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list of diseases

Gamca clinics release list of diseases that make unfit to work in Mideast countries

Rules And Regulation For Medical Examination

These include:

Infectious category
• HIV/AIDS reactive
• Hepatitis B surface antifgen, HCV reactive
• Microfilaria positive and malaria blood film positive, known leprosy patients
• Tuberculosis – any type, X-ray showing active PTB, past evidence of PTB or healed • Pulmonary scar, including minimum fibrosis, calcification (granuloma) pleural thickening, pleural effusion, tuberculosis lymphadenitis
• VDRL/TPHA reactive

Non-infectious category
• Chronic renal failure
• Chronic hepatitis failure
• Congestive heart failure
• Hypertension
• Diabetes mellitus
• Known case of cancer
• Psychiatric disease and neurological disorders
• Physical disabilities, i.e. color blindness, deafness

Please add any disease which is not here in the list and GAMCA made you unfit. Thanks
  1. I am Abdul Maalik from multan Pakistan, last few days i have visa from KSA,
    and i go to the approved medical center for information of ducumentation which will require, the receptionist see me and tell me that, i am not able for medical , because i have VITALLIGO, (BARS or PHULBERY in URDU) on my some body parts, so please tell me about, that is true, ….. that i am MEDICALY UNFIT please so help me

    • Mustaki Shaikh permalink

      Assalam un walikum..Dear white spots (phulberi) doesn’t make you Unfit in the medical.even i was suffering from same disease and i got passed in Medical Exam.just you make a test from a Government Hospital and a Private dermatologist stating that it is not contagious disease.

      • arif permalink

        Assalam un walikum..Mustaki Shaikh I don’t know u r from were but if ur in india pls call me my name is ariffuddin because 1 week ago same problem came to me that’s way I was rejected in gamca awaiting for u r reply 8171211501

      • javid iqbal anjum permalink

        Assalam un walikum sir please contect me very soon i am also suffering (phulberi) my medical unfit please help me to tell about this my email my cell is +92

      • sohaib permalink

        brother are u sure about this bcz i am suffering from vitiliigo… i have to go for medical test soon i am in pakistan

      • kumar permalink

        i have piles , i want to go abord gulf , am from india what about my medical test ???/
        can i passed the test

      • Ravi Shankar permalink

        Dear Mustaki Shaikh,
        in my medical test they said that i have pleural thickening so my repot said that it is UNFIT and cannot go to bahrain,
        when i enquired in our hospital that that is normal.

        kindly suggest what i have to do next

      • Umar shahbaz permalink

        Aoa bro…they declared me unfit due to abnormal x-ray…can you help me ?
        What should i do ?

      • Faisal khan permalink

        Please tel me mujhe bhi spot hai to kya mai saudi me fit ho jaunga ki unfit plz teel me

      • PRAMOD KUMAR permalink

        Same problem with me but doctor is confused to give me fit for the vitiligi
        Pls help me for is it true that in ksa prohibitive the vitiligo person

    • Dan bahadur ale permalink

      I m from Nepal and I m 30 year old male.i got old scar in my left lung.i don’t know how I got this scar I never had tb in my past..i checked with many docter they told me it’s normal it doesn’t effect your can I apply in Dubai or not?please answer me as soon as possible..

      • azam permalink

        Dont apply yaar u will be rejected and banned for life time

      • Siva permalink

        I am also victim of Calcification in lungs. The Stupid GAMCA declared me UNFIT.

      • Stupid Rules permalink

        I am a JOBLESS now due to the calcification in lungs. The employer or agent didn’t come back me after I informed him about the results. He used call me often before the results and he forced me to quit my well paid jon. My lungs specialists certified that I am medically fit and I don’t have any diseases. It made me Nightmare. Arabs have to update their medical guidelines to determine the person’s health as like westerners do rather than sticking with the outdated rules.

    • javid iqbal anjum permalink

      dear malik kiya ap ne medical fit karwa liya ha aur kasay i m also same disease called VITALLIGO, please help me i m unfit

    • WALKER BRUCE permalink

      ATTENTION Applicant,

      This is a great opportunity moment for exotic candidates outside the UNITED KINGDOM who wish to work here in the United Kingdom in different skills such as Primary Skill Labor (PSL), Secondary Skill Labor (SSL) and Semi Skill Labor (SSL2). We requires a senior and junior level to work. The organization is a specialist in the field of Hospital.
      The successful candidate will enjoy working as head of a dedicated team, and working for a committed organization. This is a demanding, challenging and exciting role, requiring a creative individual with highly developed communication skills.

      1. Candidate must be able to Read or Write English language.
      2. Age limit. From 18-50years
      3. Candidate must be able to work under a contract agreement, for a minimum of 2 years period.

      Interested candidates should forward their RESUME/CV with verifiable reference(s) as word attached document to:E-Mail;( Selected applicants must successfully pass employment criteria, but not limited to, a drug screen and medical/physical
      examination all conducted and carried out on Hospital.


      Physician (ER doctors, surgeons, hospitalists)
      Nurse (CRNA, RN, LPN/LVN, CNS)
      Techs (Radiology Tech, Ultrasound Tech, Surgical Tech)
      Therapist (Physical Therapist, Radiation Therapist)
      Medical Assistants
      Medical Lab Technologist
      Radiology / Imaging
      ICU – Intensive Care Unit
      ER – Emergency Room
      Labor & Delivery
      Cardiac Care
      Gift Shop
      NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

      Case manager / Social Worker
      Human Resources & Recruiting
      Executives – CEO, CFO, CIO.
      Information Technology
      Administrative Assistants



      • Dear sir,
        now I am working in retail industry as a administrative assistant. Pls help me to work with this country. Thank u
        Mobile: 008722611170

      • parvez permalink

        hi…contact at+91-8005462990

      • Mohammed Ali permalink

        I was unfit for ksa (because there is SCARING OF APEX lung) but not uploaded online ,and there is no active infection
        my query is ,is this same applied for DUBAI,
        SO I want to try for DUBAI.
        PLS kindly suggest what do.i want to write KYA exam.

      • Wasee. permalink

        Can a person suffering from typhoid will pass gamca medical it is not a infectious disease or any spreadable disease just a normal fever so can any one tell me about this please…….

      • Muhammad sadique permalink

        Sir plz contct me I look ur massage I intrusted this job pls tell me more about this job 923475373503

      • Limar serolfarim permalink

        Hi, just want to know if nurses position is still available.47yes old. Thanks

      • I am 6g tig and stick xray welder

      • Guled permalink

        I am clinical nurse with 3 years experience my age is 23, I want to work and study in Europe specially UK so how could you help me
        Thanks Sincerely

      • praveen permalink

        HI, I am a doctor /physician MBBS with 2 years experience.I want to work in Europe .can you suggest me.

      • bishnu permalink

        Dear sir,

        Greetings from bishnu I am a continental chef I have good experience from UAE and india
        In luxury hotels.Please mail me here
        And I am from nepal.
        Thank you.

    • SHERAZ permalink


    • Rais permalink

      Hi I have given interview and selected I have 3 problem which are minor first I have dental problem but now ok doctor took out my last corner teeth due to cavity, second I have 3 white spot on my stomach but its not totally white its recovering and becoming skin colour ,its not vitiligo but look like vitiligo its size 1 cm, third I am normal walk normal but there is slight change in legs diameter both legs klook normal but if they see or measure very accurately they will I find difference which may be 3 to 4 millimeter now my question can i pass gamca?????????

  2. Butchibabu permalink

    My Spinal cord have small curve . But they didnot tell how much %. Simply Doctor told as per GAMCA procedure UNFIT. Please give suggestion

  3. Butchibabu permalink

    Respected Sir, I am waiting for your reply. I got job visa for kuwait. When I went medical through GAMCA, report came as UNFIT, because of my spinal cord have little curve. But doctor didn’t tell curve %. I don’t have any pain from child hood. Sir I would like to go to do job in Kuwait Power station as Control room Operator. I saw your mail. Idon’t have any problem in that list. please give me your valuable suggestions to me. I am waiting for your reply. PLZ,PLZ,

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Dear brohter, i am sorry to hear about your case. you should have talked to them privcately before getting unfit report. beacause they put it in computer system, its hard to fix later on. do one thing.. please ask your employer in kuwait to fax a brief letter to kuwait consulate that this person we selected for this job, he is physically fit, does;t have any contagious disease. please waive the spinal cord abnormality. Chances are dim, but try inshallah khair..

      • Syed permalink

        Dear Sir,

        Assalam Alaikum,

        I am Syed from Chennai, India yesterday i do medical for Oman, today i went to medical for collection of my medical report but inform me i am unfit due to the yellow fever (Janties) have in my blood. And there one staff informed me privately approach the Doctor tomorrow morning.

        If the doctor give me the positive report, my health condition is support the Oman’s claimant and food etc.,

        Please suggest me.

        I am waiting for your reply.


        Assalam Alaikum

      • Sir I want to go gulf as a safety officer & i m color blind red & green minor so is it problematic for me???

      • Sir
        I am Pakistani and work in UAE.I have vitiligo I get new job in oman and they gave me entery permit for oman They never demand any medical.omani company get my permit on my UAE visa. But i am upset for medical in oman.Please guide me about

      • Irfan permalink

        Assalamu alaikum,

        Sir please help me.i have got a job in Saudi.when I went for medical test in gamca Bangalore they found my hilum was enlarged so they sent me for CT scan but ct scan report didn’t show any hilum enlargement but instead it showed subcentimetric right lower paratracheal nodes in my right lungs.first gamca doctor said that it is normal but has to be approved by our head office, then their head office declared me my question is CT scanning is not necessary according to Gamca so why they have to consider this ct scan report?my x-ray is not showing any nodes or scar on lungs.ig was showing hilum enlargement which has not found in CT scan.please suggest me whom to contact in this case?I need your help hereor else I will lose my visa. jazak Allah.

  4. a asif permalink

    hello sir, i ve been declared UNFIT as the medical center find me HCV reactive…. which is non reactive in Shakat khanum hospital report. the center has given me a computer print out with red stamp of unfit and a red stamp at the back with ONLINE written with a tick. is this mean that my report is online now? can i never be able to pass the test? what if we talk privately with someone there? is there any way that this could be canceled? my husband is already in KSA i was going there on family visa. plz plz reply soon.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am sorry to hear about that sister. May Allah give you shifa. Ameen
      Its very hard to get medical clear now, you cannot even take medical anywhere , medical center they will always be able to see your this report. HCV reactive treatment is long term too,, i will suggest you go on visit visa, and stay untill you have to come back, then go back after couple of months unfortunately there is no other way around.

      • usman permalink


        i had HCV but in 2005 was treated, now i am in Dubai and my company planning to move me to KSA now, will there be any issue in Visa as you know the HCV PCR will be non reactive (IA) but HCV elisa will be positive.

        Plz guide me


      • shaikh permalink

        Please inform me about your status. I also have the same issue. .

        Best Regards


    • waseem permalink

      I want to go Dubai for job. i got my medical checkup for hepatitis.Hepatitis C and B is in PCR quantative report is 0.00 or negative.but when i do my screaning test(an ordinary test ) for hepatitis B it shows that it is Positive. Is there anyone who tell me about the situation that what should i do that which report in dubai is authentic PCR or Screaning test.

      • midnight.clue permalink

        I am from Philippines and now working in Saudi Arabia. I was diagnosed positive of Hepatitis B and barred from going to middle east. Fortunately, after 24 days of natural cleansing and special diet my ailment is gone. God is good.

      • saadia permalink

        dear brother i have the same issue with hepatitis c, its non detected in pcr but GAMCA unfit me. I go tthe job offer as a teacher but now i couldnt go

    • there is no HCV test for UAE , Qatar visa but for some categories … ,for TB in uae not allowed , my frnd deported due to TB scar only.

      • Mohsin permalink

        r u sure that HCV test is not taken for UAE ?
        Please reply as i have read commnts that max people rejected due to this test.


  5. a asif permalink

    thanx for the reply brother. i m not HCV positive. as my test is clear from other lab. is there any ‘other’ way to get it clear now. if so plz tell me. will they not be able to see my status if i go on visit visa? please reply soon. waiting desperately

  6. Sir
    my name is sajjid and i want to go abraod but ihave a little problem with one leg means polio so can i go to abroad

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      GAMCA takes any abnormality very seriously, i am afraid they can make an issue for you. you can talk to them privately about your case, see what they say.

      • Dr riz permalink

        Respctd sir. Im working in saudi ,my husband visa already issued 3month back bt in medical at karachi, its hep B only below 1. Sometimes 0.8 but they dnt accept,even Hep B Pcr is negative, core antigen negative,lft normal. i want to ask wats gamca rule for family visa ,as agha khan lab its always negative and i consult a gastroentrologist he say no disease , no need next appointment, now wat should i do
        ,?should i go for gamca at islamabad and do medical there, kindly guide about family medical visa issues

    • ravi permalink

      my name is ravi, i got a job offer (Accountant) from saudi, last month i failed the medical checkup of gamca because of my very minor leg disability.

    • faysal permalink


      bro i have the same issue . i got visa from saudia arabi.. my friend told me that gamca cant approve me…. r u cleared medical test… plz inform me.. thanks in advance …03221424211

  7. MAHESH permalink


    i have 10 years back TB,but it is compoletely cure& i am completely fit now.but scar on my lungs.i cheked by one MD doctor, he said me this in not active TB.means Inactive dieases. so,after that report they will fit me or not.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      as i mentioned. be careful, GAMCA does’t care its active or inactive, so talk privately, and how you got fit report in 2008?

      • aron permalink

        good day sir, i’m really dis appointed with may last medical result in gamca clininic… doctor found pleural thickening so is doesn’t mean unfit to work bound for malaysia… what i can do can you help me regarding may x-ray result…

      • Bilal permalink

        Aasalam o alikum
        Abdur remhan sir, i have a medical test in GAMCA and i eating pan tobacco from many years but i am fit.
        what i should do for getting my report clear?
        plz plz ans me

      • Asif Ayub permalink

        Dear Sir,
        My name is Asif Ayub from Pakistan. Sir i need some information from you. Sir in my x rays there is some shadows on right side of my chest. These are too much old and i check these about 3 years ago here in National Hospital Lahore. Doctor Check my x rays and then after 3 month again he compare new x rays with old one and then after one year he check all of my 4 x rays and tell me that these are old shadows due to chicken pox and these will remain all of the life. Now i have all of these x rays and can i Apply for job visa. Thanks

    • Keru permalink

      I have same problem plz tell me how you get feet

  8. zulqarnain asghar permalink

    Asalam o alikum
    recently i got a visa and i went to medical center and as u mensioned above that don’t gave them id, or passpord but i don’t know before i read this so i give them passpord and now i have gamca# and they told me HCV and give me a time that come again after 3months i am 21 year old and i also go on some private big labs but in it i am ok plz tell me now what can i do? i am so tense about this

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      W Salam,
      First note, your health is more important than anything else. Its unfortunate you have HCV virus, you can talk to good doctor and start the treatment, i think you have to take medicine for several weeks, then he/she will ask you for test to see if virus is still there. If its clear, then as you mentioned you can go for medical again to the GAMCA. I hope inshAllah it will be fine.

      • vilma navarro permalink

        hello sir, me i ask you an information if i go to kuwait for visit visa or transit visa,do i need to get a medical text from gamca even i only staying to kuwait for 2 week or maybe a month only? please help me to know…salamalaykum…

  9. a asif permalink

    sir, as i have told u before….. i dont have this virus in my blood. i have confirmed report from Agha Khan Lab. doctors say that i dont need any treatment then y should i wait for 3 to 6 months???

    • shaikh permalink

      Kindly reply me.what happened next.i have the same problem.

  10. ASLAM permalink

    Assalamo Aalikum
    i would like to convey a message to sister a asif that if she don,t have active HCV, she can go to the center and request them to cancel her unfit declaration from the system. if they agree then you can go another center and get private medial first (don,t show them passport)
    once you get private medical report then show it to them when you go for visa medial.
    i hope you don,t have that disease. these centers have different instrument sometime one center declare you unfit (by human mistake or instrument mistake) but when you go to the another center they will give a fit report.

    • shaikh permalink

      No brother, they are doing just screening test by elisa method. Its very sensitive method.and noally the people who are tested positive.ate nnegative when tested by pcr tes

  11. a asif permalink

    brother aslam, can u plz advise me how to request the center to cancel my unfit declaration from the system? as the ceter personals are not in a mode to listen me :(. i am totally lost ! i will appreciate your prompt response. thanx for showing concern.

  12. ASLAM permalink

    my suggestion : go to the nearest GAMCA approved medical center after 4:00 pm (usually they do private medical after 4:00 pm) & have private medical ,once you get report “ok” then this ok report show to your previous Center who declare you unfit & explain them politely that i m passed GAMCA approved center and now i would like to have medical examination from them so please delete my old recard from your system. i hope they will understand.
    if it will not work try to use some source(i.e you or your relative know someone in that center)
    i m sure that it is possible to delete the record & it is not hard but only that center can do this who declare you unfit

  13. a asif permalink

    than u soo much for your suggestion brother aslam. i will try to follow your advice. 🙂 jazak Allah

    • Saba Imran permalink

      a asif. kindly tell me what is your status now. Your result is clear now? if yes what you did? kindly tell me.

      Saba Imran

      • my status is still uncertain…. your visa has islamabad written on it or karachi???

    • Saba Imran permalink

      my visa is islamabad and they declare me hepa b +ve. My husband already sent the yellow paper. it is one month past now. i am trying for re-test. what is your case?

      • Saba Imran permalink

        aa can you tell me what is “validity of Yellow paper”. Can you tell me plz. some say for 9 months it is valid and some say for 1 year. You know exactly for how long it is valid?

      • mohammad ahmer permalink

        you contract to mr ahmer mobile no is 0333-4415133

      • Rehan permalink

        it is valid for 1 year

  14. haris permalink

    plzzzzzzzzzz do me favor and tell me requirement of HCV points
    how many points are required by saudia rules to b fullfill whether
    i am non reactive in HCV but he say to me u have to be on
    0.50 but i have 0.75 so plz give me sugestion me brigte carrer is
    awating there plz help me plzzzzzzzzz

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Where you are having medical? some centers are not much strict, you can talk to them privately.

    • hussain permalink

      HCV LAVEL Required for GAMCA IS 0.79 or less then this

    • Go to Waltham in tamil Nadu. In that state they had particular medicine for hepatitis.. (it’s ayurvedic) slow to cure.

  15. a asif permalink

    an agent is asking for 70000 rupees to clear my medical….. is it fair enough?????

    • Ahmad permalink

      can u please tell me the contact number of the agent who is willing to clear the medical for money? a friend of mine is having some issues and need help.


    • Mehmood permalink

      Can you please give me the details of agent for clearance of medical?

    • kinza amjad permalink

      A.asif plz send me contact info of that agent who is demanding 70k.I m willing to get his favour

  16. ASLAM permalink

    Actually we people whenever face some problems/calamities we try to find some ways to resolve it anyway, whether the way might be wrong or right. If we expect something from the people rather than Allah, then Allah don’t care what happen to us.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Always go for the right way and people are the creation of Allah swt and they are there to help each other in one way or the other.

      • i just want to ask ive known a person which is my bestfrnd has been dx from tb last 2012 from saudi and she took medicne from king saud hosptal and follow up xray they said there she is cured, but now we undergo for medical in our applction in one GAMCA clinic she been unfit even she is treated.i just want to ask if we can get a clerance or certication that her tb is not active?tnx. i need a miracle from God so we can proceed to our application.

  17. a asif permalink

    Actually i dont want to spend so much money on bribing and gain gunnah….. but this is the only way out. the med center people are not listening to my plea. i just dont know what to do…. bha Allah se bhi behisab duain mang rahi hon…. aur kya karon! Allah pe bharosa tha to tabhi rishwat k bagair test de i thi….

  18. Abbas permalink

    I have verococeile left scotrom

  19. Abbas permalink

    I have verococeile left scotrom, I can pass GCC medical exam

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      please go to visa medical center after hours, just talk to someone.. its better to be cautious because they can declare for any abnormality there is not specific list. go to small center.

  20. kishore permalink

    Dear Sir,
    I got an excellent offer for Oman but i found hbsag+ve,am i eligible to work in oman,lever functioning is normal

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      hbsag+ve cases are considered as abnormality and you will have problem in clearing medical. please check with visa medical center after hours and if they can clear you, secondly if they can FIT you, then check in oman also to make sure you will not have any problem there .

  21. Adel Kassab permalink

    pls. notify me

  22. savita permalink

    can HIV positve people get work visa for OMAN ?

  23. Nasir Hameed permalink

    Sir my name is Nasir Hameed i am 47 years old…..which type of test check in lab for saudia visa???

  24. rod permalink

    can TPHA positve people get work visa for KSA?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      some please talk to someone privately in your nearest visa medical center

  25. rod permalink

    ive been treated for syphilis but i found to be a tpha reactive.
    can TPHA positve people get work visa for KSA?

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      I am not sure, please talk to local gamca visa center, but talk to someone privately no need to give passport or ID.

      • ASIM permalink

        sir plz tell me that i have hapetites c one year before and i treated through ijection now my pcr test is negative byt anti HCV positive …i am eligible for UAE bcz they consider the PCR test .the question is that can i go oman on engineering visa ? or OMAN consider PCR test or Anti HCV

    • Ahmad permalink

      Sir, I had Syphilis 4 years ago, and it was treated successfully, Before treatment my VDRL and TPHA were positive and after getting proper treatment my VDRL becomes -ive but TPHA still +ive. According my consultant doctor I am Medically FIT person now. but my TPHA will remain positive for life. Now i have go through GAMCA Medical test. they declare me UNFIT due to TPHA positive .
      I am really confuse because i have a job in Oman now. I have to send them my Medical fitness report. Please help me what should i do ?

      • Yes thats the issue they declare unfit due to past history which is ridiculous. See if your company can give some waiver letter or talk directly to Consulate.

      • vidyadhar permalink

        Even i have been tested TPHA positve at GAMCA centre, but at private doctor i found TPHA Negative. However, TPHA Positive is less. Even in Oman, my employer said it wont be problem they will take care, but problem is that my data is recorded online and is now over 2 months and now GAMCA is asking me to wait for six months, as per the medical rule. But the new Oman labour law is going to be changed from July 1 2014 as a person who left oman will have to wait for two years to return back to work in Oman, now i will be losing my chance, due to the online process. Is it possible to do something about the Online Database, so that i can fly before July 1 2014. Kindly advice me.

      • ali permalink

        Can u plz help me . I m also suffering with syphilis bt I dnt who should I consult a urologist or a dermotologist plz plz plz kindly rly me .

  26. Joan permalink

    Sir, i have a hypothyrodism goiter but is benign. Goiter is sometimes active and sometimes its not I am applying in middle east country. Do you think I can pass the Gamca medical examination? Pls reply asap.

    • abdulrahmanasim permalink

      Dear Joan, please talk to someone at visa medical center privately, Gamca people declare unfit , even with little abnormality. so be careful.

      • Fahad permalink

        Hi sir can you me guaide me bcoz I have old tb scar on my lungs plz help me pass gamca medical exam

  27. Joan permalink

    Please answer my question sir. Thank u.

  28. riyaz permalink

    aswk sir I am having a kidney stone does it come in Chronic renal failure

  29. Kashif permalink

    as per new regulations of UAE MOH, HEPATITIS B is no longer in the blood test.

    is it correct that HBV carriers now can go and work in UAE?

    please reply

  30. Muhammad Sayyad Khan permalink

    Sir, 3rd Feb, I had got my medical for Saudi Arabia from Shafa International Islamabad. they Declared me unfit(small granuloma in left upper lobe. this was un believable for me. Because I have just come from UAE after 8 years. In UAE I have 4 time medical. there was nothing in UAE. I am not a smoker. I asked them for a re exray. But denied. I went to a private hospital for Private x-ray. From Private hospital my Xray report was clear. Next day i again went to Shifa International and show them my private report and xray.I asked them Please show me your xray so that i could see where is the spot. they refused to give the the X-ray. I want to know in such a cause where i think i am fully fit. can i challenge GAMA report some where in Pakistan. Is there any forum like This? Please reply my. thank



  32. MUdassar permalink

    as salam waklum sir
    A diagnostic center in mumbai has said me that i m HCV wealky positive but when i took up hcv test in another lab it showes non reactive so what should i do now

    • w salam, did they give you unfit report, or they told you take medical again after 4 weeks?

      • MUdassar permalink

        told me to take medical after 4 weeks
        so do u know ny medicen for this??

    • shaikh permalink

      Mudaair I also have the same problem. .
      Can I get ur contact number. .I am also in mumbai

  33. MUdassar permalink

    they told me to take medical again by 13of next month

  34. بيوي permalink

    Peace be unto you…

    I take your advice regarding my issue of my lung scar since 10 years ago which was only diagnosed before I took my degree in due to required medical requirements by most universities. And I accepted my fate since then by completing my treatment, finished my degree and be able to work locally by which has never been a problem as I declared my history in every pre-employment medical as well as their annual employment medical exams, supported by previous films and medical certificates.

    One day when my official job offer was released by the employer through an agency recently I was referred to a clinic, for which I know a GAMCA because I have monitored all queries and issues regarding the same condition I am facing right now, supported by referral documents that i will undergo all required medical tests. I talked to the agency head regarding my condition and they allowed me to have a dialogue to the clinic’s director doctor to appeal my condition to reevaluate me regarding my past condition by willful submission to an chest X-ray first before proceeding to other test since we all aware that my previous history will still appear on the chest X-ray and if I did it officially by getting a GAMCA number surely I will be declared unfit in the database.

    Unfortunately upon my plead, the director was very firm and just reiterated the rules which I already know before I aspire to apply for a position because I knew this has been an old issue and I’m tired enough to express my self-pity. I can’t say enough because he is the director at that moment, that might offend him if I plead with my reasons of the ff:

    1. We lived in a third world country where studies has been proven that poverty is a great factor by which nutrition and lack of access to medical facilities and treatments is a factor where PTB cases are still high. though it is curable and non-infectious upon compete treatment.

    2. I have been diagnosed prior to my legal age which is treated completely and remarked stable conditions every chest x-ray I underwent as it will attest my work experience locally in the country.

    3. My previous condition has never been a issue for I lived and worked normally and my aspiring job is a non-medical practition like doctor, nurse, houskeeper, laundry etc. by which I will not be exposed to different communicable diseases for my position is more on office work.

    4. I went to the country previously as a Visitor with a valid Visit Visa and I submitted myself through a X-ray and sputum test locally prior to my visit even a visit visa does not require a medical exam which is I think a risk for all GCC countries as well as for our brothers who apply for Hadj and Umrah visas. For I agree that it is my moral obligation not to inflict harm on others.

    As of now, My medical is pending and I have not undergo.any test for I i’m still hoping my case will get a reconsideration. I just want to share my experience for all aspiring expatriates.
    Though disappointing, I’m still looking forward that the merciful and compassionate God Almighty will heal these leaders to understand our concerns. We just want to help our family and our fellow countrymen. Thank you Abdulrahmanasim for all your reasonable thoughts and God bless,

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have faith these rules will not remain longer now, health executives in GCC, and other concerned parties now aware that what they are doing it is wrong morally, legally.

  35. Saif permalink

    Sir i am saif from kasur Sir merey father ko saudi arabia jana hai lekin unhun ney jb advance medical centre lahore sey medical krwaya to unhun ney xray main unfit kr dia b coz un ko 10 year pehley tb thi lekin ab wo bilkul fit hain lekin advance waley kehtey hain k xray main nashanat hain ab report krwai ko 1 saal ho gya hai hum kia kren 2 dfa report krwa chukey hain lekin xray main wohi nashan atey hain last time 1 March 2011 main report krwai hai Showkat khanam waley kehtey hain apka xray bilkul thek hai hum kia kren plz reply hum bht preshan hain

    • salam saif bhai, x-ray mein nashan houn tu woh medical clear nahi keretey. masla hai keay woh yeah nahi dekhtey keay abhi koi health issue hai ya nahi, woh puraney nashaan waley ko bhi clear nahi kertey . iss leay behter hota gaer pehley medical kerwa letey privately, lekin jo Allah ko manzoor. pershan honey ki zaroorat nahi Allah behter karey ga. ab medical clear kerna bara muskhil hai, kiun keay unhoun neay report embassy bheaj di ho gi, aur dosrey center waloun keay pass bhi record ho ga. aur yeah record 10, 15 saal bhi nahi jata , computer mein save hai.
      koshih ker rahey hein keay Allah kerey yeah rules change ho jaeyin. baqi pershan honey ki zaroorat Allah peay bharoos rakein, koi na koi rasta nikal aaey ga.

    • Ali Raza permalink

      Abdul Rehman Bhai mein Mein b Dubai gya tha 2013 mein Oct, Sirf old Tb scar ki Wja say Wapis a gya hun, Ab kia kro, Dubai mein Ban ho gya hun mein, Bas ye wait kr rha hun k kab arbi politicians ko akal a jaye aur mein ja skoon dubai.

  36. Dogar permalink

    Dear All
    I have gone through above comments from all of you: I am also on the same boat as of sister a asif:
    My Story is: I just switched my job from Dubai and want to go to Saudia. I went for medical in one of GAMCA Lab. They made me UNFIT by writing that I am infacted with CDRL and TPHA positive.
    Whereas I made my tests from SHAUKAT KHANAM As well as from AGHA KHAN Lab which clearly shows:

    Now I met many consultants and they all are in my favor and there is notthing in my blood.
    But how to deal with GAMCA Lab????

    • Problem is that gamca dont accept other clinic tests. You can contact embassy, that they wrongly unfit you, Embassy can give you another chance to take medical at some other center. Make sure your tests are fine.

  37. permalink

    i want too know , how i check my report online by the given my id card number or passport number

  38. ommer permalink

    can u plz tell me dat iz dere any authorized medical center in Abbottabad for obtaining med fitness certificate for saudi arabia ?? its urgent..

    • I am not sure there is any center, you have to take medical in Islamabad or rawalpindi, at Alshifa

      • Pasha permalink

        Assalamualaikum sir, I wants to know whether HSV I & II test is Carried out for GCC medical. Will they conduct HSV test or not?

  39. ommer permalink

    i hv appeared b4 a centre in islamabad bt dey objected on an issue,,, nw i wana get med from a centre at peshawar,,,would dere b any chance dat dey object dat my case no is of islo bt im geting med from an approved centre of peshawar ???

    med centre at islo hz nt made any entry against me on line…..

    • if you appear at Al shifa in Islamabad , then yes they will have record and all the centers in country.
      please do not write in short form , thats good for chatting

  40. Doctor permalink

    i can guide you how to go for medical… As I have recently gone through this procedure…
    I am available to all of you

    • could you post some information, i emailed you also if its not good to put it in public.

    • Saif permalink

      Hi Majid…. I m also facing same issue …..can u help out how to clear up these antibodies issue….have reports from chugtai,,Shoukat khan am and aga khan and all negative but vdrl positive because of antibodies …….per also negative …… 12 times I hv given blood and vdrl is near to 1.1 …..can u help pls

  41. Dogar permalink

    No Problem
    The procedure is simple… JUst made parallel tests from State of the art labs i.e., Shaukat Khanam, Agha Khan, OR Chaughtai’s. But REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR ID CARD NUMBER AND PASSPORT NUMBER on test reports.
    Then go again to the same GAMCA medical center and try to meet the Doctor in that lab and discuss with him alongwith all your reports of Aghan Khan, Shaukat Khan etc.
    I hope they will consider you again for re-test
    Remember: It is import to put your ID and Passport number on parallel Reports (Agha Khan OR Shaukhat Khanam etc)

      • salam brother…. i want to go saudia to my husband,,,but i confused in medical ..because mujha sist thi overy ma us ki surgery karwae thi 2 year before…can i clear in medical

  42. samsi permalink

    i was a smoker from the age of 16 and i was medically unfit due to pleural thickning in x ray, no TB dected, is this curable, can i go for a job out side india

    • You can work outside india unless you have any infectious disease. GCC countries take notice of pleural thickning, if you are applying to go GCC countries talk to visa medical center before about your condition.

    • ravi permalink

      Dear Sir / friends
      i also have pleaural thickening is i to possibl to clear the gamca medical .. Else please say the possible way to that .. Its kind request .. Please . My mail id is

  43. shaik permalink

    SIr i dont know about this medical tests list.Can you give me the list of test they will take and i hear that test is also done to is there any problem having small penisss iam 22 years old want to go saudi.

    • Brother you will not have any issue unless you have or had any contagious disease.

      • Saldy sabandal permalink

        Greetings, i am color blind.. is it a ground?to deny or unfit to work in saudi?

  44. Ahmed Khan permalink

    i am ahmed khan from karachi. pakistan. i want to go to KSA but after medial they that i am suffring in hepatitis c test reports are as under:


    Cut off value patient value result
    Anti HCV 1.0 6.21 REACTIVE

    Please Tell me in this situation, how i can solve it and how i can go to KSA ??

    Ahmed Khan

    • Brother health is more important than going to other country. Please consult with good doctor and see at which stage your hepatitis c virus is. Start immediate treatment, I don’t think you will be able to clear medical until tests result come negative. Even by hook or crook you clear your medical in pak then in ksa medical you will have issue. Work on your treatment first then see how result goes, InshAllah khair..

      • Ahmed Khan permalink

        Thank you sir for advice

  45. Shahid permalink

    Assalam o Alaikum! Sir meri age24 hai me ne Canal View Lahore se 14.11.11 ko Saudia ke liye medical karwa tha report unfit ayi thi jis me Anti HCV Reactive tha. Parivet karwa to Non Reactive tha. Unho ne dobara medical ka 6 months time dia tha. Ab usi tariqa pehla Gamca se tokan lena ho ga.? Ya koi aur tariqa hai.? Meri pehli report abhi tak computre me save ho gi.?

    • w salam, pora ilaaj kero keay kiyoun test theek nahi, poorani report rahey gi, lekin farik nahi perta jab test ka result sahi aaey ga..haan pehly ki terha token lena hai aur medical ho ga. gujranwala seay ja ker kerwa lena..

      • brother, please ap bata saktay hain k ap ne mr shahid ko gujranwala se medical karanay ko kyon kaha …. unn ka test as he said k canal view lahore se howa tha. kya yeh zarori nahi k jahan se unfit report i ho wahin se dobara test karaya jaye? aur ap ne dobara se token lenay ko kyon kaha??? waiting

      • aap woh paste kerain.. i couldn’t find that.

  46. khan permalink

    i hav medical test for saudi next week.
    I hav one testis up and other somewhat down, so will they give me FIT or UNFIT report.

    • w salam,
      you should not have issue, but gamca people they make little abnormality a issue, go to small center.

      • haran permalink

        i have a small penis .. will that makes me unfit.. please reply.. i am very much worried

  47. Daniyal permalink

    Abdul Rehman Bhai i cleared medical 6 months ago in Karachi i have to go again for medical test becuase the previous one has expired i have one doubt that in my previous medical examination they gave me fit after consultation with chest specialist due to some scar on my chest. im confident i will go again in the same centre and will get fit again inshallah i have fear that when i will go Saudia they will again do medical before start of my job in Saudia arabia what do you think they can unfit me i have scar just due to i had lung infection i did not have any PTB or other diseases actually i will be in trouble if i will get unfit there because im giving resign here im working with a multinational com in karachi which is the best job for me if i stay in Pakistan please reply soon.


    • W Salam. agar pak mein clear ho jata hai tu udher bhi ho jaey ga inshAllah. kissi chutey desi indian /bangali center mein medical kerwana. pehely baat ker lena

      • Imran farooq permalink

        Dear sir my name is Imran I had infected from hep c from gamco 6 months ago then I go for treatment in which my PCR is negative but anti body hcv positive which is 1.968 after treatment I had expended 2-3 lakh on my treatment sir plz tell me what I can do will I able to go to KSA plz guide me proper way my brother in law is also in Saudi arabia

  48. Saba Imran permalink

    Salam I am Saba Imran from Faisalabad. I had a medical test from gamca approved center in gujranwala and they declared me hept. b +ve. Although i had given all tests privately before going for gamca and the result was Fit and no hepatitis. Now they say to come again after 3 months. My husband has sent the Yellow letter of my visa and it’s validity is for 9 months. Kindly why they declared me +ve although other labs declare -ve? Now after 3 months if they say for restest then chances that my visa validity will expire. Kindly Guide.

    • Waliekum Salam Sister. take test with well known center, if there is shukat khanam lab take test there and then talk to gamca center. You can talk to embassy if gamca center does not take your medical again, make sure your results are fine.
      you can repeat test anytime, unless you are on some treatment.

  49. tamilarasan permalink

    What is the meaning of HCV reactive

  50. bhurning permalink


    I undergo medical examination on a clinic in Manila accredited by GAMCA Philippines.
    Until now, it was still pending due to hypertension and color blindness.
    I returned to clinic hoping for a re-take of my blood pressure because I was tired that time.
    Unfortunately it did not happen.
    The clinic requested a waiver from the Employer.
    Unfortunately, they did not give it to me.
    They want a waiver first prior to doctor consultation and medication.
    Please advise what I have to do now.


    Hope somebody can help and advise me regarding this matter.

    • Did you re test somewhere else, consulted with your doctor? Color blindness is something of major concern specially if your work involves driving or visual presentation.

      • bhurning permalink

        My work will be as planning engineer/quantity surveyor.
        It has not been a problem to me on my previous work at GCC.

        My first option now is to talk to the clinic and void my medical test.
        Then request new medical referral upon expiration to GAMCA and hopefully it was possible.

  51. siva chandran permalink

    I had undergone heart surgery before 11/2 year and now i am fit.I got an opportunity in KSA. When i went to medical centre they requested to bring NOC from the company.Whether the company will provide NOC.Whether i will get clear from GAMCA.Kindly reply me..

    • NOC about ? Did you tell them about heart surgery? sometimes truth cost more. Anyhow its depends on your profession, if does’t involve heavy lift work, you can request company to write a letter in arabic and english that you fit for the position , you previous history will not effect on job performance.

  52. Sajid permalink

    Dear Mr. Adbul Rahman bhai,
    is there any way on the internet to check GAMCA medical is cleared or not ?

  53. Shahid permalink
    Assalam o Alaikum! Sir meri age24 hai me ne Canal View Lahore se 14.11.11 ko Saudia ke liye medical karwa tha report unfit ayi thi jis me Anti HCV Reactive tha. Parivet karwa to Non Reactive tha. Unho ne dobara medical ka 6 months time dia tha. Ab usi tariqa pehla Gamca se tokan lena ho ga.? Ya koi aur tariqa hai.? Meri pehli report abhi tak computre me save ho gi.?


    abdulrahmanasim permalink
    w salam, pora ilaaj kero keay kiyoun test theek nahi, poorani report rahey gi, lekin farik nahi perta jab test ka result sahi aaey ga..haan pehly ki terha token lena hai aur medical ho ga. gujranwala seay ja ker kerwa lena..


    aa permalink
    brother, please ap bata saktay hain k ap ne mr shahid ko gujranwala se medical karanay ko kyon kaha …. unn ka test as he said k canal view lahore se howa tha. kya yeh zarori nahi k jahan se unfit report i ho wahin se dobara test karaya jaye? aur ap ne dobara se token lenay ko kyon kaha??? waiting

    abdulrahmanasim permalink
    aap woh paste kerain.. i couldn’t find that.

  54. ASGHAR ALI ZAHID permalink

    main ne gulf medical centre rawalpindi se apna medical krwaya oman jany k leay unhony x-ray main mujhko unfit krdia hy kia ab mera deta computer se delete hoskta hy main ab vist visa par oman jakr medical krwaon koi mushkil tu nhi hogi plz

    • ASGHAR ALI ZAHID permalink


      • Sorry for late repy ker raha houn bhai. computer seay delete nahi ho sakta. visit per ja saktey ho, udher record nahi ho ga. pershan nahi hona Allah kuch rasta nikal deay ga , InshAllah.

    • visit per koi problem nahi ho gi

  55. sohail permalink

    hellooo sir do they check hydocele in medical for saudi…i had some what big left side ball

  56. Dave permalink

    Dear Sir,

    The Gamca gave unfit for my wife. But they didn’t give the medical report or even didn’t give the Visa back. When we approached HEFCO where medical was done they told they given the visa to Kuwait Embassy in Delhi. When we approcahed Kuwait embassy they told they would send it to kuwait Ministry of Health and sponsor could collect from there. Is that the procedure.

    We don’t have the right to see the visa or med report. For no reason they have done this. we could prove that this is just a nodule after doing PET scan. But where and How.

    • I did’t understand, VISA is not with GAMCA, and why they did’t give report. They are bound to give FIT or UNFIT report. You can call Kuwait Consulate in your country and explain this issue.

      • dave permalink

        Dear sir,

        As you told that Visa in not with gamca, i don’t know why they didn’t give the visa back nor the unfit report. They just told you are unfit and didn’t give the report to us. Just told patency opacity at right paracardiac. where we could find our report. they told they would send the visa to kuwait embassy.

        one more thing i heard after 6 months we could take another medical if any other visa can be provided. kindly give ur advise.

  57. Mirza Zuhair Uddin Berlas permalink

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    I have to ask from you all that :

    Once GAMCA number issued can be changed or canceled or not?
    I have appeared for medical in October 2011 in TMC defense Karachi they told me that u have HIV Positive.. i was shocked when i heard that and got stressed and depressed and lost my health due to tension that how can it be happen..!!! Anyway after a month i discussed the matter with my friend he suggested me to consult Dr in Agha Khan.. i consulted and gave HIV test through Western Blot method which cost me around Rs. 13,500/= ALHAMDOLILLAH reports came negative …. i have taken the same agha khan report to Taj Medical that look i don’t have AIDS/HIV but they are still claiming that i have HIV as per their machines report… and they are not accepting akuh medical reports 😦 after discussing with the doctor there that plz take extra fee and repeat my medical but they are saying that until our machines/instruments gave the clear reports we can not PASS u as Fit!!!.. they also didn’t issued me any report and refunded my fee.. but GAMCA number is still on and pending due to which i can not transfer medical centre!!! is there any possibility or person who can help me out of it.. bcoz i am jobless since last October 2011 bcoz i have purchased visa (azaad visa) and i was hopeful that it will take a month only in total procedure (thats why i had resigned from my job) & i will be in Saudia but unfortunately since past 7 months or so… i am in trouble!!! need your Help , Suggestions , advises & Prayers/Dua’s ..

    aur aap sabko aik mashwara hai Khuda ka wasta jabtak 100% kaam confirm na hojae plz plz plz Lagi lagae JOB na chorain … bohat pachtawa hota hai!


    Zuhair Berlas.

    • I am sorry to hear that brother. If you are sure that results are negative, call to Saudi consulate and explain them, they will allow you to re-take exam at different center.

      • Mirza Zuhair Uddin Berlas permalink

        Yes as i have told you that i have clear / HIV- negative reports from AGHA KHAN!!

      • Mirza Zuhair Uddin Berlas permalink

        Mr. Abdul Rahman Asim i request you to please delete all of my comments and questions because i am having some personal problems in my life due to these. Jazak Allah

  58. Muhammad Munir permalink

    Dear abdulrahmanasim,

    I have job offer from Abu Dhabi and my GAMCA medical not cleared due to high level (89)of (SGPT) in liver and normal range is (SGPT) 40.
    Doctor give me some medicens for 15 days after this doctor will take test if test in under range the will clear.

    please help me

    • Try after 15 days it will be fine , InshAllah

    • imran sikandar permalink

      Asslam-o-Alaikum hello brother kiya aap ka medical clear hua reply me

    • gurudutta permalink

      Sir I have the same problem…….Did u clear the medical or not… No is +918338095116

    • amjad mahmood permalink

      Dear brother app kay medical ka kia bana cleare hoa k nahi

  59. Nandesh permalink

    Hello Sir,

    I have vitiligo disease on my body? Can I go for work any GCC countries?

    • please talk to the medical center before having exam, some center they can clear some may not, it also depends how much part of body effected.

      • abdul khaliq permalink

        ASlamwalikum sir ..
        I have the same problem of vitiligo .. i got unfit medical report plz suggest me.. any alternative way .. to come out of this and start hunting job in GCC.. plz ur suggestion value more for my life …

  60. atif ali permalink

    sir mere medical report me VDRL OR TPHA positive dia hai laboratory ne tou me ab kase isko clear karwa sakata hun plz tell me i am so worried…

    • Please consult some good doctor.

      • Faisal Mirza permalink

        Assalam o Alaikum , I Had Got TPHA in my reports by Health Care Diagnostic Centre Gujranwala They Have Given me date for re-test after 30 days , I tested for this infection from Chugtai Lab Lahore , in their Report TPHA is non-reactive means Negative, Now What should I do , I Have Pass My Interview for Job in KSA my medical should be clear in maximum 8 more days … or I will miss this chance … What Should I do they just rejected me for money when I left hospital many people there offered me to give 35000 , some said 25000 PKR for Orignal Medical Clearance Report …. 😦

  61. paolojohn permalink

    My name is John I’m from the Philippines. I am presently working now in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I am planning to go exit with my current work and to find another job in KSA. Just two months ago when I am having my own annual check up my blood sugar was too high (220) the doctors says that i am diabetec i was really shocked on my situation then he give a diamicron tablets to take it to lower my blood sugar. For now i am really worried that would make me unfit i am going apply a new job in saudi arabia. Please help me. thanks. John.

  62. shahzad ahmad permalink

    i am working in ksa and i got my family permanat resident visa but when they go for medical they come to know that they have hapatitis C, and its value is 0.6..while before going there my wife dis his medical privately and they are saying that your value is less than 1 which is not considered positive. but medical center is not making them fit. can you tell me the value of hapatitis C required for medical fitness?

    • that private medical was done at visa medical center or other? gamca visa medical center does’t listen , if you think results are fine , just center is making issue, you can call consulate.

  63. Saif permalink

    Assalam alaikum
    1 week back I underwent medical check up they made me unfit on the ground of chest x ray saying I have pleural thickening and they called me after one week to repeat X ray and now they unfit me saying I have bronchitis.

    When I consulted pulmologist they told your X-ray is absolutely fine there is no problem at all little shadow your are getting which is considered as normal.

    I dont know how what are the criteria that they made us unfit. In the unfit disease there is no bronchitis. So I just wanna know bronchitis considered as unfit?

    My doctor chalanged the X ray report to the gamca medical centre

  64. Saeed permalink

    Dear Brother,

    I have got Gilbert’s syndrome. This is a medical condition for which the bilirubin level remains just above the normal range. This is normal and harmless for Gilbert people. I also have slightly fatty liver which is why SGPT is also just above the normal range. I went through all the liver function diagnosis and was found to be negative of all types of hepatitis.

    Can I go to KSA to work?

    If I manage to get clearance from GAMCA, will it be a problem while taking the second medical test in KSA?

    Do KSA people test SGPT/SGOT and Serum Bilirubin?

    I am seriously worried. Please assist.

    May Allah bestow His mercy on you.

    • Salam a, Br.
      From my personal knowledge you might not have problem, but GAMCA centers in your country they might ask you to repeat the test. Best way is talk to different gamca medical centers without taking medical or giving your ID details, that with this situation can they clear medical or not. Dont worry much, speak to some centers , see what they say.

    • Malik permalink

      Bro I have same problem please tell your experience in KSA
      I have managed to clear here in Pakistan
      I am in tension what will happen in KSA if ALT comes raised
      Kindly reply anybody

  65. jesmel permalink

    dear gents, im 42 yrs old ,,im unfit to work coz my lung have a tiny nodule,so i just wanna know tiny module considered as unfit.tnxs

  66. saif permalink

    hello sir i was asked to come again for re test by medical center after completing my treatment as they told me that in X-RAY there is a ocd right side chest scar .So please tell me will this be reason to put me in unfit because in all the above cases i see only tb scars as listed not OCD chest scar ,Please reply me .Also tell me if i make this test clear here in india will i be asked to give medical test again in saudia at any time ?

    • In Saudi you will have test again but you may not have problem due to scar, but in India GAMCA people are very strict about scar.

    • prejith permalink

      hello saif..
      pls help me.l hve the same problem in x ray.are u pass ur medical?

  67. Yasir Malik permalink

    I have recently heard from my friend that KSA has changed there medical procedure now they repeat all the test again when you arrive in Saudia Arabia. Previously they just do blood test but now they repeat X ray and urine test again even if have clear report from your country. I recently get a good job offer from saudia but i have right lung blunt which come in x ray and they consider it as PTB lung scar.I need your advice i can get clear my medical from here but if i go there and they find this small blunt mark in x ray then what action they can take. I don’t have any visa expense it is free so should i take risk they go there to try my luck. Hopefully you get cleat picture of my situation and can advice accordingly?

    • Yes they take all medical, but they are not blind and strict like gamca medical centers in our countries India/Pak/Bang/Phil . You can go to small center you should not have any problem

  68. Mrs Waqar permalink

    I have to go saudia on permanent family visa. Does diabetes and High blood pressure makes you unfit in mdecial test on family visa.

    Thanks & Best Regards

  69. Mrs Waqar permalink

    Please reply my above question, also please guide me which GAMCA center is authentic in karachi, As i have read on your website that some centers give wrong reports to make money,

  70. Khan permalink

    Dear Brother,
    earlier i had asked you the question regarding my friend’s gamca medical report showing Scars on his lungs and said him that he is unfit. then he redone his test from mumbai and from mumbai he had no issues related to X-ray. but they still unfit him and said he has a problem in blood test his (iver) values are not normal and advised him to retest after 20 days, now can u put some light on my friend’s issue how one gamca center in hyderabad say’s he is unfit only due to scars. and another Gamca center say’s his X-ray is fine but he has a problem in blood.,

    please help me on this issue.


    • Mumbai center they just said him unfit or gave him unfit report. if they gave him unfit report that means it sent to consulate and online, other centers can see also. if they just said ,then he can go to different center and can take test again. ABout blood test sometimes centers want to make money so even there is little variation in result they say to repeat the test, so they can charge more money. your friend can apply for medical where center give him fit report.

  71. Ali permalink

    sir mere medical report me VDRL OR TPHA positive dia hai laboratory ne… may Nay Privately is ka test lkarwaya hay 2 time so VDRL -NoN Reactive but TPHA Positive. DR say k Ye TPHA Negative nahi hota to may kia karooo i have KSA visa plz help me……

  72. Waqar permalink

    Assalam o Alykum

    I am a diabetic patient? do they declare such patients unfit?

  73. Mohamed jafar permalink

    i am suffer from hepatitis B i got the offer from oman & abudhabi.I want to know which country they will not check hepatitis B for engineer category visa.

    Please advice i need to join as engineer.

  74. samrat permalink

    salam walikum..

    sir i m dissapointed to say that i decleared unfit in x-ray test but i could not unterstand what exactaly fail me in report there is old koch written .plz explain me…

    • w salam, x-ray unfit cases are very tricky, even with minor abnormailty they declare a person unfit, please sign the petition against these stupid guidelines.

  75. Arsalan permalink


    I was diagnosed as HBS antigen in 2004, but when I went for Hepatitis B Profile test then i come to know with some gestrologist that If I had Hepatitis B e-Antigen Positive then It was harmful but I have Hepatitis B e-Antibody Positive that is not harmful.

    In cut short, he said that I am just carrier of Hepatitis B, but it will not harm me because it is non-reactive. It can harm others while blood transfusion but you are no more infected. means I cant donate blood.

    Tell me should I go further for GAMCA tests.


    • Arsalan permalink

      secondly! Hepatitis B Surface antigen will take much time (In years) to get negative. and still there is no medicine available in pakistan market that make it negative, and there is precedent that it can become re-active if un-necessory treatment.

    • WSalam, brother talk to them before having medical, and go with the medical which can clear you. Hepatitis B , gamca people they declare anyone unfit even with minor abnormality , try to be careful before having final medical.

      • Arsalan permalink

        thanks a lot brother I am satisfy now

  76. Nadir permalink

    Dear Abdul bhai Assalamalaikum, many congratulations on this most humane work of guidance. Please help & guide me too. My company in KSA sent my consultant my visa and as per the direction from the consultant I went for the medical test (in LKO) but was declared unfit due to SCARRING OF THE LUNG however i have worked in Oman also and there was no issue in GAMCA then.

    Now please tell me the following:

    1. What is the duration of the validity of this medical report received from GAMCA approved medical
    2. Can I visit another GAMCA in another city to try see if I might get a FIT report??If yes then would
    my previous unfit report be traceable by GAMCA ??
    3. My consultant knows about the UNFIT report but promises if I can get a FIT report from India he
    would arrange for a FIT report in KSA when the medical happens again; Should I trust him on

    To be honest I do not want to carry a guilty conscious but I am not at all satisfied with the medical procedure at LKO viz. their infrastructure & efficiency and hence want to try another GAMCA center.

    Bhai please help me, I shall be very very grateful to you.


    • Salam a, brother thanks for comments, I apologies for late reply. GAMCA centers will always have your unfit medical record no matter which center city you go. Lung scar one of the guidelines which is effecting many people life’s We made a petition for this purpose please sign it i hope InshaAllah they will change these irrational guidelines.

  77. Nadir permalink

    Dear Abdul Bhai, I am awaiting your response.

  78. jahan zeab permalink

    dear All
    any body tells me about to required value of GAMCA
    for HCV..
    my value is 0.10 from chughtai
    What is required value of GAMCA for HCV

  79. waqas permalink

    My dear brother assalam allaikum . ihave done a medical test one year ago for oman but GAMCA approved medical centre declare me unfit due to pulmonery calcification after it i am get complete medical check up from CMH a Doctor has nothing found in X_ray they declare me fit. when again i show X_ray to the medical center the doctor refused and said that you are unfit Plz Sir till me how the treatment of pulmonary calcification is possible or not Thanks

    • Waliekum Salam, I am sorry to hear that, GAMCA center they declare unfit even if you have little scar or abnormality specailly about chest x-ray. If you are close to islamabad take x-ray at Al shifa, see what there report say, if they say you have nothing wrong then talk to consulate and fax your report.

  80. Abdurrazzaq permalink

    Assalaamu alaikum brother….. i have 2 stones in my left kidney.. does it creates any problem in passing the medical to go to saudi arabia…. Jazakallahu khair… looking forward to hear from you

    • Waliekum Salam,
      They do take urine test, but i am not 100% sure you will have no issues, but because your disease is not contagious i think you will not have any problem. Just to be safe talk to private medical at gamca authorised centers, if that comes fine, then take offical visa medical.

  81. Assalam ili kum

    Brother Is it true ? for family visa for ksa Hep b+ve is not an issue medical test can passed.

    Plz reply

    JazakAllah khair

  82. Ali permalink

    I got family visa lat month for Kuwait and now my wife in Indians planning for medical test. When my wife was 2 yrs old she had a open heart surgery. Open heart surgery patient is fit or unfit according to gamca. She don’t have any problem right now pls reply

    • waliekum asalam,

      its better to ask the center before having medical, some centers are more strict than others. As you wife does’t have any constagious disease , she should be fine. But gamca medical centers create problem even for little abnormality, so safe way is to talk to them about your condition before having medical.

  83. adnan permalink

    Dear AbdulRahman
    I have taken the GAMCA no but did not went for the test they recommended GCC diagnostic for it, now what you recommend they do not practice privately I can go to shifa and take test privately i never had any problems neither have tb of any kind.
    What is the repute of GCC? I heard GAMCA centers asks for bribes even if you are fit

    • If you have taken those ( gamca tests ) test at Al shifa privately and results are normal . then you should not have problem . Some centers allow you take test privately some dont.

      • Josheela permalink

        Mr Abdul,

        One of my friends who was deciding to go to Oman for job did medical test and report states as UNFIT because of lung scar . he went to KMC Hospital and had an xray for verification purposes. However, the report was normal and now they have asked him to come after 5 days for re-test . But they have not uploaded as UNFIT in the system is there any chances of he going abroad ?

        Please advise

  84. adnan permalink

    Dear AbdulRahman
    Waiting for your reply

  85. adnan permalink

    I checked it from shifa they gave me “ok” report.

  86. adnan permalink

    please answer my question i have been given gcc diagnostics as a center for tests in isblamabad but i did tests from shifa privately can i goto shofa for gamca tests or have to go to the center assigned to me by gamca people

    • you to go the center they assigned. But if your private report for all those tests came ok, then you should not have problem.

  87. Siva K Kota permalink

    My Wife is pregnant and she got a job in Saudi Arabia. I am already working in Saudi Arabia, So whats your best advise regarding this and taking up medical tests next month.

    • She is going on family visa or work, both i guess have similar medical exam requirement. GCC medical doesn’t clear medical for pregnant women. You can check with local gamca medical center.

  88. Hussain permalink

    Mr. Rahman,
    I have an offer from Oman, and I have done my all related medical tests before GAMCA centre tests from Aga Khan lab, its all tests are clear but HCV Antibody IS positive, then I consult my doctor for that he suggest me for HCV PCR (RNA) Qualitative and Quantitative I have done these and both are 100 % clear, but GAMCA centres took HCV Antibody test report,due to this problem still I am not going for medical test,Please tell me something about that:
    Which tests are conducting in Oman when you enter Oman before joining job?

    • GAMCA they take even little abnormality seriously, even though you do not have active disease they can declare unfit due to past history. just check with the centers those can clear.

  89. muhammad Shahid permalink

    salam sir
    sir muje saudi arab se job ki offer he me jab medical karwany taj medical gaya to unho ny bataya k mujhe hbs+antigen reactive aaya he to me ny aga khan me doctor ko check up karwaya to doctor ny hbs (pcr) kawany ka kaha. Lekin hbs (pcr) ki repot normal ai ab ap battae k kia me saudi arab ja sakta ho ya nahe. NAhe ja sakta to kio or mashwara de k kia kia jay. Me hamdard he ilag karwa raha ho plz

    • w salam,
      taj waloun neay unfit report di hai? antigen hbs+antigen ka ilaj kerwao. Hakeem aur hamdard ki bajaey achey doctor seay kerwao, InshaAllah sab theek ho jaey ga. jab ilaj complete ho ja ga tu antigen (HBsAg negative ho jae , medical bhi clear ho jaey ga inshaAllah koi masla nahi ok.

      • Muhammad tufail permalink

        Asalam o alikum bhaijan mujay oman jana hy or oman janay k leye maynay azad visa khareda hy ab mujay medical test karna hy gamca sy toh kya ap mujay batasaktain hy k rawalpindi may khonsa approved medical center hy jahan strict na ho maynay pehlay private test karna hy n bad may visa k leye test karna hy so plz mayri kch madad karay

      • Sorry mein late reply ker raha houn, center sarey hi aik jaisey hein, kuch online nahi kertey agar unfit ho tu, kissi bhi center seay pehley private medical kerwa lena, medical center ki list saudi embassy ya agent seay mill jaey gi.

  90. Yakin Khatri permalink

    assalamu alaikum,
    i am going to dubai,UAE so i need to do medical check up so can i just go to any path. laboratory and get the report for blood,urine,stool,x-ray,vdrl and hbsag ?
    thanks and best regards..
    yakin khatri

    • No brother you cannot go to any center , only medicl centers authorized by the embassy. Check their website or call them.

      • Hi Brother,

        will they check our entire body ? i have a scar in my neck but not tb i guess. pls suggest. My xray is clear

  91. bhima permalink

    a person with HSV -1 / 2 fit for medical t go to saudi arabia

  92. bhargav pancholi permalink

    dear sir i gone through gamca tests for saudi arabia. They told me that i am medically fit but I have mongolian mark(BIRTH MARK) on my waist could i get SAUDI ARABIA VISA.

  93. Ahmed permalink

    Aoa bro.. you are doing a very good thing.. JAZAK ALLAH for dat.. kindly let me know if the person who has lost one eye can clear the GAMCA test? Do they take the eyesight test of every person or only of those whom they have some doubt or whose disability is visible?
    Thanking in advance 🙂

  94. Nilesh permalink

    Dear Sir,

    I was selected by KOC for the job in Kuwait. But during GAMCA medical test, they found Scars (old) in my chest x-ray and they declared UNFIT.

    History : I had TB about 11 years back and after treatement it was fully cured. Now there is no active TB.

    Now, I am selected for the job in UAE, I had passed the medical test by ADNOC in ABU Dhabi before the GAMCA test. I also mentioned about past TB in the medical history form. Shall it be any problem during medical screening by SEHA while processing for Residence Visa in UAE.?

    Do SEHA refer GAMCA results for any case?

    Pls. reply urgently, as I have to travel by end of this month. and I want to be sure about my medical fitness.

  95. sankar permalink

    Dear Sirs,

    salam ala kam

    I would like to know from you sirs, In kuwait i was working 5 and 1/2 years and i was suffering from Tuberclousis and admitted in T.B hospital and i discharged after two months and thickened pleura forms. and i came for leave to my hometown and i could not return back, because of my personnel. i could not breathe deeply. i could not work normally.
    if i apply for medical insurance with the records. shall i get sir. please tell the procedure sir. and how i can apply from my hometown . i am having two female babies.

    • Dear brother , you need to consult good doctor immedeiately , you should have taken 6-9 month TB treatment without missing single day. Please check your doctor, i did’t undertamd about insurance question. Sorry for late reply

  96. wazid khan permalink

    Hi dear sir i m doing a chest x-ray and docter said u dont hav any desaese and u hav inactive fibrosis rmz and docter unfit me sir tell me what can i do for remove or hide and apply a abroad jobs please reply me soon bbye khuda hafiz

    • Sorry to hear that, you cannot hide scar or fibrosis, please sign petition lets all put effort to change these guidlines.

  97. Imtiaz Ahmad permalink

    Dear Sir. I am planning to go oman for work. A year ago i have completed the hcv therapy / vaccination for six months and after that my pcr report shows that my hcv rna not detective. can u please tell me that will i be declared unfit because in the gamca report they just see the elisa test and my hcv elisa report will be reactive for life. waiting for your kind reply.. Thanking you and kind regards Imtiaz Ahmad

    • Some centers are more strict than others , just check with different centers , take medical where they can clear you,

  98. blushee permalink

    salam i have hepatitus b surface antigen reactive and i knw it will declare me unfit but i have heard in uae this test is only done for 6 cetagories kk and those 6 categaries are working as a nurse , private cook or any other work in the house , personal driver , barber , or in any saloon , or any kind of food shop or realted too food items , thisis true as somebody informed me and also this information was on the internet but for me i m getting a job in electric shop soo can i clear it and 1 other thing the karachi s best doctor has told me tht there is no cure for this hepaBsA reactive and it will not even harm me soo can u suggest me something cuz this merz wnt end for sure untill (ALLAH) wills 🙂

  99. Hussain permalink

    Mr. Abdul Rahman here are important informations for you and your blog visitors; the tests conduct by ministry of health when expatriates reach in Muscat-Oman:

    (A) Routine tests for all as specified:

    1-Chest X-Ray
    4-TPHA(if VDRL reactive)
    5-Blood Smear for Malaria for Parasites(if indicated)
    6-Sputum for AFB Microscopy(if indicated)
    7-Sputum for AFB Culture(if indicated)
    8-Nasal/Skin scraping for Lepra becilli(if indicated)

    (B) For all food handlers only (in addition to all above tests):

    1-Stool Microscopy(OCP)
    2-Stool Culture

    (C) For Southern Region in addition to A.
    1-Urine & Stool for Schistosoma Ova for Bilharzia endemic regions

    So all the information collected by me through my friend from Muscat who is chartered accountant in a government operated company.

    If some one infected from one of the above Disease he will be have some problem in Oman.

    Best of Luck for all whose want to go to Oman

    • MES MOH permalink

      Dear Sir ,

      Recentlay i had offer to work in Oman but during medical test found that Hbsag + i did full invstigation and found that Hbe Ag Negative and Hbe Ab Positive with normal LFT Liver function and Pcr was very law and i was dignassied as Carrier abd doctor tell me that you will not infect anybody with tridtionals way unless hsa direct contact with blood pleae helpe me to know my chance and this othere wise i will accept what allah gave me and forget abour work abroad.

  100. ricky permalink

    how about psoriasis?

  101. Dear Abdul Rahman,

    I’m Hep-B carrier since last 7-8 years and now I’ve got a work visa from Saudi. Just wanted to know If I’ll be able to clear medical test or if there is any other possible way that I can clear it through private talking etc. with medical officers. My job in Saudi will be of an IT consultant. Thanks.


  102. jayvie b bravo permalink

    in taiwan scar in the lungs is also unfit???reply plzzz

  103. azanroygupta permalink

    what are the test that ar concucted for Psychiatric disease and neurological disorders for people going to Saudi?

  104. imran permalink

    i visit to medical center in lahore, i gone through all procedures, when enter in xray roon and take off my shirt for xray, some white spot called vitiligo appear on my left arm, he asked me abt that, i said i dont know what is that, he called the Dr. and show him that spot Dr, Declaired me vitiligo and cancel the form, and said to me go to reception counter and give back ur money….please let me know when i will fit and disappear that spot. that medical center will have any other objection????or not??????i am really very worry abt that..

  105. sajjad permalink

    AoA,sir i have gone through the medical (june 2012) and tagged as UNFIT to work in KSA due to Hbsag positive .sir now i had an opportunity in uae and it doesn’t fall in any of six categories (for which the HBV ) test is must(nanny,kinder superv,food handler,health industry job,private driver,maid).sir i am just a healthy carrier means no my question is whether GAMCA Pakistan would have shared my report with medical centers at uae and when i am going through test whether my previous record with GAMCA would create any problem for report doesnot mentions any thing like ONLINE and no red pen used (as mentioned by one of the participant abve in this discussion) only a print out with UNFIT as a watermark on background.sir ur kind consideration and prompt reply is much needed, thank you sir in advance.

  106. sajid permalink

    aoa,sir last june i had medical for KSA and which they tagged me as unfit because of hbsag positive,as per my private doctor i am fit and healthy just a i had an opportunity in abu dhabi in sir my question is in uae my job cadre is out of six categories(nanny,maid,babysitters,food handlers,helth club employees,private drivers) for which expats are tested for hep b test,sir whether my past history of unfit with gamca pakistan be shown there at the time of medical or not,my medical at gamca was official and got my passport no. on it.but nothing like report online or in written with red pen just a watermark of UNFIT on the background,waiting for yours positive and prompt response,thank you for all.

  107. HCV check for uae residence visa or not, lot of confusion about it, please reply.

    • Hussain permalink

      Anti HCV is not include in standard medical examination for UAE residence visa, see also Dubai health authority website

  108. Contact me for any unfit case from GCC Center for saudi arabia….
    i have been through with same cases and Allahumdolillah i got success by using some Medications in few days.

  109. nil permalink

    sir, please tell me that hydro seal in testicle is fit or unfit at gamca medical center ?

  110. Noman Waheed permalink

    Last year i got visa of Oman, then go GAMCA Centre for Medical they declare me patient of Hepatites C then i complete my treatment through complete injection course. then again i contact GAMCA Centre but they dont accept it, as still my PCR Report is negative but they dont accept it.and they accept Aliza negative report, Please guide me about it, can it get through from it.


    • Please consult consulate or Embassy

      • abdul.ahad permalink

        as salamu alaikum abdul rahmanasim u doing good job sir Allah apko iska ajar zarur deka inshAllah jazak Allah khair …sir mai ne medical karwaya muje sirf bilaterel small cervical rib seen. bolkar test me aya jiski waja se muje unfit kardiya gaya maine jo dr ne muje unfit kiya unse bat ki to unho ne kaha ke apko mai unfit nikal donga 15march ko ana tab mai kch karuga abi inspection ke liye log are bolke bole wo tab tak treatment karao bole …maine treatment ke liye hospital gaya dr se consult kiya to dr ne kaha ke bhai ye koi bimari hi nahi to apko mai kiya treatment do cervical rib to apko bachpan se hai wo 15 yr’s ke bad b dekhe to waise hi rehte suka koi ilach nahi hai bole ab muje kch nahi samaj me ara abdul rahman bhai mai kiya karu maine agent ku b paise de rakhe hai muje saudi jana be bht bohut zaruri hai ye problem hi nahi hai wo problem batlare kiya karna sir ap kuch advice de sakte kiya sir

  111. imran permalink

    if vitiligo will removed, medical center will have any objection?

  112. Sadia permalink

    I am applying for a job as a consultant radiology in Saudi Arabia. I was successfully treated for Hepatitis C in 2008 and since then my PCR for Hepatitis C virus is negative, meaning i have no infection in my blood. However the GCC performs Anti-HCV only which only shows the presence of antibodies and it remains positive even after successful treatment of Hepatitis C.

    So what should i do to get a clearance of fitness from GCC. I have no Hepatitic C infection but my Anti-HCV is positive.

    Please give your expert advice

    • M Saleem permalink

      Dear Sadia,

      Would u share your experince with me because I have same scenario as of you. Would you get the fitness certificate or rejected for abroad. I am very much concious for my job in abroad but facing same situation.
      If you get any treatment, also share with me.
      Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.


      • Muhammad Umair Ismail permalink

        Exactly same problem. If you have found solution. then kindly also do inform me.

    • Muhammad Umair Ismail permalink

      Exactly same problem. If you have found solution. then kindly also do inform me.

  113. Sultan permalink

    salam sir Im DID my private exam of mediacl from AAgha khan which were all cleard but THE GAMCA did my exam and said u have HIV 505.88 and i dont knw wat is there range and i cant understand it
    they say go to doctor and come after 1 month
    can u please tell me how the range the want and how much this range is plz

  114. Waqar Malik permalink

    What is the normal range of all the test u mention in list as per GAMCA ….

  115. rashid permalink

    sir i receved my medical report 09.10.2012 .after three day my report is exp. plz sir extand my report date

  116. Hello Sir,
    Below are my medical reprot, kindly advise me, am I fit for doing Job in bank (pakistan) and abroad ?
    HBsAg ——- Reactive
    HBeAg ——- Non Reactive
    SGPT (ALT)— 22
    US Abdomen — Normal
    CBC ——— Normal
    Urine DR —- Normal
    Chest Xray — Normal

  117. usman permalink

    sir plz tell me hepatitis b showing in my blood test but my PCR report is negative tell me why i am unfit i am total fine.

  118. Abu Moosa permalink

    Dear Sir
    I will be very thankful to you, if you could reply me in urgent.
    I have a job offer from one Omani university as Assistant Professor. I am PhD doctor. I went to GAMCA center, there is some scar . The report of CT scan says “”tree-in-bud infiltrates with few calcified granuloma”. My case is still with GAMCA and after reading your blog, I am sure they will not give a fit report. If I cancil and get a fit report form any other center, will people in Oman will take x-ray again and is there any possibility to clear my medical if I go like this.

  119. shi permalink


    In 2008 i went to dubai on visit visa than i had apply for job than the company process work permit visa for me for that i go through the medical test and my hard luck i was not clear my medical test just bcoz of “sehate azbad” hepatitis B , they gave me a particular time to go back to India,

    Since 2008 i m under treatment and now the current position is my viruses is not detected my viruses is nonactive now, just wanted to know can gulf countries allow me now to stay or work? i want to know a complete information can you please help me on this matter .

    Am waiting for your reply !!!!

  120. Sabir permalink

    Salam Dear Sir,
    I have to go tk KSA on the behalf of my company. My employer company is also operating ion KSA.
    I went to GAMCA office for registeration for medical. They did not give me a token, they said that i have squint in my left eye. I have been working like a normal person for 4 years.
    Please advise how can i get GAMCA token

  121. kaleem permalink

    My all tests are clear(X-Ray,Hap B,C etc) at medical center under the GAMCA. My age is 37 now and my cardiac sergery performed one year before. Mashhalah I am fit now and my cardiac surgeon give me the fitness report.

    But at Gamca, they do’nt give me the fitness certificate just said that due to your cardiac surgery, we put your status on web site is “In Process” for three months.

    Please help me that Because embassy said that you go to medical center and perform tests for your own satisfaction.My all tests are clear. No scar on chest.

    If embassy give me the opportunity to go to qatar, then I have to re appear in Medical commission board in qatar. Whether I should take risk or not.

    Because GAMCA office is still confused. Can Bypass or Cardiac sergery persons can’nt go to Qatar. Even my job is not labor related. It is with in office job.

    What should I do now.


  122. Dear Brother Please Help me , I’m Looking for job in Oman But Before 5 Year’s I was TB Patient I was done Full Treatment , Now Ever Year I do Check up results are negative ,,, But Doctor Told Me you can’t go to aboard Because your x.ray will not Clear for Life time , You have not now TB But this X.ray will clear slow slow when you’ll take good food but What i do i have not money to do that and if i don’t do it i have not new blood and that’s x.ray will not clear .

  123. Sir

    I have got a slight partial color vision,I have a dificulty in reading 4-5 plates of ishihara color vision test.i have got a job as an panel officer in ADNOC group of companies.i have cleared the medical from india but they didnt show me the plates, i can unable to read.i have got visa& i have to resign form my present employer.Weather this partial color blindess will be a problem in ADNOC.pls help me.

  124. Sunil Pillai permalink

    Sir, i recently take medical test from gamca, ahmedabad but the report showed HBs AG as Reactive. So i started treatment now. Sir, can i know now when can i be able to take medical test again? Please advice.

  125. khan permalink

    sir i apply for uae but on my exray one spot i chacked from other doctar but fe said every thing is fine and it would b from polution but from gamca doc not cleared me i am worry about my job what should i do???

  126. Ravi permalink

    Dear sir . I had sufferd from pleural effusion by viral infection . I took treatment and its cleared . But in my X ray report im getting scar of that and doctors telling that i am medically unfit .. So what’s the solution for that. Please give me the suggestions for me.

  127. Amartej permalink

    Dear Brother,

    My medical report was kept held by GAMCA s diagnostic center due to Pneumonitis as per the CT Scan Report. The doctor told to get it cured and i ll give you FIT certificate. Is Pneumonitis a cause for not clearing my Medical Check??? Please reply.

    Thanks in advance

  128. Hassan permalink

    Dr I’ve been rejected by GAMCA due abnormal Chest X-Ray, ( Calcified Lession found on Upper Right Lung ) what is this and how i cure it. I went to Agha Khan the Dr said GAMCA is such a stupid. Now what should I do if I’ve Calcification in lungs.

  129. syed ahmed permalink

    hi i am having some hearing problem ..i use hearing aid i got a job visa from saudi arabia wheater this will be a problem to get medical clearance

  130. i am dinesh having some problem may right leg polio dieases but walk and run plz visa from ksa or dubai help me my contact number 099964844428

  131. Mudassar Hussain permalink

    My ALT (GPT) in little higher than normal normal range is 10 to 50 and my is 67. Gamca did not issue me a fit report can anybody please tell that this thing really matters under GAMCA requirements.

  132. Abid permalink

    Asalam alikum
    my friend index finger of right hand is half cut,bt dnt hv any impact in writting or working.can it make any impact on medical test for saudi.pls suggest .vry urgent.
    Thanking you.

    With regards.

  133. Rashid Ali permalink

    Assalam.o.Alaikum…sir mein ne Shifa International Hospital se apna Medical test kerwaya tha KSA jane k liye…onhoun ne mujhe ANTI HCV jis ki value 1.11 btayi hai or mein ne apna Treatment kerwaya hai..tu aj mein ne Shifa ki Local lab se test kerwaya hai..ab jo value hai 0.83 hai yani k non-Reactive ho gyi hai…tu braye Mehrbani Mujhe btayen k mein ab Medical kerwane ja sakta hn ya nahn..plzzz Sir jaldi btayiye ga

    • shaikh permalink

      Ji aapne kaunsi medicine use ki hai.lots of person with same disease are looking for medicine. ..

    • sajjad permalink

      can you tell me which treatment u have taken to reduce value.

    • Raja Imran permalink

      Kindly contact me 03345527202.. Message me with your name sir.. I have same problem

  134. shoaib permalink

    these gamca idiots doesn’t know that healing or infecting is not in hand of humanbeing only allah can heal or infect.

  135. malik saran permalink

    Dear sir,
    i am malik, I am going to oman for work, but i have affect pest teeth, So any problem for medical test. plz give me sugestion me brigte carrer is
    awating there plz help me plzzzzzzzzz!

  136. Ahmad permalink

    Dear Sir – I have offer from saudia. I did my medical tests from lahore (ittefaq hospital, non-GAMCA) as my employer told me it did not have any medical centre in his database so they asked me to go for any one.

    Now they sent me employement confirmation email and told me that wait for visa formalities from saudia.

    Do i have to go through GAMCA medical tests to protect my visa.?
    Or if i get my visa and do’nt go for visa protection, will airport authorities shall stop me to board in?
    Or will saudia shall give my visa to my employer with medical tests i sent to my employer?

    kind regards

  137. Dear Brother! My problem is that, i have one eye injured, having no vision. What will be the response of Medical center. Or what are the rules of saudia arabia. As i am going to apply for job in engineering professional…Will any one advice/help me? thx

  138. abdul permalink

    Dear Brother! My problem is that, i have one eye injured, having no vision. What will be the response of Medical center. Or what are the rules of saudia arabia. As i am going to apply for job in engineering professional…Will any one advice/help me? thx

  139. Prasa permalink

    Dear friends
    My wife is suffering with uvietis. Will they pass medical test. It cannot be detected by normal test

  140. khan permalink

    Dear friends,
    I gave my medical test for KSA. I hoping it will all be ok, but i have slight stammer in my speech. Though stammer is never considered a disease any where, but still i want to know wheather i can be declared unfit because of this??.

  141. i am planning to apply work abroad but i have a colloid goiter(eurothyroid goiter).it is unfit or fit.pls. reply asap.thanks

  142. hassan permalink

    GEMCA is not more then the F***** A** W*** they are sitting there only for earning money through under the table most of the medical complex owner and their staff all the peoples will be in hell inshallah what they think if they create the problems for other Allah will help them???? this kind of success or money is temp. inshallah very thing will be change soon. Alhamdulilah i am in KSA from last 2 years i was just searching some sort of things related to GEMCA than i found this group guys dont you worry Allah is there inshallah HE will help you just trust HIM you know when i got the visa i went you IQRA medical complex and they refuse me (Unfit) almost 5 times because of SGPT is high i got the reports from Shokat khanam, zaineb, zenat, chugtai, shakori and naseer lab all the reports were OK only IQRA’s report was CORRECT you know what they required only 25,000 fucking hell they sell their EMAN only for 25,000 from head to tail all the people are __________ but Alhamdulilah i didnt go for rishwat and on 6th time i got the OK (FIT) report.
    brother and sisters please dont go to IQRA (Near Akbar Chowk) they are really bad inshallah soon i will gonna file their complaint in consulate. actually i got the family visa and they again refuse my wife but Alhamdulilah this time i will not leave them i ll show the power for others please be united and avoid rishwat as you know this is totally haram in islam go with right way

    • well done & well said!!!
      THEY SAY PT.(MY) VALUE IS 1.13 & CUT OFF IS 1.0.
      THEY SAY MY VALUE IS 0.137 & CONTROL IS 1.0.

    • Choudhry permalink

      Delighted to see your response. i am also a victim of this shit.
      Could be me share your email or drop me an email as i want to know some details.

  143. hassan permalink

    Dear Khan,
    this is not a issue be confident man khudanakhasta if they declare you unfit just go to hospital make a small video and post on facebook and try to involve the media in this case if you need any help so dont hesitate to contact me inshallah they will give you the FIT report on your door step 🙂

  144. Adnan permalink

    Dear all,
    I wanted to share my experience I went to GCC diagnostic in Islamabad, They were nice people the medical was easy, so if you want to have medical then come to Islamabad I think they better than others

  145. M Saleem permalink

    I was diagnosed as HCV positive 10 years ago and then I get the treatment of Injection therapy from Agha Khan Hospital Karachi. My PCR is negative and physically I am fit but screening test (Elisa) is still positive. Can I go gulf side like KSA, Qatar etc..

    • usman permalink


      can you tell what answer you get for the question you asked


  146. umar permalink

    sir i have pain in chest left side i got e c g it clear my question is that this pain may creat any problem for me or not.

  147. hemkanta permalink

    i want to go dubai for work but i have 1 medical probleme.probleme is that’.in my blood there saw billrubin total 1.2 to 2.8. doctor said me this is gilbar syndrome. its not good in holl life . my HCB. report is negetive.LIVAR FUNCITION TEST{LFT} Is good. can i go dubai..? what to do sugest me

  148. mohammad rafiuddin permalink

    Asklum sir pl give suggest abt my case becz i want to abroad but i can see one eye only can any medical problem will will fit or unfit pl give mail replay

  149. Kalyan permalink


    I have got an offer from kuwait last week. How ever when I goto gamca, they told that they couldn’t registerd myself as I don’t have vision on my left eye. Even this kind of disability is listed for ‘Network Engineer’ job.
    Pl guide us

  150. Ismail permalink

    my testicles unbalanced can i fit for medical test for saudi arabia work visa please reply me soon. iam worried about this issue please help me….

  151. Leo Anthony L. Almora permalink

    I had my medical last month here in the philippines for KSA and I was told I am unfit because of a tiny nodule on my right mid lung. I went to one of the best hospitals here and the reading was negative. Can I use that as my appeal to GAMCA to give me a fit to work clearance?

  152. boby charles permalink

    aslam walkum i went hyderbad gmca that people refer clinic that people unfit me bcs clacification in xray after 2weks i went chennai that people fit i want complaint and case against that clinic in hyderbad can i coplaint to gmca hyerbad

    • Hassan permalink

      @boby Charles ! According to GAMCA policy you are unfit as you have calcification in your lungs, but it due to an old decease likB. I have also been rejected with this issue. So you can work in your own country and world wide but you’ll be unfit for Gulf and Malaysia .

  153. Muhammad Saeed permalink

    Dear, Assalam O Alaikum..
    Sir mene medical karaya to unhone mera X-ray rok liya or dr se milne pe kaha k kuch spots aray hai apke X-ray mai, or wo isko clearing nai kar rahy hai, kia mai apna GAMCA ka number cancel ya ye medical cancel kara sakta ho? agr han to kese? mai i month bad again kara longa, or mene sona hai ke ye medical just 3months k liye karamad valid hota hai? kia 3months bad ye medical data inke record se remove hojata hai? or hum again gamca se new number leke again medical kara sakty hai? kindly urgent reply me.

  154. abdul.ahad permalink

    as salamu alaikum abdul rahmanasim u doing good job sir Allah apko iska ajar zarur deka inshAllah jazak Allah khair …sir mai ne medical karwaya muje sirf bilaterel small cervical rib seen. bolkar test me aya jiski waja se muje unfit kardiya gaya maine jo dr ne muje unfit kiya unse bat ki to unho ne kaha ke apko mai unfit nikal donga 15march ko ana tab mai kch karuga abi inspection ke liye log are bolke bole wo tab tak treatment karao bole …maine treatment ke liye hospital gaya dr se consult kiya to dr ne kaha ke bhai ye koi bimari hi nahi to apko mai kiya treatment do cervical rib to apko bachpan se hai wo 15 yr’s ke bad b dekhe to waise hi rehte suka koi ilach nahi hai bole ab muje kch nahi samaj me ara abdul rahman bhai mai kiya karu maine agent ku b paise de rakhe hai muje saudi jana be bht bohut zaruri hai ye problem hi nahi hai wo problem batlare kiya karna sir ap kuch advice de sakte kiya sir

  155. abdul.ahad permalink

    aj maine phir dr se consult kiya to dr ne kaha ke apko cervical rib nahi ..old calcification hai plz any one help me mai ab kiya karu dr ne unfit kardiya hai muje
    muje urgent jana hai saudi

    • Danish permalink

      Dear Abdul Ahad,
      Allah Ta’ala ap ki mushkil ko asan farmaye aur ap jald az jald Saudia jakar job karain aameen.

  156. Mohammed zakeer permalink

    Dear brother assalam o alaikum

    Last month Jan 30th I got a medical check up with gamca slip from a Hyderabad center to submit this to the company of Bahrain who offered me a job. After getting medical report I was happy to see I am fit for the job.

    Within a week I got a new good job offer from Oman , I decided to quit bahrain and join Oman company. The company of Oman asking me to get the medical check up as per Oman format.

    Can I get the new gamca slip and number to get medical check up done again. Its just one month past I completed medical check up and now I want to take up medical check again for Oman.

    Kindly note my medical report for Bahrain is fit and valid still

  157. suraj permalink

    hi i was unfit do to hep b but as i have gone to other test related to this it show tht my liver is fine and has no problem i spok to the gemca people they said they wil nt be able to clear the reports until the test comes neg pls suggest me what to do plssssssss

  158. walter quiroz permalink

    hi..i was diagnosed with pleural thickening disease, i am a mason carpenter here in the Philippines and the doctor told me that i got that from my work. Other than that i don’t have any other diseases and i don’t feel any pain or symptoms of this illness. And I was this appointed because this disease prevent me from working to Qatar. As i searched from the net, this disease is not contagious or transferable to other people. So why that this disease is included to your guidelines to be one of the diseases that make the person unfit to work? I hope that you can pay attention to this problem. thank you and more power.

  159. s.zee permalink

    I am mild diabetic can I be fit for working in KSA.

  160. Sagar S permalink

    respected sir,
    I am a chef by profession and was recently working for a well know hotel in Dubai,
    I went throught the regular medical test conducted by the Dubai health authority over a period of 2 months,
    during this time as they were not satisfied with my medical reports they conducted a series of tests to check weather i have TB
    finally they conclude my report stating that i have traces of OLD TB.
    i was recently deported back to my home country India,

    After returning back i had done my full check up and a MrCT scan done, the reports were normal,

    It would be very grateful if you can guide me about how to get my medical papers cleared , and again return back.
    thank you

  161. Due to polio i walk with crutches and i can do my work very easily. Currently i am working in a bank my job donot require extensive physical work. Am i fit according to GAMCA?

  162. Shoaib azhar permalink

    A.o.a my name is shoaib.i went to GAMCA for medical and they gave me a centre. After medical they told me that i am hcv +ive. My antibody rate is 8.53 reactive and pcr is negative and all my test are what shd i do m much worried.i have some source and can get medical clear certificate but is again medical done after entering in saudi arabia. Waiting for ur advice.

  163. Shoaib permalink


  164. ishaq uddin permalink

    sir i have stammering problem so they have stop my medical file . i want to know stammering is a physical disablility.

  165. Mahmood permalink

    Dear Sir,

    Before 3 years i got HCV infection and start getting treatment of interferon injection immediately and after six month treatment i get succeed and my pcr reports are negative now. But my anti HCV is still reactive. would be i able to get the KSA visa will be declared fit in medicale. ? Pelase answer me in details

  166. Md Sahil permalink

    Dear Sir Assalaumu allaikum ,
    Please tell me i am having a medical test for KSA soon , but i am havig a vission problem of -6 ans and White spots in my P , so would i be rejected or not please tell me .

  167. mehmood permalink

    From where to clear a medical test in pakistan on money?
    If anybody can help me thank you

  168. Dear Sir
    I have attain medical through GAMCA for Saudi Arabia but unfurtunetly my test report gotted unfit due to calcifietion in my X ray
    Plz provide information am I able to go gulf country for job purpose.
    With Regards

  169. heelo sir assalam un walikum
    i am a passient of happetaties. b
    so plese help me abdulrahmanasim
    plese plese plese

  170. irfan ali permalink

    salam sir. sir i got my medical today and they told me that come after 14days again, they told me that u have ALD or ALT problm, dnt remember the exact words. sir ab phr kia process krna hai after 14 days or again fees hogi k ni or agar hogi tu kitni hogi… plz sir must inform me…

  171. sir please helpme
    my faec ispot by birth colar red

  172. JAMSHED permalink

    salam.. i am Jamshed from Pakistan , i want to going to ABU DAHBI i have Hippatitas C . what can i go to ABU DAHBI ?

    • usman permalink

      yes it is not in the list of tests required to get visa. but if you are going for food handler than it is req

  173. plz m ny madical kwia that m unfit aia tha tpha m treed nent krwa kr fit ho gia ho plz mra dobra madical kwra day plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  174. prejith permalink

    respected sir.
    my name is from india.i hve some problems in my chest x-ray.2 years back i got a job in abu dhabi and i hve medical..unfortunately the medical faild.they told me i hve “tb” i will be back in india..and am under attended a six month tb am ok..but my x-ray hve some scrach’ i hve a medical in india that will be failed because of the x-ray..what can i do sir..gve me an option..pls help me..i want 2 go can i pass x-ray..

  175. ravi permalink

    Please reply that me also have a scar marks in chest x ray … As I got d offer from Qatar …. Dey r not considering my fit ness certifacate …

  176. Saad permalink

    Salamss,Sir my one eye karab hai iss main roshni nehi hai aur yeh pathaer ke hai,aur main na omen k liya medical karwana gaya tha wahaan muja DR na kahaan k aap ka medical nehi ho sakta bcz aap dissable main ata ho,mujay yeh batya k mera kiya ho gaya?means ab main gulf kiss contery nehi ja sakta?

  177. prejith permalink

    hi sagar…am prejith frm kerala(pathanamthitta).2 years back i got a job in ras al khaimah rak ceramics..unfortunately the medical was fail.they told me i hve tb..i wil be back in india.and i done some other hospital in my medical chek up they not found tb or other any diseases..where r u frm? its my number 9744018680

  178. Tushar Satpute permalink

    Hi sir, i am Tushar residing and working in Mumbai, recently i got a job in Saudi but unfortunately i was declared as Unfit in Medical at one center Dr. said that there is a scar i.e. found left apical pleural thickening while at other center doctors said “Calcification Lt Helium”, So i don’t know how to clear this scar from my chest and get my visa Please help me in this regards


  179. jmc permalink

    dear sir..

    my husband is working in Ksa..he wanted me to follow him on a family visa but my problem is i am a hep b reactive..i have done liver sgot and alt is there a chance that they will grant me visa since i will not work in ksa..i will jst be there for my husband and just be under his visa..

    hoping for ur fast response..

    thank you..

    • @JMC instead of wasting ur time get it done by paying extra money…

  180. @JMC As i know hep b for house wife is not an issue, only people working in health sector, barbars, cocks are prohibited under this category, but problem is medical centre in our country itself not clear you, again after coming here also it depends on the mood of jawazath officer, so its better to get it done though otherway…….

  181. Azhar permalink

    Dear Concerns

    I am here AZHAR the Telecom engineer. Three Months ago I got visa for Saudia.
    In medical Report Anti-HCV reactive came. So the GEMCA made me unfit for KSA.
    Now i am taking interferon treatment. After taking treatment i will be able to go to KSA?
    or any country u can advice me where Anti Hcv patient can go.


    • MAK permalink

      Brother me too got HCV 5 years back and me got treatment and since then my PCR is negative. but me gave gamca test for KSA this week but they un-fit me because my HCV antibodies is positive. its a viral disease, means the virus will never die. it will reside always in body. me too looking for some hope.

  182. rizwan permalink

    i am a doctor .and i am inactive carrier of hepatits b.i recently heard from some body that if doctors are carrier of hep b.however have inactive disease.can work in middle east and saudia,is it true.?

  183. MAK permalink


    Brother i got HCV virus 5 years back because of a stupid doctor who gave me injection using a “used syringe” and i got treatment and after 2 month treatment my PCR was negative but i completed the treatment. since then my PCR is constantly negative, i repeat PCR every 6 months.

    and this week i go for gamca test and Al-shifa doctor un-fit me because my anti HCV is reactive. But my PCR is non-reactive.
    what i had studied is, once we get HCV antibodies positive, it never get negative.
    My PCR is non-reactive, means the virus is non-reactive. but on report they wrote, HCV reactive. What should i do ? because no matter what i do, my HCV antibodies ll never be negative. I am so frustrated and tensed because i had planned so many things but now all ruined 😦

    • Raja Imran permalink

      Kindly contact me 03345527202.. Message me with your name sir.. I have same problem

  184. Ahsan Kiani permalink

    Respected Concerns,
    I had TB seven years ago, as a result of which i got scars on my lungs due to which i have been suggested that i should not visit UAE coz i’ll be declared medically unfit although now TB has healed completely and the virus is inactive. I just wanted to ask if i get a fitness certificate from a Government hospital in Pakistan will the UAE authorities accept it?
    Anticipating an early reply

    Ahsan Kiani

  185. Saravana permalink

    Dear Sir,
    My problem that in my SCROTUM, one is ok. Another one is so
    small due to affected fever in olden days. But this not covered in our catorgories. Please advise me whether this disease is unfit or fit in GAMCA medical center. I am waiting for your valuable reply. Plz help me.

  186. 654321 permalink

    Hi Sir,
    The medical clinic said that i have a mild goiter,my question is
    can go to abu dhabi to work.

  187. Harish Mitra permalink

    Is thallesemia minor makes one unfit for family visa ? pls guide as early as possible

  188. prejith permalink

    hi saif pls send ur mail id..i wil contact u..i hve the same problem..

  189. jhorix permalink

    dear sir, i undergo medical check up under GAMCA herein the philippines i got a job going to qatar as electrician,is it possible that as per on my optical check up i am UNFIT to work bcoz i am colorblind? actually i admit that i am colorblind bcoz i did not read the number in ishahara testing? plz clarify my problem sir thanks.GOD BLESS!!!

  190. Shabeer permalink

    Sir, i have a scar on cheast but not a TB, can i go to saudi

  191. chirag permalink

    hi i had an operation in left eye and i can’t see from left eye , could i unfit for kuwait ? i have to go kuwait only for residence purpose

  192. sri permalink

    I want to travel to kuwait on important official work and if my medical tests shows that iam unfit due to old scar in chest xray it may affect my career and also i may lose my job. can u pls tell me will they reconsider if my xray shows scar in it. I am very much worried of my future bcoz of these guidelines

  193. muhammad ejaz permalink

    ASALAM O ALAIKUM.. today I am very disappointed coz I have no any kind of disease in my 24year’s life. Alhamdulilla . But now when I was going saudia gimca repeat my x.ray… in end…. remarks ( unfit due to founding x-ray )and unfit me and telling me that there is No disease but unfit ..I came back & check with MH Rawalpindi .doctor tell me mighttttt b its TB simtum but my other medical is clear … spots are very very small if its shows TB then not active even… so any one of u can help me what can I do after that? Coz I don’t want to lose my BEST job.. superviser in 5 star hotel .. even my all documents is done &clear in advance by some referance…. but medical …… : ( …. can i apply within 3 months again in medical?

    • Mahesh permalink

      Same me also please reply when u get some answer

  194. qamer malik permalink

    here is a number a number of a man talk to him and disscuss your matter with him may be he help you in this matter. 03242695805 and tell him you got his number from baba bhai or ahmed khan

  195. muhammad ejaz permalink

    Ok thank u sooooo much

  196. shojib permalink

    skimy body skin desaes any problem vitilego

  197. muhammad ejaz permalink

    So y I am unfit in X ray even my lungs is ok no disease even not active……? Tell me optional positive way….. plzzzzzzz

  198. Alamgir permalink

    I am applying for a job as an administration officer in Saudi Arabia. I was successfully treated for Hepatitis C in 2007 and since then my PCR for Hepatitis C virus is negative, meaning i have no infection in my blood. However the GCC performs Anti-HCV only which only shows the presence of antibodies and it remains positive even after successful treatment of Hepatitis C
    So what should i do to get a clearance of fitness from GCC. I have no Hepatitic C infection but my Anti-HCV (screening & Eliza tests still) is positive.

    Please give your expert advice…May i go for saudia or not?

  199. arshid ali permalink

    AOA, i have an offer from KSA saudi electric company, but i have anti hcv reactive , i tested privately , still i have a litle time to go for medicall offically , is there any way to pass my medicall,
    pls urgent

  200. Akbar Ali permalink

    My name is Akbar Ali i was selected for Kuwait as Restaurant regional manager. i was advised to get the gamca medical examination done. The gamca medical examiner denied and failed me because of my right leg diability believe which is really minor.

    im currently workg in UAE which is really best country in the world.

  201. rashid permalink

    i got selected for company in saudi arabia, went for medical they give me medical in which written Right Apical Shadowing i take x-ray privately before going to medical radiologist report clear x-ray
    i dont know what to do for this as i havent TB or Cancer why the doctor make me unfit plz reply on this i will be thankfull

  202. ahsan aqeel permalink

    Asslam O Alikum

    Bro today me got my medical in which gamca lab declared me unfit due to HCV can i apply for medical after treatment? and me have test in which i am ok from a lab.and after how many time me once again apply for medical?????? and due to last medical report i have any complications to get my visa????after clear my medical????
    Reply v tenc

    Regards:ahsan aqeel

  203. Ayyaz Tariq permalink

    can somebody plz help me getting medical clear for oman, i got all tests done privately, everything is ok, but they made me UNFIT saying that your X-Ray shows that your heart is enlarged! …….. i have to join there by 18 july otherwise i will loose the job, plz help!

    Jazak Allah

  204. chaudhry permalink

    Dear sir,
    i got job in ksa , but my wife got treatment for the hcv 6 month injections, afte that she will be health now ,ksa ebassy will accept her medical , normally gamca make test by Elisa method it will be reactive or non reactive waiting for ur help

  205. Mahesh permalink

    I did X-Ray and found there is little plural thickening GAMCA give me fit certificate I also did USG for it from my city and nothing is there so I will go SAUDI the medical of Saudi make issue for me or no.

  206. Jai prakash permalink

    Sir adaab arz, i am jai, i am physically handicapped with my right hand with iferitical loss of 2 fingers. Can i get a emloyment visa for saudia & can i able for medical according their rules ? Plz advise me .. Thanks

  207. zainab permalink

    in pregnancy Dr tested Hbs in report it shown positive and the Dr suggest me to go anather test that is Hepatits B that result is NON REACTIVE [0.327] so in this case can i go to abroad for job visa plz help me and reply me as soon as possible i am waiting for ur reply.
    Allah hafiz

  208. Shine manoharan permalink

    I am having bilurubin count 3.but sgpt is it make any issue in uae medical test

  209. Othman permalink

    السلام و عليكم i want to clear my report from canal view … Please help me if some one knows any docter ….thanks

  210. sir i want to come visit on dubai and search job.but my one eye not working can i get medical fit or unfit report.shall i come or not pl give suggection
    waiting for replay

  211. Umer permalink


    Dear Brother,

    I have done private medical test for malaysia and saidly to share with you have found possitive in VRDL and SPGT is 54.Now please advise what can I do. M i fit?

    Please advise.



  212. alamzeb permalink

    I am already under medical test from gamca,If i declare unfit from gamca.have i chance of medical from Al shifa hospital ?

  213. muhammad zeb permalink

    where is gamca laboratory in philpine

  214. anwar alam khan permalink

    sir if i want to bring my wife and she has pregnancy of 5 month if she be unfit for family visa or upto which month she can travel. and it necessary to take letter from saudi embassy not to do chest x.ray..

  215. eman permalink

    sir my brother in law has no vision in one of his eye can he go to gcc countries plz reply

  216. zainab permalink

    Assalam alaikum sir,
    I have posted a question long back but stil i dint got the ans please reply me soon, in the pregnancy of 5th month Dr tested Hsb Ag so the result is positive ,and then they suggest me test Hepatatis B that result is NON REACTIVE , now is my nine month of pregnancy so after delivery i have to go KSA for job Visa so can i fit for medical, can i go abroad for job please tel me i am in tention now please help me out, my husband he is staying in Madinah ,i also want to go the their this is my dream please help me out sir and reply me soon

  217. i have undergone pyloplasty surgery and now i got a job offer in dubai.will they accept me ?

  218. hilal Ah Sheikh permalink

    Sir, I have a Gilbert’s Syndrome, I.e., my bilirubin level in blood remain slightly higher than normal. I told them about the medical condition before the test but still i am declared as unfit. What am i supposed to do know

  219. NAINEE permalink

    Sir, i had my medical test for GCC last week and they show VDRL positive but, i had 3 tests form other labs and they tell me that you are not effected. What Should I do?

  220. shahzad permalink

    salam sir can u plzzzzzz tell me i have the problum of spermathorea can malaysian immigration send me visa??

  221. shadab sharique permalink

    assalam-o-alaikum sir , would any one help me to know wheather i am physically fit or unfit . my one eye is totally damaged but i dont have any vision problem as the remaining one eye is 100% fit.

  222. xyz permalink

    sir is there any problem if penis size small i have small penis but there is now problem

  223. Dir sir.
    I am go to sudia arb but my medical report no fit
    .positive happatice c . sir iam use a 6 month treatment inter forn pcr roots not aticv . Then I go to any country. Thanks

  224. touqeer permalink

    Respected Sir,
    Asslam o Alikum
    Thanks for the great service for nation,i need some quarry for my case in simple language,mainey lahore taj centre dey madical karwaya aur wo mujey pending kartey rahey kkafi deir key baad unhooney mujey online sey nekala aur phir mainey gamca se online khatam karwaya ab six mah ho ghai hein kia mein kisi bhi jagha ja kar test karwasakta hoon kyookey mera hcv rate .82 percent hai aur wo .70 chahtey hain .please help me in this matter.

  225. abu hassan permalink

    can anyone tell me about cancer disease, can i work in saudi with cancer disease.

  226. the best answer is talk to medical centre..hahaha.. why is this blog here for… Medical centres are for only taking bribres… they do this to people randomly..

  227. nhuda permalink

    I am going to Makkah for a teaching position. I had a mild blunting in left lung and I got FIT after consultation at one centre. Will I face any problem in Makkah when i go for iqama medical. Will I get a chance to fix things there in case they create problem there?

  228. khurram nawaz permalink

    sir my name is khurram i apply for qutar but on my foot some white spot reply me i am medical un fit sir

  229. usman permalink


    i had HCV but in 2005 was treated, now i am in Dubai and my company planning to move me to KSA now, will there be any issue in Visa as you know the HCV PCR will be non reactive (IA) but HCV elisa will be positive.

    Plz guide me


  230. rehan permalink

    Sir my name is Rehan Ali. i got the visa from KSA and i have done my medical after that doctor told mee my medical report is ok but xray have showing some patches so thats why doctor said u are unfit plz u suggest me what i do for that plzzzz

    plz guide mee

    Thank You

    Rehan Ali

  231. I have a Gilbert’s syndrome .
    Am I fit for saudia medical test

  232. I have Gilbert’s syndrome and my bilirubin levels always in between 0.5 to 2.4 .
    I have a medical for Saudi Arabia
    Can any 1 advise me am I fit for medical

  233. hemant permalink

    Dear Sir,
    I read many replies,i live in india. i am FIT & my wife is unfit because ELISA came positive.
    This already happened due to pregnency effect. my gyneac told that this test should alwayz be followed by westernblot test which always comes negative for my wife.
    Even in W.H.O guideline it is mentioned that ELISA can be false positive. But WB cannot.
    Now GAMCA doctor saying that our guidelines says to do ELISA only, why i will recommend for WB test. I am confused what to do because i am already leaving from here. How my family will go there if he will not clear that based on WB.
    Please let me know what to do. I am very much tense now…..

  234. Ahmed Khan permalink

    Dear Mr. Hemant I only can pray for you….. the same condition with me

  235. hemant permalink

    But is there any way…it means my family will not be able to go there while legally there is no problem in their health….LEGALLY means WB test is generally use in legal cases to prove as i read in NACO guidelines….somebody please show me the right path. I am having 4 month old kid.
    very difficult to live without them. Mr abdul rahman please let me know.

  236. Ahmed Khan permalink

    ok contact me at

  237. Santosh dhakal permalink

    Dear respected sir and madam,some month ago,i want going k.s.a for the working in ice-cream parlor but my medical test shows unfit which is due to Gilbert diseas.Is really gilbert diseas make my medical report unfit?i will waiting yor valueable respose.

  238. Ahmed Khan permalink

    Mr. Malik Please Contact At InshaAllah Hope For Better……

  239. kashif permalink

    aoa dear sir my name is kashif im 36 year old i do my blood tests and im surprise to see about my sgpt up to 128 i m going to apply for uae visa and do medical in uae after 10 days i did my all tests hepatits b and c eliza liquid profile uric acid my all reports are normal docter do my ultra sound and said that i have fatty liver sir pl tell me that in uae medical is there any prob concerning fstty liver thanx take care

  240. Akhtar permalink

    Assalam O Alaikum Sir!
    I want to ask a question that how much elisa value is tested for Hepatitus B? Mean what is cut off value told by UAE for hepatitus B? my frnd said to me that on employment visa there is no check of Hepatitus B, is it correct?

  241. tariq permalink

    Sir I want to go Oman recently so have done my medical in a gamca centre they unfit me due to my x ray report showing a old Koch after talking him privetly to him they are agree to give me fit report someone told me after reaching in Oman they will take two blood test soo i want to know will they check tb in these blood test or anything another plz reply fast as possible

  242. Anumon T S permalink

    I had undergone ASD CLOSURE 13 years back I hope I ll be fit in medical according to gamca. I got a job in Kuwait moh as a staff nurse . So is there any chance to unfit me after going there in there medical fitness test??

  243. gopala Krishna permalink

    Plese reply I have a skin decease namely leucoderma commanly white patches. It is unfit or not.I have an offer in zeddah as technician


  245. Muhammad luqman permalink

    Helo brother meri medical raport kh date katm ho gai ha kea dobara medical karawao ja us ki date agy ho jay gi

  246. Muhammad luqman permalink

    Helo brother meri medical raport kh date katm ho gai ha kea dobara medical karawao ja us ki date agy ho jay gi tell me some one

  247. Usman Shahzad permalink

    koi ha jo mry sath deal kr saky men ne medical krwana ha , bilkul fit hon fr b men chahta hon ry sath koi tawan kry , 03048148404 mra number ha gujranwal ya lahore sy agent mary sath muk maka kr ly.

  248. Usman Shahzad permalink

    men ake bohat he gareeb gar say hon men ne visa bohat mushkal sy khareeda ha , men ne suna ha medical bohat tuff hota ha es lye men help chahta hon ,ya koi expert mujy msgs ya call kr k bata dy k medical aisy krwao>? koi mafeed mashwara dy de mra number ha 03048148404 .jo banda mujy pas krwaye ga men 2000 b dy don ga, jo banda mry sath help kry ga men us ka ye ahsan kbi nhi bolon ga.

  249. taaj permalink

    Dear brother salam.
    i am from india i have done my gamca medical checkup for oman but i was proved unfit due to minimum fibrosis as i asked doctor about that they said its not an illness it must be from your childhood but i am 29 now so is there any way out they told me that i am fit but cause of these just two marks very tiny as pen points they can.t take a risk.Please suggest me some way out

  250. senthil permalink

    dear sir,
    last week i went to gamca medical centre my result is unfit because i have steel rod in my right leg and i can hold my knee so i am unfit and gamca doctors blocked my passport. sir plz tell me how to solve this problem can i get fir medical certificate.

  251. edu permalink

    sir,i have vericocele in my left testis..can i pass medical examination..pls help me

  252. Munna choudhery permalink

    I cant see my right eye can I do job in abroad according my medical examine

  253. shabaz permalink

    Hello i have a kuwait visa currently i am working in dubai and i am suppose to undergo a medical test at GAMCA, i have no health issues as per the list but i have some hereditary marks on my chest..Is it going to create any problem?? Kindly advice….Thank you in advance.!

  254. moin permalink

    Dear bhaiyo,
    Mujhe koi kya bats Santa hai ki yr medical nein kya kya test karte hai?
    Actually main cough syrup pee raha hi last 5 saal se tau kya mujhe fail kar sakte hai ya mujhe clearance mil jayegi….main sharab bhi peeta hi twice a week minimum half bottle. Mujhe jedda Jana hai job ke liye lekin mere friends kehte hai ki corex/rexcough etc. ka pata chal jayega. Please advice me about this medical in detail kyunki mujhe koi bhi bimari nahi hai and yes I am not addict I leave both things for a month or two every year

  255. moin permalink

    I am taking cough syrups for d last 5 years 2 approx daily and now I have to go to use for job and please advice me for medical….? Can they find it out that I am consuming it and reject me or no rejection but find out or clear??
    I want urgent advice shall I leave it for a week and have alchohal then go for medical. I don’t have any disease but maybe I am not aware?? Is alchohal also ban n reject me ?
    Advice urgently? What to do?

  256. sabith permalink

    Iam going to uae soon.. but iam just worried about medical test.. nw my sgpt is 62 billrubin is normal .. is that a problem?

  257. basha permalink

    dear sir
    I have pain on testicles last two weeks…..i have conceal with doctor,,he said nothing to worry it’s a normal pain…..and my doubt is it make me unfit in my medical report…..Please reply me ,,,,,,,,

  258. Kasim permalink

    Assalamu alaikum,
    i have affected by TB 10 months before am its completely cured. when i did X-Ray and CT scan doctor told i have plueral Tickening in chest upper zone so he told am unfit. please clarify

  259. mohamed riyaz permalink

    hiii i’am riyaz india my brothar send driving visa from kuwait. I well go to medical center gamca medical center say you unfit your problom right afaex infiltrasan you never to go kuwait no medison no treatment pls this problom really bullshit i really poor gay pls pray for all of as

  260. moin khan permalink

    Dear boss,
    Its all about money now…u can get it changed in India in Delhi with the power of money only. You have to spend money I can say approx. RS. 10000-50000 to get it cleared. I am just giving an imaginary amount as I dnt know what it will be but 10000 approx. Surely. If u tell in detail about test I can help u out (try).
    In Delhi India for gamca medical clear with guarantee. Email with contact at

  261. moin khan permalink

    Contact for GAMCA Medical clear with guarantee in Delhi India. If you are planning for medical for GCC countries. In India u will get 80 % unfit even if u r fit and can’t challenge the issued certificate. As u know it’s better to go with our guarantee by paying our little fees and get 100% fit results.
    With guarantee we help people to clear GAMCA medical in Delhi INDIA.

  262. moin khan permalink

    Do u want to go to GCC countries?
    Get GAMCA medical cleared with 100% guarantee. Contact us by email and leave contact info. (only for Delhi)
    As u all know once unfit no way out to get it cleared. 90% unfit and no challenge to GAMCA authorities.
    We can help u by charging fees and get it surely cleared for you.
    Only genuine people welcome.

    • Muntasir permalink

      Dear Sir,

      I went for medical for ksa and tpha was reactive but vdrl non reactive and medical report is unfit. What should I do for the same to get it cleared.. pls reply urgently..09457190995

  263. md. azharuddin permalink

    sugar pasent saudi medical fit or unfit

  264. sir i am ramprakash i have got saudi visa as a photographer i have a little respiratory problem . will it affect my medical test? can u give me a suggestion please

  265. ahmed permalink

    aslamu alai kum muhtram bhai Abdul rehman sahib mery arz yeh hai k maine 4 mahine pehle multan se medical karwaya tha jis main vdrl positive hai is k bare main aap batain k yeh kese thik hoga konsi dawain khani pade gi ya kisi doctor sahib k bare main bata den lab walon ne 6 mahine baad dobara karwane ka kaha tha magar ye vdrl nagitive kese hoga kia 6 mahine k baad online se deta khatam ho jai ga mehar baani farma kar meri rehnumai Karen shukria.

  266. Sir,, what for require a 4 photographs Oman madical

  267. Brother,
    Can you suggest, if high cholesterol can fail you in Saudi visa medical test?

  268. Ramu Bahadur permalink

    Dear Sir,
    This is Ramu Bahadur of aged 24 from Nepal. I have been working here in Blue Bird mart, Kathmandu as a Sales Supervisor with full of responsibilities. I would like to work in any Gulf Countries (Qatar, UAE) but before 7 more year i had made AVR surgery in my Heart because of narrow Aortic Valve from the born, now i’m feeling my self better so, Is it possible to apply for working visa in Qatar, UAE ? Hope a promt replay from your end…thank you!

    • Ramu Bahadur permalink

      Brother aslam, can u plz advise me to above problem,

      Ramu Bahadur

  269. kishore permalink

    does hypertension is unfit??

  270. memons permalink

    Answering my own question.
    Had visa medical today for Saudi. I was told that they dont care about Cholesterol or lipid problem, unless it is fatal. Its doctors decision to propose. If he sees the health of person is not good he may not recommend you…
    Any of hepatitis (A,B,C) and STD you have or TB even inactive is reason of failure straight away.

  271. Ramgopal verma permalink

    Hellow Sir,
    I have given interview for electrical formen and been selected for bahrain and i paid 3800 Rs for medical examination and GAMA Dr had told i am unfit in my xray the same day i went to other private hospital and checked two times but it showed Fit then again after 2 months i have given another interview and had been sent to other hospital where my report came fit but the people in bahrain checked for my visa they saw my earlier report which had been sent to brahrain by gama and failed me agian it is spoiling my career i have two children studying in school and college how i will manage my family bcoz of this gama Dr. who spoil my whole life sir i request u to answer

  272. asad permalink

    assalam-o alikum,
    Sir 2,3 weeks ago,i went to gamca for medical. The person gave me tokken for Al shifa.When i reached in there office they said that u have squint, but my vision is good.5 times i passed my medical from gulf 6th road,health care centre gujranwala.Al shifa did not take my medical.What i can do, where i will go.

  273. Zain permalink

    Asalam U ALLAYKUM Sir.. I just wanna know that my brother wants to go n work in KSA and from 18yrs he has one small and one a bit big testicles does this makes him unfit to work in KSA OR IN DUBAI

  274. asad permalink

    abdulrahman saab replied me as soon as possible

  275. aftab alam permalink

    a.s.w.kum sir
    Me pichle 5 saal se saudi me kam kr raha tha ,ab mera transfer kuwait ke hua hai, islye mene pre medical ke liye delhi se medical krwaya jisme mujhe calcification in chest keh kr UNFIT kr diya gya, lekin mene privetly ct scan krwaya usme koi problem nahi hai ,if in case agar aise problem hai to kya iska ilaaj possible hai aur kya is base pr me kisi country me ja sakta hu.?

  276. Sunil permalink

    Dear Sir
    Do we need a GCC test for Dubai Visa

  277. krii permalink

    Dear sir,I am selected for design job in qatar.but i had small scar in PTB so they told me unfit.I ask to indian doctors all are told this is not disease.only old scar.Please help me what i do for go to Gulf job

  278. confused permalink

    i apply my wife with family visa here in ksa under my visa but unfortunately gamca give unfit medical record to my wife due to lung scar. My wife will be stay here and no intention to work because our children are still young and go to school.if ever she pay extra money to gamca is there will be a problem if she take a medical test here in ksa?.

  279. confused permalink

    i apply my wife with family visa here in ksa under my visa but unfortunately gamca give unfit medical result to my wife due to lung scar even it is already cured. my wife will be stay here and no intention to work because our children are still young and go to school. if ever she pay extra money to gamca to get the clearance to travel is there will be a problem once she take a medical test here in ksa for iqama?.

  280. Haris permalink

    sir, i got a job in kuwait as x-ray technician..and i failed in the gamca medical test because of minimal pleural thickening. they told i cant go in the whole life to middle east.. but from the hospital they told that is just a mark and not harmful to health and it is not a disease. and the agency told i can go in my there any problem wil happen in kuwait when i go for medical test?? Is any other country which i can go where pleural thickening is not an issue to get iqama??

  281. mehaboob basha permalink

    If a person with only one eye sight is eligible for kuwait employment

  282. Dear sir,

    15 days ago i went for medical in rawalpindi, Uregent lab unfit me due to ALT 81, Can i again go for test now my ALT is 38,

  283. Wasim permalink

    Dear Sir,

    is low Hemoglobin considered medically unfit? what is the range of normal hemoglobin considered by GAMCA.

  284. ramli permalink

    dear dir,

    Is anyone has HSV1/2 fit to work and obtain iqama in Saudi?

  285. Joseph permalink

    I just want to understand if a person has Hypertension, his medical will be unfit?? please advice..

  286. Mohammad Shabbir permalink

    Dear Mr. Rahman

    My brother had HCV active and been treated and now in PCR is deactive and negative so can he get the KSA visa please reply

  287. Muhammad Rashid Afzaal permalink

    AOA. kindly let me know if the person who has lost one eye can clear the GAMCA test? Do they take the eyesight test of every person or only of those whom they have some doubt or whose disability is visible?

  288. Asslmlkm permalink

    Hi Sir, I got the opportunity to work in Dubai after recieving job offer from them they said to me go for medical checkup and that too u have done but my report is saying that I have scar in my chest so they had given me the antibiotics for one week and after that they said come after one week for X-ray again.. Now I am very much tensed and in vain due to this I eagerly wanted to grab this opportunity now please assist me wat to do after one week my reports will be ok or not.. I am in trouble please help me out..

    Samil Khan

  289. zaffar permalink

    Assalamalikum sir, if a person is suffering from high or low bp then wil he be fit in medical test for kuwait country..

  290. Chamila permalink

    Born With Short Fingers or Nubs and Normal Thumb – Symbrachydactyly – Im from Sri Lanka and the GAMCA approved medical center did not issue a medical due to this. Applied by my husband to obtain visa to Oman and he has 4 short fingers in his right hand and he is a lefthander. Infact he has knuckles and finger nails on those 4 fingers. Till date he never had a problem with anything and nobody noticed it upto now. Do you think this is correct?

  291. RabNawaz Khosa permalink

    Sir I am student of bs civil engineering technology.i want to work abroad . actually I have one eye blind from my birth yet other is normal.100% fit.will they fit me or un fit in gulf for work of engineer..plz inform I unfit or fit ?

  292. Asghar permalink

    Dear Sir , A.O.A
    sir i want to go to Saudi arabia for Working as a DATA ENTRY OPERATOR (Computer operator)
    but in my medical examinition is HB ag + and my PCR is negative, all of other medical is clear , soi can apply or visa or not. thanks
    reply me please as soon as possible.

  293. resh permalink

    Assalamalikum sir.. my husband was working in gulf past 6 year …he took a break and came down to india . its been 9 months we planned to go back . soon he was offered with a job in Muscat after taking an medical test in india he was found unfit . he cleared his blood test but X-ray shows a small scar on his lung… doctors says its childhood scar its natural … now his offered a job in U.A.E . do dubai takes X-ray as well for the visa …do we have alternative option . please let me know thanks

  294. mani permalink

    Sir my friend is hbsag positive inactive carrier. His liver is normal function and size. Doctor told him he does not need medical treatment. Indian DGS approved doctor told he is medically fit to work in ship. Is he eligible to get work visa to saudi or dubai.

  295. Usman Hassan permalink

    I am following this forum from quite long. Has anyone got answer from this forum or not.

    What about getting work visa for Saudi Arabia if someone is HCV PCR NON REACTIVE. MEANS A TREATED CASE OF hcv.
    Plz reply anyone who has the right knowledge
    Usman Hassan

  296. fouzia permalink

    Asalamalaikum sir
    I’m from india and shortly will go for Gamca medical test.. I may be going Saudi arabia on my husband’s family doubt was is a pregnant woman considered fit under this GAMCA TEST. As i m three months pregnant…kindly reply me soon…hopefully my test would be on saturday or monday.

  297. md ibrahim permalink

    assalaualium i am type1 diabetic and i want to go to ksa on job visa i have doubt that gamca will declare e unfit. please suggest e

  298. asif iqbal permalink

    hello sir/madam
    myself asif iqbal, worked as instrument technician at saudi arabia from nov 2007- jan2010, i have vitiligo on my body part, when i reached in saudi arab the medical clinic seen my body part but they didn’t told me any thing and passed me.
    now i am getting problem to go again in gulf country, in mumbai interview office are saying that i am not able to go gulf because of vitiligo problem. kindly help me to know me what is the real word from gamca or any medical clinic in mumbai.
    asif iqbal
    bokaro, jharkhand

  299. Assalamu alaikum dear sir,

    I got a job offer in kuwait. I took medical through Gamca. the medical centre, on seeing my x-ray told that I have a scar in my lungs and so they can’t fit me. but they didnt giv me report. they told me that if they give unfit report then it can’t be changed. so they told me to wait until my Gamca slip expires and after that to go to a different clinic through a new gamca slip. there are chances that they will declare me FIT.

    But, recently I came to know through some forums that in kuwait while taking medical test, if they find this scar in x-ray, then they will put a life ban to enter all GCC countries and deport immediately. is this true?.

    I have already taken a gamca medical test one year back. I was fit (by a scan report following an x-ray) and I have worked in ksa.

    if this life time ban is true, then i feel its not worthy to go at all.

    pls giv me ur valuable advice on this matter.

  300. jaya permalink

    i was accepted a job offer in Oman.i am currently working in sharjah.The Company in Oman has asked him to produce medical fitness certificate.Kindly let me know the GCC approved medical centres in Dubai for
    Thanks in advance

  301. Mohammed permalink


    I applied for a residence visa for my family(Wife and kid). When my wife went for medical she was told that she has got fibrosil which makes het unfit. What is the solution and how to proceed further

  302. Mohammed permalink


    I applied for a residence visa in Saudi Arabia for my family(Wife and kid). When my wife went for medical she was told that she has got fibrosil which makes het unfit. What is the solution and how to proceed further

  303. zaffar permalink

    bilirubin is high and doctor prove that ur suffering from Gilbert syndrome but he told me that this is not a contagious dieases and for this there is no specific treatment so if i got a job in kuwait and may be next week my medical test will be there so will i be consider as Fit or unfit Please help me its urgent..

  304. ZAR permalink

    Dear sir,
    I am applying for a job as an IT officer in Saudi Arabia. I had Hepatitis B non-reactive Positive result, but after the consult with the liver specialist, I went through with the further recommended test, as HBV DNA detection BY PCR (Qualitative), in this report result HBV DNA Not Detected in the sample and result was HBV DNA Negative, and according to Dr. I am not infected and carrier, SO NOW CAN I APPLY FOR MY CAREER JOB? Please reply, thank you sir, stay blessed

  305. yakub khan permalink

    2 month ago i did my medical from gamca. He said to me that ur medical report is unfit due to calcification/scar in ur lungs. But i want to know that it is not a disease not a symptom of disease, and no medicine is available treatment for it. So what i do. In kuwait its problem takes seriously or not. Plz anyone reply ur suggestion

  306. ayan permalink

    sir i have white patches above my eyebrow & above my eye i want to go dubai so plz reply me can i go or not

  307. nadir permalink

    hi sir ..
    in 2009 i did my medical from gamca ,one of center in karachi,and they declare my sgpt,lft level 86 ,and also recommended medicine and suggested to visit after 15 days ,then i went again but my lft was incresed to 200 ,after that they asked to go again after 15 days but i could not go again due to this problem ,no i dont know the status of my medical exam ,i dont know they have reported me unfit and proceed for online or not can i know that ,,as i want to again apply for saudi arabia ,
    am i eligible to apply or not if my LFT is normal now ..please i need strong suggestion


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  309. Aejaz permalink

    I am having a small penis will I be able to clear my medical.
    I am trying to work abroad in kuwait.m totaly fit but the thing is penis.plzzz give me a quick reply

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  311. Dear sir mera saudia company ka veza aya tha lkn jb me G.M.C. Pe medical krwaya tu unhn ne 3 dafa re xra krny k bd unfit kr dya tha k ap ka exra clear nae ha aaj se 7 saal phly hamary colege me larae k duran mghy chaqu lga tha jis ke wgha se mera operation hua tha abhe me blkul fit hn i mean mghy abhe ksi qism ke pain nae hty phr me ne atomic enery k ek qualified doctor k pas apna chek up b krwaya ha wo khty hen k ap ke chest pe blood ke slots hen ju k operation k duran lagy then ju abhe tk hen plz sir mghy btaen k ye mery blood k daag kasy khtm hnge kya eska koe elaj ha plzz sir reply lazmi krna me bht pershan hn

  312. Mohideen permalink

    I selected for kuwait job. I go to gamco medical at chennai. In the medical test i have only one testis in my body, because of this they unfit me. One testis what problem why i am unfit, what is my solution to go for gulf????

  313. Sameer permalink

    Hello sir.if any one unfit in medical at gamca for his data will be permently in online or is there any way to go any countries including european countries…..

  314. Jonam permalink

    My one rib is a bit deviated due to fall in childhood. am i fit or not? Doctor says this is not problem medically. Please suggest.


  316. lil permalink

    sir,i have a lung nodule that is non cancerous .am i fit to work in gulf countries?.

  317. sam permalink

    Tubalarvheart & emphysentary lung fields … Though iam fit they tell this ..this is cheating…what should i do

  318. sam permalink

    Hello sir erecemtly i got job in binlsden … In medical check up they found me telling that x ray tits showing tubular health &emphystantely lung field … Can i retain my x ray check up once

  319. abbas permalink

    Hello Sir,
    i got a job in UAE but save side i did medical test here in pakistan and found that:

    HBsAg: ——>> Postive
    Hepatitis B PCR DNA:——->> Negative
    HBe Antibody: ——->> Postive
    UltraSound: ———>> Normal
    LFT: ——–>> Normal(Under range)

    may i applicable to clear UAE medical test for Employment Visa?

    Please help me out. thanks Sir

  320. zaffar permalink

    hbsag should be negative

  321. Mohd Shiraz Khan permalink

    Assalamvalaikum! I want to get confirmed that whether I can get visa to work in Middle east countries because I have sugar of about 140 just above than normal i.e 120.Please suggest Me..Thank U

  322. kumar permalink

    Hai sir
    I am kumar can you give me exact answer for medical examination value how many month(kingdom of saudi arabia)

  323. Aji permalink

    Is polio disability with 40% fit in Kuwait? ?

  324. waseem permalink

    My PCR Genome in Quantitative report is Negative. Can i work in UAE.

  325. faraz ahmad permalink

    i am going for saudi arabia as an accountant but i found small calcified nods in my lungs before this i have no problem at all kindly telll me should i do for gamca for medical or not ??? thanking you

  326. Vijayakumar permalink

    In medical am unfit due to pleural thickening in left upper lobe.There is any chance to cure this..But i concerned the M.D doctors, they told there is no infection about this thickening it occurs on childhood days but presently there is no infection and in future also no worry about this an dhe gives certify for me like no active Tuberculosis..Then y to put UNFIT in medical centers..Am waiting for your reply..

  327. Khaycie permalink

    Good evening i would like to ask if having a bone island on the right side 2nd rib of sternum is unacceptable in kuwait, eventhough she is fit to work and physically normal in appearance? Thank you

  328. Sarfraz permalink

    Dear sir mera VDRL positive ha or TPHA negative ha jis ki waja se muge unfit kiya ja raha ha to kya mein again gymca se no le k medical kerwa sakta hon? jab k mane skin specialist ko dikhaya ha wo bolty han k apka TPHA negative ha to apko treatment ki zarorat nhi please muge batiy mein kya keron ?

  329. jiju usman permalink

    My gamca gcc medical check up exp date- 18/01/2014 my next new medical date which day startnig…..plse give one answer.

  330. lalit permalink

    Dear sir i am suffering from VITILIGO disease would you please tell me that i can do jo in gulf and can go through Gulf medical centre

  331. Saeed permalink

    I have problem my penis very small.its why I afraid maried .so how I can do longer penis.

  332. khurram nawaz permalink

    Dear sir i am suffering from VITILIGO disease would you please tell me that i can do jo in gulf and can go through Gulf medical centre.qutar

  333. zaffar permalink

    Assasalamalikum finally i got fit medical report from Gamca … So plz pray .

  334. vimalpatel permalink

    i need gamca stamp

  335. vimalpatel permalink

    i need gamca stamp
    for muscut oman

  336. Raj permalink

    Iam raj from india
    I want go to Kuwite but after mrdical that iam suffering in Hep b test are as under
    Hep b surfes antigen:Hbsag ,serum > 250.00 ,Reactive
    Plz tel me in this situation , how i cango to kuwite

  337. nilesh permalink

    Any person who clear gamca in own country, fit for visa. After reaching in GCC counry what will he facing again any type of medical clearence examination? Plz tell.

  338. ravindra kumar srivastava permalink

    Hello Sir,
    I got a job in Qatar now I have to make my medical fitness through GAMCA and I am a diabetic patient type 2, will its create any problem to get medical fitness report. Please answer me….

  339. nilesh permalink

    I got job in kuwait. My x-ray report seen old T B . If I get gamca fit certificate in my country any way, then after this when I reach in kuwait , then will I face any type proble ? or will I face any type medical fitness examination in kuwait. Plz tell me as soon possible. I am waiting your reply. Plz reply must.

  340. Ajay permalink

    Sir, I was suffering with TB but currently I am fine and that is completely cure. But in my xray shows past evidense of TB. I got an appotiunity to work in Kwait and I need to face medical with 2 days. If I will get fit medical certificate anyhow. Will I face any trouble while I will be in Kuwait .

  341. Im lijo Before 2 weeks im take Medical For Going To Ksa .but Report Comeing Im Unfit For The Chest Xray Showed A Dot In Left Side. Im Cheked In diferent Hospital All Dr Said no Problem.this Is A Jest Mark Not Tb .but Gamca Panal Not Agree Any Posible Remove This dot

  342. masi permalink

    bhai saudi visa k liye pote (piles) check karte kya wo oper niche hai kya bolke please answer me.masi

  343. Sariffdeen permalink

    I have a small penis.. Will that make me unfit fire GAMCA.. Plz do reply.. I m vry worried.. Plz do reply..

  344. Sariffdeen permalink

    I hv small penis.. will that make me unfit.. Plz do reply.. Plz any ppl reply..

  345. Saeed d permalink

    I have problem my penis small

  346. muslim permalink

    salam alaykum guy i have a SGPT PROBLEM.. (105) IF i go KSA the medical of sgpt is do again aur not… reply soon

  347. vignesh permalink

    Sir i have spinol cord porblem i got the sevier pain if i pass the medical pls tell fast tommoro i have to go the pls tell me

  348. Farook permalink

    Assalamualaikum to all i have hepC positive. can i get work visa to as a safety enginee in construction company. Please reply me thanks to all

  349. aariz permalink

    Asslaam Oalaikum brother , i have done my gamca test but in my xray showing one little spot. Dr told its nothing nand no dessise but they give mee unfit certificate… Can u plz tell mee what i do and how can i pass gamca test plz help mee ……

  350. jhan permalink

    I was diagnosed to have granuloma can I still work in asian country like bahrain thank you

  351. mohammed riyaz permalink

    can a person go to saudi arabia if having a very small dot on lung which he never suffered from tb in past

  352. jose marie labarento permalink

    if i have heart murmur can i fit to work?

  353. Curious guy permalink

    Can a person get failed in medical for Kuwait due to abnormal testis

  354. Asalam o alaikum sir how are you??
    sir my HBSAg elisa is positive i was in libya when my company took me for medical that time my doctor told me that you are unfit sir now ia m in pakistan my PCR and other test LFT etc are normal i want to go saudia arabia what should i do for that ?? please tell me sir please guide me it will help me waiting for a kind response JAZAK ALLAH KHIER

  355. Haris Mian permalink

    Process for GAMCA Test is as follows:

    1. Go to the GAMCA center in your city, get a Token number. Do take your original Passport and ID Card along with you.

    2. A computer generated center will be assigned to you. Take two photographs and passport along with Rs.5500 to the assigned center.

    Your test will be conducted. You will get your result in 2 days.

  356. badal joshi permalink

    i am in kuwait right nw feb 3 2014.i have left side blunt or say c.p.angel of left side chest some prblm.i got git certificatte from here in kuwait again,i go for medical.sir i have no prblm in chest,bt i am in tension that in kuwait i got fit certificate or nt

  357. Dear Sir,
    I am venkatesh from chennai last week i am select for oman country officer job but medical unfit for fibrosis problem.What is the suggestion for this treatment problem sir,

  358. Harendra Prasad permalink

    Sir I am Harendra Prasad in the month of August 2013 I had suffered from heart problem and i got bypass operation of heart in September 2014 . Now am completely fit for work. I am civil engineer of edge 54 yrs. Now want to go abroad to work. so can I will be fit in medical test

  359. shami permalink


    Pls let me know if i have high Bloodpressure will i clear the dubai medical check up.i got a job in dubai.


  360. Md Rafiq Choudhary permalink

    I am having scar in my chest x ray, passed evidence of healed ptb are there any chances for me to work in abroad, I am working as a security supervisor in India, I need advice.

  361. which items check blood for abroad medical chekaup

  362. sir
    am 22 year old my problem is gilberts syndrome how to remove my blood in bilirubin…may next month i will go dubai now medical unfit plz help me

    • geo permalink

      Start taking phenobarbital(phenobarbitone) 30 mg/60mg 2-3 days before your test. It will show a lower level of bilirubin temporarily.

      • Mark permalink

        Will this really work? This is the first I have ever heard of this.

  363. dinukshi permalink

    Sir,my friend done hcv antibody test and he got positive,bt his ultrasound scan is normal,after that he done pcr and rna test they are neagtive,i want to know he can get medical to go oman,and first time he got unfit medical we can get another medical again,plss,tanx

    • c s daspa permalink

      Any changes expected. In regards to old calcified scar in chest X ray. As it is in no way a problem. Except GCC. .no where this is noticed. .may loose opportunity for this if GAMCA issues unfit certificate. Pl guide

  364. Biplab Chakraborty permalink

    sir I have Blood suger, so shall I be fit after doing Gumca for saudi Arabia???pls let me know urgently.

  365. binuf permalink

    Sir,i got a job offer from kuwait,& i am a diabetic (type 2) patient from last few months.If the Gamca will unfit for me?
    Kindly Reply

  366. CHANDRA SEKHAR permalink


  367. Helpme permalink

    I have old tb scar which GCC country will give me visa i have done some research that UAE and Qatar Dont allow.

  368. Mohammed Mazhar permalink

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Brother, I am 120kg weight & want to know obesity is unfit for KSA Medical check up. Need urgent reply.

  369. rehmatullah soomro permalink

    Among the non infectious diseases mentioned above is the diabetes mellitus but it is not mentioned whether controlled or uncontrolled which a very important point for consideration.

  370. leo anthony permalink

    Even the calcification they have placed there. Some clinics rule it as calcified nodule . However, medical practitioners say that calcified nodules are either benign or malignant. There is a medical standard that is of international acceptance but it serms the GCC health ministries have their own standards and the accepted medical diagnosis based on international standards are not acceptable to them. The GCC standards do not even have implementing guidelines thus health issues are open to interpretation by the medical personell on GAMCA clinics and is a source of abuse by said clinics. It has become a practice to deny an applicant then after money had changed hands they would give a good medical clearance.

  371. Dinesh Yadav permalink

    Sir, i got kuwait visa? But i have some dout sir,i wil smoke per day 10 crigts from past 3 years? My age is 19 years old?if any problems wil come in medical test ha?plz tel me sir

  372. XYZ permalink

    I am from Pakistan. I got job from Qatar but last days I get done with my blood test. my HIV screening test is Reactive but Western Blot (detail test) completely NON-Reactive. Please guide me am I unfit to get Qatar Work Visa?
    Please reply soon.

  373. I’m a nurse and I have a moderate volor blindness.. am I unfit to work?!

  374. I’m paul..I’m a nurse amd I have moderate color blind.. am I unfit to work already?

  375. ram permalink

    Dear Sir

    I have fingers clubbing by birth, is it a problem to go to Kuwait on work visa

  376. sagar permalink

    hello sir , i am sagar neupane from Nepal. i wanna go study abroad. Do i pass medical?

    • john permalink

      hello sir, i am john from Nepal. i am suffer from dry eyes problem. i wanna go abroad to study. can i pass medical exam?

  377. bonie permalink

    hello sir, I am bonie from philippines I passed na interview for Engineering position in UAE then i did my medical exam but they mark my medical exam to Unfit to work because of “pleuro diapragmatic tenting left hemodiaphragm. I never had any serious pulmonary disease tb,pneumonia etc. I went to lung center of the philippines to consult pulmonologist and they issued me fit to work no clinical significance findings, no treatment is needed and non infectious. Can I still go to dubai sir?thank you. But i am still waiting for my next xray for the second opinion.

  378. geo permalink




  379. Abdul Fatah permalink

    Can you help me to clear my doubt
    I got an offer to work in KSA
    During Working Visa medical check up profile screen my Hepatitis B screening was Reactive
    Further Hepatitis B carrier study was done and I am a Passive Carrier
    The medical check up clear me and I was issued with working Visa
    Will I face a problem again when applying Iqama in KSA
    Thank you

  380. mohammed permalink

    Can you help me to clear my doubt
    I got an offer to work in KSA
    iam from INDIA…

    My testicle are unbalance can i pass my medical test…..FIT. is it possible or not, else have to take treatment for disorders….. pls reply me as soon as, iam worring about this problem….

  381. Dear Dr.Khoja,
    Hi I’m from Sri Lanka I have question about syphilis test , accordantly to WHO Clarification can we do Syphilis rapid test instant of doing VDRL & TPHA also let me know about chlamydia test info also.

    Thank You,

  382. Ram permalink

    hi sir
    last week l got an offer letter from IRSHAD as a driver. l am a diabetic patient.perfctly l am allright .so can advice me the test regarding diabetes in adnoc medical centre


  383. Muhammad permalink

    I tried following for one of my family members as she was having HCV anti-bodies (PCR was clear and there was no viral load). Her antibodies were reduced to a very low value within four months (Cut-off value dropped from 1.7 to 0.0048). It has been over 4 months now and still her HCV antibodies cut-off values are less than 0.1. Now here is the routine I followed. Take half cup of water at room temperature, add roughly 3-4 teaspoon full of honey into it. Mix very thoroughly. Take once daily, preferably either morning before breakfast or before sleeping at night. Eat lots of fruits and drink berry juices frequently. Most importantly, say salah regularly and make niyyah that you are taking honey for shifa. Its better to keep following this routine till 4 months and then get tested. I know that most doctors will tell you that HCV anti bodies stay in blood for life but I have always beleived in miracles from Allah. Try to get tested from a good lab and never tell the lab about your previous positive HCV antibodies history.

  384. abdul permalink

    while i am working in my house due to some accident my wrist tendon nerves are cut it will affect the medical to go saudi arabia.may i qualify or not

  385. firoz shaikh permalink

    Dear sir
    I am firoz from Mumbai india , i have an offer letter from UAE , but in GAmca report i get unfit grade due to Bilatera basal blunting in the chest Xray, so what should i do now…is there any thereopy to correct this ?? Plz reply

  386. iffat permalink

    Due to alt is 85 u/l the person is medically unfit or not in gmca for ksa pls reply

  387. Ramesh permalink

    Dear Sir
    I have clubbing of fingers and toes by birth. Is it a problem in the medical check up .I got a job in kuwait.

  388. Syed Abdul Gani permalink

    If I fail at a center can I go for another centre in other state.
    Eg if I fail at Hyderabad can I complete my medical exam at Bangalore. Please send me all details via email. Waiting for a positive response.

  389. Adolfo permalink

    What is with intestine infections like “Colitis Ulcerosa”?? please answer to me via email fitoirlanda (at)

  390. Brother Kia Hydrocelli disease ki wajah se medical unfit hota hai kia.plz infrom me at

    plz plz iform me

  391. Harwinder Singh permalink

    Sir meine yeah ek bar medical unfit hone ke badh dubara kab krwa skte hai plz bta dijiyega

  392. ahmed permalink

    Sir one of my ear is not normal ..that is I can hear from left ear only….but no body knows this …because my hearing capacity is normal…. do gamca check this? Can i clear the medical for dubai? I am from india. Please help me

    • Ali Raza permalink

      Dear Friend,

      The GCC Medical only sensitive for infectious diseases, which spread through person to person by air, cough or breath or by any other way. Don’t worry your ear problem is not infectious to any person, Moreover, The GCC medical will not even detect your problem they will just take your blood for infectious diseases and a CT scan for TB, You Must not have active or latent TB (Even the TB Scars on your Lungs) for resident Visa.


      Ali Raza


  393. ahmed permalink

    Thankyu raza…..but if I am looking for employment visa?

  394. Ali Raza permalink

    You will not face any problem

  395. Mrs Khan permalink

    Asak, my husband (40 yrs) has been offered a job in KSA. The problem is he has slight handicap in his right arm due to an expired polio vaccine in his childhood. He is living a normal life and his handicap doesn’t hinder his normal activities. I want to know if this could be a reason for a medical examination being failed. Jazakallah.

  396. ahmed permalink

    Jazak allah bhai….god bless you…ab jakar sukun mili hai

  397. Ramesh permalink

    Dear Sir
    I have clubbing of fingers and toes by birth. Is it a problem in the medical check up .I got a job in kuwait.

  398. vidyadhar permalink

    Sir, I have been tested TPHA positve at GAMCA centre, but at private doctor i found TPHA Negative. However, TPHA Positive is less. Even in Oman, my employer said it wont be problem they will take care, but problem is that my data is recorded online and is now over 2 months and now GAMCA is asking me to wait for six months, as per the medical rule. But the new Oman labour law is going to be changed from July 1 2014 as a person who left oman will have to wait for two years to return back to work in Oman, now i will be losing my chance, due to the online process. Is it possible to do something about the Online Database, so that i can fly before July 1 2014. Kindly advice me.

  399. Habib permalink

    Asalam w alicum,

    i want to know that if someone RPR reactive, VDRL reactive and TPHA Positive but after successful completly treatment PRP, VDRL non-reactive but TPHA Positive so apply working visa for saudi arabia ?

  400. Mohammed Mokim Ansari permalink

    Dear sir
    I have been selected for the post of Mechanical engineer for Kuwait, as the procedure of visa stomping I have required medical test report. When I get medical report from Paramount Diagnostic Centre Saheen Bagh, New Delhi. According to the report I am unfit. But when I consulted with other Hospital in Delhi I am fully fit. Next what can I do sir please suggest me.

  401. Ali Raza permalink

    for what reason they unfit you earlier, Please try to explain the exact reason of Unfit.

  402. Ramesh permalink

    Dear sir

    I have selected for a post of engineer in kuwait. I Have clubbing of fingures and toes by birth and health is normal no problem during the medical tests while joining in Indian companies( it was considered as heriditory). Is it a problem at GAMCA medical test?

  403. subash permalink

    Dear sir my medical is put on hold because of small clacification left upper lobe I got visa to Kuwait I got offer as electrical supervisor
    Please help me

  404. Rehan permalink

    Salaam Bro,
    I’m have lost one eyesight can I pass GAMCA Test.

  405. sir i have 45 my sgpt tell me can gamca center unfit me for this reason sgpt 45 plzz tell me.

  406. M Altaf permalink

    no brother you do not apply for dubai plzzz

  407. I have problem for phimosis and genital herpes. I will pass or unfit. Pls reply

  408. Ramesh permalink

    Dear Raza sir

    I have selected for a post of engineer in kuwait. I Have clubbing of fingures and toes by birth and health is normal no problem during the medical tests while joining in Indian companies( it was considered as heriditory). Is it a problem at GAMCA medical test?

  409. Ali Raza permalink

    No dear it will not make a problem, Just consider the logic only infectious diseases are problem

  410. Mrs Khan permalink

    Asak, my husband (40 yrs) has been offered a job in KSA. The problem is he has slight handicap in his right arm due to an expired polio vaccine in his childhood. He is living a normal life and his handicap doesn’t hinder his normal activities. I want to know if this could be a reason for a medical examination being failed. Jazakallah

  411. Nirmal Perera permalink

    Sir, I had Syphilis 1 1/2 years ago, and it was treated successfully, Before treatment my VDRL and TPHA were positive and after getting proper treatment my VDRL becomes -ive but TPHA still +ive. According my consultant doctor I am Medically FIT person now. but my TPHA will remain positive for life. Now i have go through GAMCA Medical test. they declare me UNFIT due to TPHA positive .
    I am really confuse because i have a job in UAE now. I have to send them my Medical fitness report. Please help me what should i do ?

  412. Niroshan Gunathilaka permalink

    Sir, I had Syphilis 2 years ago & it was treated successfully, but still my TPHA positive .

    Can you please inform me what are the countries I can not go for an employment visa ( can i get employment visa from Europe countries / Malaysia / Turkey / Singapore / Etc.. )

  413. LUTFUR RAHMAN permalink


  414. Arif permalink

    .Dear Sir,

    The medecal center declared me UNFIT as they told i have a scar on my chest X-ray, doctor said it is a very old patch from birth and it is not active, but kuwait will not accept it, please kundly guide me if i go thru an agent will it help me, i have to go to kuwait as my wife is waiting for me their (i worked in kuwait for 6 yrs and i had to come back for a job change. please your helpful advice will help me,

    if anyone else in this fourm has any wayout in this situation please help me or refer me an agent in delhi.

    Also when can i re-appear for my medical test.

  415. I have a problem for phimosis and genital herpes.i will fit or unfit in GAMCA

  416. Dr. Mazhar Iqbal permalink

    We are staying in Oman. We are trying for a house maid from Pakistan. She has only one eye, other lost in past due to some trauma etc. GAMCA centre not clearing her medical. Is this a unfit criteria or it is only money gaining process of the agent? and if fit what will be method for permission letter. on her slip it is written that medical with-held for permission letter. Please reply. Thanks a lot.

  417. i have diabeties type2 and bp iwant go kuwait can i pas medical

  418. my age is 32i have diabeties type2 and bp iwant go kuwait can i pas medical

  419. usman permalink

    Sir my name is usman i got one low current system superviser visa i completed in electrical and electronics engineering course already work in uae 5years but my one leg is polio 30% attack so now i go possible or not possible(medical fit or unfit please tell me) at saudi arabia please sent answer my mail

  420. IFTIKHAR permalink

    I AM 23 years old,,,,i got engineering job visa of KSA ,,,but when i went to gamca approved medical centre for medical checkup, my all tests are clear except that left hemidiaphram is slightly elevated shown in chest x-ray, this is not a disease , it is natural thing and have no effect on my health,i am full active and healthy boy and i take ultrasound checkup which is very much clear and give OK report but gamca approved centre in rawalpindi (KHALEEJ DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE) didnt give my fit report,,,is it justice?? i never experience any disease , so where is justice??? i lose my job . as there is much unemployment in pakistan, who is responsible ???

  421. sudeep vs permalink

    My. Bilirbin test report is 1.7 .it hve any prblm

    • sudeep vs permalink

      Am waiting for my kuwait visa what is the minimum bilirubin. Rate pls rply as soon as possible

  422. Shah permalink

    My VDRL is showing positive but my TPHA and FTA-ABS is negative. Will I get Saudi Employment Visa?

  423. Imran permalink

    My wife LFT (AST ALT) value only little greater than normal. Currently she has 102/68 value range in ALT /AST and GAMCA medical center told us these values should less than or equal to 50/50 range. Please advise what should we do? how much expiry of yellow paper? how long it will take to reduce these values… GAMCA meical validity?

  424. Anas permalink

    Dear Sir,

    Last Week I have done my medical through GMCA from Advance Mecial & Diagnostic Center, Shadman, Lahore.
    Sir All of my report is ok but TPHA is Positive in the Test Report & they should imposed an stamp on my medical report that called unfit.
    in this regard I will be re-test my TPHA from a Local Labortary and the result is negative.
    Now give me an advice what can I do know…..??? is there any way to recheck my medical from Advance Medical & Diagnostic Center.

  425. adeel permalink

    hello sir,
    my name is adeel from islamabad.I want to go ksa but my alt is little high 98 and in a few days my test in gamca medical centre so I am unfit or fit anyone plz help me is there any other way plz anyone tell me

  426. adeel permalink

    my name is amir adeel from islamabad.I want to go ksa but my alt is high 98 so I have to test from gamca medical centre in a few days so I am fit or unfit plz tell me or there is any other way so plz tell me.

  427. Asslama alykum brother

    Mujhe hydrocele disease hydrocele ki wajeh se medical examination fail hota hai.please inform me.i am so depressed.aur iska elaaj kistarah kia jata hai.please please

    please inform any one me at my email id

  428. sir im about to have my medical exam on monday. i have mild psoriasis does it makes me unfit to work? please advise

    • shreeram permalink

      Dear ,

      have you cleared the medical and went to saudi arabia ?

    • prats permalink

      have you cleared atually my husband also have psoriasis

  429. Mohammed Ashraf Ali permalink

    Dear Sir,
    I wanted to know that piles affected person is able to pass GAMCA for Oman.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ashraf Ali

  430. sania saeed permalink

    please if some slove my problem. i want to go to ksa as family visa but i have scar on my lungs .it is healed .from my chilhood. i am not go so fa GAMCa. if somebody slove befor my proper me contect i am ready to give thier works amount .thanks irs not fraud . other repot are ok. only problem in ex.ray. please help me i m from pindi.thanks

  431. Prashant prakash pujari permalink

    They didnt carried my medical due to white spots on my skin. I got selected in muskat as mech engr. Guide me.

  432. surendar permalink

    please any one tell that fatty liver ok or not ok

  433. sunil permalink

    I done gcc medical in india. I passed. But I came in muscat .take labour card they take medical and get result hcv positive. I got visa my family is there somuch money spent. So what I do.i done medical in for help me

  434. samy permalink

    Sir i m land surveyor i have red green color blindness what i fit or unfit gamca test for k.s.a

  435. Malik basha permalink

    sir,i want to go to saudi arabia but gamca result shows hbsag 0.66 can I go to saudi arabia

  436. Hariom Tripathi permalink

    Dear Sir,
    Greeting of the day!

    I did my medical from Gulshan Medicare Chennai, GAMCA approved centre. They said that you are unfit and when I asked why then they said you have minor Pleural Thickening and do be afraid it is big issue and you are totally save. I asked when it is not a big problem and no harm for my health & other also. I want to meet your senior doctor and want to discuss something then they said that he is unavailable and come tomorrow. When I went there next day then they made excuse doctor is not available come tomorrow and next 5-6 days they did same thing and never given me any response.
    At last I showed my medical report to outside doctor and he said that I do not have any big problem and I am not able to understand why they people said that you are unfit. He gave me some antibiotic medicine for two weeks.
    So will you please suggest me what I have do now because I have already got everything thing from hiring company like Appointment Letter, Visa & Contract. I said same thing to Gulshan Medicare person in privately also Sir I got everything’s from Kuwait country and if it is not big problem so please give me Fit report because my visa and everything is depend on this report but they are not able to listen and tell anything. One senior doctor (Dr. Parushram may be) said that it is your problem not mine and do not waste my time.They are behaving very rudely and acting like The King. I do not why may be they are thinking that each and everything in them hands only and we people cannot do anything against them or something else.
    If you will give me some suggestion from your busy schedule that would be very helpful for me.
    Please suggest me also can we take any action against them because they so rude and like Illiterate includes doctors. They are behaving same nature with each & everyone.
    I am eagerly awaiting your response.
    Thanking You
    Hariom Tripathi
    Email Id:

  437. Mariam permalink

    Dear Mr,
    I am living in kuwait but Pakistani,
    In 2010 I had hepatitis c but in same year I did treatment n every year we make a blood test it’s come that ur hepatitis c cell is deactivated
    As every year result came same so my doctor said no need to make any more because it’s showing dead
    The question I want to know is that kindly tell me that I can get visa easily of Saudia if I show them certificate.
    I hope it is not hard for me.
    Or what document I have to submitte.
    Please let me know once u read, I will thank full of you .
    Waiting for reply

  438. kaushik permalink

    Hi. I am currently in Saudi Arabia. I got another job offer from one good company from Saudi Arabia. So, I will go on final exit visa and want to join new company with their sponsorship. But after coming here I have some skin deases which doctor called it fungal infection near my private part.while apply for new visa, in gamca medical test there may be chances that doctor may know about it and may give me unfit status. If it happens then I can again apply for medical test in gamca after dease completely cured? currently my treatment is in progress. Please let me know.

  439. ali permalink

    Sir can u plz guide me my medical reports shows that I hve syphilis bt I dnt knw hw I got its treatment plz tell me I should go to urologist or a dermotologist

  440. ali permalink

    Dear sir, after long hard efforts of 1 year struggling with my my bosses from my ex company to accept my resignation i finally came back to pakistan on final exist.

    The condition that i can only leave if i sign that i am not entitle to claim my 22 years ESB, and pending salaries.

    I had offer which i don’t wanted to miss so i signed and came back, leaving everything behind.

    My new company sent visa and i got medical papers to proceed without consulting local clinics i went to GAMCA got my slip and went through medical after 7 days the reports came and they declare me HCV reactive / positive.

    The reports must have gone to GAMCA as well,
    I need to know how long the hepatitis person is ban to travel? And how long i am recorded in GAMCA OR IN EMBASSY for unfit due to this diagnose?

    I also did test after GAMAC’s clinic which no use but my doctor said i cannot ever travel
    Will i ever have chance to go back and work?

    Please help i have big family to support.

    Thank you and allah bless you

    • shaikh permalink

      Dear I have the similar issue of hcv…can you update me that which country you are planning to go

  441. s.sarfraz permalink

    my sgpt level is 110 and they advised me to take treatment for 3 weeks.what the next step i just want to know they take complete test again or just lft?

  442. SUMAN DAS permalink

    GAMKA UNFIT TO ME DUE TO “tiny calcification in right Hilary region ” is it right?

  443. hamid tabrez permalink

    I was selected as an office administrator in one of leading company in Saudi, then I asked to go for medical test in Mumbai, my blood report was OK as I didn’t suffer from any of the disease mentioned above, my cheast x ray was also OK, only the problem came when they noticed that I had a slight curve in my spinal chord near my right shoulder which is called scoliosis in medical term, I know that I had scoliosis which is hardly noticeable without any x ray, it is just a congenital deformity and can not be considered as as a disability under any medical report, I just want to ask GAMCA that how can you declare me as unfitt for any official job, now I am striving to go abroad and earn money for my family, I am fit and also doing marketing job on India which is tougher than any official job. They should have concern with my ability and not with my deformity, they are idiots.

  444. santosh permalink

    Sir l hv job offr in bahrain i went gamca mdcl center on 5/7/2014 in x ray shwng a black dot calld scar dr tld its nt a health prblm & no medicn fr dat dey didnt gv me mdcl rport so wt cn i do sir plz hlp me

  445. Mr. Raza permalink

    @Santosh they’ll put you a permanent Ban because of you Scar on Lungs, as the GAMCA authorities will make the result of you medical online and the GULF countries has the rule that the person you ever ever has TB even b cure can not be given the Fitness certificate, Moreover they scars on lungs can be removed by any type of medication in this world, You are Unable to work in GULF countries try to go for other destinations OR believe on the concept of every thing is possible in this world, Hope you understand.

    Best Regards,

    Your WellWhisher

  446. md. imran permalink

    if i have a nonhomogenious heziness patch in right upper zone in my lung? then i can work in kuwait? plz reply me!

  447. jeff permalink

    Sir, i like to ask if the person have a dextroscholiosis , (a spinal curve) is have chance to work as a pastry cook in ksa? I hope you answer my question! Tnx!

  448. aoa sir ma pindi gemca centr se oman jany k lie mdical kurwaya he mugy unfit declare kiya gya he due to tpha posativ .ma ap se ye pochna cha rha tha sir k ma kisi aur gemca centr se apna mdicl kurwa sukta hu means ub lahor se krwa lo kisi gemca aproved center se ya jis center se phly kurwaya udr se e krwana hu ga phr aur sir phli br unfit hny pur rport onlin krty ya 2nd time hony pe aur sir agur ye rport online kur dyn te phr kitny time tuc bunda 20bara mdicl ni kurwa sukta

  449. Celito Santiago permalink

    Good day sir,
    Im celito santiago from philippines. Ive been diagnos of fibrosis by the medical center that Gamca refer me. Of course like the other OFWs, that marked UNFIT. i would like to have a second opinion at the other clinic. But they did allow me, they did not give a referal. And if ever that i will do it w/o their referal they will not accept the result.
    I dont want to rely just on 1 test just on 1 clinic. I know there is a possible that i can pass in other test in other clinic. I know i am 100% physically fit.
    I hope you can give me advice. I’ll wait for your reply. Thank you sir.

  450. Rajesh permalink

    Dear Sir
    I got a job offer in Kuwait. My left doom diaphragm eventuation is there since from birth. Is it a objection at GAMCA

  451. rajesh permalink

    Dear Sir
    I got a job offer in Kuwait. My left doom diaphragm eventuation is there since from birth. Is it problem/ objection at GAMCA medical test?

  452. Sacheth permalink

    Dear Sir,
    I have gone through the medical Fitness test in GAMCA for an opportunity of employment in Oman. However they rejected stating I have pleural thickening.
    I showed to one of the recognized chest expert doctor , in my hometown, and he just told me its not at all a disease, and he gave me a certificate of normality.
    Please suggest me the way forward.
    As the GAMCA registered medical centre only stated me as unfit, without filing the report in GAMCA.

  453. Rajesh permalink

    Dear Raja Sir
    I got a job offer in Kuwait. My left doom diaphragm eventuation is there since from birth. Is it problem/ objection at GAMCA medical test?

  454. preshit shridhar chikhale permalink

    I have AVN and my left hip is replaced with an artificial hip by plastic coating on ceramic in jan 14. Now I am allright and completed almost seven months from the operation date. Will I be unfit in medical for obtaining employment visa from muscat,Oman. Please reply urgently.

  455. sheik permalink

    hello sir.

    i am sheik,i got job in saudi arabia . i am want to know which test taken for finding allergy for saudi arabia visa.and normal limit for allergy.please any one help me

    with regards


  456. sonymon sunny permalink

    i am SONYMON SUNNY ,, staff nurse from INDIA. i had passed the kuwait ministery for nurses exam with good mark and also the verbal interw with better perfomance.. because those who hav conducted the interw they told me,,, your perfomance is so good..see in kuwait…that time iwas so happy… but in medical test…that was conducted as per Gamca guidline i ma unfit for job , due to my low eye sight in right eye….it is so cruel…… soorry i have to say lik this……. i am using spectacles … but also they had told me that i am merdically unfit…… what i hav to do……..still now i had 3 and halfyear experience in medical side… still now i dont face any problem in medical side that is in my work dur to low eye power……….that they tell………………….it is so cruel
    ………………..plz tell what i hav to do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  457. cyril permalink

    sir,i underwent an open heart surgery will this be a problem

  458. Naveed Ahmed permalink


  459. Muhammad Akbar Shahbaz permalink

    Dear Sir
    Last week I visited the Medical Center to collect the report but they asked me for re-xray. I paid the fee and go to xray technician. He told me that there was problem in doing the xray. He make new xray and after checking in computer system he told me it is ok.
    But after 5 days today I visit medical center. They told me that
    I am unfit due to xray and tomorrow I can get report copy.
    Please guide me
    Can I reappear for medical or I can challenge.

  460. Faisal farooqui permalink

    Dear Sir
    I have small white patches on my neck and chest. I am trying to go Saudi Arabia. Please tell me due to this I am unfit or fit.I am waiting for your reply.please help me

  461. pasha permalink

    I have done medical test for emplyment KSA but my bad luck medical result come unfit due to fibrosis (white patches on lungs) that offer cancelled I got another offer from Qatar Medical is for Qatar or not plz clear my south

  462. Anandharaj permalink

    Dear Sir,
    I have undergone medical tests at GAMCA Chennai and found no contagious diseases. However doctors given me unfit because I have hip joint stiffness. I explained to GAMCA that my job is related to office work they don’t want to listen me. Kindly suggest to proceed further. Reply me please….

  463. pasha permalink

    There is any treatment for lungs scars or patches

  464. pasha permalink

    pls Let me know there is any treatment for lungs scars/Patches

  465. Nitish permalink

    I wanna know what is the process of gamca medical test

  466. sakil ansari permalink

    i had plueral thickness but i had medicine and now everything is ok but a small blunt us left in left side of lungs normally it is 1 inch and doctors said that you will not have any problem with it.should i should go for medical.

  467. Sanjiv permalink

    Dear Friends, I need a advice regarding the GAMCA test. Recently I went for the medical test and due to some reasons was declared unfit in X-Ray test. Probably it is due to assumption of possible TB infection. I tried to convince the doctor that I had a medical history for fractured rib cage some 20 years back. The fractured bone healed up itself thereby leaving some calcium deposit. I donot have any symptom(s) of TB.. I would appreciate if anyone could advice how should i proceed to clear the medical test.

  468. Tauqueer Khan permalink

    Assalam Alaikum Dear Friends,
    My wife was declared unfit in GAMCA test due to calcifications found in X-ray report. When she has done the X-ray in private pathology there is no calcifications found. What shoud we do? Please advise us.

    • f dias permalink

      Hi, Mine is also the same case…I have also done x-ray from private center and it is normal. What happened? Did you get through after that? what did you do? regards.

  469. Tensangmu permalink

    Hello! i am 26 years old from Nepal. I am travelling in Resident visa and went to GAMCA for medical check up. But I had short sightedness and wearing glass of -4.5. So they rejected me. What shall I do? My husband is there at Saudi. Plz help me.

  470. shahul hameed permalink

    i had dengue fever last year and got cured. Now i got work visa in kuwait and i am going to attend the medical, will i get my medical report UNFIT

  471. Irfan permalink

    I’m planning to Dubai and I have smoking habit.. Will it be any problem for me ?
    Please Please suggest me ASAP…

    Thanks in advance.

  472. Anju permalink

    Hello Sir:
    My husband have a Gilberts syndrome,its not a disease sir,we done all heapatites test,al results are negatieve?plz tel me sir

  473. Bhusu permalink

    I have type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and on insulin for last 17 years and is doing jobs in the field of marketing and sales , with extensive travel schedule ‘-can I get cancelled in the medical test for work permit in UAE

  474. Emmanuel permalink

    hello sir Im 34yrs male have selected for kuwait moh through agents.Agents asked me to do premedicals in that all reports are normal but in chest xray it dosen’t show any scar or patch but they asked me to do CT scan.In CT scan incidentally a old healed TB scar was there but i didnt have any symptoms of TB like ( cough or weight loss ),I met MD.Pulmonologist they said its healed one nothing to worry.after doing ct scan i didnt go back with the CT report to the medical center were i did my premedicals.My question is i didnt go and show my CT report to the medical center, if i do in another medical center if i was found fit again after reaching KUWAIT i have to do medical again or not need.

  475. luther permalink

    Good day! I am Luis i got great offer to teach children and young adults with special needs in oman but my worried i have this hep B + and my HBeAg is non-reactive with 0.70 COL and my SGPT results is 25 which my liver function is normal, not contagious/infectious and healthy person. A very low virus in my blood. My employer doesnt know this yet and she will going to send the letter offer and i will peoceed to medical afterwards but im scared. Can you please help and give me some advices. My skills is urgently needed.

    • vinayagam B permalink

      I am also having the same problem B+ and my HBeAg is with Non-Reactive 0.13% Electroluminescent.If you have any idea pls reply.

  476. akram khan permalink

    can VDRL/TPHA positve people get work visa for KSA

  477. samrat permalink

    I m in dire need of your help that recently i got a job in dubai but all of sudden i found pain in my
    chest i did x ray where docter said there is consolidation of pleural effusion ..u ve to go for treatment and i did what docter adviced me he drained pleural fluid from left side of lungs…advice me
    can i go to dubai after this treatment….

  478. Nirmal permalink

    Can TPHA positive people get work visa for UAE?

  479. anish permalink

    my name is anish 2days before i compleat my medical frm chennai and yesterday i call for result they tell me that i have some problem in my xray they told me to consult the doctor tommarow but before 3month i have finish medical for saudi through gamca inthat medical records i am fit please give me suggessions

  480. Mohammed Hussain-A.U permalink

    assalamu alaikkum
    I am worked in UAE past 10yrs&Last3yrs I in Iraq
    now i get a chance to KSA but medical report is unfit.the GAMCA medical dr Xray they find Right upper zone opacity.itis not allowed KSA .PLZ isit true to unfit my medical report pls suggest sir

  481. Afaq Haider permalink

    I am trying for middle East.. Saudi Arabia.
    G.a.m.c.a reffered me h.e.f.c.o delhi.. and that medical center did me unfit due to l.f.t abnormal.
    Is it correct if l.f.t is abnormal I can not go.
    Please reply me as soon as possible.

  482. Rajesh permalink

    Dear sir,

    I am currently working in Saudi Arabia and last week i got a job offer from Kuwait. When i did my medical last week in India doctor informed that my chest X-ray shows calcification’s.Doctor also advised that its not a sign of any active disease.Will this finding affect if undergo Medical fitness test in Kuwait ??

  483. Nahid permalink

    I am having uretric and kidney stones, can it affect the test?

  484. SARAH permalink

    I want to thank Haberdoctor for what he did for me and my family. I and my husband have been trying to conceive for the past 8 years also we are HIV/AIDS patient. We tried everything possible so we can heal from HIV and conceive but nothing worked out. I read an article of a lady who the Haber Doctor helped to cure her virus and conceived same time and i contacted him, I told him every thing i and my husband have done to get healed and have a child to all in vain and he told me to calm down and am in the right place that everything will be fine and i will testify. He prescribes some leaves and flowers luckily to me i got some of this herbs right here in my compound, on how to apply them was sent as well. Two weeks after i finished applying the native herbs i hard a fun with my sweet heart i notice changes in my body system i went for a test and found out i was pregnant and tested HIV/AIDS negative my dear beloved i fell down in ties and i called my husband with a crying torn he was scared he ask what is wrong with our baby i told him am over warm with joy i told him all pain and sorrow in our marriage life is over immediately he drove down to meet me up at the hospital and he did his test as well he was negative all thanks goes to almighty God and my great Haberdoctor. Now i hard a baby boy. I am so happy and would want other women, families who needs a child, Ex lover,HIV Cure or love spell to contact the or call +2349021568391 He will certainly help you. They are powers in herbs.

  485. Sanjay permalink

    My friends wife has a pacemaker which was put in Kuwait about 6 years back. Two years back they returned from there. Now he is getting a better offer. Will his wife clear medical to go on his dependent visa?

  486. vinayagam B permalink

    I am Vinayagam from Chennai.I got an opportunity to work in Kuwait on 2011but my medical report shows HBV Positve,but my detail test is Non reactive Carrier of HBV will they allow me to work any county in Middle east.

  487. Murugesan permalink

    Dear sir,
    i have scare in my lungs of TB,,, but i from childhood to i dot affect TB…so how can i get medical fitness certificate..pleas reply

  488. S,KARTHIKEYAN permalink

    Dear sir ,

    I got the job from saudi and Recently went for medical fitness but they declared me has unfit due to scar mark in Lungs. And also i consultant my doctor says now you are perfectly alright . kindly let me know that can i get the visa .

  489. kabir ali permalink

    ASsalamaualaikum all…. Last week I went for medical through GAMCA in INDIA, Hyderabad and they declare me unfit due to one small spot found in x-ray report. Before in have worked in OMAN for 2 year after that i changed my company and come back to INDIA for changing my VISA 😦 now I loose my job I’m so depressed now. I request to GCC health minister please change this rules. If medical center found spot/scars in our x-ray report they can do our sputum test if they found no diseases in our test please allow us to work in GCC countries.


  490. Ali Raza permalink

    Dear Kabir Ali,

    I’m also the victim of this out dated scars rule gulf countries they are playing with the financial, physical, human, religious and al aspects of lives. They don’t care how the consequences will effect on the lives of people, I lost all the hopes I’m unable to tell my friends, and other community that I faced this problem in uae because that people seems that we are having such problem.


    Ali Raza

  491. gowtham permalink

    Sir, am from chennai India, I went for medical test for Saudi,. In xray they have told minute scar mark in lungs so you are unfit.
    But doctor who took test itself, this is not a disease but as per gcc rule, you are unfit. I consulted, lungs specialist he also told no treatment required. Am waiting for this job for long time. But after happened like. Any suggestions for this.
    Please suggest.

  492. Harvinder Singh permalink

    Sir, I have got the work visa for Kuwait, i went to Gamca medical centre in india for medical test where i was declared unfit for microfilaria , but after 15 days when i went to another Gamca medical centre they declared me fit, Sir my worry is that will Kuwait medical centre will declared me fit after arriving their & undergoing medical test there.

    • sakil ansari permalink

      actually i had plueral thickness but its okay now but a small white spot is left below side will it will make me unfit

  493. Harvinder Singh permalink

    Sir, I have got the work visa for Kuwait, i went to Gamca medical centre in india for medical test where i was declared unfit for microfilaria , but after 15 days when i went to another Gamca medical centre they declared me fit, Sir my worry is that will Kuwait medical centre will declared me fit after arriving their & undergoing medical test there.

  494. Harvinder Singh permalink

    Sir, Waiting for your reply

  495. Edwin Audije permalink

    I am vdrl reactive but tpha non reactive and my hiv test is negative but still unfit to work.i wanna know why?thanx

    • sakil ansari permalink

      does plueral thickness spot declares unfit.

  496. syedulibrar permalink

    sir, tomorrow Peshawar
    gamma office were closed or open?

  497. anees permalink

    VDRL reactive ho ge ha plz tell me docter jo is ko sahi elaj karay in multan

  498. Ahmed permalink

    assalamalaikum i made medical test at gamca they issued me unfit report saying that am having some bronchists problem which is showing in xray,
    gamca authorized doctors even dont know what is bronchitist. they are un educated persons, bronchists means it will affect from cold with in 2 , 3 days it can cure but insted of cure this problem they isued me un fit report what the hell this gamca people doing, i have made X ray test outside even ct scan also one of the biggest hospital doctor said there is nothing is there then wat f..k these gamca people doing,
    they are spoiling the carrier of fit person by issueng wrong report, i think they made fool to us but not to allah, i think they are taking money to clear medical,,,
    am so hurt in this matter because i have resigned my job for going kuwait n these fellows making fool to poor people. i lost my job in kuwait due to this reason and even in hyderabad am job due to this beggars n bastards they spoild my carrier.

    inshallah allah makes the way when ther is no way

  499. johnpeter permalink

    sir i am sufferring from SLE disease last 3 year .can i get visa to work in anywhere in abroad countries. please reply

  500. hm qasim permalink

    My name is HM. qasim and i have got a job in ksa dharan. my problem is that i got renal failure in 2008, but soon i got a renal transplant got completely well afterwards. now i am 100% healthy and ok. i applied for the post of ultrasound technologist and gave the hospital all details of my disease and treatments… they selected me knowing my previous medical issues. now my question is that shall gamca clear me and delear me fit……..reply soon guys….

  501. amjad sultan permalink

    AOA frends iI m amjad sultan frm jhang pakistan,
    i have 2 visa of KSA,i testd in gemca lab, they declaired me unfit due to abnormal findings in chest x-ray, so i checked up other doctors they found a dot on my lung so please tell me can i retest it, and can i go to KSA and how i remove this

  502. saffer ali permalink

    Dear sir,
    Assalamu alaikum sir I did first medical on November’01,2014 through gamca for my saudi job.which medical report is fit Alhamthulliah and I send my report to my consultant for visa stamping.they are taken so many days for visa unfortunately my medical is expired.Again my consultant told me do second medical.I did second medical on January’6th which is unfit due to “plueral thickening” inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajivoon.I can’t believe this sir how can it possible.because both medical center also did same test.if I have problem means how I passed first medical.I need your valuable suggestion sir.I have more dreams after getting this job plz tell me now what can I do.

  503. Saqib Shahzad permalink

    Assalam-O-Alikum brothers

    I am having restless legs syndrome which is nuerological disorder and a minor flu allergy, Am i able to qualify GCC medical ?

    I am really afraid because i clearly told Docrtor that i am suffering from this desease as no one guided me before appearing there.

  504. Arthur Samson permalink

    Good day, Sir,
    I am an Architect with an application for Qatar. I have never had a major sickness in my life, the closest thing to a major sickness I’ve ever had (if you could call it that) is I once had a high blood pressure reading. But only once.

    My problem is I was born with scrotal hernia and this was seen in my physical check-up (our family doctor told me this was a cause for concern). However the clinic wanted me to undergo surgery. Is this even valid? Unless I undergo the operation, I “will not be cleared.”

  505. babu permalink

    dear sir,
    I have got the work visa for saudi , i want to Gamca medical centre in india for medical test. I have a color blind problem. shall it is affected my medical report as a unfit

  506. Abdul permalink

    Respected sir,
    I just want to know that i have vitiligo problem from past few year and i undergone medical treament regularly. my name is been selected for qatar army firefighter, and they told me to do medical test from gamca. Kindly tell me that is i am fit to work with qatar army firefighter with my vitiligo.

  507. Javed Iqbal permalink

    Dear Sir
    I have got job offer from KSA in sales. I have diabetes mellitus type 2 from last 5 years and taking medicines prescribed by doctor. My age is 35. Do GAMCA declare me unfit for this reason. Please need your advice urgently as to appear in medical test soon. My email is (

  508. shahbaz permalink

    I have a hepatitis B can I go qatar…reply pls…

  509. I have piles can i go qatar or saudi Arab

  510. Raju permalink

    Dear Sir,

    one year back i took Medical test in Hyderabad GAMCA Center result is Heart Surgery in 12 years back,

    Sir if any possible ways for me for Medical Fit,

  511. Raju permalink

    ear Sir,

    one year back i took Medical test in Hyderabad GAMCA Center result is Unfit because Heart Surgery in 12 years(My childhood) back ,

    Sir if any possible ways for me for Medical Fit,

  512. Sir i have g6pd deficient its genetic disease can i go to qatar in construction company as a supervisor…..please reply

  513. Gokul permalink

    Idiotic procedures…..
    If really a person going to have some problems as detailed under GAMCA while doing medical, why cant this Medical be done before starting up of all procedures like visa process and certification process?Because we are likely to wait 2 months for this process. If at the end or getting visa and all set to go to GCC, if one is unfit after Medical, it will feel like bull shit for that candidate mentally.
    Atleast if a person comes to know he is medically unfit immediately after getting the appointment letter or before the visa process, mentally he can adjust or shift to other jobs without waiting or expecting unnecessarily for that job

  514. Mian Zubair permalink

    Am mian zubair from pakistan
    mein pouchna yeh chahta hn k meiny ksa jana he aur meiny shaukat khanam se test krwaye hein jis mein HCV ki reading 0.80 negative he 1.00 mein se aur meri screening mein light c line aati he to kia mein medical krwa skta hn
    plz help

  515. ajay permalink

    Hai brothers…my eye sight is 5.5 & 6.0….Am as per GAMCA rules??… wearing.glasses…please.tell me guys…for saudi job

  516. Abdul Hameed permalink

    Hi to all, I was given job opportunity in oman but when i went to GAMCA for my medical i was found out that my right eye has very weak eye sight, but left eye is normal 6/6. my mother told me that i didnt have sight in my right eye when i was born, anyway so GAMCA has rejected ( Unfit ) me and i am so depressed and feel so sad, i am married and i have a wife and 3 small children (6, 2 and one year kids, i have sister also ,i have no brother beside to help me , is there anyway someone help me, plzz this is my Email address if someone can get me out of this trouble i will be very grateful to that person. i am graduate and have computer capability to work in offices, and if GAMCA will fit me i can go to GULF and work for my family,, my Email address is (

  517. Wajahath permalink

    Assalamulalikum brother
    I have a doubt
    I wanted to go to Saudi but am worried that I have small penis, will it make me unfit to go to Saudi Arabia.
    I don’t have any contagious disease
    Please reply brother

  518. i am Dinesh 24 yrs old. i have got a job in Oman as an executive audit ,when i gave a gamca medical test in kolkata they make a report unfit due to classification of right lungs apex. what does it means sir i have no any symptoms related to chest or any past TB. my email

    • Stupid Rules permalink

      Dear Friend, I was rejected due to the calcification in Lungs. I am a JOBLESS now. Please share me your status now.

  519. Nirmalin permalink

    hi i have done my medical a place called health watch. But the problem is my VDRL test shows as positive and the TPPA test shows negative..Now they are not releasing my medical because the VDRL shows positive. They have asked me to go to general hospital for medicine. They have done the test again and they given me the medical saying that i have no any infections and can work abroad. But the VDRL test shows positive and TPPA test negative as well.
    i have provided the medical report to HEALTH WATCH and they are not accepting it. But doctors also not giving me medicine as i have no any problem. HEALTH WATCH people wants my VDRL test to be negative.

    I have no idea what to do. Can any one let me know is this is a problem or what ? ?cant i go dubai with this issue ? ?

    Pls reply to my mail id :

    pls help mee….

  520. sabir permalink

    Assalamu alaykum
    Dear all i m in saudi arebia now
    I m a constuction engineer in al suwedi
    I am sure if you have vitalligo problom so you are medical fit but there is some arebic people hate this so

    • Amir permalink

      Sabir bhai you are also suffering same disease means vitiligo
      You sure it is not problem in KSA medical for iqama please reply me as soon as possible
      They can reject in KSA due to vitiligo for aqama medical

    • Amir permalink

      You sure it is not problem in KSA medical for iqama please reply asap

  521. johnpeter permalink

    sir i am sufferimg from sle disease.
    can i go to abroad country job anywhere.
    please reply sir.

  522. Mohammed Khaja permalink


    My self Mohd. Khaja from Gulbarga
    Karnataka.I was working in UAE in 2009/10 as Safety Officer in Al Khaleej
    Markets(RAK)IN 2010 Dec I was back to
    India after 4 yrs I was Selected QC
    Technician (Safety)United Safety (Canada)team for Abu Dhabhi then after
    I went with Gamca center(Hyderabad).
    They have mention that my Right Loobe
    Classification in X-Ray Report/Darul Shifa
    After I came to Medicican but they have
    Mention in report both Lungs are normal
    I dont now why they have start Gamca
    If a person not fit he will never thing about aboard.So 1 request from me please cancel that law/stop them they are making afool & troubling poor people.mein khuda se duwa hai ke gharib barre
    Mein wo shocha aur us ko har bhimari ko
    Shafa kara.Aamin 4250 milre sale khare
    Baitre Suvara Gamca wale un ke batien
    Par utre un gharibou ke sabra


  523. ALI ZAFAR permalink

    I am ALI ZAFAR from Pakistan karachi .I got an opportunity to work in SAUDI on 2012 but my medical report shows HBV Positve,but my detail test is Non reactive Carrier of HBV will they allow me to work any county in Middle east.

  524. Madiha Rehman permalink

    Has anyone here had waiver letter provided by their employer? I need a sample of waiver letter that the Employer (hiring company) can directly provide the embassy.
    I will be really grateful for the help.

  525. Mohan permalink

    i want to go dubai in working visa but there is problem in my blood report that Bilirubin is high.

    Bilirubin total 1.80/1.70
    Bilirubin direct 0.60
    Bilirubin indirect 1.20

    i am checking up blood Bilirubin for 6 to 7 year but test report are same and i am totally fine no any effect in my says that it is not a Jaundice but symptoms of Gilbert and it doesn’t harm in my body and no need to would you please suggest me can i medically fitt or not for dubai.

  526. Is having non toxic goiter can cause me to unfit to work at kuwait i will undergo medical exam at gamca . will they stamped me unfit to work if they diagnosed me having a non toxic goiter ? Please comment back . Thank you in advance .

  527. Ali permalink

    My leg was broken in childhood from that time I use to little bend my body while walking. Anybody plz let me can I clear medic exam for Saudi.?
    Thanking u

  528. parvez permalink

    hi…contact at +91-8005462990

  529. mudassar iqbal permalink

    Sir main saudia k liyay madical islamabad sai kar wayya hai his main mujay unhou nai btaya hai k aap 15 din k baad do barra aa k k houn test krwain kunk aap ki report main hcv 0.80 hai kya aap mujay koi aisi medicen yaa phir care bta satay hai 15 din mail Yeh clear ho Jay or Yeh kitni miqdar mai hai hcv 0.80 thankyou sir

  530. vineeth permalink

    sir, Medical time my eye test last two line i cant read so have any problem for visa stamping..

  531. I found this website have very good information about GAMCA test..

  532. Shoaib permalink

    Aslaam-u-alikum dear sir, in my medical report form Pakistan ALT SGPT U/L 42 and plz tell me what a normal range in dubai of ALT SGPT

  533. ashish permalink

    i had done heart surgery 12 years ago and now i have no problem can i declear fit

  534. my candidate have left location is slightely abnormal this reason medicalexam is unfit to go saudi…why plz tell me…

  535. I know this site provides quality dependent content
    and additional material, is there any other web site which offers
    such things in quality?

  536. danish permalink

    Dear want to know
    For Saudi Arab medical fitness apendex operation what have role.operation done in 2000 year now applying 2015
    Please guide me

  537. how many days need for gamca result…….

  538. jagan permalink

    Hi, am working in dubai past 6 year…
    I have vdrl and tpha positive… an moving to doha … so that ll affect my work visa ?

  539. md yousuf permalink

    I am 28 yrs old i apply for kuwait but i have bronchitis are medicle clear ya not clear plz help us

  540. mohammed tanveer shaikh permalink

    Hello sir I had given gamca test for Oman in R N diagonal he had told me there is some problems in blood and told me to take liv52 n avoid non veg n oily food I had done my liver profile check but everything is normal but my bilirubin is 1.3 what should I do I m taking medicine from 1 week pls help me out

  541. ismail khan permalink

    Fuck gamca they motherfuckers rejected me without any reason once again fuck gamca asshole Gamca is a croupt company

    • Stupid Rules permalink

      I am also victim of the fucking Rules though I worked in many countries on work permits.

  542. Anjan kumar reddy permalink

    I have got job in muscat.but I am hpsag is positive is muscat medical rules is allow freely to do work in muscat.

  543. ali permalink

    I hv applid fr saudi viza n my medicl report says OpD X-ray abnorml Scoliosis of Spain.
    Plz guide me..i m unfit or not

  544. shahid permalink

    salaam sir me ne 2010 me saudi arab k liye meical karya jo k un fit aya VDRL+VE TPHA positve aya kea treatment k baad clear ho sakta he plz mujhe guide kare

  545. Raja permalink

    Hi, I am Raja. I am planning to take medicals for Saudi visa. I am having Diabetes. Please advise wheather Diabetes leads to unfit in medical tests?

  546. asad permalink

    dear sir,

    for UAE Mediacal is necessary ?

  547. Naeem Qadir permalink


    I am Naeem from Pakistan, Medical centre has issued me UNFIT certificate for reactive Hepatitis c, but personally I got test from Agha Khan and that’s non reactive and showing only 0.099. and when I asked medical centre they said that there is different between criteria of Pakistan medical authorities and Saudi authorities. I just want to know that if there is difference then what is that like in Pakistan cut off rate is 1.0?

    Secondally I want to know that if once I am unfit then after how much minimum time I can appear again for medical?

  548. masud alam permalink

    Asslamo alaikum

    I am suffering from epididytism infection can i fit for GAMCA medical examination.Please reply

  549. sadam permalink

    Your servant very bad behavior with people .please sir honor new servant come your iqra medical complex who keep good behavior and speech ,please please sir individual solve ,

  550. Shahzad permalink

    can u please tell me the contact number of the agent who is willing to clear the medical for money? a friend of mine is having some issues and need help.


  551. Aspirant for Doha , Qatar permalink

    Very recently I got selected for a job offer for Doha , Qatar .. i had always been in very good spirit of health ever through. During GAMCA medical , GAMCA medical centre said that I am UNIFIT because of Chest – X-Ray showing some opacity.. after hearign that I got the test done at the best of Hospital in with best of the doctors in Delhi. There they drilled it dow nadn further coverged the diagnosis after series of advance level test adn then diagnosed that it is granulomatous lymphadenitis.

    DO I stand any chance of GAMCA clearance ?? Plz reply.

  552. asif ali ansari permalink

    pls tel me how to cheque my report on net? b coz i m unfit (hbsag v+). by passport no!

  553. Asif permalink

    does polio in leg is medically unfit?

  554. pradeep permalink

    i have a plate placed in tibia bone in leg.. am i fit or not?

  555. Swapnil permalink

    I had appeared for GAMCA test in Nov 2014 for Oman visa and declared unfit due to VDRL and TPHA positive. the status is in uploaded in GAMCA system.
    After proper medication and subsequent two tests conducted in private medical results are negative.
    Please advise, whether I can go to Oman on express visa and conduct medical test in Oman for resident visa.

    Waiting for your reply please,

    Thanks and regards,

  556. Subhani shaik permalink

    Am facing hbsag reactive now latest medical test any chance working future in gcc country pls

  557. anil permalink

    Am going to muscut in labour work in india goes to medical tests before permission to visa i have a small problem with small penis any problem to medically fit r unfit

  558. anil permalink

    Sir i have a small penis is there any problem to reject the medical test to unfit r fit i will goes to muscut after 1month in labourwork pls giveme ans

  559. Umar permalink

    Aslam u alaikum
    a.l.t 70 can posible for visa

  560. sanaulla permalink

    Sir I have Gilberts syndrome.I should go to medical test for a job in Ksa. Will I be fit or in fit..plz reply to

  561. qadir permalink

    what should be the accepted value of HCV.In my test it shows as 0.63 and they made me permanent pending.Please make reply…

  562. Abdul Samad permalink

    I’m a graduate wants to apply job in dubai with hepatitis b posotive carrier am I applicable to apply visa with no rejection if I visa category and is other than mention in dubai health authority website plz guide me on it
    thank you.

    Work visa Dubai requirements are changing according to reports in the region. Expats in Dubai were told this week that health check requirements will be relaxed and medical screening for Hepatitis B and C will no longer constitute a condition of being granted a work visa.
    Authorities in Dubai have issued a statement this week that reveals plans to remove Hepatitis B and C from their list of diseases that constitute automatic rejection of work visa applications. The move, which is believed to be a significant part of Dubai authorities’ attempts to overhaul expat medical laws and cover gaps in the existing system: “Tests for Hepatitis B will only apply to six specified professions. The government will scrap all mandatory testing for Hepatitis C,” a Ministry of Health press release stated.
    Speaking to the media in Dubai, the Health Ministry Executive Director, Dr Mahmoud Fikri revealed that the work visa requirements for Dubai had been agreed after seeking the professional opinion of expat health consultants in the region:
    “Members from the Dubai Health Authority, Health Authority-Abu Dhabi and the Ministry of Health were involved in the technical committee,” he said.
    The six categories of workers who will be exempt from the new laws and will still require full testing for Hepatitis B and C are as follows:
    Work visa Dubai: Mandatory-testing categories of employment
    1. Nannies
    2. Housemaids
    3. Nursery and KG supervisors
    4. Beauticians and barbers
    5. Health club workers
    6. Food handlers
    Any workers who are found to have developed either of the blood diseases will no longer be deported but will be provided with treatment as opposed to being automatically deported as they have in the past. They will be provided with three doses of vaccinations, the first of which will be charged at Dh 50 with the remaining two being free of charge. Those undergoing vaccination will be required to show proof that they have taken the vaccinations prescribed.****


  563. naushad permalink

    Hi… sir.i got visa in qatar hotel. But 2014 july i got plural effussion. I did tb course in 8month.i can go in qatar.but chest xray showing right sidded thikcness.but doctor said you are infection free.

  564. I was declared unfit because of bilateral apical fibrosis in x ray ,

  565. Junaid permalink

    Dear sir,

    AssalaamuAlaikum! I have skin problem because of accident injuries, I have keloid on leg foot so am I fit for GAMCA Medical test.
    Sir please please give me reply.
    I’m worried about it.

    • blood test
      urin test
      three category gamca will check to give fit or unfit
      so dont worry related to leg problem that is not catogerised any where in gamca deseasea list ,

  566. my number is 9880626535
    need any help then call me after 10pm

  567. Muhammad Irfan permalink

    Assalam_o_Alaikum sir i have T.B 10 years back.i have been treatment of this desease i’m all right..but taj medical calinic lahore have been unfit in behalf of X-ray last day..actually taj docter told me that take x-ray report again from shaokat khanim cancer hOspital..and in his report he sUggested tO do C.T scan me..bcz any c.p angle of left side is not showing in x-ray…but taj medical’s doctEr told me that u r unfit..there is no need to do C.T Scan it’s waisting of time..sir i’m in tension what i can do…my visa is ready to expire…plz reply me my contact number is 03334033817

  568. dear friend accourding my knowlage you should sale your to some one else ,
    first get the money of your visa in hand , then you will relief from expiring your visa ,
    then contact to your concern doctor and share your tragedy and asl them how to deal with this issue ,
    if doctor coming up with solution follow the procedure to resolve the problem ,

    anyway I can miniter your situation
    whatsapp me at 9880626535

  569. Muhammad Irfan permalink

    Ok sir thanku sO mUch for hElp mE i will soon whats app U aftEr thE discUsiOn with my concern docter of this issue…thanks alOt

  570. its my pleasure buddy ,
    dont ever try to give up ,
    why I have told you to sell your visa becuase 1st of all you will relief from expiring your visa , because your money also will west , second you will get more tym to deal with this situation , because it is possible to get fit report from gamca but still you have to attempt a medical examination in gulf for getting visa stamped permenently ,

    • Sameer khan permalink

      Assalam-o-Alykum sir.. I have only one kidney.. My left kidney remove due to some resion… May i clear gamca medical test.. Plz reply me sir..

  571. and if unfortunatly if they are declaring you unfit , then you will be permenently banned to go any gulf country ,
    so what gamca is doing they are not allowing you to go with such a desease wich can be made you unfit permenently , if u fail in gamca then still your chances are alive , so dont worry go step by step , people does mistake in hurry burry , so please you do this , allah is with you , even I wm also fhere to moniter ur situation ,

  572. Mohammad irfan permalink

    Dear sir
    I m 27 yes old.I was suffer with miner attac of Poliyo when I was 2 yes old. Now there is a problem with one leg that is thin with my other leg by 19 – 20 scale at exampl. But I can do any thing like other boys perfectly like walk, run, climb, jump etc. And according medical association of India I m not handicap. 99%. And I’m medically fit to industrial job in India beco’z I have clear medical test in Acc cement works Kymore job. And I’m working since 4 years.without any problom

    So may I clear medical test for gulf countries job.

    Please any one clear my doubt.

    My mail I’d is


    MD irfan

  573. Dr irfan ,
    discuss this issue with any of the travel agent wich Is available near to ur location ,
    They will give you the best possible reply for ur concerns ,
    Best of luck ,,,,

  574. Ahmed permalink

    Asw brother
    I have been diagnosed hep +ve, but with some arrangements I made it to ksa, and here I got betrayed by the company HR who promised me for making the medical arrangements for my clearance. And now my report is online also I have hardly got few days left of my visa. I am the responsibile and the only earning member of my family since my father is no more.. I have all the other test showing-ve and lfpt normal… can anyone please help me with my two questions. .

    1. Is there any treatment for hep B +ve

    2. How long MOH keeps a record of the unfit candidates in case of Hep B +ve

    your helps will be highly appreciated.

    JazakAllah hu khair

    • Visit any of the gamca center wich is near to ur location , meet there any of the consulate or docter after thier working hours , talk to them politely and get the reply all of ur questions ,

      • Ahmed permalink

        Brother rashad I am already in ksa and stuck here badly…I have approached couple of doctors one of them took huge amount of money and failed to keep the commitment of fixing my issue. all I am hearing from everyone is go back..n I really have no other source of income to run my family’s basic expenditures and to earn their bread n butter please suggest some solution.

  575. Bohat piyara msg hai
    apne Doston ko
    Zarur send karen,

  576. jho permalink

    In my exprience i was expend money and i wait for almost 1yr..then waiting for nothing😥! i was unfit for my medical (july13,2015) because gamca clinic angelus medical center in makati they said, the gcc not allowed to work abroad like my case, hypothyroid ( hashimots thyroidities )! But it was not in the list… i take first medical (oct 2014) at multifirst diagnostic clinic and thet refered me to st.lukes medical center , i undergo to other test for thyoriod (ultraznd, ft4,ft3,tsh) and it was normal i have also clearnce from my doctor…then the visa from my employer in kuwait was process because i am fit to work, the visa relis after 7months, the agency told us again to undergo medical in gamca, they insist us to find our own gamca clinic and write to our medical we are direct hired not came from i choose angelus medical center, at the assestment procedure i was declare that i haave hypothyroid then they read my clearance and they allowed me to go on medicl process, aftr many procedure i was fit and only prob is my case hypothyroid they get me again new clearnce from my doctor indicate that fit to work and go abroad, new ultraznd, new tsh ft4 ft3, and it was normal…but they unfit me because their reason they not allowed to work me in gcc! I was mad to them because i was declare it from the start but they continue to proceed my medical and pay them! And to my agency, they said the emplyer give me a waiver to appeal it on kuwait embassy in phil..til now no feedback from them. i also pay 15k for processing fee!

  577. Khan Mohd ishtiyaque permalink

    Assalamu alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuhu
    sir I have just completed my btech 3 months ago
    sir I m willing to go gulf countries but my question is that I have a habit of smoking does a smoker gets rejected at medical test and is there any way to get out of it plz do reply soon
    I need to go abroad to improve my family’s financial condition….

  578. Gulam Masood Khan permalink

    I did medical in 2012 in hyd there is a chest x ray problem left side of dome is raised i did abdomenel scan the liver size is enlarge i visit docter he tell me there is no problem i went gamca centre there is telling u r unfit stamp i lost my job visa. Again i am trying to go saudi pls help me wht should i do pls guide me

    • Gulam Masood Khan permalink

      Shall i do medical again i already work i n dubai i did there medical in dubai there is no problem .o al ready have health card uae in 2012 i came dudai . i am trying for saudi 2012 i did medical in gamca so they.put the stamp unfit wht shall i do pls help me an suggest me foe next step

  579. Aslmaolaaikum sir me may me Qatar se aya hun but ab jb dobara janay k liye medical krwaya to post tb fibroitic nishan arhay hai ek lungs pe jb k tb k sb test ct scan hr test krwaya hai kuch nhi aya test me na hi muje koi symton hain plz kya krun me bta dain

  580. Gulam Masood Khan permalink

    Asak i did medical in gamca 2012 i was un fit for x ray left side of dome is raised thats why unfit again i am trying to go saudi is it totally ban to go saudi pls suggest me wht shall i do i alteady wotk in uae there is no problem pls help me

  581. Gulam Masood Khan permalink

    Asak i did medical in gamca 2012 i was un fit for x ray left side of dome is raised thats why unfit again i am trying to go saudi is it totally ban to go saudi pls suggest me wht shall i do i alteady wotk in uae there is no problem pls help me mr abdulrahmanasim pls advice me

  582. Sushmita permalink

    Hello sir.. i m sushmita from husband is applying for qatar but recently we got know tht he have pleural thickening not related to tb. Can he pass the medical test which will be done in qatar? Plz kindly suggest me.

    • sharaz permalink

      Sir in my chest x-ray reports says that rt cp angle pleural thickening so sir can you please tell me that am I eligible to goto saudi Arabia…
      Reply me soon sir …
      Thanking you….

  583. Sir iam physical handicapped person but I can walk and run also .so I want to go for asad visa for saudi arabia it is possible plz help me regarding this 09700824648

  584. Gulam Masood Khan permalink

    Asak mr abdul rahman i am gulam masood khan sor u did give me my reply .sir i request u to pls reply me i am very thankful to u pls reply me.

  585. shankar permalink

    Hello I was working in UAE one day I was been told to go for medical check up for Emirates ID unfortunately they UAE municipality has mentioned that iam unfit to work in UAE. DUE TO lungs scar.. in my body. So does the oman will do same….. or oman has some other medical process for work visa..

  586. mushtaque permalink

    I have a power glass of-13&-14 so I unfit for medical

  587. Sir Kya skin infection se medical tests ke liye abroad Jane ke liye problem hogi

  588. sumit permalink

    My name Sumit from India, as per my employer requirement I had done the medical test, but GCC centre marked me us unfit due to they found spot on my chest xray write Nodular Opacity seen.
    I consult with chest Dr. outside and Dr. was saying you are totally fit as per my xray he was not found any diseases.
    Please help what I will do

  589. jani permalink

    what is the rule of gamca for opacity?

    • Anand permalink

      Hi I need to go for medical for saudi, but 2 weeks back I suffered from Typhoid , please tell me will that effect my medical????

  590. SHERAZ permalink


  591. abdul permalink

    hi sir i am suffering for piles problem but i get qatar visa i can fit medical

  592. Sir My name is kashif ali,
    Antibody HCV strip is positive
    ELISA is Non-reactive 0.093 cut off rate 1.0 (Agha khan report says)
    PCR non detected

    can i am eligible to go any Arab emirates country for the job?? please replyyyy sir

  593. adnan permalink

    askm i want to know about that if i aplied for saudi visa the medical test also include penis size test please guide me i m in tension because i m going to applied for azad visa plese guide me that in saudi medical test penis size is also tested plz?

  594. kishore permalink

    sir ,
    my name kishore my medical tests vdrl is positive and all others are negative it is ok for kuwait visa

  595. senthilkumar permalink

    Hi I am senrhilkumar, I have a gamca test in a month but I have a tansil, it is no pain & problem for me, it is affect in my medical or not?, please mail me as soon as possible

  596. Khaja permalink

    Hi sir I am a disabled person but I can walk with out any support so I want to go for saudi arabia for azad visa it is possible to go their and what about the medical

  597. Harry permalink

    Respected Sir,
    I am Harry, I am going to kuwait. and before taking GAMCA i checked my Blood in private clinic. My bilirubin level is 3. and Hemoglobin is 11. Kindly please suggest me what should i do?

  598. Ali permalink

    Hello Sir, This is Ali. I have done my medical test from Advanced Medical, lahore but diagnosed with HCV Reactive. I have started my medication. I need your assistance to pass this medical test. This is a humble request, please contact with me at 0320 400 1020 to discuss in details.

    Many Thanks,

  599. javid permalink

    Dear all vitiligo patients
    Vitiligo is not problem in UAE please try uae and get visa no problem

  600. sayed hasan permalink

    Hello sir I am hasan. Sir i have selected for Saudi Arab and i am having a little hydrocele problem. Sir please tell me is this a disease of unfit in Gamca Medical Test? I will go for medical test shotly.

    • Am also have the same problem Hasan sir please any one know about this. I have small hydrocele my doctor says it will not create problem and for this size operation also not needed. I need to go for the test please reply sir

  601. M.ahtisham permalink

    i have vitiligo also called phulberi on my legs and chest can i pass gamca medical test for go UAE plz tell me.?
    also tell me which country do not allow the vitiligo suffer person?

  602. M.ahtisham permalink

    i have vitiligo also called phulberi on my legs and chest can i pass gamca medical test for go saudia arabia plz tell me.?
    also tell me which country do not allow the vitiligo suffer person?

  603. Meet patel permalink

    How much the level of hcv required for saudi arabia?

  604. Muzamil permalink

    Is lipoma problem for GAMCA medical examination.

  605. Is there any doctor, then please suggest me, is one testicle is problem for GCC medical test

    • firoj permalink

      One testicle no problem u clear gcc

      • Firoj sir thanks for your information, and one thing is my left sided undesceded so that surgen was removed it last year.

  606. naveed permalink

    mera medical unfit ho gya h me ki krn

  607. naveed permalink

    help me friends

  608. kisore permalink

    SIR I DONETED MY 1 KIDNEY TO MY MOM NOW I have one kidney but I m healthy so and I. M 32 year old got job for computer operator in ksa so with 1 kidney can I get clearence of gamca if I m healthy in all respect PLS REPLY

  609. Md.rauf permalink

    Sir.iam suffering from vericouse veins disease can i elgible for going to saudi.should i reject in GAMCA examing

  610. Help permalink

    mane saudia jana hai our mane Sapphire medical and diagnotics hospital GAMCA isb se medical krwaya tha…. muje stammering problem hai doctor ne muje meri fees wapis kr k kaha k dobara ana… kia wo muje UNFIT kr sakte hain? or kia main apna center change kr sakta hn?
    plz rply fast wo have infromation about my problem…

  611. amer permalink

    assalamualaikum i am having an intramedullary rod in right lower leg but now iam fit and going to ksa is there any problem with this

  612. Solaimurugan permalink

    If diabetes isthere, medical fit or unfit.pls reply me.

  613. Solaimurugan permalink

    If diabetes isthere, medical fit or unfit.pls reply me. For kuwait job.

  614. umar khan permalink

    dear sir maine gamka main saudi arabia ka medikal karaya tha jisme mujhe vdrl reactive aaya mujhe unfit kar diya .maine agle din dr.lapathlab.main vdrl test karaya non reactive aaya ab main kya karu main fit hu aur mujhe unfit kardiya

  615. if person suffering for Psoriasis ( Skin Disease ) than this person unfit or fit

  616. Shakir permalink

    Dear Sir

    I made a private test before going to gamca.

    Sgpt- 74
    Bilirubin total – 1.66
    Uric acid – 7.7

    Is it normal level.. Should I proceed fr gamca test.


  617. A.R. Rana permalink

    Is HBsAg positive chronic person allowed in Qatar or UAE accept for six categories.?
    As of now in Saudi cleared Gamca in India but found HBsAg in Saudi…if UAE or Qatar have no issues with HBsAg I can get transfer. Pls reply

  618. Nayeem permalink

    Aslkm I have old granuloma in my lungs which I passed medical test in India. Now iam in saudi they might be unfit me during test plz reply this mail is

  619. My medically report show hepatitas B show in my body plz help me to clear it I want go to Saudi Arab for work…..from arsh digonostic gujranwala

  620. Mirza permalink

    Is it possible to go for the test when you are having cough and cold?

    • MOHD RAUF permalink

      Dear sir..10 days back i went for medical but unfortunatly my medical report was unfitt during vericose vein problem and they said meet us after surgery.i consult the surgon and he says no need to surgery.its not seviour. physically its not no need to surgry again i went to medical centre along with the consult surgon report again medical centre doctor rejected me again he says meet me after surgery..present situation what should do..brothers give any suggession On 23 Feb 2016 1:23 pm, “GAMCA Medical Exam Guidelines” wrote:

      > Mirza commented: “Is it possible to go for the test when you are having > cough and cold?” >

  621. Shabudeen permalink

    Assalamu alaikum sir,

    Please reply urgent

    Im from india.I have one kidney 2yrs before left kidney removed due to non age 25.Now right kidney is OK & normal then any other issues not coming. I got offer from Saudi .my doubt if I go to GAMCA test

    Results may be FIT or UNFIT ???

    Note : my operation name is ” LAPROSCOPY NEPHROCTOMY”.

  622. Muhiuddin permalink

    I have a old scars shows in a x-Ray of calcification can I go for UAE or any other middle east country.

  623. tariq mahmood permalink

    Respected sir Sir i have a labour visa from saudia My right eye is perfect but left eye is week but looks perfect.can i get certificate

  624. Dear Sir,
    If a person has Antibodies “Positive” and his PCR reports shows that he is not having any HCV. Will he be declared medically fit or otherwise?

  625. Dear Sir,
    If a person has Antibodies “Positive” and his PCR reports shows that he is not having any HCV. Will he be declared medically fit for UAE ?

  626. i want to know about of hydrocele kindly tell me about this discuse accouding to visa

  627. k.Mohamed asikali permalink

    Hi assalamu alaikum
    I am sugar patient but my sugar level is normal can I go to Saudi Arabia for job please somebody help me

  628. Shreya permalink

    Can anybody tell me that epidermolysis bullosa reject by gamca because I had it and its nt contagious its rare genetic deseas .I only have light pigmentation nothing else .can someone plz assist what to do

  629. AJAY KUMAR TIWARI permalink

    Good evening
    Today I got unfit from Dr.m.s.Alva he give me chest x ray report ABNORMAI and he right remark RIGHT APICAL SCAR I DONT NO WHY unfit before 2month back I come from Doha qater I need your help plss

    • muneer permalink

      Sir i m muneer main Ny albarkaat Multan se mdcl kraya hy unho ny hcv reactv ki report di Jo k prvt labrtry se negitv hy sir kia m ab kisi or rjstr lebrtry se mdcl kra skta hn plz reply me on 03057319514

  630. Dep permalink

    Sir, i had pleural Effusion 6 years back. the same was cured after Decortication (Surgical procedure to clean lungs). Will this be a problem in getting Saudi visa?

  631. Khan permalink

    i have amblyobia (lazy Eye). Was sent back by medical center to get treatment but there is no treatment. Anyone here can share m i fit or unift for Saudia Visa. Expert opinion required.

  632. ali permalink

    I have lazy eye I want to to oman

  633. nasir permalink

    slaam I want to apply visa for musqat oman for amil visa and I have my right eye is lazy eye plz give me information about this plz reply me

  634. krishnam raju permalink

    Dear sir,

    I have Gilbert’s syndrome. Can I fit or unfit for GCC medical test. Please reply me.
    I consult a gastro entrologist. He said it is harmful to health & don’t worry about this.

    Please reply me

    • phani kumar permalink

      Hello krishnam raju,
      I too had same problem Gilbert syndrome. Need to attend medical test in GAMCA. Plz let me know can I pass medical test and plz share ur result/ experience. Thank you

  635. ali shah 2885 permalink

    Sir. My medical test report show hep B positive. Can I apply LTV driver visa in Dubai. Plz reply

  636. fathi permalink

    i have undergone pda surgery in heart during childhood were small coil is placed. will i be able to clear medical now iam 20

  637. Sudeep kumar permalink

    Hi am sudeep kumar from delhi i just got a call from medical center that my SGPT LEVEL is increased. Am i unfit. Pls reply

  638. paresh roy permalink

    My age 19+ . I need Gamca medical clearance country of Saudi arabic . 30000 Rs give to you. My contract number 9547462882

  639. ABHIJITH permalink

    I have Gilbert syndrome and will it be a problem for clearing gamca medical clearence?

  640. Muhammad adnsn haider permalink

    Sir i am also willing for work in uk as a primary and secondary labour worker with energatically thanks and waiting for you reply

  641. Jamil Ahmed permalink

    I have hepatitis b for 4years. I leave in india Now I selected a job in saudiarabia. Can I go to the same and fit? Can I pass the medical test of gamca. Please advise.

  642. Hafeez permalink

    I had chest x told there is no sign of any abnormal findings or any lung diseases everything fine.but he found that iam heavvy smoker.and I was…! Please smoking will cause any problems to gamca medical.

  643. Najeeb salam permalink

    Hello friend,Can you help me by telling the proper location of Gamca medical centre in Dubai for getting medical done for oman job visa . Now i am in dubai ( visit visa ) Thanks in advance !!!!my name is Najeeb , from india

  644. Shreya permalink

    Please let me know that non contagious auto immune heriditary skin deseases that is epidermolysis bullosa also could make me unfit or not
    Because I had this and I am afraid of it.

  645. ashraf permalink

    Childhood I lost one testicle due to an infection. And now I have only one. Can I pass GCC for saudi???

    • Revanth permalink

      Hi Ashraf, just wanted to know have you attended GCC test with one testicle ?, if yes, what is the result.

  646. asif qayoom permalink

    i have sm leg problem bcz of tified in childhood.i can walk easily .am i fit?

  647. vivek Chaubey permalink

    Is colour vision test necessary for every safety field ?

  648. احمد صالح احمد محمد permalink

    رقم الجواز 18451552

  649. Rashid permalink

    Sir I have external pile. Can I pass the medical for saudi,oman,dubai.please reply as soon as possible.

  650. Raja Imran permalink

    Anti HCV reactive, so I can’t go to KSA, same case for other gulf countries I mean Dubai, Oman, qattar etc

  651. Vinay saraf permalink

    My husband had tuberculosis 30 years back.he had an complete treatment but there is patch on his lung. He is perfectly he has got a job for qatar. And have to go for a GAMCA .would he clear that what do you suggest please help.

  652. Prasanth.J permalink

    Helo sir i am from.india, my problem is i cut my hand with using of blade, so that place show clearly the cut…. its problem or not for getting the visa for qatar… please tell me sir….

  653. Kannan permalink

    I got the visa for Kuwait for the post of HR Executive and I am having color blindness problem. I would like to ask you will it be a reason for my GAMCA medical Test failure?

  654. Shahjahan permalink

    I am having bilirubin level variations by nature.but don’t I have hepatitis sgpt shot level is normal.dr says this is such like gilbert syndrome.. May I fit for Saudi Arabia.

    • A.Aziz permalink

      Shajahan mujhe bhi gilbert disease ha iam also worried about it

  655. Maria permalink

    I want to ask that is there any issue for visa or travelling if any woman is pregnent??

  656. meerza vahed permalink

    How to I see my GCC medical result

  657. meerza vahed permalink

    How to I check my GCC mdck result

  658. Muhammad Younas permalink

    I have gone through heart bypass surgery, whether I will be considered medically fit at GAMCA.

  659. A.Aziz permalink

    sir mujhe gilbert dieseas ha kia ma uae ja skta hu mujhe waha sa unfit kr ky to nahi beje gy ma office work ky lie ja raha hu plz sir tell me

  660. Samse Reyaj Ahmad permalink

    assalamualaikum … My name is Samse Reyaj Ahmad. I have completed Bachelor of Engineering from banglore. I got offer to work in Marcon Company which is in Saudi. My left is partiall visible due to this problem my medical report is in pending since 50 days. I am so much worry .I want to pass Gamca .Is there anyone have solutions then please help me. ..Please msg me .my mail I’d. …………..Please reply

  661. akash samantray permalink

    Dear sir,
    Hi myself akash samantray from india and my left left has a scar on my retina so I hv partial vision(no straight vision) and my right eye is perfectly fine.So can pass gumca test as I am applying for personal trainer job at gym in muscat.plz reply sir.

  662. Ruby permalink

    Please reply me within 24 hours… Do they check for THC?

  663. Ruby permalink

    And also Tinea versocolor?

  664. Nouman permalink

    Sir i had a piles problum did this test made gamca

  665. Arun permalink

    Dear sir,
    I have disease named psoriasis which is a skin disease.I took treatment and now it is cured.But have black and white scars on my skin.It is not a contagious disease and I have that certificate too.shall I apply sir…
    Wheater they unfit me plz give me an answer Sir….
    Thanking you

    • arun permalink

      can u pls give me ur contact number

    • vikas permalink

      Hello Arun, I am also suffering from psoriasis and as far as i know it is incurable. Even my doctor said so to me. Can you tell me what treatment you took ?

    • Santhosh Kumar permalink

      Can you tell me the treatment you took

  666. C.Dinesh permalink

    Dear sir I’m DINESH from SriLaniaka.
    I’m try to go Qatar .ihave sugar and colostrol. can I apply for medical test?

  667. Khushi permalink

    I have hypothyroid will this effect my medical test for oman reply

  668. mudassar aslam permalink

    I have blade cuts in my hand. Will i able work in gulf.

  669. Muhammad Skander permalink

    Helo sir
    I m suffering in hepatitis c from last two years and 1 year ago i had done my treatment of injections and now my report result is NOT DETECTIVE plz tell me now i am able to go middle east coutries for work
    Plz reply me
    My no is 0321-1646535

  670. Muhammad Skander khan permalink

    Helo sir
    I m suffering in hepatitis c from last two years and 1 year ago i had done my treatment of injections and now my report result is NOT DETECTIVE plz tell me now i am able to go middle east coutries for work
    Plz contact me
    My no is 0321-1646535

  671. sir help me my medical unfit problem x.ray sene me mamole dag hai mujhi argent hai bahar jana sir help mera paisa bhi bahut kharch hu gaya hai medical fit karne ke ju Fes huge dinge plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sir help me
    my number 9918604789 medical test Lucknow my home khalilabad

  672. basheer permalink

    Sir I’m from India, I’m having rashes on my thighs. That will be problem for my clearence.

  673. Jaya jivlani permalink

    Person with colour blindness can apply GAMCA???

  674. Bernard jose s laya permalink

    Good day i just want to ask if high ATL is considered unfit to work

  675. Imran permalink

    Dear Expert,
    During medical fitness for saudi Arabia found SGOT 61and SGUT 151. What is acceptable limits of the same.


  676. Anto permalink

    Does mycosis affect gamca medical for bahrain ??

  677. Gokul permalink

    Pls help me .
    I’m having EOSINOPHILIA and DUST ALLERGY and due to this I’m also having Shortness of Breathe. I’m planning to go OMAN.will it create problem in GAMCA medical test and the test performed on OMAN Al’s.
    Pls help me sir…..
    Waiting for your reply.

  678. ranjith permalink

    sir I have herpes and ima recently selected for a job in qatar. in india my medical result is fit. what about the qatar medical test will they send me back if they know that i have herpes… please reply my questionn…pleaase..

  679. Shibu permalink

    My TPHA test result shows observed value positive (1.3) and biological value negative. Vdrl is negative. I’m I able to apply for a job in Dubai ?