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First of all I am not medical professional. I made this blog just to help people in understanding GAMCA medical exam, and to avoid Unfit cases.. but unfortunately people read this blog when they have already received GAMCA unfit report.. its near to impossible  to get fit report once Unfit.

So please please get your medical exam privately same tests. you can go to gamca medical center, usually they are private clinic in the morning they do visa medical in the evening they are like private clinic. so go in evening and have those medical tests, tell them just its private exam. dont give ID , passport etc.. if report in not good.. then you have chance to do something about it.. because they dont enter in gamca computer database private medical exams results. what you can do is, if there is problem, fix your condition. then talk privately.. about the issue, and solve it..its not easy at all. but possible..if they say report is Ok for Saudia Arabia or other countries.. then go to different GAMCA center or in the same and have visa medical exam after taking gamca number. hopefully it will be fine. As there will be again medical in Saudi Arabia or where you are going.. to be safe you can ask your friend or relativin that country, if he can check locally with medical center will they have any issue in getting clear medical report with these conditions, use same procedure, visit after hours and talk privately.This way you will have end to end solution..

The Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “God is kind and likes kindness in all things.
——— Rihadh us-Saleheen, Volume 1:633.

  1. AGB permalink

    ALLAH App per apni rehmaten nazil farmaye
    aur meri tarhan dusron ko bi medical kerwany se pehly iss blog ko read ker ke faida uthany ki tofeeq dey.
    thanks a lot

  2. abdulrahmanasim permalink

    thanks ..May Allah swt bless you too..

  3. AHSAN KHAN permalink

    Dear Sir,
    Plz Answer me only my one question.
    1.Still i have not applied for medical fitness to GAMCA center,but i know that i have a patch on my left lung may b due to any desies r may be PTB,without X-ray my all reports cleared due agha khan.with submitting of these all reports i”ll go to GAMCA medical center for fitness certificate,Ist of all i will meet GAMCA officails and show all reports and ask them if you can fit me behalf of these reports then OK,otherwise i will refuse for medical checkup procedure for fitness certificate.
    Now Sir,
    tel me if i may get fit report from GAMCA,and reached in jubail KSA there also i ahave to under go for medical fitness procedure ,WHAT WILL BE HAPPENED WITH ME IF I WAS FOUND THESE PATCH ON MY LEFT LUNG DUE TO X-RAY.because in chest the pache can not be removed with any treatment.that patch also appears in also KSA,then what will i do there…?
    plz guid me and tell me,should i go r not KSA…?

    Engr.Ali Hassan.

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