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Guidelines Detail File

Followings are the official medical exam guidelines drafted by Dr. Khoja to declare thousands medically UNFIT even with minor abnormality. I can bet with on this forum if he go to GAMCA medical exam center and take the test, I can 100% sure he will be medically UNFIT according to his own guidelines.

According to guidelines and I quote:

1-c-  Lungs:  Applicant should not be suffering from bronchial asthma or any other lung diseases. Chest X-ray should indicate that the applicant is free from  Tuberculosis or any signs indicating the existence of  fibrosis, calcifications, bronchiectasis or tumor.

1-d – Abdomen:Applicant should be free from any type of hernias (whether umbilical or inguinal) or ascites, provided that the internal organs should be healthy and not enlarged and the digestive system should be safe from any tumors.

1-e-  Extremities:Extremities should be free from any congenital or pathological abnormalities and legs should be free from varices, and the vertebral column should also be free from any abnormality or disk prolapse.

1-f-  Skin:Applicant should be free from leprotic pathological manifestations and other chronic skin diseases such as (Eczema and  psoriasis) or any other infectious skin diseases  such as (chronic tinea, other fungal skin infections and scabies).

IMPORTANT: Please read the examination guidelines in following file before going for medical exam, if you think you have any health abnormality, past / present / future.

Click on link to download the detail file.

Rules And Regulation For Medical Examination



I have made website and signed a petition to change  GAMCA immoral guidelines. I would request all of you to raise this issue to the right forum as much you can. May Allah / God give us strength. we are on truth, GCC ministers will understand one day Inshallah. We will not give up !

GAMCA GCC Medical Exam Guidelines – FIT OR UNFIT


I have been getting lots of emails and inquires about medical examination for GCC countries. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bharian i wanted to write about this important issue to help more people and aware them.

So whats the issue :

GCC countries made GAMCA GCC Approved Medical Centres’ Association (GAMCA) for medical exams in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippine and some other countries. They have very strict and some stupid guidelines ( no offense but there are ) for medical exam. Just to note one thing every country have right to protect its citizen for diseases , threats etc. whether rules are right or wrong in our eyes, its their right.

Now in my opinion GCC countries do have very valid reasons to be more strict for medical exams for these countries. These Asian countries have high rate of infectious diseases and low health care services.  Now the question is , Are GAMCA guidelines are in right direction? I will say NO , a big NO, . The reason is there are some sections which declare a person medically unfit according to GAMCA guidelines whereas he/she have no medical issue at all.

Case one: Medically unfit due to x-ray findings

If a person had lung disease, pneumonia, past TB which left scar on his/her lungs, no matter he/she is healthy now, have no health issues or disease, he/she is medically UNFIT according to GAMCA guidelines.

Medical professionals and ordinary people too know that lung disease or infection do left some scar even though they healed 100%. This one is the most stupid guideline they made, there are others. Now what they should have done in this specific case. Well they GCC copy west in everything why not here. ok what UK is doing, due to high number of infectious disease from these asian countries they have IOM – International Organization for Migration pre-departure TB screening tests. That means if someone even have TB he will not be unfit , they will give him treatment guideline once treatment over, take medical again and get the visa stamped. Excellent way to handle these situation, UK citizens safe from infectious disease a person can travel to other part of world. UK or west have laws which consider humane consideration utmost , and these GCC countries , I wish they treat us ( Asian labor ) as human.  Any how back to point , so GCC made rules to be strict on medical so they can prevent these diseases. Did they succeed, I dont think so, its opposite. For instance patient A took medical exam at GAMCA centers have active TB, GAMCA said medical unfit  , he/she  took Umra for Saudi or Visit visa went to these countries. Now no medical required for these visa types.. he gave infection to many people all the way, he will not worry about treatment, keep giving infection.. Now whose got benefited from GAMCA guidelines, no one…

My suggestion to GAMCA:

Please amend these rules, these are man made, there are some guidelines which have no benefit to GCC countries itself. Do some study, how IOM or other world organization dealing with immigrants and medical issues, adopt the best practice. You have 100% right to protect your citizen , but rationally. The above case I mentioned is the classic example, there are many like these..

If a person is no harm to general public health , he/she doesn’t have any contagious disease, he/she should not be declared unfit. Anyone can get sick and disease, please have rational attitude. five to ten people depend on one person in these countries, do not ruin their lifes.
قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : (( من لا يرحم الناس : لا يرحمه الله )) ( 1 ) . متفق عليه

My suggestion to beloved Asian labor :

go to gamca medical exam center in the evening, usually they are private clinic , they do visa medical in the morning,  so go in evening and have those medical tests, tell them just its private exam. dont give ID , passport etc.. if report is not good.. then you have chance to do something about it.. because they dont enter in gamca computer database private medical exams results. what you can do is, if there is problem, fix your condition. then talk privately.. about the issue, and solve it..its not easy at all. but possible..if the report is Ok for Saudia Arabia or other countries.. then go to different GAMCA center or in the same and have visa medical exam after taking gamca number. hopefully it will be fine. Once you declared UNFIT with GAMCA you will be in gamca database , you cannot clear medical again, so always do private medical first. As there will be again medical in Saudi Arabia or where you are going.. to be safe you can ask your friend or relativin that country, if he can check locally with medical center will they have any issue in getting clear medical report with these conditions, use same procedure, visit after hours and talk privately.This way you will have end to end solution..

its your moral responsibility not to infect or harm others.

I wrote this to GCC health ministers,  high official level, even the person who draw these stupid guidelines, instead of thinking rationally , he asked me send us your medical exam. Hell No…I don’t want to go those countries those have such inhumane laws. He thought i am begging to get my medical clear. I was talking about others those do not have many options. I know its about people life’s. Five to six, even more depend on one person in these countries.  I will still try best to change these stupid rules. The only thing is we have to think broadly. GAMCA medical professional there concern is their salary they don’t talk about it , no no we have these rules we have to follow. In fact they feel proud in telling that we made most unfit cases in the country, our graph is good. Secondly they are scared if they clear the guy and he/she will have medical again in the country where they are going , they might get in trouble. Their center may blacklist or stop like that. In some cases yes its black and white, you cannot give everyone FIT report, but cases like old PTB, vitiligio, eye issue should not have problem…
I am optimistic InshAllah with the help of you guys we will change these guidelines. Short term solution talk privately , otherwise go to other countries than GCC.

Any suggestion or feedback do post it here its your blog. Please do share if you got your medical clear from GAMCA and you had any abnormality. It will help others.  Always help those who are in need no matter what there faith, skin color is, love and peace to all.