless.

      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        agreed with Mark. I would say even if someone have disease, deport is not the solution, its inhuman.

  179. anwar permalink

    Assalamu alaikum abdulrahmaan sahab,

    I am Anwar and i would like to go privet medical boefore going to GAMCA as per your suggestion, but i wanna know that where i go for the privet medical, it’s should be having approved from gamca.? are any medical centers.?

  180. anwar permalink

    Assalamu alaikum abdulrahmaan sahab,

    I am Anwar and i would like to go privet medical boefore going to GAMCA as per your suggestion, but i wanna know that where i go for the privet medical, it’s should be having approved from gamca.? are any medical centers.?

    please reply me…

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      W Salam.
      I emailed. you , please reply.

      • mohammed shafi permalink

        Asslamayqum. Dr sab plz plz plz mere madad karo mi 10 saal phaila saudi ma kaam kar chuka hu 2000 ma muja tb huvi complet tretment k baad mera medicel unfix huva. Tab se mi gulf jana chod diya aur mera gove ma ek busness chalu keya aj k date ma mi bhaut loss ma hu aab muja oman ja na hai mera medical fix ho na ka koi aacan rasta dikho ek mazlum k duwa zarur lagagi aamin replay do dr sab.

      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        w salam.. ager tu medical unfit hai, tu bhai bohat mushkil hai dobara clear kerna. baqi itna fiqar ki zarorat nahi, Allah behter karey ga, Inshallah , poori koshish ker rahey hein jin logoun ko purani tb keay bass nishan hein unka medical clear ho jaeey. naamaz aur sabar keay sath Allah seay madit mango..Inshallah Khair

      • steve permalink

        Assalamu alaikum sir,

        i would like to go privet medical boefore going to GAMCA as per your suggestion, but i wanna know that where i go for the privet medical, it’s should be having approved from gamca.? are any medical centers.?

        please reply me…

      • Yes check with your sponsor to get waiver for this

  181. Noushad permalink

    Hello sir,

    Its been so difficult to go though various blogs with multiple cases of TB related job issues. Sir, I could not find a similar case of mine anywhere; hence I am writing to you.

    I was treated for Pott’s spine (Spinal TB) almost 8yrs back and it got cured completely. In connection to that, I developed an abcess on my lower abdomen (Psoas abcess) which was drained surgically; leaving a big horizontal scar on the lower abdomen. I got a job offer recently from a Saudi University. I did my chest X-ray and there was no evidence of TB scars and even my spinal X-ray does not show any sign of tuberculosis (as per the recommendations of a Radiologist).

    Now, If i go through the medical tests, will I be able to get a fitness certificate? My only fear is whether the wound scar on my lower abdomen will be caught during physical test or not?

    On top of that, I did try to go to Saudi in 2004 for another job and I was declared unfit during the medical as I was on ATT at that time. Now, is there any way to find out whether my fitness status would already be recorded in the data base or not?

    Please advice me.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      If it was UNFIT in 2004, record will be still there. I am afraid they will not clear you easily. you can give it a try, talk to someone at center after hours.

  182. imran khan permalink

    I want to check the result of a test in gamca record please tell me about the procedure

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      go to gamca after hours, they will not let you in. just try to get name of computer guy, he can help you. why you want to check record? to see if your previous record exist or not?

      • Romel Sabdani permalink

        Hi, Abdulrahmanasim

        I was declared “FIT TO WORK” by accredited GAMCA clinic here in the Philippines and they are aware that I had VITILIGO in both hands and few in face area. Bound to Jazan or Riyadh KSA as IT Helpdesk/Network Technician.

        I am aware that when I arrived and when residence permit get process, I need to get another medical examinations from local medical clinics in KSA.

        Do I need to worry about my vitiligo to get UNFIT? Thanks.

      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        You should be ok. Just go to small medical center, not big hostpital for iqama medical..

  183. Mark permalink

    To mc2656:

    I know how you feel but you should understand this first.

    The attention from the media, authorities (WHO, GCC, UN, etc), medical experts you want WILL NEVER COME to you just because you demand it here. You should assert for your rights by forcing yourself to them.This is what Abdulrahman and some of us are doing.

    WHO doesn’t have the authority to change a nation’s policy. This is the simple truth. But nonetheless, by continuously sending “letters of appeals”, we manage to bring this problem to their doorsteps and ask for them to take a closer look at this issue and ultimately we got their support and assistance. And now, believe me..WHO is pressuring GCC re: this issue.

    This is what I meant by forcing yourself to these authorities.

    Our own government is useless, worst they are cowards and incompetents. So it’s really only individuals like you and me who can make a difference in this fight. Put your frustrations into good use. Read, research, and most importantly ASSERT FOR YOUR RIGHTS RELENTLESSLY!

    Lastly, why are you having difficulties signing at

  184. Mark permalink

    Please see here:

    This is just shamefully ugly. I fully agree with the editor’s comments on this article.

    The dispute was never for the interest of the workers nor for what is right or wrong. The NHPF and GAMCA’s conflict are simply for the benefit of their respective businesses. It’s the same thing here in the Philippines, from government agencies to the recruiting firms, the workers are the least of their priorities.

    For this issue, the medical exam is not the concern of the workers. Ask any worker and he would tell you that he doesn’t give a damn where he takes his medicals, it’s GCC’s interpretation of medical results that mostly concerns him.

    To date, there is still no universal medical exam guideline provided by GCC that is accepted by all “concerned parties”. The “workers” also human beings, just like everybody else, is an important part of these “concerned parties”.

  185. Romel Sabdani permalink

    To Abdulrahmanasim

    Thanks for the reply. Worried lessen.

    My company head office is in riyadh and their producation plant is in jazan.

    As first timer in KSA and working abroad, do you have any idea of what are those “small medical center” I mean their names that you can refer? And what are those big hospital to avoid.

    And what if my company refer my medical examination to “big hospital”, do I have any option to reject and choose my examination to small medical center?

    Again, big thanks..

  186. mike permalink

    To rash

    The Lung center declared me as unfit because of the findings of that stupid Radiologist Dr Olivia Tagarro…she could have pass my medical because their senior Radilogist Dr. Almazan did not find out anything wrong with my xray…This American Outpatient Clinic should be banned for their wrong or inaccurate reading.

    Did they also declared you fit? and after a week delared you unfit?

    I tried to send emails to marissa del mar (from Buhay OFW program) — the one who helps ofw should also try rash. here is the email ad: or call them through phone and look for Lina Odo 9869220.

    • rash permalink


      can i actually have your contact details so that i can personally call u. so that we can talk about this matter. im really exhausted right now because of what their doing. why are they doing this?! Did you receive a response from Marissa Del Mar? my last resort is to seek a legal advice..

  187. mike permalink

    To all persons that are a victim of American Outpatient Clinic in Intramurous and a victim of Doctor Olivia Z. Tagarro try to forward your concerns to their Directors hope they will realize that they have a very bad clinic.

  188. mike permalink

    By the way here is the email address of American Outpatien Clinic Directors: ;

    you can also cc:;;;;

  189. Xerman permalink

    I lost my opportunity to go back to Saudi Arabia due to GAMCA unfit result of my Xray examination, i was unfit due to fibrosis and as per the Doctor of Angelica-Punzalan Clinic. Any update regarding this guideline of GAMCA?

  190. Xerman permalink

    Pls. kindly post the contact details of concern people regarding this problem of guidelines here in the Philippines. Is there any follow up being done by Philippine Health authority? This has been a problem for years now and sad to say to date no any good result. I wish to go back to Saudi Arabia and change for a better to continue my plan and i really missed my job and the peaceful life in Saudi Arabia. Kindly update us and post the contact numbers of those people concern. Thanks.

    • Mark permalink


      I didn’t get any reply from any of these but please feel free to try:

      This is your president’s website:

      This is DoH’s Secretary:

      Ona released this order from the DoH (May 2011) stating that all GAMCA clinics must stop their operations immediately.

      I don’t agree with the grounds of this order, like I always say, GAMCA and the medical check-ups are not the problem. It’s GCC’s unrealistic and senseless guidelines that causing all these unnecessary problems for us.

      Anyway, so why are GAMCA clinics still in operation? Well, welcome to Philippines!!!!

      Never mind DFA & POEA, they are largely to be blamed for this but seriously, you can tear your guts in front of these people and you won’t get a single reaction from them. That’s how useless they are. Like you said, this issue has been going on for years, 10 years to be exact. So it’s safe to say that they are useless.

      Frankly, it’s better to ask for assistance to other countries and institutions. Believe it or not, people actually fight for the truth in some other countries as proven with WHO in Geneva, they are our biggest supporter.

      And don’t forget to sign here:

  191. gian permalink


    I was unfit to work for KSA by American outpatient clinic. Findings was calcific density on my xray. I went to Philippine Lung center for another xray and there were no significant findings,all normal. This was May – July 2011.

    I have another application for SAUDI again, will my previous UNFIT medical result still be seen by my current agency now? Are there any chances that if i go to other GAMCA clinic,i will be fit to work already?

    pls i need ur advice….

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      x-ray unfit cases are difficult to clear. because your x-ray will not change and I am sure which ever gamca center you go for medical, they can always see your previous exam result. Its pretty difficult now, but you can talk to someone privately at gamca if there is a way out.

      • OLA permalink

        Hi, im one of those of unfit applicant. what will be happened in my visa?

      • abdulrahmanasim permalink

        Visa will expire.

    • kris permalink


      can you shed light on this? we have the same case, i am about to go to lung center to have my second opinion. did the clinic finally modified their findings?

  192. Mim permalink

    To Mike,
    Mike,I do understand your frustreation , but please calm down . Clinic is not your problem,because if you can pass the med.tests in your home country you need to repead them again afrer ariving and when they find that you have something you will be deported . It is not so easy!Put your energy to fight against this law in the GCC coutries . Because ones the law change medical test in your home country will be much more easy.

  193. mike permalink

    hey rash whats your number or email add? you can pm me in my email ad:

    To Mim:
    I know Mim…but what happened in American Outpatient Clinic was different….This Radiologist Dr. Olivia Z. Tagarro finds somthing in my chest xray( 3 films). After that the physician who examined me recommended me to another Radilogist in American Outpatient clinic and that is Dr. Almazan, and she did not find any problems in my chest xray(3 films). After that they declared me fit to work after Dr Almazan cleared me of having problems in my xray. But then when the director is ready to sign my Medical Certificate she again consulted Dr. Olivia Z. Tagarro…but this Tagarro refuse to clear my xray thus declared me unfit!!! I already consulted to one of the best Hospitals here in the Philippines (Makati Medical Hospital) and they did not find any problems with my chest xray.

    And as of now I am bound to other country next week – and had another medical examination but they declared me as FIT to Work.

    Its just really frustrating because I really want to go to Riyadh KSA because they had a really good offer…but because of this Dr. Olivia Z. Tagarro I was forced to accept a different job in another country with a less offer.

  194. Ronald permalink

    Assala Malaikum Sir Abdulrahmnanasim,

    Is POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE considered unfit on GAMCA medical…?

    Thank you for your early response..

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Please ask local gamca visa medical center privately, do not give your id or passport.

  195. a a permalink

    its not just TB scar which is the problem here. its also about HCV antibody……. means hepatitis antibody test. this test is mandatory to be cleared for getting FIT report. but the problem is this can result false positive without any known reason.secondly the cut off value is 1 all around the world but GAMCA needs 0.3 value to clear it. moreover its value can fluctuate from lowest level to a high level without any infection of HCV. the real test to decide whether one has HCV infectin is PCR….. HCV antibody test just tell that germ killing cells are present in the blood… it does not mean u have the infection. so PCR should be test to declare FIT or UNFIT status not the antibody HCV test. i am just helpless as i am clear of infection n even my HCV antibody is below 0.7 now but i cannot get FIT status because of these stupid GAMCA rules. what are they….. idiots?????

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I understand, They just declare unfit in-case of any abnormality. Insane and ruthless behavior from these countries.

  196. Hammad permalink

    Hello Sir,

    I am facing the SGPT (70) and SGOT (50) raised. But my HBC is cleared. What should I do.

    Thanks & Regards

  197. abbas permalink

    i want to apply for family visa. my wife has layer on one eyeball. the GAMCA people are saying tht they can not give fitness report because of her eyeball problem. does she require such sort of fitness though she is coming as a housewife. please enlighten me in this regard.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      try any other center, smaller one. I know they just declare UNFIT for any abnormality. Even military medical exam have some flexibility , they are beyond insane.

  198. a a permalink

    y have u not posted my comment here???? was something wrong with it???

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      No nothing was wrong.. i just read today.

  199. Sharma permalink

    My problems
    madical report last page do not pound 5 real stamp
    answar now

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      “madical report last page do not pound 5 real stamp” Sorry i didn’t get it. please explain.

  200. luisa ibre permalink

    hi I am one of unfit applicant going to Saudi Arabia. they told me that i have scars on my left lung. If ever my employer there in Saudi Arabia issued waiver is there any possibility that they allow me to go and work there…Please need your advice…

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Its pretty hard, they will allow anyone with scar even if you get a waiver. But there is no harm in trying and applying to consulate with waiver.

  201. sajeev permalink

    recently I undergone a medical test for Saudi Arabia. I declared medically unfit due to Firbosis in my lungs. I consulted with my family docker with my x-ray. He told me that I have no problems in my chest & he did not prescribe any medicine. My job offer from Saudi Arabia is still on. Pls suggest what I will do to clear my medical

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      sorry to hear that sanjeev. i understand they gcc medical or saudi arabia visa medical they don’t see if you have any active disease or not, if they find any abnormality they just declare unfit. That’s we are trying and requesting GCC officials to change these medical exam guidelines. If you have received unfit report, its near to impossible to get a fit report again, because lung scar stay whole life, if you go to the different center they will pull up your previous exam report. so pretty hard now, if your job is good high paying, can you go on visit , extend visa there if they cannot come back stay for a month and apply again.

  202. Ronald permalink

    To MC2656;

    Can you please give me the details on how to contact Kuwait Jawasat so I can verify my status if i am also banned already or not…

    To Sir Abdulrahmanasim;

    I was declared unfit by St. Peter Paul Clinic especially Dr. Anthony Garcia.
    Sad to say my visa will expire on Mar 6,2012…
    Is there anything i can do to resolve this?
    The local agency did’nt contact me or anything, I just called the clinic and they are the one who told me.

    Thank you for your early response…

  203. nadeem permalink

    my wife has blood HB 9.40 and they have asked to come back after one week for retest. any suggestions/comments or advice. am going saudi

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      HB is a condition not a disease, i don’t know why they are holding medical for that. do as they are suggesting, re-take exam, sometimes they just want to make more money by repeating test. Just make sure you don’t get unfit report.

  204. hamza permalink

    i have go for medical fitness test for saudi arabia and the gmca approved center told me that ur creatinine level is 2.2 instead 1.1.y questin is at i can do now?
    m i unfit or wat i ahve to do no?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      first please check with doctor why you have so high creatinine level , its not good. fix your health condition first. do you have any kidney or diabetes issue?
      about visa medical, did they give you unfit report or they just tell you re-take exam gain? try to solve matter with them.

  205. zach73 permalink

    assalamu alikum


    i did my medical in american out patient clinic- a GAMCA accredited clinic,,accordingly i have scar on my right x ray are still being reviewed,is there a chance that i will be declared as fit?i just came from KSA last 2011, i wonder how come i have a scar already??on my first medical exam last 2010 i was medically fit but unfortunately my clinic before cannot produce my x ray film because according to them, it was,,in sha allah by now, my x ray will be okey,,if not,, please advise me what to do

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      if there is scar it will not go away. please check with your personal doctor first , show your x-ray to the chest specialist. Make sure you are not having any lung infection or disease, health is more important than work. its not good idea specially to come back and apply for visa, things have changed a lot and are changing every day. people have lived 15 and 20 years they came to apply for new visa and stuck due to medical issues, so be careful, if you are there, try to adjust or transfer sponsorship in saudi or wherever you are.
      Now in your case if they give unfit report already, its pretty hard now to get clear. near to impossible..

  206. Zafar Haider permalink




    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I don’t know why GCC countries gamca why they have irrational guidelines, we understand their concerns, but if someone have no health issues, that’s really not fair to declare people unfit. People always try to find other ways when things doesn’t work the right way.

  207. Salman permalink

    Dear Abdulrahman
    I really appreciate your effort. Jazakumullah.
    I have a small inquiry with regard to the GAMCA. I am applying for my wife Visa for KSA and have already got the Visa. Now the next step is to get her medical done @ GAMCA. She is pregnant and I have come to know that they create issues for such cases.

    Is it the case? If so, then what is the best way to follow. Appreciate your advice in this regard.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Salam, How many months sister is pregnant and I am sure they will not clear her medical easily. You can talk to someone there privately, I will suggest you go with sister advise where she feels comfortable, there is nothing wrong in waiting till delivery. If its early pregnancy then I think they may ask some money to clear her medical.

  208. To Abdulrahmanasim,

    Sir, I am applying as a photographer in carnival cruise line in an agency here in the Philippines, I just don’t know if the clinic I have been to for medical exam is a member of GAMCA clinic because I was diagnosed with asymptomatic pneumonia. Prior to diagnosis, the clinic referred me to a pulmonologist, and it turned out that it was pneumonia vs tb, I would like to stress that I did not even feel anything or symptoms about this condition, but given that this was the result of my medical exam, I submitted myself to a pulmonologist, the doctor that they referred to me, for medication. The doctor gave me a six-month course medication. After 3 and a half months of religiously taking the medicine, I decided to have x ray exam again, and it turned out that I was cleared from the said disease but there was a scar left on it, the doctor already gave me a clearance but I still have to finish the remaining days of medication which I really did.
    Now, my questions are,

    1. If the clinic ( halcyon marine healthcare systems located in makati Philippines ) is not a member of this GAMCA clinic, am I still possible to work as a photographer in a cruise line?
    2. The base of my employer is in Miami, USA, – having lung scar, am I allowed to work there?
    3. Are the GCC countries the only countries that disallow workers with lung issue or scar?
    4. What countries are we permitted to work on to?

    Sir, I badly need answers to these questions because my future is in trouble. I am hoping and waiting for your answers. Thank God that there is someone like you who listens to the needy people. We need change for these guidelines, please help us to be heard.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Sorry for late reply. Only GCC countries have these stupid guidelines. Important thing is you complete your treatment, without missing single day. Once you are done, have re test everything, to make sure its fine. Other countries they see if you have any active disease or not. They don’t deny just because of your previous history. I hope you will not have any issue with any countries. Just keep a profile of your treatment, what medicines you took, start and end date for treatment, medical tests before and after the treatment, x-ray also. Please let me know if you have any question, have faith on God, everything will be fine.

  209. zach73 permalink

    assalamu alaikum


    i agree with your viewsr egarding the guidelines of the GCC.i hope someday they will ammend their guidelines because many poor people are affected by it.
    Brother, regarding the results of my xrays,,until now they cant decide whether i really have a scar or no so they made me repeat it again for the third time.i hope its ok now because i really wanna work in ksa not for monetary reason only but for religious intent,,i want to visit the holy kaaba and perform hajj

    i wonder why they let me have the third x ray again,,,if they’ve seen something wrong in my two xays, they should decided and not let me keep on hoping..inshaa allah i will pass this exam,,,

  210. @zach

    you know what? I am really bothered in my condition, I hope and I pray that GOD will do his own ways for me to understand why these were happenings..

    @ Sir Abdulrahmanasim,

    Sir, please, I am begging for your advice. There’s only limited people that I can talk to about it.
    Your words are important to me, whether it will make me comfort or not, but at least I will know my chances.. Tnx.

  211. jahangeer shahzad s/o habib ullah permalink

    hy bhai main n 2 year pehly medical karwaya tha khaleeg diagnostic center pindi sy to maira visa nai laga tha ab maira visa lahore aya hy to lahore gamca waly kehty hain ap ka madical dobara udher sy he ho ga

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      unka record computer mein hota hai, medical bhala karachi sey kerwao.. masla keyaa tha? aik bar unfit ho jaey to muskhil hai dobara medical.

  212. ganda permalink

    hello sir,

    i just get my medical here at philippine,which was accredited physician diagnostic center locted at davao phlippine. first i got my x-ray result which i have a pneumonia then after two week of medication i came back and i pass or fit . now i just wait for my call and fly going to qatar i have no employer yet but it is required to have another medical when i reach at qatar or it just depend upon the company your applying?
    does i have any chance passing it or will say unfit?

    please reply
    ill appreciate it sir thank.

  213. Usman permalink

    Hi Sir,

    I undergone with the Lungs surgery five years ago due to aspergilloma and now there is scar and surgical clips seen in my x-ray and there is no active disease. My doctor has cleared me and also I was declared fit from IOM for Uk.

    I got the job / contract in KSA and now I have to go through the medical process.

    What is your advice in this regard?
    What should I do now?

    Thanks and regards,

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Have medical exam privately, see what they say. talk to radiologist at visa medical center.

  214. Usman permalink

    Hi Sir,

    I undergone with the Lungs surgery five years ago due to aspergilloma and now there is scar and surgical clips seen in my x-ray and there is no active disease. My doctor has cleared me and also I was declared fit from IOM for Uk.

    I got the job / contract in KSA and now I have to go through the medical process.

    What is your advice in this regard.

    Thanks and regards,

  215. mike permalink

    hey zach did you see who is your radiologist in American Outpatient Clinic? If it is Dra Olivia Z. Tagarro there is no chance that she will have a clear readings in your xray..try to tell your physician to recommend you to Dr Almazan.

    • zach73 permalink

      mike, they already got me agency advused me to have a second opinion fom the lung center.what can u say,,,is that a good advis?.really i’m getting annoyed with these people.

  216. Mark permalink

    This is probably the most beautiful and yet provocative work I’ve seen re: TB/HIV.

  217. mudassir farooq permalink

    Dear sir,
    i get my medical report in the mnoth if January 2012 but unfortunately i have lost the medical report but i remember my certificate number can i get a dupliucate medical report .plz inform me what i do.thnx

  218. mudassir farooq permalink

    medically i,m fit but report is lost what i do for duplicate report

  219. mike permalink

    Zach sorry to hear that, But thats the only choice you have right now…try to ask Rash (one of the members of this forum) if what are the other options.. He to is a victim of American Outpatient Clinic.
    Right now he is having a second opinion to the Lung Center..but before that he had an xray check-up at Makati Med — which gave him a Medical Certificate by one of the Best Pulmonologist in Makati Med Hospital and included it in his Medical Forms submitted in Lung Center. This medical certificate serves as his proof that he have a normal chest and nothing found suspicious about it.

    Aside from American Outpatient did you try to have 2nd opinion in other Hospital? Because this Dra Olivia Z. Tagarro should be banned from working as a Radiologist. She doesnt know what she is doing.

    • rash permalink

      hey Mike! what’s up?! you can actually give my number to Zach. but do not post it here. maybe thru your Email. you know, i cannot divulge any contact details here yet cause my medical is still on and pending. anyone, victim of gamca under American Outpatient Clinic under the radiologist name OLIVIA Z. TAGARRO. get my number from Mike via EMAIL. lets help one another. thanks.mke, keep in touch dude!!

      • perstaymABROAD permalink

        can i join your cause? i just had my medical april 23, 2012 and i was unfit to work due to ptb. it was a big surprise for me since i never had ptb before. i was really really down and sad, i even had sleepless nights. i did consult a pulmo and i was cleared. he performed series of test i.e. sputum for 3days which are all negative, another xray which is also negative and lastly, PPD skin test which is also negative. i have been working for 5 years, and every year the company conducts a mandatory medical exam, and i am always negative.

        i did my medical in american outpatient clinic in intramuros. i hope we get to help each other po.

      • sure you can join. try to raise this issue at highest level you can. sign the petition.

      • perstaymABROAD permalink

        i really wish we could help each other. i just submitted my xray films to American Outpatient Clinic (in intramuros) last week. i am waiting for their feedback. my email is: pls feel free to contact me, maybe we need each other’s help to remedy this

  220. mudassir farooq permalink

    dear sir
    i asked abt the duplicate medical report can i get or no medically i was fit but the report is lost i get my medical report on 12-01-2012
    plz inform me

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      please ask the local center where you took the exam.

  221. mike permalink

    Hi Rash…Im doing great…I’ll try to ask Zach’s email ad…Wish you all the best bro…Hope the American Outpatient CLinic will finally realize that they have a very Bad Radilogist (Dra Olivia Z. Tagarro).

    By the way Zach here is my email ad: pm me if you want to ask for Rash’s mobile.

    To all patients under American Outpatient Clinic…Be always aware of the Radiologist who examined/read your chest xray..If its Dra Olivia Z. Tagarro dont bother to take a 2nd or 3rd xray…my advice is to tell your physician that she should recommend you to another Radiologist of their clinic or immediately try a 2nd opinion to other Hospital like Makati Med and try to ask for a medical certificate to serve as a proof that you have a normal and good chest.

    Goodluck to all of us!!!!

  222. Hammad permalink


    I want to share my experience, I was facing the SGPT (ALT) raised, I was affraid to visit GAMCA, I followed the above mentioned procedure and visit to the labortary and told them I need to do the test but not official do it offline. They charged me the same cost and I was fit. In official test I paid again and I got pass. So I also strongly recommend to the new users, please don’t go directly to the GAMCA for official test, first do the private test from same lab and then appear for online test.

  223. Bong permalink



    Anybody knows the procedure for Kuwait I got visa for my wife and may 3 kids age 11, 9 and 8 the problem they are in the province in Philippines and going to GAMCA to query needed airplane ride. Do we need to bring the kids for medical I know my wife needed but the kids? Anybody has an updated list of accredited clinics?

    Thanks in advance

  224. czarina permalink

    am presently working at doha qatar and handling a working visa, my boss advised me that i have to undergo another medical check up at doha as requirements for applying Qatar ID, my question is the result of the x-ray is I have a spots on my left lung, is it possible to repatriate me. ( i did medical check up in the Phil by GAMCA which resulted that i am fit to work)

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      if x-ray is clear , you dont need to worry. to be on safe side, have medical privately same test just to make nothing abnormal.

  225. SNT permalink

    perhaps i better share my story here. dated 2007, i was almost deprived with my rights to work on GCC countries when they found out my blood is reactive to a vdrl screen. automatically, i had to undergo a separate test called “tpha” which turns out to be negative (saying i’m false positive with a vd disease and that i’m completely healthy to work in gcc states). after that, I went on my application, had another test in saudi, and worked legally for over a year.

    I had to go home for some personal reasons after my contract and decided to come back (after just four months) for another company. i again went through all the medical examination thing (vdrl: reactive/ tpha: negative) and (this time not surprised) to have the same result. i was on my most confidence when the new clinic from where i had my new tests HELD MY APPLICATION, AND DECLARED ME UNFIT. they even added that they cannot allow me as such result is not acceptable.

    so ironic, why do they have to say it to someone who actually had already experienced being admitted to the job in ksa?

    it’s just so funny and completely stupid to declare a very perfectly healthy and efficient individual like me (who happens to have already been to saudi) could not come back just because of a test result which is interpreted differently by a different gamca-accredited clinic.

    i challenge people to ask any ANY professional doctor to interpret this again:

    vdrl: reactive / tpha: negative

  226. mike permalink

    Zach pls read your mail I already replied…..Goodluck bro!!!!

  227. riyaz permalink

    this is RIYAZ I have done my medical from GAMCA and I got fit, but I am having a kidney stone
    I want to know does it matters in abroad medical test and Shall I be send back if I found out, i am going for Saudi Arabia.


    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      ws. go to small desi iqama /baladia medical center. inshallah khair

      • riyaz permalink

        aswk I am taking treatment for kidney stone after I went there if I found out that I am having a above mentioned problem shall I be sent out or will they give any treatment.


  228. bONG2 permalink

    Just a repost in case anybody have idea???



    Anybody knows the procedure for Kuwait I got visa for my wife and may 3 kids age 11, 9 and 8 the problem they are in the province in Philippines and going to GAMCA to query needed airplane ride. Do we need to bring the kids for medical I know my wife needed but the kids? Anybody has an updated list of accredited clinics?

    Thanks in advance

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      you can see GAMCA centers list here but its bit old, about kids medical, according to my knowledge consulate may ask for kids vaccination record card including polio vaccination. I don’t think there will be any medical exam , just the vaccination detail will be required to stamp visa on passport. You can check consulate or gamca visa medical center for better information.

  229. Salam Sir, I am Sayyad from Islamabad. I have worked in UAE for 9 Years. Last september 2011 my company terminated me because they do not have any more prorject in Saudi Arabia. Now I have Selected by one of the company in KSA jeddha. When i went to Al Shifa International at islamabad they declared me Unfit due to small granuloma in Left upper X-ray Report. then i went to one of the private hospital and have got my X-ray again. That x-ray was clear according to the doctor. I went back to Al Shifa with that new X-ray report. I told them that this is very clear. there is nothing any spot. I asked them to give me the original X-ray so that i can got it exam some other specialist doctor. But they refuse to give me the X-ray. I told them i have got medical from UAE 4 times there I was fully fit. Sir I think that they are doing all this to showing there efficiency to declare some fit person as unfit. Sir, I think that we should have a right to appeal against these stupid doctors report. I have never thought that i will be unfit for medically. My question is that can we challenge this report any how. as I think this report is wrong. I have also noticed that there instruments are very old.

    • w salam, report is computer record cannot be changed. Thats why i suggest everyone to have personal medical from the same center, before going for visa medical. Its very hard now to clear medical. x-ray sign doesn’t go away.

  230. sanjay permalink

    Is it possible to do the medical for saudi two times in 15 days.What is the Expiry for the first gamca report.

    • you can take 15 times, but your previous result will be there if they gave you exam report on first test. Report is valid for 3 months, but in case of unfit report, your record will be there permanently in computer, it will show up whenever you go for exam.

  231. saima permalink

    salam,bhai plz ap meri help kar deyn.mey 12 saal se saudia mey reh rahi thi.leykin mey last year pakistan ai. to mera visa khatam ho geya.ab mey bohot paresan hon kiyu ke mere shohor aur beyti saudia mey hen.un dono ka iqama bhi renew ho geya he.ab mera new visa ley rahe hen.ab mujy medical ki fiker ho rahi he.mujy daibities he.aur akser heart beat thor taez ho jati he.plz ap mujy bataye ke mey kiya karo ke mera medical clear ho jay.mujy nahi maloom ke wo kis kis cheez ka test leyn gey.plz plz mujy ap ke jawab ka intezar he.

    • w salam, sorry for late reply. Allah aap ko sehat aur tandurasti deay , Ameen. diabetes aur heart seay medical per masla nahi hona chahey, mager aaj kal bohat sakhti hai, aur kuch loog pasiey banaey keay chaker mein bhi hein. aap neay jidher seay medical kerwana hai, wahan seay pehely privately medical kerwaien, passport aur id card deney ki zaroorat nahi, ager tu report sahi atti hai, jo umeed bhi hai inshallah, tu phir wahein seaay visa ka medical bhi kerwa lein.apna city batein mujhey, aur barey center naa , kissi chotey medical center jaaein. dont worry inshallah khair.. Dua mein yaad rakhey ga.

  232. riyaz permalink

    salam sir,here I want to know does the kidney stone will make my medical unfit in INDIA & SAUDI ARABIA

  233. ap meri post delete kiyu kar deyte hen

    • Salam, sorry for late reply. mein neay aap ki post delete nahi ki, mein reply keya hai aur aap ko email bhi ki hai..

  234. salam, ji bohot shukriya mujy ap ki mail mil gai he.aur mey ne bhi ap ko mail ki he.

  235. Alpesh Parmar permalink

    salaamwalikum janab,
    Thanx for ur corporative job.sir,i m suffering with vitiligo (leukoderma).some parts of my body i.e.,fingers,penis,scrotum etc.,sir please let me know that am i able to medically fit to work in kuwait.please reply me as soon as possible

    • w salam,
      brother vitiligo (leukoderma) is one of the abnormality which some gamca centers are clearing some are not, sometimes it depends how much body effected with it. you can better check with local gamca visa center and talk to them before having visa medical , have private medical with them pay them fee but tell them you need only report , no need to send embassy neither you need to give passport and pictures, if they say your report is ok, then take visa medical pay gain fee, submit your photos, passport etc. but talk to them that with this condition they will clear you are not. i always suggest to have private medical with the same center before going for official visa medical. you may have to pay fees two times, but it will help in reducing the inconvenience which you will get after getting UNFIT report first time.

  236. MAHBOB ALAM permalink

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly tell me about the fitness, I want to go Soudia, but your approved medical center says i am unfit, I am color blind from one eye due to an accident, this is not a convertable diseases, then why they said me uinfitt, please help me in this regard.

    • First they are not my approved centers, they are by GCC health ministers council. About your disability , GAMCA centers they declare many people disable due to any minor abnormality or disability. What is your nature of work, what is your profession? for some profession you can go to work, for instance for driver visa nobody will give you FIT report.
      You could have tried private medical first and talked to them before having visa medical, so if one center is not willing to clear you , you can try another, but now because they made you UNFIT even if you go to other center they will not clear you because they will see your unfit record in computer. Call to the consulate and tell them your case, see what they say.

  237. Jithin permalink

    Sir i am from india. I have a problem in my chest. There is a slight cave in my chest ( its medical term is ” funnel chest or pectus excavatum). It is not due to any disease. It is inborn.can i get gamca fit certificate, plese give reply sir.. I serched everywhere regarding this problem but could not find similar doubts asked by any one..

  238. Jithin permalink

    Sir i am from india. I have a problem in my chest. There is a slight cave in my chest ( its medical term is ” funnel chest or pectus excavatum). It is not due to any disease. It is inborn.can i get gamca fit certificate, plese give reply sir… I serched everywhere regarding this problem but could not find similar doubts asked by any one…

    • 100% i am not sure they will give you FIT report or not, because x-ray findings are the cases where some centers are more strict than others. contact local gamca center and have private medical with them not visa medical , just tell them please take all the tests you do for visa medical but they should give report only to you, not to embassy. if the report comes fine, they say there is no problem, then you can take visa medical. If there is something wrong you can talk to them or different center those can clear your medical.

  239. Tariq chauhan permalink

    Respected sir,

    I have job in lahore in Ghani Glass.
    Now transfer to Ghani glass hattar for two months.
    My birth. ( for-father ) from Multan- i have CNIC and passport from Multan.
    Can i appear in Lahore/Islamabad GAMCA medical centers.

    • you can appear in medical center but try to make sure first you will not have any issues in clearing medical. Have medical privately at visa medical center first, dont give id or passport .

  240. SAMRAT RAWAT permalink

    dear sir ,

    salam walikum,I samrat selected for chef in muscat but gamca respiratory said old kochs
    in x-ray reports .marked me unfit .but i went in govt. hospital they said u r fit .
    plz guide me .

    • w salam,

      If they have declared you unfit already, its very hard to clear specially x-ray cases. We are trying our best, so this medical guidelines change.

      • SAMRAT RAWAT permalink

        ok sir but what is the old kochs….how i can rectify

  241. Durhum permalink

    Hi, With reference to DurHUM post above in kuwiat the updates on our status for your information….

    Yesterday i tried to get anyther family visa for my wife but they said your wife has been sent back last time due to medical health reasons.

    So in ministry of Interior put her name in blacklist and you have to first lift the name from blacklist then can get the new visa.

    After treating her fully with the scar we have to get the ban lift now.

    The rules here is so strict.

    I know what the procedures to done now so if anyone is facing simier problems in kuwait kindly contact me at we will communicate and find the solutions together.

    Khuda hafiz.

    • Did you try visit visa, i think visit visa is from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I think you should not have problem in getting visit visa.

  242. SAMRAT RAWAT permalink

    Dear sir ,
    salam walikum again this is samrat from gurgaon . i decleared UNFIT by the sangi cetre .In the x-ray report disease is old kochs .plz sir guide me what is that how i can rectify those
    problem .because i took army medical where i was fit….so plz give your valuable information.


    • SAMRAT RAWAT permalink

      sir still i am awaitening your response.

  243. Durhum permalink

    Dear Mr. Abdulrahmanasim.

    Visit and Family or anytype of visa need to lift the ban First any type of visa is blocked on that name and passport number and my wife passport number is attached in their system with my identity my ids and passport.

    They are blocking all.

    This is my question to All GCC if they are so concern about the virus and of TB and other related infected contigious diseases then why they are Giving visit visa to all the world without any medical test.

    People are coming here with many infectious disease on Visit visas from all over the world daily millions of visits they are issuing but no medical test for them.

    Why they are trobling to the people who work for their country.

    We have no human rights on this inhuman rules.

    can you please ask this question to GCC ministries or provide me the emails and fax i will do.

  244. Nadeem Yusuf Pawaskar permalink

    My name is Nadeem Yusuf Pawaskar . I am a CA Inter Accounts professional
    i also victim of GCC guidelines as to health requirements
    i was selected last month for the post of Senior Accountant in NASCO Trading LLC Dubai
    but in medical i was declared unfit due to one small white spot in xray
    i was surprised by the findings of the report. I consulted Chest Specialist Dr. Torskar Bycalla bombay, also taken up xray privately, and found that i don’t have any active disease and i am 100% fit. Doctors told me there is no medicine for such spot. my self and my family members are in great depression after this incidence. there after also i had received my interview calls but i refused them because of this. is their any way out for me? please guide me.

    • W Salam, I am sorry to hear that brother. these rules are effecting ordinary individual life’s. It will be very hard now to clear medical for you in India. You can go and work on visit visa, try there if you can change visa . I heard that in Dubai visit visa can be change to work, I am not sure 100%.

      • Nadeem Yusuf Pawaskar permalink

        Thanks for replying brother

    • Dear Mr. Nadeem,
      Sorry to read your story you I am also working here in U.P. as a senior accountant , I also received various employment offers from different GCC countries & the latest offer was from Doha (Al Jassim Group) in Sept. 2011 .The employers went on to give me the employment offer with impressive salary & other benefits .I was informed by the employers to prove my medical fitness before applying for my visa, I initially went for a x ray checkup at local pathology & had the same reported by a radiologist & the impression given in the report was ” Fibroparenchymal calcific lesion ” in the upper left lobe .

      I sent a copy of this report to my Bro in Law in Australia who has previously worked in Kuwait as a Haematologist .he replied that under the given conditions it was virtually impossible to travel to any Gulf country because the scar is a problem for the GCC countries. I any way visited the GAMCA centre at Lucknow had a straight word with the manager of the centre & showed him the x ray report, he instantly asked me not to attempt the medical exam because it was certain that the result would be UNFIT & the records would become online at the GCC embassies & other GAMCA centres .In the end I didnt attempt the exam & unwillingly asked the employers in Doha to drop my candidature for this post .I felt very frustated over these absurd GAMCA policies ,ruining lives of competent people to work & live in these gulf countries & provide your family with a better living .since then I have received similar offers from other GCC countries but with the fear of this scar I keep refusing them..

      I realize what u are going thru as i & many others also have a similar experience .People like Mr. Abdul Rahman , Mark & to an extent myself are doing are our best to eradicate these policies writing letters to MOH of GCC countries, WHO & other concerned bodies… in hope that one day we shall succeed ……

      • Nadeem Yusuf Pawaskar permalink

        thanks brother for your comment lets hope that the rules may change. hope for the best

  245. mary permalink

    hi there.. im a nurse from philippines working now here in jordan..before i had my medical exam with one of GAMCA center they declared me UNFIT due to allergic rhinitis bound for saudi arabia.. as well for OMAN.. then i applied again for jordan but didnt had my medical in GAMCA center.. so if applied for UAE or QATAR and they will asked me to go to GAMCA .will i still be UNFIT even i was able to work for jordan 3 years and i was fine with the 4 seasons climate…

    • Sister for what reason they declare you unfit? Secondly if you will go back to Philippine and take your medical there, gamca will have your old unfit report and record. Even after ten years. Can you ask your sponsor to send visa to their qatar/uae consulate in jordan, in jordan you don’t have to go for gamca medical.

  246. Sunny permalink

    Assalam-o-Alaikum sir before 2 years i am ynfit in gamca report in hep.b what can i do for clear my gamca how can i go to saudia?

  247. Sunny permalink

    thanks for reply sir my treatment is start from1 year.from agha khan dr shahid rasool.after 6 months i will check up my blood test if viris clear from my body can i go to saudia?

  248. Sreejith permalink


    I am having leucoderma ( vitiligo ) accouding to GCC medical test may i fit or not? already i am working in Bahrain i would like to change my visa after 2 months. before there is no medical checkup needed in India. now for applying visa first i would send my medical report. please give a suitable advice

    thanks & rgds

    • Dear Sreejith, Some centers they are more strict than others, I cannot say 100% you will be FIT or UNFIT. It also depends how much body is effected with leucoderma ( vitiligo ) . I will suggest you talk to the visa medical center privately, or have private medical examination from them. See what they say, don’t give passport etc. If they say you are fine, then take visa medical from same center. If there is an issue, then at least you can go to other center and talk. if you take visa medical direct they may declare you unfit and you will not be able take medical and go to Bahrain and other GCC countries. I hope my reply will help. let me know if you have still any query.

  249. Mark permalink

    This is not working. I see all of your complaints here and talking about the same thing over and over and over again. If you don’t complain nobody will give a shit about you! It’s that incredibly SIMPLE.

    Here is good chance to do so: This is from the WHO STOP-TB Partnership, in preparation for this year’s World TB Day celebration on March 24.

    Tell the whole world how you’ve been humiliated, dehumanized, and repeatedly ignored like you don’t even mean damn thing.

    STOP WHINING HERE! complain to the proper authorities.

    To AbdulRahman, I ask you to STOP spoon-feeding these babies. If you have a better solution to what I’ve written above, I’ll shut the hell up. But until then, please do this very simple request.

  250. i was declared unfit due to a scar or as they called it a fibrosis fom a lung infection that i dont know i acquired. i dont even knoew if i really have this scar..what i want to say is it is soo unfair to be deprived to work in these countries just because you had this scar which even this medical people know will not affect your work performance. either you have a scar or no,, i think it will not affect ur work as long as youre having a healthy body. any people are prone to acquire diseases even those who are called fit. i hope this people who made this rules will realize their inhuman behavior and snobbery.yes, i call it as being a snob because it feels like you condemn that people as DIRTY and dont have a right to step on their lands just because they have this very smal scar that is only visible upon xray..ALLAH is watching us and someday and on the here after.. justice will be served!

  251. Mim permalink

    I agree wit you Mark!

  252. Akshay permalink

    Dear Sir,

    I am Akshay from India. I am offered for Managerial position with good salary in KSA. I have a problem of Below Knee Artificial limb and Psoriasis Complaint. I can walk, drive a car and Psorisasis also under controlled by Homeopathic medicines. I have been working in UAE without any problem and even I am eligible for UAE automatic D/L. Please advise me, is this FIT for KSA rules. Below Knee Artificial Limb can work in KSA.

    What are the tests conducted in KSA?

    Please suggest me ASAP.

    • Dear Akshay some centers are more strict than others, they just want to show performance to GCC ministers that we declare most unfit cases, say to they can get “good job” certificate form GCC ministers., I cannot say 100% you will be FIT or UNFIT for ksa. It also depends how much body is effected . I will suggest you talk to the visa medical center privately, or have private medical examination from them. See what they say, don’t give passport etc. If they say you are fine, then take visa medical from same center. If there is an issue, then at least you can go to other center and talk . if you take visa medical direct they may declare you unfit and you will not be able take medical and go to any other GCC countries. I hope my reply will help. let me know if you have still any query.

      • Akshay permalink

        Dear Sir,

        I am very thankful for your reply. I got FIT and Visa stamped through an agency. My complaint has not listed in Blood and Urine Test. So, they say FIT but still I think about in KSA from Airport because my artificial below knee limb have iron rod and it makes a sound, it cause any problem to enter.



  253. Mahesh permalink

    Dear Sir,

    My wife medical done and except HB-10 mg , all results are normal. They told that you come after 10 days for retest because HB min. level is 11.5. So tell me sir how can she reach this level beacause his HB level is remain same around 10 mg since last 10 years.
    I am in too much tention, so please guide me.
    I also consult many doctor, but theire openion is same that it will take min 3-4 month time.
    How can she increase HB level in 10 days? I am in saudi.
    She is in Gujarat-India.

    • Sometimes they just want to make more money so they ask you to repeat, my guess is if you will go after 10 days, they will clear medical even she will have same 11.5.
      Some people try desi solution too, drink lots of fluids before test, milk with water lassi etc, I am not sure how effective is that.
      Did they give you unfit report? if not. About HB-10 mg , whatever doctors suggest best treatment or medication if sister needed go with that, we should not put our health on risk for any reason. 3-4 months is not lengthy period, you can read some of the comments in this blog, people are declared UNFIT for whole life. So i will suggest you whatever is good for sister health, whether it takes even 6 months, go with that.

    • hammad permalink


      I don’t know in India, but in Pakistan there is chinese herbal hospitals, they have confirm solutions for so many thing, I always having a problem from GAMCA that is SGPT high, which is not acceptable from GAMCA, I always took the mediciene from Chiense hospital and those mediciene given the false result furing the test. So if it is possible try to find the chinese hospitals in India

      • Umair Butt permalink

        hello hammad, please tell me that there is any hospital in karachi and if u can share the time it will take and side effect
        my email id is

      • Nomee permalink


        This forum is really good resource for people who are going to GCC countries. Can someone advise me how to reduce SGPT. I very less eat fatty things but i am afraid with SGPT. So Please advise.

      • Saqlain permalink

        Could you tell me the name and location of that chinese hospital in Rawalpindi area?

  254. Asslam o Alaikum,

    Thanks Sir Abdul Rehman Asim for this very informational blog.

  255. Arun permalink

    i got offer in Omen, And went for medical test , they told me as unfit due to the scare in right side of the lung. i discussed with one of the senior Pulmonologist , he told “X-ray showed right lung fibrosis which could be due to healed pulmonary tuberculosis.Its not a problem” Wat can i do for that . my ambition is to work in gulf country , I really disappointed because I am a sports person. And finally asked if there is any way to cure this , but they told –it’s not a disease , already cured , it’s a scare, so don’t worry about that.But its not suitable for Gulf country

    • I am sorry to hear that Arun, everyone knows there medical guidelines are irrational. These GCC countries societies are not built on individuals contribution, they are just digging oil and eating. That’s why they don’t have sense about these laws. Don’t get dis heart, Gulf is not end of the world. Keep your spirit high.
      we are trying all we can to raise this issue at right forum, these all Asian countries should have appealed collectively to GCC.

  256. Mohammed Firoz permalink

    Hello all brothers and sisters if you have scar fibrosis in your lungs and during the time of xray you are getting unfitted oftenly please try Serra RX Medicine It will help to remove this scar and clear the lungs . I am sure this will help to prevent this type of scars.

    Did you know during the xray its depend upon the diameter of this scar there are certain range if your scar is not more than selectable range then you will be fit otherwise unfit. So serra RX medicine will help you to minimize this scar spot . Please try this Because i already try this and complete my one trip to dubai for 3 years.

  257. Mim permalink

    NOOOOO,NOOOO.NOOOOO……I have tryed all of them-Serrapeptase and Longidaza…NOTHING WILL CHANGE in Your condition,BECAUSE practically you are health if the problem is old TB or TB scar and sure if you taked your madocations against TB!!!
    And now let me tell you!!!You should CHANGE you Atitude,your MINDE first!If you continue to think like SLAVES and just complain here NOTHING will CHANGE.NOBODY CARE for YOU!!!More WORST it is just YOUR ONE FOLD,Because YOU DIDN’T complaint to the PROPER AUTRORITIES!
    PLEASE ABDUL RAHMAN,with RESPECT to your person STOP to do this!Everything is ” black-white” writen.This people should understand that they should simply sign the petition and send letter to :

    • Thanks Mim, you are right we need to raise this issue at right forum, which i am doing myself, i spoke to very senior professionals about scar, there is not medicine to clear those scars, even surgery is not suitable to perform. We need to work on clearing these wrong rules rather than scar.

  258. Mim permalink

    Ms Diana Weil
    Diana Weil (WHO)

    Stop TB
    World Health Organization
    20 avenue Appia
    1211 Geneva 27

  259. YAM permalink

    First of all i really appreciate your given advices and efforts to this inhuman law protected my GAMCA. You try to give advice in best way possible to the effected persons.
    I have a similar case to take your advice on it. I got a very good job in Ajman UAE in 2009 but my medical got rejected due to mild lung scar on right side.
    My first question is that if my record on which my medical is rejected in UAE will be sent to all other countries in GCC? now I got very good job offers in Saudi arbia and Oman but i am really afraid to apply to go to that country and applying my for my medical there.
    My second question is if i clear my medical here in Pakistan GAMCA center as you advice my privatly and i go to Saudia arabia medical will be repeated again if my medical is rejected there what they will do with my visa.

    • Sorry brother for late reply. about mild lung scar , if you do not have any disease, then chances are if you clear medical in Pakistan you will not have problem in other country, barey hospital ki bajey choootey hospital seay medical ho jaey ga udher.. to make sure you can ask some friend or relative, send them your x-ray, they can show in medical center there, they will tell you. Saudi arabia i have heared doctors specially if someone does’t have active disease they don’t make unfit, again its better to make sure.. send your x-ray there so someone can tell you .

  260. adnan ashraf permalink

    if there is a problem of heart inlargement ,is it possible to get fit medical report?
    plz guide me

    • Allah give health brother. you should not have any problem, unless there was any surgery involved but to make 100% sure, please talk to someone at clinic privately or have private medical from the center before visa medical. you may have to pay fees but you will know ahead if there will be any issue.

  261. adnan ashraf permalink

    if there is a problem of heart inlargement ,is it possible to get fit medical report for wife visa purpose?
    plz guide me

  262. Hi,

    I have undergone medical through gamca the report was unfit,
    But previously four months. Bavk I have undergone mddical by other madical. Center report was fit,
    And privately I got examined with out side doctors they have given me fit,

    So please let me know wt should I do now

    • Why they make you unfit? what changed in four months? did they give you computer printed report with gamca number?

  263. SAMRAT RAWAT permalink

    Dear sir , i am very dissapointed that i decleared UNFIT from gamca . due to old kochs.
    i had keen desire to go gcc country .so its break down what should i have to do .
    i could not understand myself because i did not take any bad habbits .But x-rays \
    reports marks OLD KOCHS . plz guide me


  264. Shaikh Mohammed Alam permalink

    Dear Sir Abdul Rahman Asim Ji Assalam-o-Alaikum

    I am very impress with you Becouse your Answers is very respectfully & very simple method.
    Any way my question : I try go to abrode for medical professonial as a MRI & CT Scan Technologist Pl. Guidlines How do Applied ???

    Warm Regards
    (Shaikh Mohammed Alam)

    • Waliekum Asalam,
      Thanks for the comments, this forum is more about medical issues but anyway. I am not the best person to advise on that but what i can guide is to go abroad first decide which country you want to go, then see the good recruiting companies in your city for that, its very critical task, many people do fraud so try to use those have good name. secondly for gulf jobs see hospitals websites , they have many openings, apply to them, I don’t know much about medical but you can take some online exam which are recognized internationally form US/Europe that can improve your job chances more. Just try different hospitals directly email them resume. let me know if you have any question.

  265. amir permalink

    hello sir , i have done my medical test in india my SGPT is 57 it that normal and can i go to saudi???

    • amir permalink

      i want to know wether that sgpt range is normal or not sir?? and can i go to saudi?

    • dear amir, talk to medical center privately or have medical with them privately ( not visa medical ) . some centers are more strict than others so i cannot for sure tell you , you will clear medical for saudi.

    • Afaq permalink

      SGPT level in KSA is around 70

  266. Ahmad permalink

    asalam alikum abdulrahmanasim sahab
    main ne apni wife ka medical karwaya hai GAMCA (iqra medical comlex Lahore ) se us ki HCV report “boderline reactive” aayi hai.shoket khanam hospital,Lahore se dubara report karwi hai.un ke mutabik wo fit han value 0.85 ayi hai jab k cutt off value 1 hai.kya app batta saktay han required GAMCA value kitni hai.unfit card abi ni dia sirf computer se print dia hai jis par likha hai try after 30 days.Thanks

    • waliekums asalam,
      woh sirf paisey banaey keay chakar mein hein, do bar medical ker keay fees aur unko miley gi, mujehy umeed hai sister jab second time medical kerwaien gi tu theek ho gi report.

    • a a permalink

      GAMCA ki cut off value 0.6 hai. main bhi issi wajha se unfit howi hon … shaukat khanam se meri anti HCV value .69 thi n GAMCA center se 0.8 and they declared me unfit…. be careful n talk to someone there pvt or ask some agent to clear it. mera visa aye 6 months ho gaye hain n main sirf iss maslay ki wajha se nai ja pa rahi.

      • Rizwan Ali permalink

        Just wait for 1 week i am trying to get solution for HCV problem for the house wife visa.
        Once i got it for my wife i can guide you better, first let me run through with my wife’s case as an example.


      • a a permalink

        thanx brother rizwan. Allah karay k apki wife k janay k masla jaldi hal ho jaye. pata nai kis rule k under inn GAMCA walon se sari duniya se nirali cutoff value rakhi hai!

  267. Iype permalink

    Dear Sir,

    I was selected to work with one of the very best Oil and Gas companies in Kuwait, I was put through an extensive medical test at one of the major hospitals in Mumbai. Everything including my X-ray was totally normal. The test reports were evaluated at the company hospital in Kuwait and I was sent a visa.

    However at GAMCA clinic , I was told that my x-ray is have a pleural cap and hence Unfit. I went to a top chest physician , who advised a CT scan to accurately give a report. However GAMCA clinic is refusing to consider the CT Scan and said that as per their procedure I am unfit and report will be sent to Kuwait Consulate.

    Can I do something at this stage now ?

    • Brother did they give you any report, or just told you . you are unfit. If they give you report, then its very hard now to clear “x-ray is have a pleural cap ”
      others centers will not even take your medical , because they will say you already unfit from this center, they will have your computer record. If your employer can talk directly to consulate that can help also. you can go on visit otherwise.

  268. Jibran permalink

    Hello Brother,

    Any information how much time a Gamca clinic takes to give the medical report if done privately?

    • usually its 3-5 days, depends on some center.

    • lachieca permalink

      dear brother,

      It’s my first time to applying in abroad ang I’v got passed destination is in QATAR now when I got my Medical result in ( ST. RITA MEDICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC CENTER IN MAKATI which the agency told me to have a medical in that cinic ) when the result is UNFIT because the impression is I have ptb left infraclavicular region..i was upset because how can it be? I have no story for having a disease like that also in my family and i never experience any illness and I’m not smoking my agency said to me that i have to do a 2nd opinion.Shoul I i take that? pls reply me im so worried having that kind of disease..

      • yes please take second opinion. You can consult with your doctor also to make sure you do not have health issues.

  269. Iype permalink

    Dear Brother,

    yesterday I tool CT Scan, it reported that there is no pleural cap, however found a “tiny opacity in left upper lobe”, GAMCA doc said that they will keep my case in pending and not send to embassy, but said that I should contact my sponsor with all reports and try to get a waiver.

    yesterday atleast the gamca clinic doc treated me like a human and said that whaever help they can do they will try. but in his assessment for Kuwait there is very little chance

  270. Anjum Saeed permalink

    In 2007 i was declared unfit due to hepatitis C positive. I have one offer now again and i went to Gamca and they asked me to go to same centre.When i go any good laboratory other than gamca centre they declare me HCV negative. What should i do?

    • Take test again at gamca but privately, not visa medical. Just tell them i need for myself, i need to apply for visa, i want to check if i have any issue, dont tell about your previous medical.,

  271. As-Salaamu Alaykum,brothers and sisters for more than two months battle about my waiver,Alhamdu lilah,at last i’m going back to saudi arabia once more,with the help of my prayers to ALLAH subhanah wa taallah and to my employer that fight for me until my Scar problem was approved by medical clinic under GAMCA..Guys!keep praying to the one god don’t lose hope,talk deeply with your heart to your employer maybe they help you like what happen to me..Wish everyone create GAMCA wil wake-up to the guidelines and policy they made..Please let the TB victim but 100% healed,accept go back to work again..Stop Inhuman laws,Stop Discrimination,,ALLAAHU AKBAR…

    • W Salam, I am very pleased to listen that brother, Allah barak fi.

      i’m going back to saudi arabia once more,with the help of my prayers to ALLAH subhanah wa taallah and to my employer that fight for me until my Scar problem was approved by medical clinic under GAMCA

    • Nadeem Yusuf Pawaskar permalink

      congrats brother that you had got out of the scar prob. I also facing the same problem. i was selected for Dubai for the first time and got unfit certificate due to Scar in the chest Xray. I also consulted Chest Specialist for the treatment of the same but they told me that i dont have any disease and that i am 100% fit. then i came to know about GAMCA guidelines and was very upset. but at present i got an offer from Qatar Employer and they are ready to give me the job if i give them Certificate from Dr. in India that i am 100% fit and dont have any disease. still some what afraid. request you all to pray for me

  272. Mohammed Anwar permalink

    Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu

    Dear Brother

    I have selected for Saudi in an interview with the company delegate, and selected for the Autocad Operator. when i got my medical slips from Gamca, i went to medical, at the medical centre they asked me who is the candidate, i told myself, they replied that they will not do the medical test, because you have the white patches. Brother i have Vitiligo disease on some parts of my body,i.e; on both hands, little bit on the face and on both legs, when i disscuss this matter with my agent, he told me that dont worry we will arrange yuour medical from Mumbai. please reply me that what should i do in this case, is vitiligo patient in unfit as per saudi rules

    • W SAlam,
      Brother some centers give fit report for this case some dont. Its good thing they just told you we cannot take medical, they did’t not unfit you. Yes you can take medical at other center in Mumbai at your agent suggested.

  273. Prathap Vijay S permalink

    I got an agreement letter from a company of Oman. Now I am in UAE – Abu Dhabi. They are asking me to take medical test approved of GAMCA. Which are the hospitals in UAE.

    • Embassy website or Ministry of labor website should have all the hospitals, you can ask someone in your company’s HR department also.

  274. MUHAMMAD FAROOQ permalink

    Asslam o Alaikum,

    I am Abdul Maalik from Multan, Pakistan, Sir I have VITELIGO on my skin parts , so please tell me about that am able for gamca medical or not, BILATERIA CERVICAL RIBS ARE SEEN.
    PLEASE THIS IS UN FIT FOR Saudi i HAVE visa for Saudi Arabia. Thanks

    • W Salam,
      Please talk to gamca center privately about your case, some center can give you FIT report some will not. So take medical only from those who can give FIT report. Always talk before having visa medical.

  275. AOA.dear sir i m a doctor i was diagnosed with TB of the lymph nodes almost a year back.i have been on treatment for more than a year,my husband is in uk,with these t.b issue there is not a very good chance that they would issue me a visa,as TB of lymph nodes is not infectious,and i have already completed my treatment,but as the lymphnodes in chest were also involved so it will be easily seen on my xray that i have had past t.b.
    what r my chances can i get a visa for saudi arabia?or Middle east?like dubai,qatar.i have lived in saudi arabia before but i dnt have iqama nowas my family left KSA some years back.
    i have gone for xrays for past couple of months but my consultant and my radiologist say that these signs of past t.b wont regress much further ,so what should i do?and also if i want to go only for umra or hajj only than do they issue umra or hajj visa or not?

    • W Salam.
      Hajj and umrah visa they will issue, even visit visa. But the work visa is hard now. unless you sponsor talk to someone in consulate directly.

  276. Apurbo hoque permalink

    Dear Mr. Rahman,

    I am a Bangladeshi. recently I have got a job offer from KSA. my sgpt sgot and serum bilirubin remain above the normal level as I have Gilberts Syndrome which is not a disease but a congenital condition.

    Can you please tell me whether I will be declared unfit? Even if I get FIT Certificate here in BD will I get the same in KSA in spite of having the same condition?

    Do you know any medication by using which the sgpt, sgot and bilirubin level comes down for the time being?

    Please assist

    • Brother, You can better talk to someone in your gamaca medical center about this. or have your private medical ( they give you report , not anyone) , if there is something abnormal they will tell you , if not you can take then visa medical by giving photos and passport. about sgpt sgot and serum bilirubin I cannot give any advise as i am not medical professional, talk to any good doctor, but please do not do experiment with your body to get visa.

  277. Jibran permalink

    Assalam O Alaikum Brother , Thanks for the reply. I got my medical done and they have found out that there is more bilirubin in my blood than necessary. They have told me to take the test on 18th again. Can bilirubin level be decreased in the blood?
    Secondly ,will they do all the tests again or will only check the bilirubin level? thanks.

    • shahzada hammad gull permalink

      i think u r the same person who has sgpt and sgot raised, i had a same issue, u should visit to the chinese hospital, they will give u medicene and ur problem will resolve, they will charged almost three thousand, but also drink plenety of water, stop eating prathas, eggs and all fried things, like pakora and smoosas. Insallah ur problem ll resolve. I bought these medicene from rawalpindi.


      • Jibran permalink

        No , i only have bilirubin problem and have taken hepamerz for 4 5 days.Drank a lot of water and juices, havent eaten eggs and other fired things. Going to again take the bilirubin test on monday. Pray for me friends.

      • rashid permalink

        aslamu alikum
        dear i found biliribun in my blood 2.1
        and please guide to me for decrees bilirubin level.
        and guide for medicine and food.


  278. risanthi permalink

    Good morning Sir,

    Last week my agency applied my visa with medical check up. but The Indonesian Embassy in UAE-Abu Dhabi did not approve it because of approved medical center by UAE Embassy is different. And my agency check on the list of approved medical center by UAE Embassy, The medical center that i did medical is on the list of approved medical center. My question is why should argue with us, in fact we can prove it ? and is it possible that gamca can include on this case and if you can help us?
    Thank you very much for your cooperation Sir

    • Morning Brother, Sorry I did’t get your point clearly. What i understood is you took medical in different center , which is not in UAE Embassy list?

  279. dear sir.

    my husband works in saudi arabia & he wanted me and my daughter to go there. but the problem
    is my daughter diagnose (in a private hospital) with a minimal PTB, she was cured already and her doctor said she is physically fit. But my worries is the scar was already there. anyways, Sir i just want to know if we get a Visit Visa instead of getting a dependent visa, should she need to undergo the GAMCA thing or any other Physical/Medical test? by the ways she is already 18 yrs old that is why im so worried about that.

    Thanks a lot! hoping you could find time to answer my queries. God Bless!

    • Salam Sister,
      Yes you are right, she can have issue in getting fit report. You can do one thing, have her medical privately in the same center before taking visa medical, that way if there is any issues you can talk to the center, there are some centers they may clear her medical. Important thing is to know before having visa medical that she have any abnormality according to visa medical guidelines or not.. Solution is talk to the visa medical center, to have the medical but tell them report is for our personal use, they don’t need to send anyone else, you don’t have to give them passport or photos also, its just plain report. I have emailed you also let me know if you have any questions.

  280. dear sir.

    my husband works in saudi arabia & he wanted me and my daughter to go there. but the problem
    is my daughter diagnose (in a private hospital) with a minimal PTB, she was cured already and her doctor said she is physically fit. But my worries is the scar was already there. anyways, Sir i just want to know if we get a Visit Visa instead of getting a dependent visa, should she need to undergo the GAMCA thing or any other Physical/Medical test? by the ways she is already 18 yrs old that is why im so worried about that.

    Thanks a lot! hoping you could find time to answer my queries. God Bless!


    • Hi Sister, sorry i dont know if i had answered previously. You and your sister can go on visit visa, there is no gamca medical for that.

  281. honey permalink


    I agree in terms of consideration regarding IOM against GAMCA rules. There are some country who doesnt have any history of those unfit list. Thats why they are afraid to have that. It is also obvious that number of filipinos have number of cases of faint fibrosis as mine a small scar on my lungs. On my case i was suprised that i have that without knowing. Phils is full of population compare to greece and other country. GAMCA also need to observe the situation between our country and the other one. They are the only one who can explained why. I am very sad that i am having hard time to pursue my application. ANd also our country is in poverty any kind of job is ok for us as long we earn money weather it is to difficult of not. Some are working without taking meals. transportaion allowance is not enough from the minimum salary we have. GAMCA you are in the philippines you have a right to explain all the positive way as long as you can in medical terms. The problem in filipino is lacking of trust with their self confidence although most of us are intelligent than other country. If anyone read this specialy greece people, pls try to stay here in te philippines and observe the environment why. . . .

  282. nauman permalink

    sir, i want 2 send my brother 2 ksa i sent him 4 complete medical test before sending him 2 gamca all tests are fine but on x-ray remarks there is clout on his right side of chest but no lung infection

    • what gamca center told? the important thing is gamca centers they dont accept other hospitals report, better you take medical test in same gamca medical center but take it as private medical , dont give passport or anything? let me know what gamca said about your brother report.

  283. Manek permalink

    Dear Abdulramanasim,

    Before 3 years back I was working in UAE around 3 years,When i did xray for medical exam i got unfit in india due to scar on my lungs, But by the time i convince to my consultant allow me to go there even i got my medical unfit. At last my consultant allow me with my responsibility and he warn me that you after reaching UAE ,you will have to do second time xray as per uae law. So you will be unfit and as per his laws they refused your visas and u have to get back to pavilion.

    After went there i did medical xrays and after 8 days i got my report and it was FIT. I shocked there. But now my concern is still scar showing in my xray in india. But If i have got any opportunities for UAE then what i will do , and what is the procedure for one guy who already work there for 3 years,They will check my previous records or still they recheck my medical.

    • If you already working in UAE, I will not suggest you to go back and apply for another opportunity, the old Doctor he gave you a favor for giving you FIT report, there is no guarantee he will do this again, may be he left the job. Yes i heared many cases, people clear medical in their country even though they had scar, but when they had medical in GCC country they did’t have any issue. Medical centers in India, Pakistan, Philippine they are scared that if they clear anyone and he/she got unfit when they will medical again, then there center will close, so not many centers want to take chance.

      • Mim permalink

        Dear Abdul Rahman,
        we are group of peole who need your support!Please contact as it is not for publishing here:

  284. Ayesha permalink

    Asalamualikum, brother i did my medical 2 months back it came fit to work after that i got better oppergunity to work in Saudi i did my medical they fail me by saying lung scare ……..i did citi scan it came absolutly normal there is nothing if i go to saudi and for my Iqama if the scare appers theygona send me back or let me work plz help……….

    • Walikeum ASalam Sister,
      Where you take medical and it came fit? secondly did you take medical at gamca visa medical center? Most of the hospitals in saudi they see if you have any active disease/issue or not , with just scar they may not fail you ( i am not 100% sure but it depends which center you go, but most likely they will clear your medical ).
      In India Pakistan and other countries medical center declare unfit because they have guidelines from GCC GAMCA to declare unfit anyone have even little scar ( minimal fibrosis ). They can clear your medical but they are scared if they clear your medical and you get unfit in Saudi or other country and there center will be stopped. So they don’t want to take chance. If you clear medical in your country, and you have just old scar I am pretty sure you can clear medical in saudi.

    • Afaq permalink

      I have a solution in KSA for medical fitness but it costs but sure you will get FIT certificate

  285. Rizwan Ali permalink

    Assalam O Alaikum!

    I had planned to bring my wife n kids here in Saudi. She went through medical from one centre in lahore they had declared her as UFIT due to HCR reactive. I went through privately from well known labs for PCR which is stating “Non Detective”.
    Is there any solution to convince them that she is coming here on house wife visa which is not for work, or is there any solution for that.

    • Waliekum Asalam,

      Did they tell the sister to repeat the test after sometime? Problem is this medical center don’t accept any other report even you take it from US/UK. Did they give UNFIT report or just said she is not fit. Can you check in Saudi with iqama balaiya medical center if someone have HCV reactive how they see it, will they pass iqama medical? check desi iqama medical center.

  286. Rizwan Ali permalink

    Addition to above last year she was there in Dubai on Permanent Visa and there is no such was detected and visa got stamped after getting medical from UAE govenment institute.
    If they are deciding on the basis of Alisa only then what is the acceptable range of results?

    • Some centers are lenient compares to others, i do not have test range, but did you talk to someone at gamca medical center privately?

  287. Amkaa permalink

    Dear sir,

    I live in Mongolia and i’m going to apply the Oman VISA for live there with my husband. I need to go Beijing to take tha medical exam of GAMCA. But i have lung scar even i am doing perfectly good. Is there any possibility to take the good resulted medical report. Pls advise me your opinion on It.

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Best regards

    • With scar you can have issues, specially if you are going to gamca center. Have private medical before visa medical, tell them i want to know before if i have any issues, so i don’t apply for visa and tickets, this is will be private medical they will take fee but report will be given to you. they will take same tests. Dont give passport or anything. if report comes fine then you can take visa medical in same center, otherwise see the center which can clear you with your condition. Then you have check in Oman also, by your friend or someone who can check there if can the New employee medical will be cleared in oman with this condition, check small center. purpose behind taking medical two time is to avoid gamca unfit report. most of the people i know got unfit due to lung scar, so act very carefully, because once you got unfit you cannot take medical again, you are banned for rest of life to work in GCC.

      • Amkaa permalink

        Dear sir,

        Thank u for your kindness. Again one more question. If my husband will take the responsibility 100% on behalf of me, will they accept my VISA?


      • Amkaa permalink

        Dear sir,

        Pls reply for my previous comment. And if i go there for few months as tourist or business visit then do i need give that medical exam or no need?

  288. bino permalink

    Dear Abdul,

    am writing for my brother, right now he is working in qatar.and he gt another job opening in oman and he need to produce the medical test certificate to the new this possible to take a medical test in qatar for oman. otherwise he needs to come back to his home country(india).please help ..


    • You can tell your brother, that call to Oman consulate in Qatar and check with them if they can stamp visa in qatar, can your employer send visa and letter to Oman consulate in qatar, to request them please stamp visa.. I will not suggest to go back india specially if he have even minor health issues or concerns.

  289. Tariq chauhan permalink

    Dear sir,
    I am working in Hattar, My passport and CNIC is from multan.
    My agency got approval my cv for KSA Visa from company.
    I got GAMCA *****.My PP ************
    but i did not appear in Medical center for test.
    Now i come to know that visa is not available with company,
    What i should do with my GAMCA no.???.
    It may be problem in my future if i change country or get selection from other company.
    Please advise me in detail

    • Please do not post your passport, gamca number or any identity information on public forum, its not good practice.
      yes whenever you will go next time for medical, they will ask why you did’t go for medical, you can just simply tell, company didn’t give me visa . You should not have any problem. make sure you do not have any health issues.

  290. Krishnanunni. permalink

    Respected Sir,
    I have a scar in my chest x ray. Indian Labortory give me fit certificate.

    I had worked in Abu Dhabi (Dubai Visa) 2007-2011. After Nine month, ie 16-October 2011 I get a new visa from other company. ( Abu Dhabi Visa). When I reached at Abu Dhabi the Abu Dhabi Health Dept note the scar and a life time
    BAN empossed to me. (not mentioned in my passport – Ban in the Abu Dhabi Helth dept Computer only).

    Now I can try any other gulf country ie Behrain,Qatar,Oman etc. Or other African countries please help me sir.

    • I am sorry to hear that, you will have problem only for GCC countries ( ksa, bahrain, oman, qatar, kuwait , uae ), rest of the world you can apply.

  291. Mim permalink

    Dear Abdul Rahman,
    we are group of people who need your support !Please contact as it is not for publishing here:

  292. Rizwan Ali permalink

    Yes they had issue unfit report, and advised her to come back for medical after 3 months. I checked here in Alkhobar with one of medical centre where i went for my medical they said iqama can be available after providing a letter attested from ministry stating “She is house wife and not going to work in Saudi”. It can be done only when she is here in Saudi.
    I had sent those letters to agent with medical coverage by the company, medical cards and same letter from my company, will saudi embassy is going to accept that along with unfit report.


  293. Please let me know vitiligo patient is medically fit for GCC

  294. dear sir,
    my mom is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia pain from last 6 years can you please tell me how to get red by this disease

    • Brother, May Allah swt give your mom health , we pray for her recovery. about your specific question, i am not medical or health professional, I would recommend you to consult with good doctor doesn’t have to be from big hospital, but who can give proper time and qualified for such cases. trigeminal neuralgia pain is not a classic disease its a condition, doctor can reduce her pain shocks by medication and they may need to perform surgery, it depends, again please consult with doctor. Standby with your mom, recite Quran, give her personal comfort which you can. InshAllah khair

  295. Abdullah permalink

    Dear Abdul Rehman Bhai,

    My wife had TB in early childhood, I and even she did not know about it. In GAMCA test it has been discovered that she had TB in past. GAMCA labortary is making her unfit. I know she is perfectly ok, otherwise I cannot in be KSA after living many years with her. Even, we went to one of best hospital of our country, which says she is perfectly allright. GAMCA is not accepting reports of this reputable hospital, which is acceptable all over the world.

    We have kids as well. How can I take my family to KSA? Can I use Istaqdam for my kid and visit visa for my wife?

    Please advice.

    • Dear Br. Abdullah.
      yes GAMCA people sometime they dont see person have TB now, even old treated TB they declare unfit. So my suggestion would be if they didn’t give unfit report , tell them don’t give any report fit or unfit. you will try different center. If they have given unfit report already. then visit visa is the only option,about Istaqdam for your kids I am not sure please talk to someone in ksa who work on jawazat and labor ministry work. Can you change visit to permanent in ksa, can you check that, i heard its hard but still possible.

  296. fat permalink

    what are the tests i am going to give in saudi ambessy if i am pregnat it can case any problum in my visa. but in very ealy pregnany can i clear my saudi ambessy tests

    • I have heard some centers they don’t give FIT report to pregnant women, even if it is in early stage. they may ask you some extra money, it all depends. your test will be in gamca medical center not at the saudi embassy, i would suggest you to talk to someone at medical center before going to get gamca number or visa medical. take visa medical only in the center those can give you fit report.

  297. hello. dis is pratik.
    actually i gt selected for a hospitality group in kuwait. i did my first medical, it was damn clear.
    den i got my visa, did the second medical. dey found minor TB germs in my chest.
    result was unfit.
    visa is wid my consultancy now. i dnt know d further procedure.
    wen can i do my re medical?
    how cn i fix it.
    did check wid my family doctor, everything was clear in reports.
    and dis gamca people dnt even show the reports if the client in unfit. dts terrible altogether.

    • Hi Praik,
      Please consult with your personal doctor first, take TB tests to make sure you do not have any active disease , if you do have tb infection, take complete treatment. health is more important than anything else. if gamca declare you unfit its hard to clear medical now.

  298. fermin vitug nator permalink

    hello mr. abdulrahmanasim,

    im greatful that you help me a lot regarding on the topics ive read about your blog, me too have scars but GAMCA unfit me due to it..ive already signed a contract with my employer(S CHEM Saudi Chevron Phillips Co. as forklift operator bound in Jubail. KSA)i am very disappointed about the results and i dont even remember how or when i got this kind of illness. i dont have any history of PTB even in our family.
    i already search for the treatment of it but internet say it cannot be removed(
    can i asked you if there’s any Middle east country that are not covered with GCC guidelines?
    and what country is it?
    Thank you very much!!

    • You are welcome . GCC states – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are oil rich countries most of the expatriates are from Asia. go there and work. you can apply to any EU countries or US.

  299. usman permalink

    HI all
    two years ago i came up with a very attractive offer from ksa.I went directly to gamca center for the medical test.I had hepititis A carrier in my blood which made me unfit. even the representative told me that i m about to die in three months very funny.I had then consulted the doctor who told me its normal.but gamca agents already declared me unfit.I need help of advise from the forum as i am came up with the offer again

    • Did you have your medical elsewhere? try any other center. if it did’t work and the offer is very good.. go on visit visa, work there for six months then come back spend month or two and then go back..

  300. I am also disappointed with the rules and guidelines imposed by this gcc countries,i am one of the victim on it,Ive been examine there. 2times and the result is unfit to work because of the lung scar,the eumployer and the agency singed a waiver to fit me for work but sad to say the clinics that examined me dont give me a clearance to go so what i did i find a country that accepts people who have lung scar,when i get examined for medical it shows that i dont have a lung scar(ive been examined here in singapore)

  301. roy permalink

    A To Z Diagnostic Center this medical center has been fake

  302. sreeraj permalink

    Respected Sir,
    I have a scar in my chest x ray. eany medicine can this issue pls help

    • There is not medicine for that. Please sign the petition, complain your ministry of labor, GCC ministries to raise this issue.

  303. sreeraj permalink

    Respected Sir,

    i have TB in eight eyers ago ihve completed the medicine & fulley remove the TB in my body but this month iam going medical in kuwait but Dr said I have a scar in my chest x ray

    eany medicine/ hospital can be prefered for this issue pls help


  304. gumz permalink

    GCC State covers Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates just like abdulrahmanasim said. These GAMCA guidelines are only for these countries, they are the one who implemented these guidelines to the accredited clinics in the Philippines for example…so, if your health conditions / medical exam results has listed in their guidelines that unfit to work, then it’s not possible that you can enter these countries. However, you can apply for other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Africa as long as they dont have these kind of guidelines. It’s their guidelines ans it’s their right, a way to protect their countries. so a piece of advise,

    If you have history of PTB(stable, inactive, active), fibrosis, Scar, calcification in your xray…you are unfit to work for these countries. Even though other private hospitals in the county declared you fit to work, still it’s not the bases for your approval in GCC Counties because their guidelines are different in local hospitals / clinic. So, still you are unfit for GAMCA / GCC Countries. But if you work locally like for example in Philippines, you are fit / healthy if you undergone treatment.

    It’s not OUR guidelines, it’s THEIR guidelines. So we need to follow if we WANT to work in their country. If you’re not fit to work for them then try to apply for another country but not in Middle East.

    For those who have unfit cases or pending results in their x-rays, please choose a GAMCA accredited clinic that helps you and advise you honestly on how to deal with your cases. Some of these clinics just wanted your MONEY and is not helping the patients on how or what to do leaving them behind. These are some complaints by the patients from other clinics in the Philippines. Most of their staff are so unfriendly, not accommodating and conceited. But i must say that not ALL of them. You can also try other branches of these clinics in other part of Philippines. One of them are in Davao City. I can say that yes, they are strict but they just wanted to help some cases that can be resolved if you follow proper medication and instruction from them and their doctors. Also they follow the guidelines, so ever they give all their best to help you but still, it didn’t work, much better look for other countries or make yourself better and continue your medications for your own good.

    For those patients that diagnosed and declared unfit to work. Make sure that the clinic didn’t submit your medical report to GAMCA office yet. If possible, hold back your certificate and undergo medications IF your case is only PNEUMONIA. Some clinic will declare you UNFIT for PNEUMONIA. it can be treated immediately. Tell them that remark your case as pending for trearment and dont submit it to GAMCA or to your employer until such time your medication is complete and your xray result is negative. If you undergo medical in CEBU, MANILA or any place / clinic that has GAMCA office in that particular city, maybe it’s hard to hold back your result because some will submit your result to GAMCA immediately. In DAVAO city, there’s no GAMCA office there. So, most patients dont usually go to GAMCA but directly submit their medical certificate to designated embassy. That’s what i know. i dont know if it’s true. But most of the patients, declared fit to work go directly to embassy and process their documents.

    So next time you have your medical, be sure that if it’s unfit, take actions immediately and ask if you can make steps to turn it to FIT TO WORK through medications, etc. These accredited clinics will always be the one who will declare you FIT TO WORK for GCC Countries because they are the only GAMCA ACCREDITED clinics and not your local hospitals.

    If you have some questions you can also try to ask here.

  305. Dear sir,
    my name is Jitendra kumar i am gamca medical done last 26 march 2012 in lucknow.but medical report is told your x-ray problem.take 15 days madicine this is small i am fit and fine.what time do again medical.somebody told after 6 month.

    plz help me.

    i am wait your answer.

    • I hope you had taken complete through TB treatment and feeling healthy.
      You can go and take medical, but if they unfit you due to x-ray then i think you will have issue in clearing medical. I will suggest you to talk to them before going to take visa medical again.

  306. im also a victim of this rigid ruling of this so called gamca,i almost cry when my application turn down by my agency because of my scar on the lungs,its almost a week now when some of my friend s departed in kuwait,im still in the stage of grieving ,im depressed,i had this chance of a lifetime offortunity,i should be working as a nurse right now if only i passed the medical exam,now im stuck in my house,from time to time i check the net about updated about this issue,but to no avail.i guess rule is rule,only miracle will change it.

    • I am sorry about that. But do not dis-heart, stay strong , do your best to raise this issue to the concerned authorities. I am very optimistic , its not that far now. I hear every other day in middle east news papers about these guidelines before nobody knows about GAMCA. I am sure soon you will be able to go and work as nurse. Have faith on God.

  307. Manik permalink

    Dear brother..salam walekum…god bless you..u r helping lot of people..always they will pray for you and ofcourse these credit will goest to you….I am from Nepal…last week I have received yellow slip for my family after much struggling…now these days my wife is suffering from cold and cough…will it affect for GAMCA medical test? this cold and cough usually happening to my wife sometimes….should i take private medical ist from GAMCA? if i will take private…then where? with the same GAMCA where I also take the visa medical? I mean for private medical from another GAMCA medical center & visa medical with another medical/ or I will do both is the same medical?….pls reply me in my email….do u knw how much is validity for yellow slip..permanent visa …pls reply me..thanks & god bless you

    • W Salam, Thanks brother. I guess by yellow slip you mean , family visa. Preferably If she can take private medical gamca center, without giving passport etc. just to take same tests. If they report is clear then go for visa medical. If private medical not possible in gamca center then take elsewhere but make note that there is no abnormality in any tests, past medical history or present. If your wife have cough , it could be due to many reason but to be sfae have chest x-ray and get radiologist report, see if he say there is any scar or not.. scar issues is the biggest unfit factor in gamca medical exam.

  308. Mohammed saleem permalink

    Dear Brother,

    I have been declared UNFIT for Saudi Arabia for having ECZEMA, all other blood an urine reports are good. What shall i do? Kindly advise me? I am not sure weather he has entered the report online. how to check weather he had entered it online or not?

    May Allah bestow of his mercy on you…. Ameen

    • W Salam, Brother how spread is ECZEMA,can you take treatment talk to good dermatologist, it can be reduce. try again. If had taken gamca number and they gave you UNFIT report, then it is online.

  309. Naeem permalink

    AOA Bhai,

    I am appreciate your help to humanity with any cost, Allah know your work and Naeki

    I will to go tomorrow for medical test for Oman.

    My eye sight is little bit week, i use 1# eye glasses.

    Will there any problem?

    Please reply soon.

    • W Salam,
      thanks for comment, sorry for late reply.
      They take eye exam , if you can see by wearing eye glasses you will be fine. Please tell me how your exam went, I pray InshAllah khair

  310. Anwar Khan permalink

    Assaalam Alaikum Brother Abdul Rahman

    Thanks for the reply for my query on medical rules for Vitiligo disease, I got medical Fit from a Gamca Center, know iam feeling very much relief. Thanks very very thanks brother

  311. nazma tanveer permalink

    assalam o alaikum
    abdul rahman bhai plz help!!!
    in JAN’2012 i hav completed my TB treatment and got all repots cleared bt medical commission of doha declared me UNFIT. i showed them all my past reports and a letter from my indian doctor.what should i do now plz help…i am residing with my husband and am a housewife.and my visa is family visa not work visa.

    • Waliekum salam Sister,
      I am sorry to hear that. Did they declare you unfit due to scar/fibrosis in x-ray or for which reason. Did they ask you to leave qatar or ? They will not accept any other reports or tests even it is from US. Please don’t InshAllah there will be some way out..

      • Rizwan Ali permalink

        Assalam O Alaikum!


        As discussed earlier i was trying to get Iqama for my wife with UNFIT report.
        Alhamdulillah i got it on the same report from Saudi Embassy, mine is the second example for family visa with unfit report. My wife is having report for HCV positive and other was for X-ray findings.
        Please send me email separately to my email address i will forward you the documents and process which i had gone through.
        It would be very helpful to the sisters going as house wife.


      • w salam,
        I hope you used valid channels, please share the detail .

      • a a permalink

        please i want the detail of this process badly. please please forward my email adress to brother rizwan ali. or give me his email id. i will realy obliged.

  312. Mohsin permalink

    My wife was declared unfit by Shifa, Islamabad, reason being the x-ray findings. I was not aware of all the process (of private test beforehand) and i m totally stuck now.

    Problem is, it has been 5 months that i took visa from istiqdam office. Now my wife is pregnant, and x-ray is not allowed during this phase. She went to shifa and those guys say that you were declared unfit because of x-ray so you have to wait till the birth…WT*..this is what written on the report, UNFIT FOR THE JOB OF HOUSEWIFE?????????????????????????????

    I will bring my wife on visit visa, but till the birth it would be more than a year after release of Yellow letter from istiqdam. That means i would have to pay another 2000 SR for new visa??????

    I m certainly looking for a reliable resource even to get me fake medical report now…If i have to pay 50-60 k on new visa, then visit visa, then recursive travelling, then hell with the system, and why not pay some agent to get all this NOW…

    I even tried to go to other center in different region, but that guy was smart enough to see the gamca islamabad center and he said you have to get it done from the same center…

    • Salam A,
      I have noticed most of the people have concern in going to other country than the health. In your case brother did you consult doctor to look at her x-ray , is there any thing active in x-ray or its just old scar. I hope and pray InshAllah there will be nothing serious but make her health priority. Now about the medical, if it is unfit due old scar in x-ray you will be able to clear medical its all in computer system doesn’t matter you take medical anywhere.
      Visit visa is the one solution, but its not permanent. Please sign the petition cases like yours need attention from concerned authorities like GCC GAMCA.

  313. Assalamualaykum Dear brother.. did BELGIUM country the same wth the middle easT country when it comes to medical matters? EXAMPLE OLD SCAR DUE TO PNEUMONIA…

    • w salam,
      check embassy website, medical requirements are different from country to country and with visa type also

  314. syed haseeb raza permalink

    salam alakum to all

    sir i have problem of high alt ast kindly tell me how to normalize it.i have no hebitias etc……

    • W salam,
      please consult with good doctor. do not take anyone medical advise online, these conditions should be check by doctors physically.

  315. Arthur permalink

    Dear Mr. Abdul,

    This is my first time to visit your blog and i found it very interesting and educational, My case is different, I undergo medical examination to a GAMCA accredited medical clinic here in Philippines but my destination is not on GCC, I was bound to Brunei and i failed due to Pleural Thickening and faint Fibro-Nodularities, I asked a second opinion on a private pulmonologist and undergo another xray on private hospital and found that i’m physically fit and healthy, I secure a certificate from the pulmonologist who check me including the xray plate and submitted to the medical clinic for comparison and evaluation but disappointingly they hold on their findings that im still unfit.

    After a week i received another job offer in KSA and I’m not taking medical examination yet, the agency who give me the job offer knew the result of my medical examination cause i discussed it, she advised me to go the Lung Center of the Philippines to undergo xray and hand over the result on her office and they will waive whatsoever the finding is to the employer, as of now I didn’t get any update. my question is, Is this possible? and if the waiver result is positive outcome what would be next or any chances is there to can clear medical?

    And lastly I just got a family visa right now bound to Oman which my sponsor is my sister. my question is, there will be a chance that my name is entered unfit in the database of GAMCA? I’m working before in Qatar for more than 4 years and we are required a yearly medical examination but nevertheless all those years i never heard negative findings. i just leave Qatar last sept 2011 and i undergo medical examination fails me last march 15, 2012. .

    Thank you and I hope those officials who established this system will see the effect they made to all the human who are only intention is to work for living.

    Brothers and Sisters who are avid follower on this blog lets hope and pray for the best and this system will be change for the benefit of us all.

    Hoping for your responses, thank you very much.

    • Thanks for the comments. You mentioned “undergo medical examination fails me last march 15, 2012. .” This happened in qatar?
      yes you will not have much issue in KSA medical but you have clear carefully medical in philipine. Waiver can work if employer or sponsor is strong or influential.
      Yes we all have to work on changing this system..

      • Arthur permalink

        Hi Mr. Adbul,
        It happened here in Philippines, i received a job offer in Brunei and i undergo medical examination and i failed. I have a family visa now going to Oman this May hoping to get a job; im afraid if i will undergo medical for employment purposes in Oman is there a possibility i will pass it?

        Thank you brother..

  316. syed haseeb raza permalink

    salam alakum

    plz sir reply as soon as possible.and also tel me i have tested my self twice and if i take some time to confirm my self absolute ok can i take time .if i do so will the gcc will have any objection .i m nt still unfit but they advised me to low ur ast and alt.

  317. hassan permalink

    my bp is 140/90 in medical i have been marked fit will this medical is ok

  318. tariq permalink

    i have vdrl test reactive what can i do am going ksa

  319. mark permalink

    sir abdulrahmanasim,

    i was deported from dubai due to old ptb, they said i have a ban. i would like to go back there but now they are saying its a lifetime ban. is that true? is there anything that i can do to go back on s visit visa?

    thank you. could you please email to me you mail or contact number so that i can call you to explain further? i really need your help.

  320. Your friend permalink

    Hello All, GAMCA results can be changed. I had the same experience, GAMCA Approved clinic put unfit in GAMCA website, and i went to other clinic and they said i am Fit, but when they are uploading my result in GAMCA website they found that the other clinic already Unfit me, So they contacted me and said they cant help. then i asked for solution, they asked me to check with the opther clinic and negotiate with him to remove the Name from GAMCA. sO I DID SAME AND THEY REMOVED MY NAME AND I GOT fIT FROM this clinic. Every clinics has their own radiologists, it depends on the radiologist how they evaluate our X-Ray. After that i went to Qatar and done medical with Supreme council of Health, and they just gave me FIT, I got very angry on the 1st clinic which i was Unfit and called them, and abused that guy like hell. Now i am in Oman, here also i am FIT. Our GAMCA Clinics play game, GAMCA just depends on clinics report as GAMCA is an authority of issuing certificates. These clinics and doctors play wid us. Dont be upset guys if u r unfit once, u will have other option, Also, if the clinic made u unfit and uploaded in GAMCA website and refused to remove ur name from GAMCA recrds, dont worry, just take 3 months vacation in India and then go again for test, GAMCA will maintain theri records for up to max 3 months after that automatically they will be deleted. If u have any doubts mail me at

    • Thanks for the comment. I am glad you have clear your medical. To my knowledge, GAMCA keep records for unfit cases without any expiry, even after 5 years or more. anytime you go to the center for medical they can pull your old medical record. You are right the first center they can remove your record, but they are not obliged to do that, most of them refuse to do so, if they don’t remove other centers cannot help as you mentioned yourself. Problem is some centers just to to show GCC health ministers they are better than other centers, to make good impression on GCC ministers, they show that we did more UNFIT cases than others, so they play on statistics , anyone they found with minor abnormality they declare unfit. I will never say anyone to stop and sit, try your best, everything is possible, we need to change this system rather than taking shortcut.

  321. Parwez permalink

    Abdul rahman bhai, please advise me,

    I have gone for medical test at GAMCA centre in Delhi for Oman, my x-ray finding is “Hilar
    saying “UNFIT”.

    I have consulted a Lung Specialist, an x-ray was done, finding is “Hilar shadow is normal”. On the advise of my Doctor a City Scan of my lung was done. Finding of City Scan is normal too, written as ” no any sign of Hilar enlargement is found and there is no any abnormality has been detected”. I was not recommended any medicine as well.

    I want to fix the issue soon because my employer is in hurry.
    Should i go for any treatment or for re medical test?


    • Waliekum Asalam,

      GAMCA does’t accept other centers tests and report. You have to consult with any authorized gamca center who can help you in clearing medical. It will be hard now, specially x-ray UNFIT cases because every time they will take x-ray this ‘Hilar’ or scar will show up, one solution is ask employer to send waiver letter to consulate that you are healthy.

  322. HAFIZ DAUD permalink


    • Sorry for late reply.
      Hafiz bhai , do not experiment with your body. if you have TB take 9 months treatment under the complete guidance of pulmonolgist/chest specialist doctor, do not skip a day. About hakeem Gold medalist, i don’t recommend you at all. You will waste money, time, most importantly you will damage your body and infect people around you. Take complete treatment, then you see the visa thing, health is more important than going anywhere.

  323. Rohit permalink

    Hi Abdul Rahman Asim,
    My name is Rohit from India. Brother I need your help or suggestion. I got a good job offer from Oman few months back for which I have to be appear for GAMCA medical test in my country. First time for GAMCA test, they told me unfit due to scars on my lungs. After one month I reappear for same GAMCA test from other clinic & I cleared it and got my fitness certificate.
    Some peoples told me that when you reached oman they will take again same medical test.
    Please give your suggestion on my condition. Currently I have both unfit and fit medical certificate. I have to go oman or not. What are the process in oman for employment visa if a person have GAMCA medical fitness certificate from their home country

    • first you make sure you do not have any active disease , those are just scars. about Oman, you can talk to any of your friend or relative in Oman to have you x-ray check from medical center there. try small medical center.

    • first you make sure you do not have any active disease , those are just scars. about Oman, you can talk to any of your friend or relative in Oman to have your x-ray check from medical center there. try small medical center.

  324. Most of the Indian GAMCA Medical centres are forcely give Unfit or review reports.because of Money lending.
    Fisrt Medical ,centers collect Rs.3000.00.if candidates revire than that Doctors says come after three weeks.agagin after three weeks Doctors collet second time Rs.3000.apart from this they are sending to scan or MRI etc.,.there also doctors get lot of commissions.they are giving result also second time date only.Kuwaiot you know very well after visas come only doing medical.iots every body suffering.
    I think its not required gamca.or otherwise you side some one visit as a secret in some centres and discuss with Candidates not for Doctors.
    Its is Totally not reasonable.

    • Sorry some grammer mistake.because of type speed only.

      But sure You take action please.for example per day 10 candiadtes go to medical in one centre review than give us thier Fit report only 2 or 3.remaining all they sent them back to come after 20 days.again they collect from candidates Rs.3000.00

      I think this is humanity or decoities??

    • most of the gamca center practice this not only india, they ask to repeat the tests, so they can make more money.

  325. Fahad permalink

    Salaam Abdul Rehman brother, I have also been victim of these Bh*** ch***ts because of there shit rules. They call them selves Muslims but they are Bloody inhuman I uppose. I suffer from Psoriasis, im sure u must ve heard abt it, its a non contagious and a non infectious skin disorder, they them selves (gamca karachi doctors) knew that it is non contagious and a non infectious skin disorder, even then they declared me unfit for KSA. My question to you is can i Apply for jobs in UAE (Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah etc)??

    • w salam i dont know if i had replied before. if you are unfit you cannot apply to these UAE, kuwait, qatar, oman they are part of GCC.

  326. Fahad permalink

    Salaam Abdul Rehman brother, I am Civil Engr.I have also been victim of these Bh*** ch***ts because of there shit rules. They call them selves Muslims but they are Bloody inhuman I uppose. I suffer from Psoriasis, im sure u must ve heard abt it, its a non contagious and a non infectious skin disorder, they them selves (gamca karachi doctors) knew that it is non contagious and a non infectious skin disorder, even then they declared me unfit for KSA. My question to you is can i Apply for jobs in UAE (Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah etc)?? or Do they also follow GAMCA rules?

    • w salam,

      i am sorry to hear that. Yes UAE follows same guidelines, but you can talk to different center and try.

  327. Abdullah permalink

    Dear Rizwan Ali,

    How can I contact you?

    • Rizwan Ali permalink

      Assalam O alaikum!

      For Family Visa Only.

      I had submitted several letters to Embassy along with the visa and unfit medical report as follows:

      1- Declaration from my company for my family details (Arabic attested from chamber)
      2- Medical cards/ Insurance certificate
      3- Letter from My employer stating my position salary and family status (Hosue Wife)/ insurance provided by the company (English on company letter head and company stamp)
      4- Letter from my side declaring my wife as house and will not work in Saudi (Attested from Chamber).

      After submitting all these documents i had requested to Medical centre to online the unfit report.

      Note: I had prepared all these documents same as submitted by the lady was having ubfit report for “X-ray findings” and she got the visa.

      Alhamdulillah the whole process took only 40 days from the date of Visa issuance till family arrived in Saudi.

      All sample documents are available to share with you. Meanwhile check with your agent are they aware about this process or not.

      ADVISE: Please be patience and avoid to use unfair means to promote blackmailing, there is a positive way always just it is matter of time to understand and to get to it.

      Brrother Abdulrahman could you please send me your email address or address for the person asking for this informtion.
      Other wise please advise can i give my email address here on your portal.

      Jazak Allah Alkhair.

      Rizwan Ali

  328. Saba Imran permalink

    Salam I am Saba Imran from Faisalabad. I had a medical test from gamca approved center in gujranwala and they declared me hept. b +ve. Although i had given all tests privately before going for gamca and the result was Fit and no hepatitis. Now they say to come again after 3 months. My husband has sent the Yellow letter of my visa and it’s validity is 9 months (not sure can anybody confirm). Kindly why they declared me +ve although other labs declare -ve? Now after 3 months if they say for restest then chances that my visa validity will expire. Kindly Guide.

    • Repeat the test , consult with your doctor also. InshAllah it will be ok. sometimes they just want to make more money by re-taking test.

      • Rizwan Ali permalink

        Assalam O Alaikum!
        I already explained my case for HCV+, Brother Abdulrahman send me your email address so i can forward you all the documents and procedure in details, which will help other families as well.
        You may can share that information with whom it is required.

        RIZWAN ALI

      • Sir Abdul Rahman…Do u think that re-taking of the test will solve the problem?? I Guess u have mentioned above that once your are declared Un-fit by GAMCA then your Passport number and ID goes to GAMCA database and there is no chance that GAMCA will declare it fit by attempting for the second time after 3 months of ur first Test.

        “I’m from Peshawar i did my medical test here in peshawar & GAMCA declared me medically Un-fit and reported that i’ve HBsAG Reactive..I consulted a medical specialist doctor he examined me through a few test {LFT(Liver function tests) + HbeAg test} the rest was clear ..

        So what will u suggest me ..?? should i go to GAMCA for re-test or not after 3 months..??
        Please let me know about my problem ,,its the matter of my future…Please guide me.
        I’ll be waiting for your detailed reply about my problem.

      • If results are fine, take those test in Shifa medical islamabd and call consulate, explain the sitution. They will allow you to re-take exam at different center

  329. Sulaiman sherif permalink

    I need to know. I have small scare in my right side lungs due to heavy cold for 5 days. I am unfit in GAMCA medical Gulshan Medicare chennai. How can i make fit. If I did medical one time in gamca after that when i can do my medical next?.

    • If you was unfit because of x-ray then it will be hard to clear medical. You can take medical again anytime but they will be able to see your old report.

  330. Saba Imran permalink

    salam, i gave my test and it was heptatis b +ve. I had earlier checked up privately but all tests were
    -ve. They gave the unfit for 3 months. Kindly my husband has sent the visa – yellow paper. what should i do.


    • w salam sister, if you are sure you do not have any issue, take those test in Al Shifa Islamabad, and call the consulate , explain the matter , they will allow you to re-take the exam.

  331. Rajesh permalink

    Hai Sir,

    I am working In Oman. I would like to bring my family here to Oman. My wife had TB 7 years ago. She healed from the disease. Before going to GAMCA She went for a medical test in private center and they said, she is normal.
    After that she went to gamca and taken the test. They said you are UNFIT.
    What I want to do now???
    Please help me

  332. brother, please give me the e mail id of brother rizwan ali. i want to ask him about the procedure n documents required for the housewife visa with unfit medical report. its urgent brother. my visa is going to expire soon. please!!

  333. assalam alekum abdulrahmanasim ji my name is prem from india few days ago i got offer for oman as a manager for hotel n for that agency told me to do medical from GAMCA so i went there n did my medical from there choosen medical center but bcoz of scar on my lung he did unfit to me its ok bcoz i don’t have any idea about this rule . i just tried to explain him that this is parmanent mark n i showed my CT SCAN & x-ray report of year 2006 n also the fitness report of that doctor who checked me than n in with that report only i went to U.A.E. at that time from year 2007 to dec.2010 n after that i went to africa n since this past 5 year i never ever suffer any kind of illness or physical problem but he was so rude that he was not ready to listen to me instit of that he was watching T.V. in his cabin. i only have a request to GCC Country that kindly do something good for US plz do some naccessary changes in medical examination for GCC. as intire educated world knows that this is not a major deceases n its cureble if its active n after cure it left scar behind or if its latent its always shows scar in u r lung plz consider this as no deceases n plz remove it from u r unfit list.

    • w salam, I am sorry to hear that. I can understand your situation. Please sign the petition we are trying to change these guidelines.

  334. Amjad Khan permalink

    Dear Abdul Bhai,

    As Salam Allakium

    Please add me in your list of person with scarring in the X-Ray. Really you are doing a good job by helping out others and consulting with the GCC authority to wipe out this system. Only we can ask Allah for removal of such system in the GCC world. Please let me know what more can be done to put the words of all the suffering brothers in to the ear of the GCC health Authority for the eradication of the system

  335. latha permalink

    Even i face much difficulties with gamca guideline. It is the worst experience in my life.

  336. latha velusamy permalink

    I am latha frm blr, had skin problm remains with scar. Went for gamca for medical fit unofficially, declared unfit. Dnt knw wat 2 do? Pls suggest me. The only satisfaction, they ddnt upload in gamca. Awaiting ur advice pls.